The Irish Bomfords


The Norths of Ireland

This tree was initially prepared in 2007 based on the work of Peter Bamford and Sheila Perino, drawing on a number of sources. Work continued rapidly up to 2011 as the Registry of Deeds was explored, and has continued more slowly since then.

You will probably find this tree rather large and unwieldy, though the details are often the more interesting part of the story. There is a concise version in which the detail has been deleted. It is still rather large but might make it easier to follow the structure of the family. The concise version is not always 100% up to date.

The Norths of Ireland are descended from the Norths of Guilford, Surrey, England (CoN). For more information on the early Norths in England, see the Supplement in The Lives of Rt Hon Francis North, Baron Guilford, The Hon Sir Dudley North and the Hon Rev Dr John North, together with an autobiography of the author, by the Hon Roger North, edited by Augustus Jessopp, DD, in three volumes, London, George Bell & Sons, York St., Covent Garden, 1890. Copy in the National Library, Dublin (EN email 6 Mar 2008). And Burke's Peerage and Baronetage (EN email 20 Sep 2009).

About 1660, after the Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland, a John North was resident at Kilbride and had issue (CoN). A post to by Mary E North Cull dated 22 May 2009 says John's wife was Mary Hannah Bird

1a Roger North of Newcastle, d 1701 (CoN), will pr at Trim (Bainbridge) and had issue

2a Joseph North of Newcastle (CoN), d c1729 (will dated 7 Mar 1728, probate dated 20 Aug 1729: 16.4.2, Vicars prerogative wills, & SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.04), d after 1728, will 1729 (SP1), m Mary (16.4.2) m 1705 (SP1) Mary Emor (or, incorrectly, Mary Ernor), alive 1726 (SP1), daughter of Richard Emor (or, incorrectly, Richard Ernor) (SP3), and had issue. ('Ernor' seems to have been a printer's error in Bainbridge: subsequent children are all named Emor.) The order of Joseph's children here is that in his will. Will of Joseph North, Newcastle, Prerogative Grant Book 1729 Folio 297 A: beloved wife Mary £100 & £20 a year; Roger, eldest son, farm and stock; Richard, Philip, Susanna, Emor, Joseph, Sarah, Mary, William, Michael, John, Anne; and to Robert Walker a cow called Thickhorns. Signed Joseph North, 7 Mar 1728 (EN email 11 Apr 2008)

3a Roger North of Newcastle, named as eldest son in his father's will, d c1765 (16.4.2), d c1766 (Vicars prerogative wills), m Mary Ulick Browne daughter of Ulick Browne of Slane, Co Meath (SP3) (gravestone engraving, Dundoden, Westmeath (SP1)) and had issue. Betham's extract of his will states, '217 North Roger of Newcastle Co Wtmeath Gent - Dated 23 June 1765 - pd 24 Feb 1766 - wife Mary - Son Ulysses - daur Susanna - Sons Charles - & Richard - Sons Roger - and Philip - daurs Mary Cane - and Margaret Bonynge - Brothers William - and Joseph North -'. Deed 1777 321 10 211494 records the date of Roger's will as 24 Feb 1764. Deed 96 66662 of 4 Jun 1736 is their marriage settlement: a memorial of indented articles of agreement effected between Ulick Browne of Slane in the county of Meath gent of the one part & Roger North of New Castle in the county Westmeath gent of the other part whereby in consideration of a marriage then intended shortly to be had between the said Roger North and Mary Browne, youngest daughter of the said Ulick Browne, & other considerations therein mentioned, the said Roger North did covenant to settle the town and lands of New Castle in the said county of Westmeath containing 251 acres plantation measure (EN email 24 Oct 2007; CN email 21 Jun 2009). Deed 321 10 211494 of 26 Mar 1777 refers to his children Charles, Susanna, Richard, Ulysses and Joseph; it recites deed 1758 190 487 127789 of 7 Apr 1758, the demise to Roger North of the lands of Davidstown from Henry Pilkington of Kilbeggan and Abraham Pilkington of Toar for the lives of Charles, Susanna and Richard North for 5/- pa (that lease for lives was inherited by Roger's son Charles and subsequently exchanged for a lease for ever: deed 1779 331 231 221491); the 26 Apr 1757 demise to Roger North of Lisauna [Lissara] in the Barony of Moycashel from Judge Rochfort of Steamstown for an annual rent of £10; and subsequent lease on 2 Mar 1758 of the same lands of Lisauna to William North of Clonfad in trust for Roger North at an annual rent of £4 (?deed 1758 190 488 127791 - though that deed has no recorded date, makes no mention of Roger North and is for a rent of £6 pa: perhaps recollections had become a little rusty by 1777?). In deed 1758 190 489 127792 of 15 Mar 1758, Alexander Swift of Lyn, Co Westmeath, granted to Roger North of Newcastle an annuity of £25 pa out of the lands of Lynn for the natural life of said Alexander Swift. Deed 1758 190 488 127790records a grant to Roger North on 7 Apr 1758 by Henry Pilkington of Toar and his son and heir Abraham Pilkington, of an annuity of £60 pa payable out of King for the lives of his children Charles, Susanna and Richard. That grant was reversed in deed 1779 331 231 221491. Deed 1757 185 553 124252 of 26 April 1757 concerns Roger North Newcastle, William North, and Robert Rochfort of Westmeath: Roger North did grant set and to farm [let] to Robert Rochfort his heirs etc, all the lands and towns of Lisaord(?) [Lissara] c 72 acres Barony Moycashel from 1 May during lives of Robert Rochfort, Charles Rochfort his son, and Mary Rochfort his daughter, renewable forever (EN email 17 Aug 2008). Deed 321 10 211494 of 26 Mar 1777 records that Roger left Lisaura to his son Richard. Deed 208 395 139000 of 1 May 1761 is a record of a mortgage by Bryan Geoghan of Derryroe, Barony of Moycashel, Co Westmeath over his land at Derryroe for £420 sterling to Roger North of Newcastle, gent. Deed 220 56 143990 of 14 Dec 1761 outlined arrangements for the substitution of new 'lives' in the same mortgage, and was witnessed by William North of Clonfad, attorney in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland (Roger's brother) (CN email 10 Mar 2009)

4a Ulysses North of Newcastle or Ulysses Browne North (deed 308 437 206170 of 1775 (EN email 14 Mar 2008; CN email 9 Mar 2010)), d 1780, High Sheriff of Westmeath (CoN), m Eliza Bagot (16.4.2) or Anne Parleat (SP1) (SP email 11 Mar 2008) and had issue. Eliza's will of 30 Oct 1833 (as Elizabeth North, widow) left part of the lands of Kilcoursey called Cottage, parish Kilbride, Barony of Kilcoursey, King’s Co, to her grandson Charles Bagot; and £20 each to grandson William Bagot of Kilcoursey and granddaughter Eliza Ann Ball (Eliza Ann Bagot) widow of Mt Pleasant Ave Dublin. Her executor was Charles Bagot (National Archives: EN email 25 Apr 2008) She seems to have outlived her husband by 53 years, and when she made her will her daughter was already a widow.Deed 1768 252 171270of 18 Jun 1768 records a mortgage of lands of Newcastle, 251 ac profitable land plantation measure, Westmeath, from Ulysses North ('eldest son and heir at law of Roger North formerly of Newcastle')to Chas Hornby of Dublin for £500 sterling(EN email 24 Oct 2007 (as Book 270, ref. 171270); CN email 5 Aug 2009).Deed 1784 352 240067 of 28 Oct 1778 records a mortgage for £622/13/8of lands at Newcastle (251 ac, that part held by lease under the Earl of Belvedere), Gurteen, Co Tipperary (304 ac, leased from the representatives of the late Thomas Matthew; now Gurteen Agricultural College, about 2 miles from Clonfree: EN email 23 Jun 2009), at Gormagh, Kings Co (207 ac, held by lease from George Stepney), and at Lynn (leased to Alexander Swift), from Ulysses, just before his death, to Phillipe North, his brother, witnessed by William North of Clonfad [Phillipe North's son] and Charles North of Tyrrellspass [not placed] and Phillip North of Dublin [presumably Phillipe's second son] (EN email 24 Oct 2007, CN email 5 Aug 2009). On 6 Dec 1831, Elizabeth North of Tyrrellspass leased and released forever the town and lands of Derryroe, Westmeath, ~62 acres, of which she 'was seized in fee or some other good and sufficient estate,' to Mary Shervington, widow, of Carlow, Co Carlow, along with 'all writings papers and evidences relating to the same or any part thereof' (deed 1831 878 494 582994: CN email 29 Apr 2009). The references to evidence of title may indicate that Elizabeth did not have particularly good evidence of title to Derryroe; perhaps she inherited it via a default on the mortgage recorded above in deed 208 395 139000 of 1 May 1761. It is not clear why she was 'of Tyrrellspass' at that time

5a Elizabeth North (16.4.2) m(1) Aug 1790 (ML) Rev Charles Emilius Bagot of Kilcoursey (her cousin: 16.4.2) and had issue (Burke); m(2) Rev John Ball of Gucey, County Wicklow (

6a Charles Bagot of Kilcoursey (Burke & will of his grandmother, Eliza Bagot). Thoms 1846 directory records Charles Bagot of 12 Charlemont Place, Dublin, & Kilcoursey House, King’s Co. Charles had issue, including Ulysses North Bagot, b 1822 (, who, when of 12 Charlemont Place on 21 Feb 1851, married Rachel Meyler, dau of John Meyler (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin)

6b Ulysses Henry Bagot, d unmarried (Burke)

6c William Bagot, d unmarried (Burke & will of his grandmother, Eliza Bagot)

6d Emilius Walker Bagot (Burke)

6e Eliza Ann Bagot m Rev John Ball of Delganny, Co Wicklow (Burke & will of her grandmother, Eliza Bagot)

5b Mary North (16.4.2) or Maria North, m Milo Bagot (16.4.2). Milo Bagot might be the Miles Bagot or Milo Bagott who appears in some deeds. Deed 483 539 316980 of 19 Sept 1795: Milo Bagot of Paddocks, Kings Co and Maria Bagot otherwise North his wife; Rich Ross of Clara and Emor North of Dublin: marriage solemnized [presumably between Milo and Maria] & Milo Bagot did grant bargain sell release unto Rich Ross and Emor North [presumably as trustees, probably 4b Emor the attorney] all lands of Kilmalin, otherwise Paddocks, Barony of Kilcoursey, Kings Co 59 acres, & gives Maria £60 yearly for her jointure (EN email 21 Jun 2008)

4b Richard North (16.4.2), perhaps d c1789 (Vicars prerogative wills), m c Mar 1784 (Deed 1784 356 419 241213 records their marriage settlement) Lucinda Gouldsbury, widow of William Croghan, sister of Rev Ponsonby Gouldsbury, rector of St Catherines in Tullamore until 1830 (SP emails 10 & 20 Oct 2007) and had issue. Richard 'was a military officer who died while his son was an infant. The education of the orphan was, however, tenderly conducted by his mother’s brother, the Rev Mr Gouldsbury, a wealthy and exemplary clergyman who died during the present year at an advanced age' (The Gentleman’s Magazine, Jul to Dec 1831, Vol Cl, 24, part 2nd, by Sylvanus Urban, Gent, London (Google Books)). Deed 1819 746 421 507956 indicates that the Rev Mr Gouldsbury was the Rev John Henry Gouldsbury. Deed 308 437 206170 of 1775 (EN email 14 Mar 2008; CN email 9 Mar 2010) describes Richard North as 'Ensign in his Majesty's 15th Regiment of Foot'. A Lucinda North, aged 65, of the City of Dublin was buried on 30 Jan 1819 (so b c1754, aged c30 in 1784; Clontarf parish records, Dublin)

5a Catherine North. Deed 550 375 365776 is a marriage settlement dated 9 Dec 1802: John Lloyd Armstrong of Dublin, Catherine North of Dublin, Lucinda North, widow, mother of Catherine, Rev Henry Gouldsbury of Boyle, Co Roscommon, Rev Thomas Lloyd of Boyle - marriage between John Lloyd Armstrong & Catherine North, £1,000 part of the lands at Miltown (EN email 22 Jan 2009). This looks like Catherine was a daughter of Lucinda Gouldsbury who married Richard North and became a widow on his early death. Catherine would have to have been born shortly after her parents marriage (Mar 1784) to be old enough to marry in 1802

5b John Henry North, b 1789, d 29 Sep 1831 aged 42 after a few days illness, m in Dublin 2 Dec 1818 Letitia Dorothea Foster (SP3), youngest daughter of the Right Rev William Foster, Lord Bishop of Clogher, sister to the Hon John Leslie Foster MP (see wikipedia entry: he was not John Foster, First Baron Oriel (1740-1828), who was Chancellor of the Exchequer for Ireland: CN email 14 Aug 2009; her sister was Henrietta Foster, Countess de Salis). His wife survived him and there were no children (SP email 10 Oct 2007). Letitia Dorothea North, Collen, Louth, prerogative inventory, 1853 (CPR 1922 WW50). The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982: EN email 21 Sep 2009) record North, John Henry, only son of Richard [North], [of] Newcastle [Guilford], decd, & Lucinda Goulsbury, educated Chester, TCD M [Michelmas] 1805. J H North & Foster, marriage bond, 1818 (CPR 1922 WW24). On 19 Nov 1836 (Deed 1836 21 66: CN email 26 Feb 2009) Letitia was a widow, executor of John Henry North's estate (giving up a lease for 900 years dated 15 Oct 1810 of 39 Upper Rutland St, Co Dublin) and 'of Monasterbois, Co Louth'; we don't know when she died. TheTCD Alumni lists his father as 'Henry', not Richard as here (EN email 25 May 2008: 'North, John Henry, Pen. (P.T.), June 6, 1803, aged 15; s. of Henry, Generosus; b. Dublin. B.A. AEst. 1809. MA. Vern. 1811. [Bar 1810; Judge of the Court of Admiralty (I.).]'); Burke states that Ulysses North of Newcastle (4a above) was his uncle. He was Trinity College Dublin, Irish Bar 1811, Judge of Admiralty, and MP for Drogheda (Sketches – The Irish Bar by the Right Honorable Richard Lalor Sheil, MP, Vol 1, 1854, Bedfield Publishers 110 Nassau St, New York (Google Books)). In 1823 John Henry made a speech to the Jury in the case of Graham and Handwich: 'Whatout a bold and upright press there is no public opinion. The public itself is a heavy, inert, senseless mass, fit only to sustain the weight of power, and to bear the haughty foot that treads and tramples on it, this is the divine celestial spirit that informs it all, in every artery and pore with new vitality' (J Joly Pamphlets – National Library of Ireland Rare Book Collections 1125 1140 Irish Trials). Thoms 1819 Directory records J H North, barrister, at 43 Upper Rutland St, Dublin. Thoms 1825 & 26 records J H North, 31 Merrion Square, Dublin (EN emails 28 Feb 2008, 1 Sep 2010). In Merrion Square he was a neighbour to Daniel O'Connell (King Dan by Patrick M Geoghegan p.230: EN email 31 Oct 2009). There is a monument to John Henry North in the Harrow Parish Church (photo by Trevor King in SP email 13 Nov 2009). Wikipedia entry

4c Charles North of Guilfordor Davidstown, m c1781 Ann Pilkington of Toar or Tore (23.2.1) (deed 1794 479 315 306621 (CN email 11 Mar 2010) recites their marriage settlement dated 19 Jan 1781) and had issue, sons and grandsons who joined the British Army (CoN). There are several deeds concerning Charles:

Deed 429 501965 of 29 Dec 1818 refers to William North of Dublin, eldest son and heir at law and adm of Philip North decd, formerly of Newcastle, Westmeath, late of the City of Dublin, 1st part; Chas North, the elder, of the City of Dublin, & Anne North, nee Pilkington, his wife, 2nd part; and 'their only children', Roger North of Dunnesfort Co Cork, late Capt 71st Reg Foot, Charles North the younger, Lieut 50th Reg Foot, Sam North, late Lieut 100th Reg Foot, and Anne North of Dublin, spinster, 3rd part; and Willliam Edwards of the City of Dublin, 4th part - sale by lease and release to Wm Edwards of the town & lands of Kilbegg otherwise Kilbeg [and perhaps otherwise Kilbeggan?] formerly in the possession of James Clarke & his undertenants containing 300 acres in the parish of Horseleap, Barony of Moycashel, held by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties under and by virtue of marriage articles therein recited [presumably those of Charles and Anne] (EN emails 14 & 24 Oct 2007; CN email 15 Apr 2009). Deed 671 58 460489 also refers to Kilbeg and Kilbeggan. The 1818 deed refers to their 'only' children; but there are two other children who have been attributed to the marriage: Henry and John. The Army Officers 1756-1820 lists a Captain Charles North in the Philipstown district Yeomanry 1798 Ireland (EN email 14 Mar 2010)

5a Roger North, Dunnesfort, Co Cork, in 1818 a late Capt, Reg of Foot, or the 50th Rifles (Bainbridge), d at Cove, Co Cork, on 3 Jul 1822, 'immediate cause of death was dropsy of the chest . . .  an extensive absess from wounds[?] commencing[?] within the substance of the lungs appears to be the cause of the disease' (WO-42-35_8 North.pdf, p. 450, p 456: Merryl Hunkin email 6 Nov 2023), m by licence 27 Feb 1815 at St John's Church, Middleton, Charlotte Swayne (SP1; Cloyne marriage bond in the National Archive: EN email 19 Apr 2008; Bainbridge) in the presence of John Swayne, Geo Swayne and Jos Wm Swayne (WO-42-35_8 North.pdf p. 452), and had issue. Deed 1816 687 469 472633 of 25 Jul 1815 records marriage articles between Roger North, Capt in the 50th Reg Foot 1st part, and John Swayne of Middleton, Co Cork, and Charlotte Swayne eldest daughter of said John Swayne 2nd part and Charles North esqr Lieut in his majs 50th Reg of Foot and George Swayne of Middleton in said Co Cork esqr of the 3d part - in consideration of the then intended marriage between Roger North and Charlotte Swayne, John Swayne perfected and executed his bond of £800, to be held in trust by Charles North and George Swayne subject to terms (set out). Witnesses Rev John Swayne of Kilworth, Co Cork and David Walsh of Ballin..iskig (EN email 14 Oct 2008; CN email 4 Mar 2010). WO-42-35_8 North.pdf p. 457 states 'Charles Napier North was born on Sunday 12th Janry 1817. John Edward North was born on good friday the 20th March 1818. Betsy North was born on Wednesday the 1st September 1819. Charlotte North was born on Saturday the 28th July 1821. I certify that above named Children of the late Capn Roger North formerly of the 50th Regt  and latterly on the half pay of the 71st Regt and Charlotte his wife privately were certified by Mr Carhen[?] First[?] [???] of Middleton. William Grieser[?], Vicar of Sellibate[?], and Curate of Fillcudor[?] parish in the diocese of Cloyne and County of Cork.'

6a Charles Napier North b 12 Jan 1817 (SP email 8 Apr 2008), d 20 Aug 1869 aged 53 at the International Hotel, m 1841 (ML) Elizabeth Jane Jones, alive at the time of his death, and had issue (SP1). His death certificate records that he was a retired Colonel in the army, and present at his death was Roger Charles North, relationship not listed, Royal Artillery, Fort Brockhurst, Gosport (SP email 6 Sep 2007). In 1858 the then Major North of the 60th Rifles wrote a chronicle of a period in India in 1857, Journal of an English Officer in India. He was then Deputy Judge Advocate General and Aide-de-Camp to General Havelock. The Journal includes a photo of the author. He was a Captain in the King's Royal Rifles in Dec 1848 (A Regimental Chronicle and List of Officers of the 60th or King's by Nesbit Willoughby (SP email 2 Oct 2007)). He was a Lieutenant in the British army in 1836, Captain in 1838, Major in 1857, Lieutenant Colonel in 1858 and Colonel in 1865 (SP email 8 Apr 2008). In the National Archives (reference M5710: EN emails 3 Apr 2008 & 26 Jan 2010) there is document regarding 'title to land at Clonmel', in which 'William Jones and Joseph Jones ... to their grandson Roger Charles Edward North, 5 Jun 1873 if he reaches 21 years.' Assuming at least one of these two gentlemen was the father of Elizabeth Jane Jones, then she and Charles had a son, Roger Charles Edward North. Deeds 1853 24 94 & 1863 40 148 (CN emails 18 Feb 2009 & 9 Apr 2010) both refer to the will of Sir Richard Jones, father of Morgan Jones (d c1862, Clonmel: Calendar of Wills, National Archive, EN email 15 Jul 2009) who was father of William Robertson Jones and concern legacies out of lands of Clonulty, Barony of Kilnenianagh?, Co Tipperary, from Sir Richard Jones to his grandson and 3 granddaughters: William Robertson Jones, Hollyville Park, Co Dublin in 1863; Elizabeth Jane Jones North, wife of Lt Col Charles Napier North stationed at the Tower of London in 1863; Mary Morgan Cuthbert, wife of Charles Davenport Cuthbert Dublin in 1853; and Jane Jones of Clonmel, spinster in 1853 (EN Email 16 Oct 2008)

7a Roger Charles Edward North, b c1847 (aged 14, boarding pupil on the Isle of Jersey in 1861 Channel Islands census, b India; aged 44 in the 1891 England census,living at Woolwich, London; b East Indies (SP email 22 Apr 2008)), d 15 Jun 1897 (extract of will in Calendar of Wills, National Archives: EN emails 3 Apr 2008, 15 Jul 2009), m Fanny Ellen Beeching (EN email 13 Apr 2008) b c1846 (aged 45 in the 1891 census, b Kent) and had issue. Military information from Hart's Annual List 1880; 1889; 1890; 1891: Royal Rifles Lieut July 15, 1868, Capt August 17, 1879; Major March 13, 1885; in 1890 and 1891 psc (private secretary to?) Peter Henry Hammond DAA Gen Straits Settlements; psc Robert Arthur Mongomery DAA Gen for Royal War Artillery, War Office (SP email 16 Apr 2008). Of the Royal Artillery, Fort Brockhurst, Gosport when his father died in 1869. Roger left a draft will dated 1879 (EN email 10 Apr 2008), in which he is described as 'a Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Artillery, at present quartered at Portobello Barracks Dublin', in which he leaves his estate to his wife, much of it in trust for his children when she dies (or for their education or advancement in the meantime) in proportions as noted below. At the time of his death he was described as Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Artillery, late of 55 Alexander Road Upper Norwood, Surrey, and formerly of Pembroke Dock, Pembroke (extract of will). An India Office record adds that at the time of his death his 'location' was Rangoon (SP email 2 Dec 2008). Deed 1877 22 103 of 22 May 1877: between Roger Charles North, Lt, Royal Artillery at present stationed in Exeter; & James Moriarty, Clonmel, Co Tipperary - North did grant bargain and release to Moriarty all that premises (seems to be small parcels of premises in the town at Dispensary St), and various formerly held by Thomas Green, Col Thos Christamas and Patrick Roche, Parish of St Mary, Barony of Iffa and Offa, Co Tipperary (EN email 11 Feb 2009)

8a Frances Elizabeth North (one third part), b c1872 (aged 19 in the 1891 census)

8b Charles Napier North (4/15th part), b c1873 (not with his family in the 1891 census). The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website records that Charles Napier North, Major, Royal Engineers, 5th Field Coy, age 41, died on 1 Nov 1914 and is listed on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial at panel 9. He was the son of Mrs North, of 'Briarswood,' Camberley, Surrey, and the late Col North, R A.; husband of Norah C North, of 'Westholme,' Horsell, Woking, Surrey (EN email 28 Dec 2009). English probate records have Charles Napier North of Fernhurst, King's Road, Hampshire, Royal engineers, killed in action 1 Nov 1914 in Ypres, Belgium, widow Norah Constance North (SP email 12 Jul 2013)

8c Roger Edward Napier North (3/15th part) b c1875 (aged 16 in the 1891 census, b Aldershot, Hampshire)

8d Herbert Arthur Napier North (3/15th part) b c1878 (aged 13 in the 1891 census, b Exeter, Devon)

8e Dudley Burton Napier North, Admiral, Sir, b 25 Nov 1881 at Great Yarmouth,aged 9 in the 1891 census, d 15 May 1961 at Bridport, Dorset, 'a sad and bitter man' after a distinguished but in part controversial career in the Royal Navy, m(1) 1909 Eglantine Campbell of Sydney, Australia, 'a slim dark-haired girl'. She died in 1917 without issue and he m(2) in 1923 Eilean Flora Graham of Dorset and had issue by her, a son and three daughters (ref: A Matter of Expediency, Charlotte & Denis Plimmer, London, 1978 (EN email 20 Dec 2009); National Biography of Ireland, Williams & Nicholls (EN email 13 Apr 2008)). Photos. Papers

9a Susan North, m Basil Watts (EN email 22 Dec 2009)

9b Mary Eglantine North, m 1954 in Denmark a civil engineer (EN email 22 Dec 2009)

9c Elizabeth North, m 1952 David Howard and had at least 2 daughters. She wrote Enough Blue Sky, London, 1977 (EN email 22 Dec 2009)

9d Roger North, who went to Harrow (SP email 22 Apr 2008)

8f Harvey North, b c1884 (aged 7 in the 1891 census, b Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)

6b John North, b 20 Mar 1818. Died young (Bainbridge)

6c Betsy North, b 1 Sep 1819

6d Charlotte Elizabeth North, m(1) in Cork 1842 Stephen Hickson (Charlotte Elizabeth North & Stephen Robert Hickson, marriage bond, 1842, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW35)). In Monkston (South Dublin) on 26 Oct 1854 George Henry Overend, gentleman, son of John Overend, married Charlotte Elizabeth Hickson otherwise North, widow, daughter of Roger North, Captain in the Army. The witnesses were William Frederick North [not placed: an uncle?] and Frances Amie North [could be Frances Anne Blood m 5d Charles North, her aunt, who named one of her sons Frederick?] (marriage certificate: SP email 8 Apr 2008)

5b Samuel North, b 3 Oct 1791, d 4 Jun 1864, late Lieutenant in 1818, 60th Regiment (Bainbridge), m 1815 in New Brunswick Susannah Campbell and had issue with descendents still living: Sue Skinner tree  Greg Carlill tree. According to Bainbridge, Samuel married A Douglass, but that is not thought to be correct, and the Douglas in the name of the child Emily Douglas North is thought to come from the Campbell family. They moved to New South Wales in 1826. (See SP emails 14 Feb, 30 Mar & 2 Apr 2008)

6a Frances Ann North, d 1852

6b Grace Amy North, d 1876

6c Isabella Frederica North

6d Edward James Campbell North, d 1883

6e John Henry Roger North

6f Emily Douglas North, b 1828

6g Eliza Mary North, b 1830, d 1910

6h Samuel Charles Valentine North, b 1832, d 1921

6i Henrietta Jane North, b 1833, d 1918

6j Joseph North, b 1836

5c Anne North, a spinster in the City of Dublin in 1818

5d Charles North (SP1) d 8 Oct 1819 or 10 Aug 1819 (Burke) of yellow fever in Jamaica(Burke; SP email 20 Feb 2009), m 15 Aug 1812 Frances Anne Blood (Burke's Irish Family Records 1976 p150) (Bainbridge says he married T Blood) b c1791, d 21 Jun1884 aged 92 at Rathdown Dublin or at Fort William, Glasthule, Co Dublin, daughter of Richard Blood and Jane Marie Shaw (Burke) of Co Down, niece C E Overend [Charlotte Elizabeth North, above] present at death, widow of an officer (death certificate: SP email 25 Sep 2007) and had issue. Bainbridge says he served in the 50th Regiment. Deed 1816 687 469 472633 of 25 Jul 1815 (above) describes him as a lieutenant in his Majesty's 50th Regiment of Foot. She left a will (EN email 3 Apr 2008): late of Fortwilliam, 21 Jun 1884 probate granted to Charles Frederick North, 64 Wilbury Road, Brighton, Sussex, retired Major General, son, in the sum of £5

6a Henry North, b c1812, died young (SP2)

6b Charles Frederick North, b c1816 in Lurgan, Ireland, d 22 Nov 1906 in the UK, General in Royal Engineers, part of the Herit Mission in India, Aug 1839 (Sir John Login and Suleep Singh by Lena Login, 1890), lived in London, m Marion L ... (or Maria (SP2)), b c1834 in London. In 1901 he was aged 85, a widower, living with Edith and Alice in London, and had issue (English census 1871, 1891, 1901; SP email 2 Oct 2007). India Office records (ref: Z/O/1/10 No 7905) with a start date 8 Dec 1830 include 'Charles Frederick North, Bond, Cadet, Military Seminary, Amount of security: £200, Sureties: Michael Blood, Mount St, Grosvener Square, Surgeon; Robert M Grindlay, Cornhill, Merchant'. Michael Blood is probably Charles' mother's brother Michael (1795 - 1831) (Burke). As second entry with a start date 1815 includes 'Maj-Gen, Bombay Eng & RE; Phillimore IV p. 459; d 22 Nov 1906 UK' (SP email 2 Dec 2008). He is recorded in H G Hart's annual army lists in 1863 ('no details': EN email 14 Mar 2010)

7a Edith A North, b c1868, unmarried in 1901

7b Alice F North, b 1871 (aged 2 months at census), unmarried in 1901

5e ?Henry North (Bainbridge), '88th Regiment' (Bainbridge). There is no mention of a Henry among the 'only children' of Charles and Anne in deed 429 501965 of 1818

5f ?John E North, 'surgeon in the army' (Bainbridge). There is no mention of a John among the 'only children' of Charles and Anne in deed 429 501965 of 1818, so Bainbridge may have this wrong. There were several Norths living in Peters Row, Dublin, in the 1820s including one or more John Norths, but these were painters and builders and seem unlikely to be this John E North, and have been put in the unplaced Norths. A Peters Row John North married Charlotte Homan, daughter of P Homan, on 14 May 1818, and this John E North, if correctly placed here, had a cousin, 5a William North (below) m 19 Apr 1806 Maria Homan, daughter of Richard Homan (son of Philip Homan of Westmeath), so there is a possible Homan connection. Also 'possibly' this is John North of Heathfield, Co Westmeath, and Summerhill, Co Dublin, of deed 534 129 349561 of 1799, deed 546 390 360324 of 26 Feb 1802, and deeds 557 157 369549 of 1 and 2 July 1803, but that John North has also been put in the unplaced Norths for now as there is not enough information to place him

4d Roger North of Guilford (16.4.5), and perhaps of Ballycristal, Kings Co (see deeds relating to his brother Charles above), d 1790 (16.4.2) (16.4.5), will pr 1791 (Vicars prerogative wills), m in 1772 Elizabeth Macky (16.4.5, SP3) or Elizabeth Mackay (Walker's Hibernian Magazine 1772 p.168) and had issue. Betham's extract of his will reads, '18 North Roger of Guilford Co Westmeath Gent - dated 11 Jul 1787 pd 19 Jan 1791 - wife Elizabeth - daur Mary Jane - Brother in law Robert Macky [sic] - Brother Richard North' (EN email 25 Apr 2008)

5a Mary Jane North (16.4.5) or Maria North (SP3)

5b Susannah North, baptised 11 Oct 1780, dau of Roger North of B Chrystal, Geashill, Kings Co (COI Diocese of Kildare, parish records, National Archives microfilm MFCI 65: EN email 15 Jan 2011). As she is not mentioned in her father's will of 1787, she may have died young

4e Philip North (16.4.2) or Phillipe North of Newcastle (Book 352 Ref 240067 28 Oct 1778, EN email 24 Oct 2007), d before 1819 (Book 429 Ref 501965, 29 Dec 1818 refers to 'the late Phillipe North, deceased' (EN email 24 Oct 2007)) m(1) 1756 (doubtful date: Sarah Pilkington was probably only born c1752) Sarah Pilkington of Tore (SP1), b c1752, d at Moylary Glebe on 30 Nov 1831 in the 80th year of her age, relict of the late Philip North Esq of Sallyville, Co Westmeath (Westmeath Journal), daughter of Abraham Pilkington and Mary Shaw (23.2.1) (there was no issue from this first marriage); m(2) 1786 (ML) or 1787 (record in National Archives: EN email 18 Apr 2009) Mary Turner (SP1) and had issue. Sarah outlived her husband, so they must have divorced to allow Philip to marry the second time; or (more likely?) the order of his marriages is wrong. Deed 528 539 347680 of 27 Sept 1800 probably concerns this Philip North - his wife is a Pilkington, as is the wife of his brother Charles. The parties to the deed are Thomas Cuffe of Dublin, 1st part; Wm Low Pilkington, Officer in his Maj Service, & Philip North, 2nd part; and Charles North and his wife, 3rd part - Tho Cuffe for £1000 paid to Charles North did grant bargain --- to Wm Low Pilkington & Philip North lands of Killbeg and Thilbegg?, formerly in possession of Tanus Clark, containing 300 acres approximately in the Parish of Horseleap, Barony of Moycashel, Westmeath, during natural lives of Thomas Cuffe, John Green? and Wm Tluler? - terms and conditions (EN email 19 Oct 2008). Kilbeggan appears elsewhere in this narative as a home of Henry Pilkington, but it may not be the same place as Killbeg. Philip North and William Low Pilkington appear together again in a further deed, which definitely identifies Philip's brother Charles: Deed 529 367 347681 of 20 Mar 1800 concerns Harvey Pilkington of Toar, eldest son at law Abraham Pilkington late of Toar, 1st part; Charles North of Dublin and Anne North otherwise Pilkington, his wife, 2nd part; Wm Low Pilkington of London and Philip North, 3rd part; and Edw Croker of Dublin, 4th part - Harvey Pilkington, William Low Pilkington and Philip North, with consent of Charles North and Anne, for sum of £1000 paid by Ed Croker did sell towns and lands of Dunboden situate in [barony of] Fartullagh; conditions etc in articles 1916 Jan 1781 (EN email 19 Oct 2008). This transaction is referred to in deed 533 156 352064 of 30 Sept 1800, which also refers to Henry Pilkington Toar (EN email 19 Oct 2008). Philip and his son William inherited 123 acres of Clonfad from Philip's uncle, 3i William North of Clonfad, in 1800 (see deed 559 539 377072). A Philip North was appointed church warden at Easter 1787 (Vestry Books from Parishes Newtown & Castletown Church, Barony Fartullagh, National Archive MFC1 55, EN email 24 May 2009): he may be this Philip North. The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982: EN email 21 Sep 2009) record North, Philip, Attorney Exchequer, 1780: he also might be this Philip North: his uncle, 3i William North of Clonfad, was an attorney in the Court of Exchequer; but there is nothing else pointing to Phillipe being an attorney - he is not referred as such in any of the deeds - so if he was admitted it looks like he did not pursue a career at the bar

5a William North of Clonfad, probably alive in 1848 (see 6b Sarah below), m 19 Apr 1806 (Faulkner's Journal) Maria Homan (SP3), daughter of Richard Homan (16.4.7) (a son of Philip Homan of Westmeath: SP3), and had issue. Deed 579 278 391528 is their marriage settlement, dated 5 April 1806: between William North of the City of Dublin, 1st part; Richard Homan and Maria Homan, spinster, City of Dublin, 2nd part; & Richard Crofton and Henry Morley 3rd part; marriage of Wm North and M Homan is intended; William granted to Maria, in case she should survive him, a jointure of £50 a year payable out of lands of Clonfad, Westmeath, which were bequeathed to William by the will of William North formerly of Clonfad, from William's death in lieu and barr of all dower and thirds (EN email 22 Jan 2009; CN email 28 Jul 2009). Deed 1806 285 391571 is dated 10 days later, 15 Apr 1806. In it, William North granted a yearly rent charge of £40 payable out of Clonfad to trustees James Walsh and John Johnson to hold in favour of Mrs Sarah North, William's mother, for the term of her natural life (CN email 3 Jul 2010). Deed 566 538 385918 of 18 July 1805 is a mortgage: Philip North & William North his eldest son, both of Queen St, Dublin; & Henry Morley, Blackhall St, Dublin - Philip and William obtained £502/14/3 (on an account already owing, and with a clause for further borrowings) from Henry Morley giving a mortgage over lands of Clonfad, 123 acres, leased from the Lord Bishop of Meath, as security, subject to redemption (EN email 22 Jan 2009; CN email 20 Nov 2009). H Morley KC is listed as an attorney at 3 Blackall St in 1803 (EN email 3 Sep 2010). Deed 631 314 434002 of 8 Jul 1811 is an indented deed of conveyance: Wm North of Dublin did grant bargain sell assign convey and let over lands of Clonfad on the left side of the Tyrrellspass to Mullingar road, 123 acres & bogs to Henry Morley Esq of Dublin (EN email 8 Sep 2008; CN email 5 Sep 2010; this 123 acres of Clonfad came from William North of Clonfad through his will: see deed 559 539 377072). Henry Morley & Ann Bonynge, marriage bond, 1787, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43). Thoms 1817 Dublin directory lists a William North Esq of 69 Blessington St, Dublin, as 'Nob & Gentry'

6a Henry Morley North b c1809 Isle of Mann, baptised 23 Feb 1809 at St Mathews, Douglas, Isle of Mann, d 5 Oct 1869 from stomach cancer at Dublin Castle, aged 58, William P North present at death (death certificate: SP email 1 Dec 2007; IGI: SP email 8 May 2010), m in England c1838 Alicia (SP email 14 Feb 2008) b 1814, d 3 Apr 1858 (SP4, IGI) and had issue

7a William Philip North, b 28 May 1840, d 2 Sep 1895 aged 56 at Clontarf, unmarried, civil service examiner (SP4, SP emails 19 Jan & 14 Feb 2008). In deed 1875 54 260 of 16 Dec 1875, William Philip North of Drumcondra Terrace, Dublin, conveys to Adam Richard Williams of Charlotte St Dublin, Samuel Westley Handy of Springfield House Philipstown and Emily Handy otherwise Emily Williams his wife, Edward Percy Stokes of Barrow-in-Furness in England and Maria Ellen Stokes otherwise Maria Ellen Williams his wife, and Gertrude Frances Handy otherwise Gertrude Frances Williams of Springfield, his one eighth share of 10 Castle St, Parish of Saint Werburgh, Dublin, in the same proportions as they already held the other seven eighth shares (CN email 21 Jun 2010) (Castle St was the address of several unplaced Norths in the 1659 census). Deed 1878 44 106 of Sep 1878 records a mortgage by William Philip North of 2 Drumcondra Tce, Dublin, to the Irish Civil Service Building Society, of a plot of land at St Lawrence Road, Killester, parish of Clontarf (CN email 11 Sep 2010). Thoms 1875 lists William P North at 12 Drumcondra Tce, and separately under 'officers of government and public departments' at Queens University (EN email 12 Sep 2010). Deed 1879 10 177 of 14 Jan 1879 records a loan of £260from Alward Owen Blood O’Connor, Upr Leeson St, Dublin to William Philip North, Drumcondra Tce, Dublin,secured by mortgage over54 Gt Britain St, inc shop, the plot of land at St Lawrence Road, and land at Prussia Street, Dublin. The deed records that William Philip North had recently erected a dwelling house and offices on the St Lawrence Road site (CN email 11 Sep 2010). Deed 1885 21 247 of 21 Apr 1885 between William Philip North of Woodville, St Lawrence Rd, Clontarf, Dublin; and Thomas Bermingham of Prussia St Dublin - fee farm grant ref premises at Prussia St, Cabra Lane, Grangegorman known as 12 & 13 Prussia St, cattle, carriages etc, except 9 perches taken by Asylums for the Lunatic Poor in Ireland 1869 for Richmond District Lunatic Asylum, Dublin; witness Aylward Owen Blood O’Connor, 3 Nasau St, & others (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Deed 1895 13 208 of 28 Feb 1895 records that William Philip North of Clontarf was mortagee of 25 & 26 Main Street of Bray, Co Wicklow. The property was left by Nathaniel Begg to his grandson Nathaniel Begg, only child of his son George Begg and his wife Matha Begg, subject to life tenancy by Mary Begg, trustee of the estate of Nathaniel Begg senior, and was being sold to William Harvey McFarland for £550. The deed was witnessed by Jack C North [John Charles North] of Woodville, Clontarf (CN email 11 Sep 2010). The only Florence North in the tree is a daughter of Joseph Pim North: she was alive (b 1878 so aged c17 in 1895), but it is not clear why she would be connected

7b George Bartholemew North, b c1841, d 7 Feb1912 aged 72, 'collector', gas inspector, of Castle Yard m in Dublin 11 Jan 1866 Sarah Marie Dagge or Sarah Maria Dagge, minor, also of Castle Yard, daughter of John Dagge, clerk, (SP4; St Bride parish records, Dublin) and had issue. He was a mechanic when he married (SP email 19 Jan 2008). The 1911 Dublin census says he was a boarder, widower, retired gas inspector, born in Dublin, aged 70. Sarah Maria Dagge seems to have had a brother, Robert Henry Dagge, m 4 Mar 1862 Elizabeth Caroline Bagnall, witness William P North (Rathmines parish records, Dublin)

8a Frederick William North, b 22 Sep1868 in Dublin, d 17 Jun 1874 (SP4, IGI) at Salem Lodge, Drumcondra (SP email 7 May 2008)

8b Henry Morley North, b 28 Nov 1870 from 6 Drumcondra Terrace West, Dublin (St George parish records), d 24 May 1953 in Flushing, Queens Co, New York, m in Clontarf 22 Jan 1898 Mary Holm Wallace and had issue (IGI). H Morley North, Woodville, St Laurence Rd, Clontarf (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010). 1900 New York census records Henry, Mary, Edith and William living in Queens. The 1910 census records them plus Kenneth and John living in Queens (SP email 18 Nov 2008). Deed 1898 83 184 of 26 Nov 1898 between Henry Morley North of 250 West Twenty Fourth St, New York, America, gent and John Charles North of Woodville, St Laurence Rd, Clontarf, Dublin, gent, 1st part; and Elizabeth Ledbetter of 21 Essex Quay, Dublin, widow, other part - concerns assignment of lands described in 11 Oct 1877 (999 year lease) and 27 Sep 1898 deeds, part of lands of Killester situated on the east side of St Laurence Rd, Barony of Coolock and known as Woodville, aforesaid. Henry signed per power of attorney to Robert J Henchy (EN email 2 Mar 2009; CN email 28 Dec 2009)

9a Edith Mary North, b 22 May 1898 in New York, d 19 Aug 1980, New York

9b William Philip North b Dec 1899 in New York, d 28 Sep 1915

9c Kenneth Wallace North, b 1901 in New York, d 1952

9d John North

9e Gerald North, b Apr 1904 in New York, d 21 Jul 1904

9f Elizabeth Corbett North, b 3 Apr 1914 in New York, d 3 Jun 1974

8c John Charles North, b 28 Nov 1872 in Dublin, baptised 4 Apr 1873 from Salem Lodge, Drumcondra (St George parish records, Dublin), d 19 Dec1939 (IGI), living in London in 1912 (SP4), present at his father's death (death cert: SP email 19 Jan 2008). Mentioned in deed 1895 13 208 (above) as Jack C North of Woodville, Clontarf; and in deed 1898 83 184 of 26 Nov 1898 (above)

8d Edith Geraldine North b 24 Nov 1866 in Dublin (IGI), d 15 Nov 1941 (IGI), dau of inspector in gas company, m from St Lawrence Road, Clontaf, Dublin, 24 May 1890 Robert John Henchy of 3 St James Terrace, Sandymount, Woodville, collector, b c1862, son of Robert John Henchy, gent (marriage certificate: SP email 8 May 2008; Clontarf parish records)

8e Evelyn Maude North b 18 Mar 1885 (sic) in Dublin (IGI); Evelyn Maude Beatrice Louisa North, b 18 Mar 1885, baptised 28 May 1885, dau of George Bartholomew North Esq and Marie Sarah North, Woodville, St Laurence Road, Clontarf (Clontarf parish records, Dublin)

7c Henry Ulysses North, b 1844, baptised 28 Jul 1844 (SP4, SP email 14 Feb 2008)

7d Frederick Richard North, b 2 Sep 1848, d 9 Apr 1877 (SP4, SP email 14 Feb 2008). Frederick Richard North died 4 Apr 1877 at age 30. He was unmarried. He was a clerk. William P North present at death. Address 2 Drumcondra Terrace, North Dublin (death certificate: SP email 18 Apr 2008)

7e Alice North, b 1849 (SP4)

7f Charles Joseph North, b 1851, d 1932 (SP4)

7g Sarah Letitia North or Sarah Letotoa North, of Dublin Castle m 4 Aug 1864 Joseph Charles Field, commercial clerk of 77 G Brunswick St, Dublin, son of Joseph Charles Field, a clerk in the general post office (SP4; SP email 5 Feb 2008; St Mark parish records, Dublin)

6b Sarah North, m 30 Jul 1848 in the Parish Church of St George, Dublin, Joseph Field, widower, writing clerk, of 15 Portland Place North, Georges Parish, son of William Field, gent. Henry Morley North was a witness to the marriage and it looks as if their father William North, gent, was still alive (marriage cert: SP email13 Jun 2008; St George parish records, Dublin)

5b Philip North (SP3; SP email 25 Oct 2007). Perhaps the Philip North of Dublin who witnessed deed 1784 352 240067 of 28 Oct 1778 (above). May be the Philip North Ensign in the Royal Longford Militia 12 Aug 1811, Lieutenant 25 Sep 1811, removed to 44th Regiment 21 Aug 1813 (A Short History of the Royal Longford Militia, quoted at Longford Ancestry).Dublin directories list Philip North, Captain, at Anneville Cottage, Carysfort, Blackrock, from 1840 to 1846, and at 16 Summerhill Parade in 1847 (EN email 8 Feb 2010). He may be the Philip North who appears in the 1851 English census return for Liverpool, aged 60 (so b c1791), unmarried, Captain (half pay) Army, b Ireland (SP email 23 May 2008).Bainbridge says he was a Captain in the 86th Regiment

5c Thomas North (SP3, Bainbridge). Mentioned as third son of Philip North in deed 1805 566 538 385918, which he witnessed (CN email 20 Nov 2009)

5d Ulysses North of Co Longford (Bainbridge), m Anne Parker (SP emails 3 & 4 Apr 2008) and had issue. He was noted as a Lieutenant on his son Ulysses' baptismal record. Longford Ancestry quotes A Short History of the Royal Longford Militia as saying a Ulysses North was Ensign in the Royal Longford Militia 9 Aug 1809, Lieutenant 11 Mar 1809 [sic: one would expect the dates to be the other way around] and died 1842. Pigot and Co's Provincial directory of 1824 lists Ulysses North, Esq, Royal Longford Militia, Artillery Barracks. The Treble Almanack containing John Watson's Stewart's Almanack lists Mr Ulysses North as Gaoler of the Longford Gaol in 1832. A list of the Longford Official Authorities in From Ireland lists Mr Ulysses North as Governor of the Gaol in 1834 (SP email 18 Apr 2008). Three sons of Ulysses and Anne have been found, but after them the family disappears from the records (SP email 31 Jan 2009). A Ulysses North, Esq, is listed at 21 Portland St in a 1836 Dublin directory, and at Seafort Ave, Sandymount, suburban Dublin, from 1840 to 1842 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

6a James Haviland North, b 5 Dec 1814, christened 16 Dec 1814 at St Johns Church, Templemichael, Longford, Ireland (Longford Ancestry quoting IGI - SP email 4 Apr 2008)

6b Ulysses Parker North, b 11 Dec 1818, baptized 23 Dec 1818 at St Johns Church, Templemichael, Longford, Ireland (Longford Ancestry quoting IGI), buried 4 Mar 1837 as Ulisses Parker Northe at St Mark COI, Dublin, when he was of Hamilton Row (church records: SP email 17 Jul 2010)

6c Philip William North, b c1818 (which suggests he was a twin of Ulysses Parker North). His TCD entry is Pen (Mr Irwin) 17 Oct 1835 aged 17 s of Ulysses, Miles; b Longford (SP emails 16 & 17 Apr 2008; Longford Ancestryquoting Alumni Dublinenses)

5e ?Sarah North. Sarah is known only through deed 1805 577 286 387121 of 29 Aug 1805, an indented deed of settlement made between James Walsh of the city of Dublin esquire of the first part, Sarah North and William North of Clonfad in the county of Westmeath esquire [2nd part] and Henry Walsh of the city of Dublin esquire of the third part: reciting that a marriage is intended between the said James Walsh and Sarah North the said [deed] did witness that in consideration of said marriage and in order to make a provision by way of jointure for Sarah in case she should survive James, granted and assigned unto William North and Henry P Walsh in their actual possession being by virtue of a bargain and sale therein recited and the survivor his heirs & assigns all his estate and interest in the lands of Ballybursey otherwise Baucetown and also the lands of Kelliten and Monane Kirty in the county of Waterford in trust to permit said James Walsh and his assigns to receive the rents and profits for life and after his decease to pay said Sarah North and her assigns if she survives him £100 sterling yearly for life in bar of dower; witnessed by the Rev Alexander Nicholson of Delgany, Co Wicklow, clerk, and Philip North of the city of Dublin (CN email 23 Jun 2009). William and Philip may be her brothers (normally her father would have been a party with her if he was available, but William is in this instance so Philip the witness is probably her brother rather than her father), and she may well be named after her mother, Sarah Pilkington

5f ?Mary Ann North, m Rev Alexander Nicholson. The evidence for Mary Ann, and her placement here, is in two deeds. Deed 579 284 391570 of 5 Apr 1806 is a memorandum of an indenture deed of rent charges whereby William North of Dublin undertakes to pay £40 annuity as bequeathed out of lands of Clonfad under the will of William North of Clonfad, deceased, to Mary Ann North of Dublin and her assigns for the term of her natural life, payable annually at the Royal Exchange, Dublin (EN email 30 Apr 2009). And in Deed 1845 3 53 of 8 Feb 1845, Mary Ann North and her husband Rev Alexander A Nicholson of Moylary Glebe, Co Louth, clerk, sold the annuity (£40 out of Clonfad) to Richard Summers of Tyrrellspass (CN email 27 Jun 2009). Alexander Nicholson witnessed the settlement of Sarah North (deed 1805 577 286 387121 of 29 Aug 1805). Sarah is tentatively placed as a sister of William North, and the connection via Alexander Nicholson suggests that Mary Ann may also be a sister in this family. In 1845 Mary Ann and her husband are of Moylary Glebe, which is where the family's mother, Sarah Pilkington, died on 30 Nov 1831. So Mary Ann's placement here is not certain, but seems likely

4f Mary North m Lyons Cane (16.4.2  & SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.04). Mentioned in her father's will

4g Margaret North m John Bonynge (16.4.2). Mentioned in her father's will. Thoms directory of 1786 lists Bonynge and Jenkins, apothecaries, 6, College Green, Dublin (EN email 17 Aug 2009). Burke's Landed Gentry, 9th edn, lists John Bonyne of Habsburg, Co Westmeath m Margaret North of Newcastle, Co Westmeath, and had issue. He was a son of Bonynge of Ballintobber, Co Longford (EN email 21 Sep 2009). Henry Morley & Ann Bonynge, marriage bond, 1787, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43): could be related. Burke lists their children as:

5a Mary Bonynge, m John Kelly of Kellysbrook

5b George Bonynge m Catherine Roche, Ennis, Co Clare

5c John North Bonynge of Ballintobber, Co Longford

4h Susanna North (16.4.2) or Susannah North (16.4.5) m Thomas Collins. Deed 289 29 183108 of 1770 (EN email 12 March 2008) records the marriage of Susanna North, 3rd daughter of Roger North, late of Newcastle, to Thomas Collins, Dublin. Under the will of her father she gets £600 provided she marry with the consent of Ulysses North, Newcastle, and William North, Clonfad

4i Joseph North. Mentioned as a son of Roger North in deed 321 10 211494 in relation to the 6 Apr 1757 lease of Lisaura from Judge Rochfort to Roger North (CN email 17 Apr 2009). May also be the witness Joseph North of Brackland in deed 331 418 222604

3b Richard North, named in his father's will, had daughters. Richard is also mentioned as a son of Joseph North in deed 1726 50 54 32031 in the Registry of Deeds dated 7 & 8 Jun 1726, registered on 9 Jun 1726,a memorial of an indenture of lease [7 Jun] and release [8 Jun] between Joseph North and Mary North of Newcastle in the County of Westmeath Gent of the one part and Roger North of the City of Dublin Gent of the other part by which indenture of release the said Joseph in consideration of one hundred and two pounds did grant bargain & sell unto the said Roger all that and those the town and lands of Newcastle in Co Westmeath to hold unto the said Roger North and his heirs and Afs [assigns] during the lives of Richard North son of the said Joseph North [,] Mary North and Caleb North son & daughter of Roger North senr (EN email 27 Jan 2010), witnesses John North of Kilbride, Westmeath and Henry Abernathey of same place [= Henry Abernethy? - John North of Tyrrellspass and Kilbride (Whitewell), b 1707, m 1730 Margaret Abernethy b 1710: if this is John North the witness it seems he was under 21 and not yet married at the time] (CN email 8 Mar 2009)

3c Philip North (16.4.2) d 1772 at Tubberbonny (will 1772 - Vicars prerogative wills and Betham & SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.04), Dublin, m at St Michans, Dublin, on 23 Aug 1735, Eleanor Connor or Elinor Connor (SP email 16 Mar 2008, SP1, SP3, SP8; David Magraith email 30 Apr 2016), d 1776 (Vicars prerogative wills and Betham, & SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.04) and had issue (SP email 21 Mar 2008). Betham's extract of Philip's will reads, '255 North Philip of Tubberbonny[?] Co Dublin Gent - Dated 24 Jun 1772 - pd 2 Sep 1772 - wife Elinor - Sons Roger - Emor - and John - daur Rachel wife of Mr Foliat Magrath Mercht[?] - Brother William North - Sister Susanna Smith - niece[?] Mary and William, Children of same - Brother Richard North - Sister Anne White - Brother Roger North -'. Betham's extract of Eleanor's will reads, '292 Eleanor North of Dublin widow - Dated _ Feb 1776 pd 9 July 1776 - husband Philip North - Grandson Philip Magrath, - son of daur Rachel, wife of Mr Folliolt[?] Magrath of Dublin Merchant - Son John -' (EN email 25 Apr 2008). Deed 290 578 196434 of 29 June 1761 refers to two properties, one in Arran St and one in Ormand Square, Dublin. The deed recites two deeds of 13 Nov 1735 in which Lord Cashell made over the lands to Ralph Leland, glass grinder of Dublin, now deceased; in a deed dated 13 Apr 1756, Ralph Leland, Richard Leland and Captain John Leland, children and residual legatees of Ralph Leland senior, and the executors of the estate of Ralph Leland senior, including Rev John Leland, doctor of divinity, made over the lands to Adam Strean; then by deed dated 9 May 1758 Adam Strean and his son and heir Johnas Strean made over the lands to Philip North of Dublin, tallow chandler. The deed itself sets out an agreement by Philip North, tallow chandler, to make the various deeds, particularly the 1756 deed, available to Elinor Strean, daughter and executor of Adam Strean, the better to evidence her title in the premises in any court hearing . . . (EN email 7 Sep 2008; CN email 14 Jun 2010 - missing the end of the transcript, so we may not know the full story). Deborah Leland married Roger North of Whitewell in 1760. Deed 275 602 182506 of 24 July 1770 records that Philip North of Dublin, tallow chandler did demise unto Thos Rotherary, tallow chandler, all dwellings and warehouses etc at Strand St, Dublin, for 61 years from 20 Jul for £60 per year, present Emor North, witnessed 4 Aug 1770 (EN email 21 Jun 2008). This Philip North of Tubberbonny is the right age to have been retiring from business in 1770 and had a son Emor, but the description gent in his will does not suggest he was a tallow chandler. If he is the Philip who let a house to Wm Gargan in deed 490 380 315018, however, he might have been as much merchant as gent. Philip North is in Watsons Almanac and Directory from 1761 to 1770 (EN email 26 Jan 2010). Deed 303 446 201828 of 30 Sep 1774: Eleanor North widow and executor of Philip North late of Tubberbonny Co Dublin 1st part; Daniel Heatly of Newtown, Dublin, includes Olivia Hunter widow, money owned to Eleanor £213 re mortgage on towns and lands at Newtown, 115 acres, Barony Coolock, Co Dublin (EN email 17 Aug 2008). Dublin directories in 1738 and 1753 list Philip North, chandler, at Arran St, Dublin; from 1761 to 1770 he is listed at Strand St (EN emails 21 Sep 2009; 4 Feb 2010)

4a Roger North (named in his father's will but not his mother's). A Roger North m Catherine Davies 1767 (ML) and it seems he is this Roger. The Records of Augusta County, Virginia (USA) record a tombstone in Staunton, Virginia, which reads 'Roger North died Oct 17 1776 born city of Dublin. Arrived in this colony 1771. A fond father, an affectionate husband, and the sincerest friend.' Records indicate that the family possesses a Georgian Silver cup that he brought over with the North crest. Records note he married Catherine Davis Law, neice and ward of Bishop Law (the first bishop of Clonfert and then Killala and then Elphin, d Dublin 1810). Roger's son Philip North b Ireland 14 Nov 1767, m 19 March 1792 Margaret Abney of Augusta Co, Virginia. Their only son John A North b 15 Dec 1794 m July 1819 Charlotte Blair. His grandaughter Martha Caldwell (alive in 1927) lived in Lewisburg, West Virginia and had old family letters in which it was indicated that Philip had revisited England and Ireland three times to collect money from the North and Law estates (SP emails 30 Apr 2008 and 25 Mar 2009, drawing on a Caleb Brewster note); that would fit with Philip North d 1772 and his wife Eleanor Connor d 1776 being Roger of Virginia's parents. Roger's absence from Eleanor's will (as the Virginia Roger was still alive when the will was made) might be explained if he had settled money matters with the family following the death of his father Philip in 1772. That the Virginia Roger named his son Philip also points, though not strongly, to Philip being Roger's father. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800 (three volumes; Genealogical Pub Co, 1980) records (SP email 28 Mar 2009): August 1793: North vs Mathews. Catherine Mathews, wife of Sampson Matthews was first widow of Roger North, then widow of Edward Park (see also Roger North died in the fall of 1776 leaving a will which Catherine could not find and she took out administration. Philip was the only surviving heir to Roger North. She married Edward Park in the fall of 1777 and Edward died Dec (or July) of 1780. Catherine took out administration on Edward’s estate in Henraco County. Roger owned a tan yard. Affidavit by Catherine 1793. Catherine married Sampson Mathews in June 1783. August 20 1783: Philip, orphan of Roger North, chooses Sampson Mathews as guardian.

5a Philip North, b Ireland 14 Nov 1767, m 19 Mar 1792 Margaret Abney of Augusta Co, Virginia (Col T H Chapter, First Marriage Records of Augusta County, Virginia, 1785-1813, p 18), and had issue. Deed 1790 516 50 336163 is a complex deed dated 15 Sep 1790 in which Philip North of Virginia, America, but then resident in Dublin, conveyed buildings and land in Little Strand St and Barry St, Dublin, lately in the possession of Philip North chandler deceased [presumed here to be Philip's grandfather], to John Hawkins as trustee with the intention of 'baring docking defeating and destroying all estates tail and all reversions and remainders thereupon,' and it was agreed that William Martin was to sue a writ of entry sur disseisin en lepost to the premises, and a fine sur conuzance de droit come ceo was to be dealt with (CN email 30 Jul 2009). Deed 1794 474 531 305252 of 1 Apr 1794 is another complex deed in which Philip in consideration of £100 added to an existing lease and mortgage agreement (dated 1789) re premises in Greens Alley, Barry St, Dublin, made over the remainder of a £60 annuity to Margaret O'Brien for the rest of her life, at the end of which Philip was to get back both the premises and the annuity. The deed was signed by Edward North under power of attorney for Philip (CN email 11 Mar 2010). In 1799 Philip was back in Dublin: in deed 1799 520 340469 of 12 Jul 1799, he assigned to Jonothan Rice, stationer of Dublin, two fields in Co Dublin, one known as ?park and the other as Woodfield, being part of the town & lands of Ballymolehanstown, otherwise Murphystown, 15 ac 2 rds 30 pchs, lately held by Philip and Emor North under a lease for 12 years renewable made to Philip North by James M Davies on 5 Mar 1799 (CN email 14 Sep 2009)

6a John A North, b 15 Dec 1794, only son, m July 1819 Charlotte Blair, and had issue. A John A North was the clerk of the Virginia Court of Appeals held at Lewisburg 1832-55 and built John North House; the known facts fit with this John A North (e.g. he was the third generation in America), but he may not be any relation

7a daughter North, m Caldwell

8a Martha Caldwell, alive in 1927, lived in Lewisburg, West Virginia

4b Emor North, named in his father's will but not his mother's. There are at least 3 Emor Norths: this one, his uncle 3e Emor and a cousin, 4b Emor son of Joseph North and Bridget McCabe. We have found some information on one of the Emor Norths, probably this one. Emor became an attorney in 1764: Emor North was admitted to the Kings Inns as an attorney in the Exchequer, H [Hilary], 1764(SP email 16 Apr 2008; EN email 21 Sep 2009) and married in 1769. His uncle seems too old to have done either of those things on those dates with any probability; and while the other Emor is about the right age he may well have died in 1764, which would count him out too. Emor North m 1769 Alice Lassall or Alice Lassale (ML). Deed 515 505 335767 of May 1798 records that Emor North transfered, out of natural love and affection, to Anne North, then aged 21, the only child of said Emor and Alice Lasalls, his wife, one of several parcels of land in Portarlington, Kings and Queens Counties, that Alice Lasalls had inherited from her father, Isaac Lassalls, late merchant of Dublin, and had been placed in trust as part of their 1769 marriage settlement (EN email 2 Mar 2009). Thoms 1738 places Isaac Lasalle at King St, Dublin(EN email 21 Sep 2009). The first party to the 1769 settlement was Philip North, so he was almost certainly this Emor's father. One of the trustees of the 1769 marriage settlement was a William North (no other identification, perhaps Philip's brother, Emor's uncle William of Clonfad). One of the witnesses to the 1798 deed was Frances North (sic - but deed 515 505 335768 of 1798 in similar terms to deed 515 505 335767, adding a detail, was witnessed by Francis North - either way, this Frances/Francis is a mystery) (EN email 2 Mar 2009). Deed 442 494 288298 of 1785 (EN email 14 Mar 2008; CN email 9 Mar 2010) records an agreement between Emor North and Alice Lassall to live apart and for Emor to pay maintenance. Both deeds refer to property at Portarlington. In deed 199 257 132134 of 15 May 1759, Philip North of Dublin, tallow chandler, leased to Thomas Strong of Dublin, baker, a tenement in Pill Lane in the suburbs of Dublin for 29 years. The deed was witnessed by Emor North, clerk to the other witness, John Gardiner, gent, one of the attorneys of the court of Exchequer in Ireland. Could be a second lease, because it was 'in as full and ample manner as Thomas Strong now holds and enjoys the same' (CN email 10 Mar 2009). In deed 338 143 226576 of 16 Jan 1781 an Emor North demised to Robert Joseph Shutter of Dublin, linens draper, two dwelling house in Ring St, Oxmanstown, Dublin (EN email 7 Sep 2008). In deed 1792 442 330 287402 of 13 Dec 1791, Emor North assigned a property to Charles White, merchant of Dublin. The deed was witnessed by Thomas Henrick, clerk to the said Emor North, so it was probably Emor the attorney (CN email 19 Mar 2010). Deed 490 380 315018 of 22 Jun 1795: between Emor North of Dublin and William Dalton of Pill Lane, merchant - Emor demises to William Dalton all ground whereon the house to let to William Gargan, carpenter, by Philip North, deceased, formerly stood with 2 butchers stalls therein situated in Ormond Market, Dublin City, from 1 March for 186 years (EN email 21 Jun 2008; CN email 19 Mar 2010). The Emor and Philip in that deed are most likely this Emor and his father. Deed 496 8 317813 of 13 Nov 1795: Emor North of Crumlin, Dublin, and William Dalton of Pill Lane re lands and houses at Ormond Market, involves Ralph Leland, glassgrinder (EN email 21 Jun 2008) (Ralph Leland is probably a brother of Robert Leland, father of Deborah Leland: SP email 19 Mar 2009; see entry for Emor's father above - deed 290 578 196434)

5a Anne North, b c1777, d c1844, spinster of Dublin 'now aged 21' in May 1798, only child (deed 515 505 335767: EN email 2 Mar 2009). Anne North left a will, ref 2643 in the National Archives, Dublin (EN email 3 Apr 2008). The Will Index indicates Anne North died about 1844 (SP email 16 Jan 2008). Deed 1838 9 264 in the Registry of Deeds records the sale on 14 May 1838 of land and house at Portarlington from Anne North to Henry Hudson for £469 12s 2d (EN email 10 Apr 2008)

4c John North (named in his mother's and father's wills)

4d Rachel North or Rachell North, named in her father's and mother's wills, m 25 Aug 1759 at St Michans, Dublin, Folliolt Magrath or Foliat Magrath or Folliott Magrath or Folliott McGrath, merchant of Dublin and had issue (her mothers will). Rachel North & McGrath marriage bond, 1759 (CPR 1922 WW24; marriage record). Rachel North (McGrath) left a will (Dublin, 1781, CPR 1922 WW13)

5a Mark Magrath, b 1760 in Dublin, d 6 Nov 1843 in Sydney Ave, Dublin, m 1793 Margaret Heaviside, b 3 Mar 1767 in Dublin, d 1810, dau of John Heaviside and Elizabeth Bibby (marriage licence p 363; Farrar's Index to Irish Marriages p 292), and had issue. Report of the Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, Ireland, has Marcus Magrath admitted (passed) 12 January 1835, being the son of Folliot(t) Magrath. Mark was also a Justice in the Police head office in 1818, as shown by his application for leave from work in 1818: refer to his employment record no 764 in 1818 (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6a Folliot Magrath or Folliott Magrath (Rev), b 1795, d Jul 1869 in Dublin, m unknown spouse in 1830 (marriage doubtful - no record found; probate documents mention only William Maziere and James Hunter Monahan as benificiaries (David Magraith email 10 May 2016)). Rector of the Parish of Corlone, diocese of Leighlin at his death (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6b John Heaviside Magrath, b 1796, d 15 Dec 1874 in Bloomfield, Donnybrook, Co Dublin, m 8 May 1830 in St George's Church Dublin, Jane Robinson Arnold, b 1798, d 1881 in Rathdown, dau of James Arnold (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6c Elizabeth Mary Magrath, b 1798, d 1892,  probably unmarried (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6d Mark Magrath or Marcus Aurelius Magrath (this is probably a latinised version), b 1799, d 15 Jul 1872 at 43 Richmond Place, Dublin, m 17 Jan 1861 at St Mary COI, Dublin, Christina Briscoe (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6e Rachel Ann Magrath, b 1800, d 31 Mar 1877 at Willbrook House, Rathfamham, Co Dublin, m John Chambers, d 26 Jan 1869 at Balleborough (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6f Robert Lovell Magrath or Robert Lovell Magraith, b 1800 or 1801, d 26 May 1888 in Barton Terrace, Nth Adelaide, South Australia, m 1835 in COI Dublin diocese, Anne Balfour Macloughlin or Anna Balfour Macloughlin, b 1819 probably Kilcarn, near Navan, Co Meath, d 4 Sep 1893 at Barton Terrace, Adelaide (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6g Mary Magrath, b 1804 (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6h Charles David Magrath, b 1807, d 18 Aug 1879 in Waltair, India, m(1) Eliza Fisher, d 1872 in Kamptee, India, m(2) Pricilla White (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

5b William Magrath, b 1768 in Tobberbonny, Dublin, Ireland, m unknown spouse in 1792 (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

5c Folliott Magrath (junior), b 1770 in Dublin, d 29 May 1824, m(1) on 5 Dec 1795 in St Michan's Dublin, Tilly Henderson, b 1780, d 19 Jan 1842 in Residence, 3 Russell Place, age 62, daughter of William Henderson and Alice Forbes, and had issue. 1804 almanac shows Folliott Magrath (Jnr), merchant of 13 Fleet Street, Dublin (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6a Forbes Folliott Magrath, b 1798 in Dublin, d 29 Jun 1861 in Ardglass, Dunsford, Ireland (Dunsford COI cemetery, with his wife), m 26 Nov 1836 in Clontarf, Dublin (Clontarf COI Parish) Elizabeth (Eliza) Young, b 1800, d 21 Mar 1863. He was curate of Parishes, probably all in the Diocese of Ferns and Leighlin: 1826 Parish of Enniscorthy; 1829 Parish of Maghera; 1835 Perpetual curate of Parish of Kilmegan. His grave inscription reads 'Sacred to the memory of Folliott Forbes Magrath, A.M. Rector of Dunsford, died 29 June 1861 aged 64. Also his wife Elizabeth (who departed this life) (21) Mar 1863 aged 63' (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6b Thomas Tilly Magrath, b 1802, d 10 Nov 1866, m(1) Eleanor Buchanan on 24 Apr 1830 in St George Church, Dublin, d 1880 in Dublin. Assumed to be a son of Folliot (jnr) on basis of his given name (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6c Elizabeth Rachel Magrath, b 10 Oct 1802 in Dublin, d 12 Dec 1873 in Edward Terrace, Summerhill, Dublin, m 1830 James Phillips, b 1790 in Fehard, Co Tipperary, d 31 Mar 1878 at 3 Waterloo Avenue, North Dublin (clerk, 88 years old), and had issue, 5 sons (David Magraith email 3 May 2016; Long Family Tree)

6d Charles Kensington Magrath, b 1807 in Co Dublin, d before 1865, m(1) on 13 May 1835 in St George Church, Dublin, Maria Alley, daughter of G H Alley, b 1814, and had issue. Was cashier (1833) and manager (1838) in the Bank of Ireland. Charles had a son Folliott Charles who d 9 April 1865: a note on his death states he was son of Charles Kensington Magrath, decd (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6e Marcus Magrath, b 1813, d 1857 in Dublin, m 23 Feb 1839 in St George Church, Dublin, Elizabeth Dickinson. Marcus is included here as there was a Marcus as witness to the marriage of Charles Kensington Magrath to Maria Alley on 13 May 1835 (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6f Mary Magrath b 1814, d 1864 in Dublin, m 14 Feb 1835 in St George Church, Dublin, Charles Sheridan Young, b 1809 in Cavan, d 20 Mar 1847, TCD BA 1831, youngest son of the late Rev James Young, Rector of Timolin and Baylon, Co Kildare (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6g Lucinda Magrath, known as Lucie, b 1818 in Tralee, Co Kerry, d 13 Mar 1844,  m6 Jul 1843 in Tralee, Samuel Thomas Perrott, b Co Limerick, son of John Perrott and Sarah (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

6h Anne Magrath, m 15 Oct 1840 in St George's Church, Dublin (by Rev C Young, curate), Robert Acheson Thompson (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

5d Philip Magrath (named as grandson in will of 3c Philip North's wife Eleanor), b 1770 in Dublin (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

5e John Magrath (David Magraith email 3 May 2016)

3d Susanna North, named in her brother 3c Philip's will, m Smith and had issue (Betham)

4a Mary Smith (Betham)

4b Anne Smith (Burke's tree at PRONI: SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.04)

4c William Smith (Betham)

3e Emor North, named in his father's will. See notes re his nephew Emor North

3f Joseph North of Bracklyn (CoN) or of Brackland (16.4.7), b 1716, d c1786 (Vicars prerogative wills), m Bridget McCabe (SP8), and had issue. Betham's extract of his will in the National Archives states, 300 North, Joseph, Brackland, Kings Co, dated 18 Feb 1781 proved 1 Mar 1786 (or 7 Mar 1786) wife Bridget, son Roger (EN email 25 Apr 2008; SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.13). In deed 1757 183 433 123376 dated 17 January 1757, Joseph North of Brackland, Kings Co, first part, and William Costigin of Ballyna, Kings Co, 2nd part, grant bargain sell to[?] Joseph North one annuity or yearly rent of £13 land of Ballyteigue Aughagarven, Greenfield, Kings Co, on natural life of Roger North son of Joseph North, - which indenture is witnessed by John Bagnal or Bagot, Kiltubber, Westmeath, and Mathias Geoghan, Rathhugh, Westmeath (EN email 13 Jun 2010). Deed 297 634 196482 records a loan of £100 from William North to Joseph North of Brackland and Ulysses North of Newcastle, and the appointment by the said Joseph North of Charles North as his attorney to collect rents and tythes from tenants of Davidstown [Guilford] to discharge the loan. The deed was witnessed by William North of Clonfad, Roger North of Kings Co and Henry Pilkington of Newcastle (EN email 14 Mar 2008). A Bracklyn House of late 1700s vintage is listed in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage, but that was the seat of the Fetherstonhaughs (10.7), not the Norths. Bridget North, Dublin, wife of Joseph, obtained 'conformity' on 27 Jul 1745 with the Act to prevent the further growth of popery 1703 to 1789 (Convert Rolls, Editor Eileen O’Byrne, Extract from Irish Manuscripts Commission 1981 (Dublin City Lib): EN email 21 Jun 2008). The Religious Census 1766 Parliamentary returns, No 21, Ballycommon, lists Joseph North, protestant, with 5 papist servants, 3 in household (CoI Library, Dundrum: EN email 26 Jun 2009) (no idea whether that is this Joseph North)

4a Roger North of Clonfad (CoN) and Kilduff, Kings Co (SP8) and (in 1786, when his father died) of Brackland (16.4.7) b 1734 (SP8) or 1744 (d 1831 aged 87), d 24 Mar 1831 (SP8), or d about Apr 1831 (deed 1838 7 185), or d 20 Mar 1831 at Kilduff in the King's County aged 87 years (Westmeath Journal), m 12 Dec 1780 or 17 Dec 1780 in Monkstown Barbara Conran of Newtownparke, Co Dublin (parish records St Patricks, Dublin, Parish of Monkstown, page 72: SP email 27 Nov 2007; EN email 4 Nov 2008; Roger North & Conran marriage bond, 1780 (CPR 1922 WW24), Genealogy Office registered pedigrees vol 15 page 293 has Barbara's pedigree), who d after Jun 1834 (alive in deed 1834 14 298 below), ?daughter of James Conran of Mullingar (SP8), and had issue. Sir Charles Coote’s Statistical Survey of the King’s County, 1801 at page 146 describes the pasture of the county as 'very rich, luxuriant and full of herbage; in some places in the upper parts, equal to feed a bullock of any weight. In the lower half barony, store sheep only are kept, as in the neighbourhood of Croghan Hill, which is esteemed the best store ground for sheep in Ireland. Immediately adjoining Croghan, towards Philipstown, the pasture is light and of inconsiderable extent. Roger North Esq of Kilduff in this neighbourhood and Thomas Berry Esq of Eglish Castle ... occupy almost the entire of the green farms; Mr North has made some choice improvements here in draining, burning and gravelling the moors, which, after producing an abundant crop of rape, give excellent pasture for store cattle, three-fourths of the year. This gentleman has also built an excellent mansion-house, which, with infant plantations in the adjoining grounds, have greatly ornamented this part of the country, and must have had before, a miserable and bleak appearance. In this end of the Barony they are not at all choice in their breed of cattle. They buy them in at two years at the Connaught Fairs, they store feed them for a year, and then sell to the Meath graziers; and they are equally inattentive to their breed of sheep and horses.'  At page 165 it refers to 'a charitable school, well attended to, under the patronage of Miss North, and subscriptions liberally paid; it is intended to be enlarged, on a more extensive plan' (EN email 26 Jan 2010, forwarding info from Shonagh Love). There are several deeds concerning this Roger:

5a William North (SP3) b 8 Jul 1783 in Dublin (SP8), d 19 Jul 1872 in Queensland, Australia (SP3; photo of his gravestone in a family plot in Ipswich Cemetery, Qld), Major in the 68th Regiment of Foot (deed 867 80 577080), m 28 Jun 1806 at Clontarf, Dublin, Sarah Marsh, b 1783 in Ireland, d 3 Apr 1872 in Queensland (Qld BDM, C387), buried with her husband, daughter of Francis Marsh d Jan 1829 and Anne Vero (?daughter of Dorothy Ussher and John Vero) (SP8) and had issue. First of three named sons of Roger North in deed 1838 7 185 (a deed for the purchase of an annuity). Sarah had brothers Rev Jeremy Marsh and Digby Marsh, and a sister Anne Marsh (SP8). Deed 1818 731 508 499043 of 16 Mar 1818 is a mortgage of Mullagharush or Mulahurush, 85 ac, and a further part of the lands held without lease by Christopher Chamley, to John Hornridge of Dublin to secure a debt of £100 owed by William North of the 68th Regiment of Foot to John Hornridge, subject to redemption with interest at 6% by Mar 1828 (CN email 7 Aug 2009). Mullagharush was held by William 'for and during such estate and terms for 2 lives and years as was granted to said Roger North of the said lands by the Earl of Charlenelle rent free'. Deed 1838 4 39 of 12 Feb 1838 between William North of Oldtown, King’s Co, 1st part & George Symes of Hollybrook Pk, Co Dublin, is a sale from William North to George Symes of Cloneen, Cloonagh & Mullagharush 290 acres etc for £1,500 & a further £550 to Wm North for furniture, utensils etc (CN email 24 Mar 2009). This may be William selling up to move to Australia. Coral Collins (SP email 1 Oct 2015) says William and Sarah came to Australia in 1838 with their family. In 1841 they moved to Queensland.  He chose the army as his career and saw service in the West Indies (1833), and the Siege of Flushing in Belgium in 1809. In 1811 he joined the Duke of Wellington at Badajos and fought under him in the Peninsular  War. William lived in Kilduff House. Just before his death he sold his property: 'The Bellevue station, on the Brisbane River, the property of Major William North, containing an area of 26,000 acres ; the unresumed half of Wivenhoe run, and 8,000 acres conditionally purchased land, with all improvements; 8,000 sheep, all ages; 250 head quiet cattle; bullock team, station horses, stores etc, for the sum of £4,500 cash, Messrs Campbell and Simpson being the purchasers' (The Darling Downs Gazette and General Advertiser, Toowoomba, Qld, 3 Jul 1872). Obituary. Funeral notice.

6a Joseph North b 1808 at Stradbally, Ireland, and d 1 Jan 1881 in Queensland (SP8; Qld BDM; photo of his gravestone in Ipswich Cemetery, Qld). The IGI records that Joseph Lieutenant North m Robert Dundas Burnett (female) in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 24 Jul 1836. Joseph North and Robert Dundas Burnett had issue in New South Wales (; several of these entries were also registered in Qld BDM in 1854: NSW included Qld until 1859). Robert Dundas Burnett d in Qld on 17 Nov 1889 and is buried with her husband (Coral Collins email 9 Nov 2015); her father was John Burnett and her mother Deborah Patterson (Qld BDM). A guide to the Ipswich General Cemetery Then & Now states 'North family: Joseph North arrived in Australia with his regiment in the 1830s and was followed by his brothers, a sister and his parents Major William and Sarah North. Their properties were Fernie Lawn, Northbrook, Wivenhoe and Bellevue' (SP email 8 May 2008). Coral Collins (SP email 1 Oct 2015) adds, Joseph came to Australia on the convict ship Sarah with 253 convicts. They left London on 22 Dec 1836, convicts on board Portsmouth Harbour, arrived Tasmania in 1837. Joseph North and Robert Dundas North had 12 children; twin girls were born and died on the convict ship coming from UK to Tasmania in 1836

7a William John Edward North, b 1841 or 1846 in NSW, d Qld 1929 (Qld BDM), m 1888 (Qld BDM) Lucy Chapman, b 1871 (Qld BDM) at Lucerne Flat, Stanley, Qld (Arthur George's birth certificate, Coral Collins email 9 Oct 2015), so aged 17 or 18 when she married. She got cancer in 1905, went into hospital at Wolston Park and died in 1907 (Coral Collins email 9 Oct 2015; Qld BDM). Lucy was the daughter of George Frederick Chapman and Sarah Ann Norris (Qld BDM), who are buried at Lowood General Cemetery, Ipswich (Coral Collins email 9 Oct 2015).  In the 1920s William was living at 'Zillmere, Qld'; he was looked after by his daughter Vera and left his dairy farm to her (Coral Collins email 9 Oct 2015). According to Arthur George's birth certificate William was 52 in April 1898, so b c1846 rather than 1841, and was a grazier and farmer, born at Bullidilla, NSW

8a Lucy Dundas North, b 1889, m 1914 William Sidney Page (Qld BDM): Dr W Sidney Page, MD BS (Lond) MRCS LRCP (ENQ), Major AAMC (Australian Army Medical Corps), of 71 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane ( A letter from Dr Page to the authorities dated 28 Dec 1920 says that Lucy Chapman 'has been dead many years and my wife, the eldest child, became foster mother to the three boys and kept house for them till the outbreak of war when she was married. Her father is eighty years of age and has never helped to maintain them for many years. He is active but lives in the country and my wife is not aware of his present ability. The eldest son has been living with us since Xmas and left to obtain a situation. A letter home would find him. I may add that my wife did not put in a claim for the lad's gratuity money though others did. The Board however sent for her and told her to file a claim as foster mother - as she was the only one they would give it to. I may add that my home has always been the headquarters of these boys since I married their [???] sister.'

8b Beatrice Sarah North, b 1891, m 1916 Ralph Harvey Goodwin (Qld BDM)

8c Vera Mabel North, b 1893, d 1965, m 1918 Herbert Polkinghorn Richards (Qld BDM) b 1892, and had issue (SP emails 1 & 22 Oct 2015). Her death certificate also records children '2 females deceased, 1 male deceased'

9a William John Edward Richards, b 1914 (sic), d unmarried 1973, soldier (SP email 22 Oct 2015)

9b Ruth Bessie Richards, b 1921, d 2007, seamstress, married twice and had 10 children (SP email 22 Oct 2015)

9c Mary Richards, b 1924, d 2000, married twice and had issue (SP email 22 Oct 2015)

8d Burnett William Norris North, b 1895 in Gympie, m 1925 Nellie May Guy (Qld BDM), enlisted in WW1 on 24 Aug 1914. He was a butcher and drover when he enlisted. He proceeded to Gallipoli on 5 Apr 1915, and then to Maadi on 25 Nov 1915, and arrived in France in Mar 1916, but took ill with appendicitis in May 1916 and then malaria in Jun 1916 and spent the remainder of the war in the UK. He was alive in 1967 when he applied for an ANZAAC commemorative medallion

8e Arthur George Frederick North (as per his birth certificate: Coral Collins email 9 Oct 2015), b 1 Apr 1898 (Qld BDM) at Imbil Road, Gympie, d WW1 at the Somme, aged 18 (SP/cossie44 email 7 Oct 2015). Enlistment papers and related records (51 pages) are in the name of Arthur George North, as is his Qld death certificate. The first page is endorsed 'War medals etc to sister, Mrs L D Page, 40 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Q, under bond, [initialled], Officer in Charge Base Records, 1 Feb 1921'. Page 50 records 'No 6005, Pte North A G 1st Field Ambulance, late 2nd Australian General Hospital, died of wounds 5 Nov CIB2725/7569A dated London 19.11.16.' His aunt, Miss Molly Chapman, requested his effects (page 38) and attached his will. He was buried in the Longueval Road Cemetery, 'plot 1, row 1'. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records state that he was the son of Mr W J E and the late Mrs L North and was born in Gympie. Page 14 of the enlistment records shows that he travelled through Gallipoli, Mudros (Lemnos), Tel-el-Kebir (a training camp: photo), Alexandria and Marseilles (at the end of March 1916), before getting to the war in France when he 'joined for temporary duty' on 6 Aug 1916

8f Joseph North, b 1905 (Qld BDM). A Joseph North m Mabel Pearl Campbell (1920) and a Joseph North m Jane Mary Ellen O'Hanlan (1927) (Qld BDM): either of those might be this Joseph, though from the dates the latter is more likely

7b Joseph Roger Burnett North, b 1844 in NSW, d Qld 1914 (Qld BDM)

7c Charles North, b 1846 in NSW, d Qld 1904 (Qld BDM)

7d Deborah North, b 1848 in NSW

7e Robert Dundas North, b 1851 (his birth is registered with Sarah as his mother; Sarah was his grandmother and her name may have been recorded as the mother by mistake), m 1889 Blanche Sarah Thompson (or Blanch Sarah Thomson) (Qld BDM) and had issue

8a Blanche Phyllis North, b 1891, d 1891 (Qld BDM)

8b Robert Charles North, b 1892 (Qld BDM)

8c Francis Rodger North (or Francis Roger North), b 1894 (Qld BDM), d 1 Nov 1978 (Aust Dict Biography). Francis Roger North m 1929 Margaret May Craddock (Qld BDM) and they had two daughters. There is an article by Marianne Eastgate on Francis in the Australian Dictionary of Biography Online. The grave of Francis North was recently refurbished by a grant from the State Government under a 'graves of significance' refurbishment initiative. His home, Barcoo, is still in good condition (Selwyn Retschlag email 16 Jun 2012)

8d Eleanor Victoria North, b 1897 (Qld BDM)

8e Arthur Joseph North, b 1899, m 1927 Hilda Maud Stodart Gair (Qld BDM)

8f Claud Burnett North, b 1901 (Qld BDM)

8g Blanche Jean North, b 1905 (Qld BDM)

7f Francis North, b 1852 in NSW, d Qld 1929 (Qld BDM)

7g Sarah A North, b 1853 in NSW

7h Arthur North, b 1854 in NSW

7i a son North, b 1858 in Ipswich (Qld)

6b William John Edward North, b 1810 in Ireland (SP8). In the NSW Archives index of Colonial Secretary's letters relating to land there is a record of correspondence dated 1847 with William John Edward North concerning land in Brisbane. The correspondence has not yet been seen. There is no evidence of his death in the Qld or NSW death indexes

6c Francis North, the Hon, b 1811 in Ireland, d 9 Dec 1864 (Qld BDM, C404, SP email 15 Apr 2008), North Ipswich, Qld, bur 10 Dec 1864, Ipswich, Qld (Coral Collins email 9 Nov 2015), m(1) 1859 (Qld BDM, C375) Margaret Elizabeth Glissan, b 1840 Tipperary, Ireland, d 27 Mar 1862, Drayton, Qld, bur 28 Mar 1862, Toowoomba Cemetery, Drayton Road, Qld, daughter of Patrick Glissan and Dorothea Gaingand, and had issue (Sue Skinner email 23 Apr 2008). Francis was, at the time of his death The Honourable Francis North having been invited to form government in the fledgling State of Queensland which separated from New South Wales (Selwyn Retschlag email 15 Jun 2012): see Francis North, M.L.C. (1811-1864), compiled by Marianne Eastgate, Nathan, Qld, c1983; and The North family and their properties in the Brisbane Valley, paper presented at the Royal Historical Society of Queensland Conference 1993, Marianne Eastgate, Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, v.15, no.13, Nov 1995, p.617-622

7a Francis William North, b 13 June 1860, Ipswich, Qld, d 1938, m 1893 (Qld BDM B16188) Geraldine Playne Littleton Chubb

7b Arthur Henry North, b 18 March 1862, Ipswich, Qld, d 1941, m 1890 (Qld BDM, C72) Mary Mayne Wilson and had issue. Arthur was was manager of Surbiton Station, Alpha, Qld (Selwyn Retschlag email 15 Jun 2012)

8a Arthur Francis North, b 1893 (Qld BDM, C10687), buried in the Toowoomba Cemetery, m Sarah Moore of Ireland, buried at Murgon, Qld, and had issue (Selwyn Retschlag email 15 Jun 2012)

9a Una Donna Vera North, m and had issue

9b Dorothy Mona North

9c Arthur Francis North

8b Ilsa May North, b 1895 (Qld BDM, C2239) m 1927 Eric Cooke Montgomery Davidson (Qld BDM)

8c Jessie Elizabeth North, b 1896 (Qld BDM, C2136) m 1925 Arthur Richard Sexton (Qld BDM)

8d Dorothy Jean North, b 1898 (Qld BDM, C2164), died young, buried Surbiton Station at Alpha, Qld (Selwyn Retschlag email 15 Jun 2012)

8e Myra Glissan North, b 1899 (Qld BDM, C2099) (Glissan is her grandmother's maiden name), died young, buried Surbiton Station at Alpha, Qld (Selwyn Retschlag email 15 Jun 2012)

8f Wylie Glissan North, b 1900 (Qld BDM, C10509) m 1928 Veronica Phyllis Mead Kirwin (Qld BDM)

8g Ronald Charles Glissan North, b 1902 (Qld BDM, C10394) m 1925 Clara Meta Rodd (Qld BDM)

8h Colin Glissan North, b 1906 (Qld BDM, C10207)

8i Garnet Glissan North, b 1907 (Qld BDM, C10706)

8j Roger Joseph Glissan North, b 1908 (Qld BDM, C9649)

6c Francis North m(2) in 1862 Ellen Washburn, b c1820 Abbots, Wiltshire, d in childbirth on 4 Oct 1864 (two months before her husband), aged 43 or 44, at North Ipswich, Qld, bur 5 Oct 1864, Ipswich General Cemetery, Qld, dau of Edward Washbourne of Cholsey and Mary Pinniger (Sue Skinner email 23 Apr 2008; Coral Collins email 9 Nov 2015)

7c a son North, still born, 1864, Ipswich, Qld (Selwyn Retschlag email 15 Jun 2012)

6d Elizabeth North, b 1813 in Ireland, d 26 Jun 1902 in Brisbane, Queensland (SP8), m 27 Feb 1839 James Thomas Bell, youngest son of Lt. Archibald Bell, b 20 Mar 1813, d 22 Jun 1861, and had issue. James Thomas Bell inherited his father's property Belmont on the Hawkesbury, NSW, after his mother died in 1837. It is said that 'he had not inherited his father's vigour and ability. He was more concerned with breeding fine horses, schooling and racing them, than in management of his land.  . . .  As a result, whilst young James Bell was at the King's School, his father became insolvent, the whole estate of Belmont and the family effects being sold at auction [in 1845, to his brother in law Francis Little, husband of Lt. Archibald Bell's 4th daughter Mary Ann Bell] to defray the debts. James [the younger], his father having died shortly afterwards [1861 - so 15 years afterwards], found himself penniless and his mother [Elizabeth North] forced to live in a cheap boarding house' ( James Thomas Bell was a brother of Archibald Bell jnr who married Frances Ann North, daughter of Samuel North b 3 Oct 1791, and pioneered Bell's Line of Road. The family moved to Queensland and descendents now own Coochin Coochin (Sue Skinner email 21 Apr 2008)

7a James Thomas Marsh Bell b 25 Dec 1839 at Belmont, Richmond, d 5 May 1903 at Coochin Coochin, m 24 Jul 1875 Gertrude Augusta Norton, b 30 Jun 1856 in Sydney, and had issue. He gradually rebuilt property holdings, first Camboon and later Coochin Coochin (

7b Elizabeth Georgina Bell, b at Belmont, Richmond, d 10 Oct 1847 at Belmont, aged 6: 'something tragic happened' (Coral Collins email 19 Oct 2015)

6e Roger North, Rev, b 5 Apr 1816 in Oldtown, Co Offaly (SP email 22 Apr 2008), d 19 Mar 1895 in Queensland (SP8), buried Ipswich in a family plot (Coral Collins email 9 Nov 2015), m(1), when of 16 Synge St (marriage certificate, SP email 30 Aug 2007; St Peter parish record, Dublin) 15 Dec 1849 in Ireland Matilda Lucy Lyster, b 2 Apr 1827, d 24 Dec 1865 at 4 Ormand Terrace, Rathmines, Dublin, aged 38, from Phthisis [tuberculosis] (death cert (SP email 6 Jan 2008)), daughter of Lyttleton Lyster b 1789 and Charlotte Cameron Limrick the oldest  daughter of Rev Paul Limrick, Bishop of Calcutta, India, and had issue (SP email 16 Jan 2008; Memorials of an Ancient House p.89); (Georgina Lyster, m 5d Peter North below, is likely Lyttleton Lyster's sister and Matilda Lucy Lyster's aunt (SP email 4 Oct 2007)). Deed 1854 26 262 names several of Lucy's relatives; deed 1868 19 292 also concerns her. Eleven months after his first wife died, Rev Roger North, of 4 Ormonde Tce, m(2) 15 Nov 1866 Ellen Wake (Rathmines parish records, Dublin; witness William Orpwood Wake), b c1829, d 1907 in Queensland (B7639: Qld BDM: SP email 15 Apr 2008) buried Ipswich (Coral Collins email 9 Nov 2015) daughter of William Wake and Ellen Orpwood (Qld BDM) and had issue, before going to Australia on the Light Brigade arriving on 30 Mar 1873 (Queensland Archives). The passenger list for the Light Brigade includes Rev Roger North aged 56, Ellen North 44, Roger North 20, Francis North 14, Frederick North aged 18, Sarah North 16, Henry North 12 and Charles North aged 2. All of these can be placed with the Rev Roger except for Frederick, b c1855, who has not, so far, been connected: a Frederick William North married Grace Keily in 1893 (C46) and they had a son Frederick Keily Arthur North who died aged 10 months in 1898 (Qld BDMC213); a Frederick North d 1928: his parents were John North and Louisa Ann Bugler (Qld BDM). Sarah North may be a child of Ellen Wake by another relationship, but she became part of the Rev Roger's family and is named with her husband in Rev Roger's 1893 will (EN email 24 Apr 2008); Sarah Elizabeth North married Alexander Charles Grant in 1879 (Qld BDM C533). The lists for Trinity College Dublin record North, Roger Pen. (Mr Geoghagan) July 6, 1835 aged 18 s. of William, Militaris; b. Kings Co. B.A. Vern 1840 M.A. AEst 1846. Dublin directories list a Rev Roger North or Roger North AM at Ormonde Tce, 5 Richmond Hill, Rathmines, and 9 Trinity College in 1852 and 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010). Thoms also lists in 1856 a Roger North, RM, Royal Navy, and in 1860 a Roger North RM Lieut, Chaplain, under the heading 'Officers Royal Navy & Royal Marines' (CN email 5 Apr 2008). Those entries would fit this Rev Roger North. On his first wife's death certificate (1865) he is described as Rev Roger North AM TCD; on his second wife's marriage certificate (1866) he is described as a clerk in holy orders (SP email 22 Apr 2008)

7a William Roger North, b 8 Nov 1850, baptised 23 Nov 1851 from 5 Richard Hill (St Peter parish records). MLA for Lockyer, 1888 - 1893, unaligned (Wikipedia). A William R North emigrated to Australia aged 21 in Apr 1870 (so b c1849) on the Maryborough (Queensland Archives), and William Roger North is a beneficiary in Rev Roger's 1893 will. A William Roger North married Amy Louisa Panton at Cumkillenbah which was the station property of Samuel Moffatt (1833 - 1889) and Amy's sister, Maria Susannah Panton (1843 - 1893) on the Darling Downs, Queeensland, in 1881 (Qld BDM C194; SP email 15 Apr 2008; Robert Blaikie email 10 Aug 2011) and had issue

8a Isobel Elsie North, b 1881 (Qld BDM C2945)

8b Eva North, b 1882 (Qld BDM C3252) m 1917 Eric Noyes (Qld BDM) (just possibly Eric's marriage was to the Eva Ethyl North b 1901 (below))

8c William Dudley North, b 1884 (Qld BDM C3758) m 1921 Evelyn Mary Hender (Qld BDM)

8d Cecil Roger North, b 1888 (Qld BDM C6511) m 1914 Winifred Margaret Noyes (Qld BDM) and had issue

9a Roger Thomas North, d 1924 (Qld BDM)

7b Roger North (SP email 16 Jan 2008), b 26 Mar 1852, baptised 2 May 1852, son of Roger North, AMTDC, and Matilda North of 5 Richmond Hill (St Peter parish records, Dublin), d 11 or 12 Jan 1893. Roger North emigrated to Australia aged 20 in 1873 on the Light Brigade (Queensland Archives). Died Qld 1893 (Qld BDM C3033), apparently having committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver (Brisbane Courier, 14 Jan 1893, p 6):

Some sensation was caused in town yesterday morning (says the Maryborough News) of Thursday, when it became known that Mr Roger North, late Government agent on board the labour schooner Foam, had committed suicide by shooting himself through the head with a revolver. Mr North had lately returned from a recruiting voyage to the South Seas, and was contemplating with pleasure a second voyage shortly. He was staying at the Custom-house Hotel, and had gone to his bedroom on Tuesday night about 11 o'clock, apparently in his usual good spirits and health, having been engaged in a conversation most of the evening with the inmates of the hotel. Shortly after 6 o'clock yesterday morning, Mr Moon, a commercial traveller, who was also staying at the hotel, got up to catch the Bundaberg train. In passing Mr North's room he noticed a light burning, and opened the door to look in. To his horror, he saw Mr North lying on the bed in his pyjamas, quite dead, and bleeding from a wound in his temple, a revolver in his hand. The unfortunate man had evidently placed the weapon close to his right temple, the bullet passing through the skull out on the left side, and thence, into the ceiling. The curtains and bedclothes were bespattered with blood. The police were at once communicated with, and in the course of the day the body was removed to the Immigration Depôt. It is curious that none of the inmates in the hotel heard the shot fired; but the fact that very heavy rain fell during the early morning, accompanied with thunder, would probably prevent the shot being heard, though the revolver was a large one. Mr Tuchey, of the Post Office Hotel, says he heard what he thought was a knock on some door in the direction of the hotel, about 3.30, during a heavy shower, and this may have been the shot. Deceased was formerly inspecting surveyor in the Railway Department, and was considered one of the smartest surveyors in the service. When railway construction was stopped a short time ago, the services of Mr North, with a number of other surveyors, were dispensed with. He assisted in the survey of the Mungarr-Gayndah line. Mr North was a brother of Mr W R North, MLA for Lockyer, and is a widower, and has left one child, a little girl, aged 9 years. His brother, Mr Frank North, arrived here last night from the Burnett Heads. No motive is assigned for the rash act, as he was always lively and of a joyous nature, and was not short of money. The body will be removed for interment in the Ipswich Cemetery.

Roger North married Grace Gibson in Queensland in 1882 (Qld BDM C548) and had issue. He was a widower at his death, so his wife Grace died before 1893. Yvonne Phillips (SP email 29 May 2013) says Grace Gibson died in 1883, the year their daughter was born

8a Grace Gibson North, b 1883 (Qld BDM C3674)

7c Digby Lyttelton North (SP email 16 Jan 2008). Lyttelton North was b 16 Feb 1854, baptised 14 May 1854, son of Roger North, resident master in college, and Matilda North, of 19 Richmond Hill (Rathmines parish records). A death notice in The Queenslander newspaper of 7 Jan 1888 states 'On the 9th September, washed overboard during a heavy gale from the ship John Currier, in lat. 45 deg. S., long. 145 deg. E., Digby Littleton North, third son of the Rev. Roger North, M.A., Queensholme, Ipswich, aged 34 years' (SP email 7 Jul 2012)

7d Francis Jeremy North, (Frank North?), b 31 Dec 1858, baptised 19 Feb 1869, d 24 Feb 1924, buried North Rockhampton Cemetery, son of Roger North and Matilda Lucy North of 4 Ormond Tce (Rathmines parish records, Dublin). A Francis North aged 14 emigrated to Australia in 1873 on the Light Brigade (Queensland Archives), so b c1859. The IGI suggests (incorrectly) that Francis was b 1866, the year after Matilda Lucy Lyster died and a year in which the Rev Roger was without a wife. He d 1924 in Queensland (Qld BDM C915). Obituary, which suggests a lineage from Baron Guilford, says he died on 24 Feb 1924 aged 69, and emigrated with his stepmother. He was a surveyor, was based in Rockhampton and worked for 30 years with railway engineers. He m Fanny Lizzie Landsborough in 1885 (Qld BDM C193) and had issue

8a Roger Gilford North or Roger Guilford North, b 1885 (Qld BDM C7237), death registered 1922 (Qld BDM F6598) though his is reported as having died at Pozieres in WW1. The Australian Archives have the Attestation Paper for Roger when he joined the Australian Imperial Force, occupation surveyor, age 30 2/12ths, on 16 Mar 1915 at Rockhampton, Qld. His next of kin was Fanny Elizabeth North. He made no provision for a wife or children

8b Francis William North, b 1887 (Qld BDM B37937) also signed up for WWI: on 19 Sep 1916: Service Number 3707, born Brisbane, enlisted at Rockhampton, occupation drover, age 29 & 9 months, next of kin (Mother) Fanny Lizzie North, made no provision for a wife or children (Australian Archives). A Francis Willliam North m 1922 (Qld BDM C2947) Amy Mabel Thompson - possibly his sister in law?

8c Landsborough North, b 1891 (Qld BDM C873), m 1918 (Qld BDM C3311) Frances Emily Thompson

8d Cedric Roy North, b 1894 (Qld BDM C578), death registered 1922 (Qld BDM F6597), though he is reported to have died on the Ypres front in WW1, enlisted in the AIF on 25 Aug 1915, Service Number 3857, b Bundaberg Qld, enlisted in Rockhampton Qld, next of kin (mother) Francis Lizzie North [sic: Frances], aged 21 & 7 months, occupation drover, made no provision for a wife or children (Australian Archives)

8e Littleton Lister North or Lyster North, b 1897 (Qld BDM C10655)

8f Lucy Elizabeth North, b 1900 (Qld BDM C4817)

8g Sidney Landsborough North, b 21 Sep1903 (Qld BDM C4119) signed up for WW2: Service Number Q219849; born 21 Sep 1903 at Murray's Creek, Qld; enlisted at Gordonvale, Qld; next of kin Constance North (Australian Archives). Banker at Clermont

9a Roger Landsborough North, Service Number 404828, b 30 Jan 1922 at Rockhampton, Qld, enlisted in the RAAF at Brisbane, bank clerk, next of kin Sybil Ellen North (his wife) (Australian Archives), is a likely descendent

8h Dorothy Allison North, b 1907 (C520)

8i 'Nurse North of Melbourne' (from her father's obituary)

7e Henry Marsh North, aged 12 in 1873 so b c1861, b 26 Nov 1860, baptised 1 Jan 1861, son of Roger North, clerk in holy orders, and Matilda North, of 4 Ormand Tce (Rathmines parish records, Dublin), d Queensland 1929 (Qld BDM B7146), m in Qld in 1891 Evangaline Canning (Qld BDM) and had issue. The Qld death index record says he was the son of Roger North and Matilda Leister. Marsh is his paternal grandmother's name, so he is certainly a child of the Rev Roger North, and from his age from the Rev Roger's first marriage, to Matilda Lucy Lyster, confirming the death record

8a Violet Matilda North, b 1892 (Qld BDM C2529), m 1917 (Qld BDM 20911) Samuel Morris

8b Lily Amelia North, b 1893 (Qld BDM C2045), m 1923, as Lillien Amelia North, (Qld BDM C2428) Timothy Alfred Ernest Donovan

8c Henry William Roger North, b 1895 (Qld BDM C2234), m 1920 (Qld BDM B26333) Ethel May Cogill and had issue

9a Major North, d 1920 (Qld BDM)

8d Leister Littleton Marsh North b 1898 (Qld BDM C2084), m 1918 (Qld BDM B22313) Ethel Maurer

8e Dora North, b 1899(Qld BDM C2067)

8f Francis Canning North, b 1899 (Qld BDM C2068), m 1918 (Qld BDM B22167) Ellen Sharock

8g Ethel Eva North, b 1901(Qld BDM C7476)

7f Guilford Dudley North (SP email 16 Jan 2008). The IGI suggests he was b 1868, but a son of Matilda Lucy Lyster (who died in 1865): the 1868 date could be 5 years late - see next entry. He appears not to have emigrated to Queensland, so may have died before 1873

7g Charlotte Maude North, b 19 Sep 1864, baptised 12 Nov 1864 (Rathmines parish records, Dublin), d 5 May 1865 aged 7 months and 2 weeks from marasmus (a severe form of malnutrition caused by inadequate intake of protein and calories, usually in the first year of life) at 4 Ormonde Terrace, Rathmines (death certificate: SP email 24 May 2008). (The IGI suggests she was b 1870)

7h Charles Roger North, b 14 Mar 1870 (birth certificate: SP email 24 May 2008), b 13 Mar 1870, baptised 1 May 1870 from 4 Ormond Tce (Rathmines parish records, Dublin). Charles North aged 2 in 1873 emigrated on the same voyage as Roger North and Ellen Wake. Charles Roger North is named in his father's will but got no benefit under it 'solely because he is to receive certain benefits under my Marriage Settlement'. A Charles Roger North m Florence Victoria Lindsay in 1900 (Qld BDM C804). Charles and Florence had issue

8a Gladys Muriel North, b 1900 (Qld BDM C4519)

8b Charles Arthur North, b 1903 (Qld BDM C1798)

8c Selwyn Dudley Wake North, b 1907 (Qld BDM C2301) (the given name Wake suggests Ellen Wake was his grandmother; Dudley is also a recurring name in this family, though there were other Dudley Norths in Australia (IGI))

8d Lindsay Annan North, b 1911 (Qld BDM C2563)

7i Ellen North b ?1873. Queensland birth records (Qld BDM SP email 15 Apr 2008) include an Unnamed daughter North, b 1873 (C1647), daughter of Roger North and Ellen Wake. The Rev Roger's 1893 will mentions a daughter Ellen North, spinster, presumably this unnamed daughter (EN email 24 Apr 2008). In 1905, an Ellen North m George Onge Phillips (Qld BDM: SP email 15 Apr 2008) and had issue Qld BDM (to 1914)

8a Dooreen Ellen Phillips b 1907(Qld BDM B13971)

8b Dudley George Phillips b 1908 (Qld BDM B17915)

8c Roger Halley Phillips b 1910 (Qld BDM B22845)

8d Eileen Elizabeth Phillips b 1912 (Qld BDM B28510)

8e Edward Grey Phillips b 1914 (Qld BDM B37275)

5b James North, d Apr 1811 (from an unverified genealogy (SP email 14 Nov 2007)) (second of three named sons of Roger North in deed 1838 7 185)

5c Roger North (SP3, SP8), shot on the Offaly/Westmeath border 23 Sep 1850 (SP emails 12 Jul & 7 & 25 Sep 2007; report in Ballina Chronicle) (SP8) and had issue. Roger North, Kilduff, prerogative inventory, 1850 (CPR 1922 WW50). Roger North m Julia Smyth in 1817 (ML). 'The younger third son of said Roger North the elder' (deed 1819 742 505671 of 19 Apr 1819). Third of three named sons of Roger North in deed 1838 7 185. Deed 1837 22 9 recites a 15 Nov 1817 marriage settlement between Roger North and Julia Smyth (EN email 10 Mar 2008; CN email 12 Aug 2009) The deed itself concerns the process of appointing Rev Thomas Gregg as a replacement trustee for Peter Warren, who had died. Deed 721 229 492764 of 15 Nov 1817 is their marriage settlement: Julia Smyth of St, Dublin, and Roger North the younger of Dublin, and Peter Warren of Henrietta St, and Robert Fraser of Dublin - marriage intended of Julia Smyth and Roger North: Julia was entitled to certain securities and monies made over to Peter Warren and Robt Fraser - whenever she needs them - terms and conditions (EN email 14 Oct 2008). In deed 1840 4 167 of 21 Feb 1840, Julia North, wife of Roger North of Kilduff, did exercise a certain power reserved to her by deed of Nov 1817 [her marriage settlement] re various properties in Dublin to Roger North (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Deed 1840 4 207: Julia North wife of Roger North of Kilduff re Elizabeth Moore, aunt of Julia North, re shares and debentures left in will, transferred to Roger North, v lengthy (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Deed 1841 25 27 refers to Ralph Smyth, Glasnevin, Dublin, only son of Ralph Smyth, formerly of Parliament St, Dublin, woolen draper, and Anne Smyth, his wife, both deceased; and Roger North and Julia North otherwise Smyth, one of the daughters of Ralph Smyth and executor and legatee of Sarah Smyth her sister, deceased; and Anne Robbins otherwise Fraser - sorting out properties, families and money (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Deed 1841 24 288 of 3 Dec 1841 concerns the same people and is a transfer of 3 fourths shares in 4 ac 2 rd off Dollymount Lane, Co Dublin, from Ralph Smyth, Roger North and Julia North to Robert Warren of Dublin who had inherited an undivided 1 fourth share in the land purchased from Catherine Fraser nee Smyth deceased (CN email 5 Sep 2009). Deed 1849 10 23 refers to an Act to promote drainage of land & improvement etc, Roger North, Kilduff, Barony of Philipstown (EN email 1 Feb 2009)

6a Rev Joseph North of Bourne, b c1820 (from 1861 and 1871 English census records: SP email 9 Nov 2007), d 25 Oct 1905 ["aged 92" according to his death certificate but aged 85 if the census records are correct (SP email 25 Oct 2007)] (SP3), m(1) from 50 York St, occupation 'Clerke', on 18 Jun 1845 Emma Deering of 14 Upper Mont St, dau of John Deering, barrister, witness Susan H Deering (St Peter parish records, Dublin); m(2), when Clerk in Holy Orders, widower and of the Hibernian Hotel, Dublin, on 2 Sep 1892 Elizabeth Anne Brunett (widow) of 1 Clifton Pl, Monkstown, daughter of Robert Fitzgerald MD and Jane M Fitzgerald (SP2, SP emails 4 Oct 2007, 31 Jan 2009, parish records St Anne COI). In the Registry of Deeds, 1845, Book 10 no143, Roger North of Kilduff, King’s Co, agrees to pay £50 per annum through trustees Johnson & Ryan, Gardiner St, Dublin, to his eldest son Rev Joseph North, on his marriage to Emma Deering, Upr Mount St, Dublin. Thoms 1845 directory lists Lucius Henry Deering, Esq at 71 Abbey St and 59 Upper Mount St, Dublin- presumably Emma's father. A deed at 1847 Book 1 No. 127 dated 31 Oct 1847 refers to Rev Joseph North of Thomastown Glebe, Co Kildare & Emma North (nee Deering). Deed 1853 18 225 of 9 Jul 1853 records the sale of a £40 annuity to Wm Gibson for the life of Rev Joseph North of Kilduff, payable out of the lands of Kilduff, 170 acres, Barony Philipstown, King’s Co and the transfer of the land to Francis Blackburne Martley as trusteee, for a payment of £300 Sterling. Deed 1853 32 216 of 21 Dec 1853 records that Rev Joseph North sold for £200 Sterling a further annuity of £25 13s 6d to Gibson out of the rents of Kilduff(EN email 1 Nov 2007). Joseph was getting capital sums in return for annuites payable from the rents of Kilduff for the rest of his life (which turned out to be a long one), and Kilduff was put into the hands of trustees to secure the annunities. The effective interest rate is over 10% pa, so Joseph must have had good reason to enter into the arrangement: perhaps he did inherit the land in 1850 but wanted immediate cash rather than longer term rents. In a lengthy deed, 1898 Bk 65, 229, recording a sale of Kilduff and other properties, Norths are mentioned among many other families (SP email 9 Dec 2007). Joseph moved to England with his first wife (SP, citing 1861 and 1871 English census records) and does not appear to have had issue. 1887 Book 49 Ref 231 records Joseph and Emma's address as Leamington, Warwickshire (SP email 9 Dec 2007). Penultimate address was Cambridge, England (SP email 4 Oct 2007). In a will dated 1 Aug 1905 from Kingstown, Dublin, he leaves his estate to his sister in law, Jane Marion Fitzgerald, 'who has been very kind and attentive to both myself and my wife during our prolonged illnesses, and has undertaken to allow me to reside for the future under her care, all my property …,' valued at £4,790 16s 2d (EN email 16 Apr 2008)

6b ?(possibly) Anne North, dau of Roger North and Julia North, b 18 Oct 1820, baptised 2 Dec 1820 (St Mary parish records, Dublin)

5d Peter North of Clonfad (CoN) (SP3), d 22 Apr 1859, m 1807 Georgina Lyster (ML, SP email 1 Sep 2007), b c1791, d a widow on 25 Sep 1865 aged 74 in Dunleer Rectory (Rev. James Croften, 6a below, occupier) in Louth (death certificate: SP email 20 Oct 2007), and had issue. Peter North's will left 'All to my wife Georgina title and interest in the whole of the lands of Clonfad, Westmeath. All rents and everything to do with this land, and to dispose of them as she sees fit. And the residue and all else to Georgina.' The will states that he died on 22 Aug 1859, and was 'late of Richmond St, Dublin, at The Glebe, Dunleer, Co Louth, £2400.00' (extract in the National Archive: EN email 11 Apr 2008). Georgina Lyster's will was witnessed by Roger North (?her nephew, 6e above, m Matilda Lucy Lyster) and Lyttleton H Lyster (Georgina's brother & Roger North's father in law - 6e below). James Croften and Roger D Robinson are the executors and trustees, but the main beneficiaries are Georgina's daughters and their children: 'To hold for rents, profits from the lands Clonfad etc, for daughters Caroline and Barbara, for their lives, and after the death of the said Caroline to pay her share to her husband Robert S Swift, if he survives his wife, and after deaths of Caroline and Robert Swift to be paid to the children of Barbara & eventually to the children of Barbara (when everyone else is dead)'. Signed 16 Nov 1863, 16 Mount Pleasant Square, Dublin by Georgina North (SP email 4 Oct 2007; EN email 11 Apr 2008; the effect of Georgina's will seems to be to exclude Barbara's husband James Croften from any benefit, notwithstanding that he is an executor). Deed 1834 14 299 of 1 Aug 1834 concerns Peter North of Grafton St, Dublin, and the Rev Tho Mercer Vigors of Burgage, Co Carlow - for the sum of £500 to Peter North by Tho Mercer Vigors to sell lands of Clonfad, Tyrrellspass, 168 acres plus bog, for 21 years (EN email 14 Oct 2008 - presumably this is a lease or a mortgage rather than a sale). Deed 1849 10 16 refers to an Act to promote drainage of land & improvement etc, Clonfad, & Peter North of Molesworth St, Dublin (EN email 1 Feb 2009)

6a ?Joseph North. A Joseph North, b 10 Oct 1808, son of Peter North and Georgiana North was baptised 20 Nov 1808 (St George, Dublin, parish records). If he was a son of Peter North and Georgina Lyster, m 1807, then perhaps he died young as there is no further reference to him in the deeds

6b Barbara North of Clonfad (CoN) b 1813 (SP3), d 9 Sep 1865 at Dunleer, Louth (death certificate: SP email 1 Dec 2007), m 1 Dec 1834, address Gloucester St, her cousin Rev James Croften of Co Sligo (Mones Hotel, Ushers Quay), clerk at Longford House (CoN; St Audoen parish records, Dublin), b 5 May 1803, d Nov 1876 from injuries received when shot by 'some ruffians' when returning from serving tenants with notices to quit, Rector of Dunleer, son of Sir James Crofton and Marion Lyster, buried in Dunleer Churchyard (SP3, SP emails 8 Sep 2007 & 16 Jan 2008), and had issue (SP email 16 Jan 2008)

7a James Croften, b 1838

7b Barbara Georgina Croften. An Anne North, late of St Patricks Hospital, spinster, d 9 May 1909, had probate granted to Barbara G Crofton, spinster, value £211 (Calendar of Wills, National Archive: EN email 15 Jul 2009). It is not known what relation Anne was to Barbara

7c Kathleen Barbara Croften, d 1894, m D McCormack

7d Maria Honora Croften, m P Deegan, died without issue

6c Caroline North, b c1814 in Dublin (1871 census of England), b c1810, baptised 25 Jul 1810 as Caroline Barber North, daughter of Peter North and Georgina of Aungier St (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin), m Robert Staples Swift, b c1807 of Dunleer, Louth (SP email 4 Oct 2007) and they ended up in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (1871 English census, where she is recorded as being 57 years old, he 64, a 'retired Proctor of the Court of Probate' on a government pension). She appears to have died in 1871 or 1872, he in 1879 or 1880 (SP emails 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2007)

5e Hannah North (SP3), m 1812 William Goodwin (St Werburgh COI parish records, Dublin). Deed 647 521 447872 of 12 Aug 1812 is the marriage settlement of William Goodwin of Calverstown, Co Kildare, Lieut Maj, Reg Kildare Militia, and Hannah North, eldest daughter of Roger North of Parnell Place Dublin. Also involved were Christopher Chamley, Temple St, Dublin, barrister, and Robert Newson of Athy, Kildare --- lands at Calverstown to Goodwin (EN email 22 Jan 2009). Deed 645 301 448442 of 30 May 1810 [i.e. before Hannah and William were married] between Hannah North & William Goodwin & Roger North of Kilduff & Peter North of Dublin, son of Roger, concerns lands of Garrough, Moygashel, Westmeath (EN email 22 Jan 2009). Deed 1838 7 185 refers to William Goodwin of Naas, Co Kildare, and Hannah Goodwin otherwise North, his wife, daughter of the late Roger North: William and Hannah sell an annuity of £20 to which Hannah was entitled from her father's estate to George Symes for £150 (EN email 11 Jul 2008; CN email 20 Mar 2009)

5f Barbara North (SP3)

5g Bridget North (SP3) d before 1829. Bridget North m Christopher Chamley 1808 (ML); Christopher Chamley (or Chomley or Charmley), lawyer in Dublin, born 24 March 1776 in Dublin, married c 7 April 1808 in Kilduff, Kings Co (Freeman's Journal) Bridget North of Kilduff and had issue. Deed 598 145 407535 of 25 March 1808 is their marriage settlement: Roger North of Kilduff and Bridget North, spinster, 1st part; & John Chamley of Dublin and Christopher Chamley of Dublin, 2nd part; & John Claud Beresford of Dublin, Alderman, and Wm Roper of Dublin 3rd part - John Chamley in consideration of marriage intended between Chr Chamley & Bridget North and of £5,000 marriage portion of said Bridget secured by Roger North, John Chamley did grant and confirm all that and those the town & lands of Lissaroon with the appur sit in the Barony of Eliogarty and co of Tippereary [the same barony in which Martin North, cromwellian adventurer, was granted lands in the Cromwellian settlement: CN email 12 Oct 2009] and a long list of other properties, many which were security for a £5,000 mortgage dated 1794, to the trustees - signed John Chamley, witnessed Peter North, Henry Baker (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 12 Oct 2009). He died 14 Nov 1856 in Cork (Peter Chomley email 7 Nov 2007). Chamley took mortgages over Clonfad to secure his marriage settlement (see deeds noted under Roger North, Bridget's father, above)

6a Christopher Chamley, b before 1813. The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982; EN email 21 Sep 2009) record Christopher Chamley, 1st son of Christopher, Belcamp, Co Dublin, & Bridget North, decd; over 16, ed Dublin After Rev Francis Chamley T [Trinity] 1829

6b John Chamley

6c Joseph Chamley

6d Harriet Chamley

6e Caroline Chamley

4b Emor North (SP2). Existence doubtful. SP2 has a date 1764 next to this Emor: 'that came from the tree developed by the Australian lady that I got the other Maj William North, Rev Roger North information from. I never knew if that Emor was fact and could not reach her to verify her source' (SP email 7 Apr 2009). Not mentioned in his father's 1781 will. See notes re his cousin Emor North the attorney. Possibly this Emor is the nephew 'Emor North of Tyrrellspass' who is a party to deed 549 380 364188 of 1802, though that Emor could as well be this Emor's cousin, Emor the attorney

3g Sarah North, named in her father's will. Possibly married Andrew Allen in 1729 (ML: EN email 11 Sep 2009)

3h Mary North, named in her father's will. Deed 301 115 199302 is an indented deed of 28 Feb 1767 between John North of Cornhill, Co Tipperary, 1st part, & Mary North of Clonfad, Co Westmeath, spinster, and Joseph North of Brackland, Kings Co, brother of said Mary North, other part - a marriage was then shortly intended to be had between John North and said Mary North and for providing a complete jointure for said Mary, John North did grant unto Joseph [as trustee] a yearly charge of £20 on lands of Cornhill, Co Tipperary, for 31 years commencing after the death of John North for the use and benefit of Mary North. A marriage portion of £300 was also placed in trust with Joseph for the use of Mary North after death of John should she survive him. Witnessed by John Habernathy [sic, but perhaps John H Abernethy?] of Begstown, Co Westmeath, William North of Clonfad, Co Westmeath, Roger North of Brackland, Kings Co; memorandum sworn 19 Feb 1774 (EN email 17 Aug 2008; CN email 2 May 2009).This marriage is attributed to this Mary North because the settlement says she is a sister of Joseph North of Brackland and the only known such Joseph is 3f Joseph above. However, this Mary's siblings married much earlier, and several of them were dead or heading towards their deaths by 1767. Perhaps she was 'of Clonfad' because she was living with her brother William there. Deed 200 338 133388 of 22 & 23 Aug 1759 seems to be a mortgage: it records that John North of Cornhill, Co Tipperary, did lease and confirm to Roger North of Newcastle his heirs etc, that part of Kilbride known as Whitewell, ~240 acres, to have and hold during the natural lives of Roger North, Charles North and James McCabe and their survivors, with a clause of renewals forever, with a proviso that the deed shall be void on payment of £300 sterling with interest on 1 Feb next; witnesses Ulysses North of Newcastleand Daniel Colo of Newcastle, yeoman(EN emails 12 Mar and 17 Aug 2008; CN email 21 Jun 2009). James McCabe is also mentioned in deeds 433 338 203591 and 290 362 192544. In the latter he is described as 'of Bracklin', so he is almost certainlya brother of Joseph North of Brackland's wife Bridget McCabe. This Whitewell deed concerns the same property and is for the same 'lives' as a deed of 22 Jul 1757 which transferred Whitewell from Thomas Smyth or Thomas Smith to John North of Tyrrellspass, son of Roger North of Kilbride and father of Roger North of Whitewell (see 16.3.1 and deed 290 362 192544). The latter deed seems to have been the one subsisting when it was transferred in 1786 (16.3.1); perhaps the John of Cornhill Whitewell deed was part of a £300 mortgage arrangement. Cornhill is in North Tipperary bordering Offaly. Some speculation: it looks likely that Mary was marrying late in life. Perhaps to a cousin, as they have the same family name. One such cousin is John North, son of Mary's uncle Roger North of Kilbride Castle. He married Margaret Abernethy and appears to have had only one son, Roger, who married in 1760 (so probably born in the 1730s). John is recorded as being of Kilbride, Whitewell, Tyrrellspass and Fairfield. Possibly his wife Margaret died some time after giving birth to Roger, hence the lack of further issue, leaving John free to pursue other interests. John appears to have leased out most of Whitewell and he and his son had few dealings in it after 1757. Perhaps in 1757, after renewing the lease (deed 290 362 192544) John moved to Cornhill, and it was from there that he concluded deed 200 338 133388, a mortgage or other dealing in Whitewell. Subsequently he visited Clonfad and there found cousin Mary, a spinster, perhaps housekeeping for her brother William, and marriage followed in 1767. That would explain why John Habernathy was a witness to Mary's marriage settlement, and why the otherwise mysterious John North 'of Cornhill' was dealing in Whitewell in 1757

3i William North of Clonfad (SP8), [d 1782 (CoN)], d 1800 (Vicars prerogative wills, 16.4.7), d 31 Aug 1800 (deed 549 380 364188). Deed 549 380 364188 of 31 Jul 1802, between Emor North of Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, 1st part and Roger North of Kilduff, Kings Co, other part - reciting that Wm North late of Clonfad, Westmeath, deed of 15 May 1798 made his will, and on 31 Aug 1800 died, and thereby bequeathed to his nephew the said Roger North that part of the lands of Clonfad lying on the east side of the road leading from Tyrrellspass to Mullingar now in the possession of said Roger North, for the term and under the rent and restrictions in said will mentioned, but subject to one annuity of £40 sterling thereby bequeathed to his nephew Emor North, also party to said deed, for twelve years from said Testator’s decease, provided said Emor North should so long live, and that in consideration of the sum of £230 to Emor North paid by Roger North before execution of the said deed Emor North granted bargain sold assigned transferred and made over to Roger North his admins and assignees the said annuity of £40 from the 1st day of May last for ten years provided Emor North shall so long live, and all his the said Emor North’s right Tull once ?? interest therein in as ample manner as said Emor North held and enjoys the same by virtue of the said will of the said Wm North - this memorial witnessed by Patrick Costello of Kilduff, farmer, and Anna North of Tyrrellspass, spinster; signed Emor North seal - executed in the presence of, being first duly stamped, Patrick Costello & Anna North [not placed] (EN email 22 Feb 2009). From that summary it is not too clear what is going on, but several things are clear: William had nephews Roger and Emor, so he is this William rather than William son of Roger of Kilbride Castle below; this William made his will in 1798 so he was alive then; and he died on 31 August 1800, so he was alive until then; so he is not the William whose will Betham recorded dated 1782 and proved in 1783. Roger and Emor the nephews are probably the sons of William's brother Joseph of Bracklyn or Brackland above, though nephew Emor could as well be the son of William's brother Philip, Emor the attorney: a William North was a trustee to that Emor's 1769 marriage settlement; there is no evidence that either Emor was 'of Tyrrellspass' - Emor the attorney seems to have been based in Dublin. Harriet Bainbridge recorded this William as 'of Kilbride', which was repeated in the Coffeys of Newcastle: that appellation now seems unlikely, and it seems more likely that this William was solely 'of Clonfad'. Deed 220 56 143900 of 14 Dec 1761 principally concerns Roger North of Newcastle, but it is witnessed by 'Wm North of Clonfad in ye co Wtmeath one of the atteys of his Maties Ct of Excheqre in Ireld' (CN email 10 Mar 2009): so William was an attorney. That is confirmed in the 1760 Dublin Almanac Registry Directory where he is listed as William North, Attorney, Exchequer in Ireland. By 1764 he is no longer listed (EN email 15 Apr 2009). Deed 559 539 377072 of 6 Jul 1804: Roger North of Kilduff, 1st part; and Philip North and William North his eldest son of Golden Lane, City of Dublin, other part - wherby after reciting that Wm North late of Clonfad Westmeath did by his last will dated 15 May 1798 devise and bequeath all part Clonfad held by lease under the Right Honoourable most Reverend Thomas Lewis, Lord Bishop of Meath, and lying on the right side of the road leading from Tyrrellspass to Mullingar, 168 acres, to Roger North, subject to half the head rents and half the renewal monies payable out of the same; and did likewise by said will demise all that other part of said lands of Clonfad, lying on the left hand side of the said road leading from Tyrrelspass to Mullingar, 153 acres, unto Philip North and William North his [Philip's] son as in said deed – said Philip taking the same for six years only[,] each share to be subject to a moiety of the yearly rent and fines payable to the said Bishop and the parties did for themselves their executors, administrators and assigns covenant and agree with each other that they should hold and enjoy their respective shares of said lands without any claim or demand being ever made by any or either of them to the share of the other (EN email 22 Jan 2009; CN email 19 Jun 2009). Philip is thought to be William's nephew Philip, who married Sarah Pilkington (above). William also seems to have left an annuity to a Mary Ann North, who has been placed tentatively as a sister of William, son of Philip North and Sarah Pilkington, who inherited the left part of Clonfad: Deed 579 284 391570 of 5 Apr 1806 is a memorandum of an indenture deed of rent charges whereby William North of Dublin undertakes to pay £40 annuity as bequeathed out of lands of Clonfad under the will of Willliam North of Clonfad, deceased, to Mary Ann North of Dublin and her assigns for the term of her natural life, payable annually at the Royal Exchange, Dublin (EN email 30 Apr 2009). Mary Ann North's husband was Rev Alexander A Nicholson, clerk, and on 8 Feb 1845 when living at Moylary Glebe, Co Louth, they sold the annuity to Richard Summers of Tyrrellspass (Deed 1845 3 53: CN email 27 Jun 2009). A William North was a church warden in 1791 (Vestry Book, Tyrrellspass Church, Clonfadforan Parish records, COI Library, Dublin: EN email 29 Mar 2009). The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982; EN email 21 Sep 2009) record North, William, Exchequer, Feb 1744: that looks like this William

3j Michael North, named in his father's will, ?b c1725 (on basis of date of his possible apprentiship). Possibly bookseller, Fishamble St, The Big Ship St or Great Ship St, Blind Quay (Watsons Almanac Directory, 1761-1770: EN email 11 Sep 2009; 26 Jan 2010). Michael the bookseller was apprenticed with the consent of his brother Roger to Oliver Nelson on 12 Jul 1741, sworn free of city by service on 18 Feb 1756, became bankrupt in 1778 (insolvent, not in custody, not petitioned against), in the annual lists from 1755 until 1789, was still living in 1790 when his two sons, William and Philip, petitioned on 6 Apr 1790 for freedom by birth (A dictionary of members of the Dublin book trade 1550 – 1800, Mary Pollard, 2000, page 436 and others: Google books) (EN email 26 Jan 2010). The St Werburg Church of Ireland records in the Dublin City Library record Michael and Hannah North of Blind Quay and three children (EN email 10 Feb 2010)

4a William North, baptised 14 Feb 1757 (St Werburg  COI parish records), alive 1790

4b Philip North, alive 1790

4c Joseph North baptised 27 Mar 1758 (St Werburg  COI parish records)

4d Roger North, baptised 25 Jun 1762 (St Werburg  COI parish records)

3k John North of Tyrrellspass, d 1757 (CoN) (16.4.4) (Vicars prerogative wills), m 1745 Anne (SP1) and had issue (16.4.4). Betham recorded an extract of his will, '151 North John of Tyrrilspass Co WtMeath Gent - Dated 23 Apr 1757 - pd 30 Sep 1757 - wife Anne - Son Thomas - daurs Elizabeth - Sarah - Hannah - and Mary - Son John' (EN email 25 Apr 2008 #10)

4a John North of Tyrrellspass (16.4.4)

4b Thomas North (16.4.4), named in his father's will. [Betham has an extract of a will, '160 North Thomas of Ballysotrugh[?] Kings Co - Dated 16 Oct 1752 - pd 18th Apr 1758 - wife Mary - Sons Basakea[?] and John - daur Anne - Brother John North - Brother in law Baracah Low -' (EN email 25 Apr 2008 #9). In SP1 he was placed as a son of 5d James North and Mary Antisele (below). Possibly he is this Thomas: the names of the brother and children fit well, but his parents are supposed to have married in 1745, in which case the Thomas of the will is too old to be this Thomas. For now, the Thomas of the will, d c1758, has been put elsewhere in the tree]

4c Elizabeth North (16.4.4). Deed 483 474 316358 memorialised in June 1795: Elizabeth North of Tyrrellspass W’meath did grant bargain unto John Sommers Tyrrellspass household furniture then in the house of John Sommers, 8 mahogany chairs, 6 mahogany hair bottomed chairs, 6 other mahogany chairs, 3 tables, beds, kettles, saucepans etc witnessed etc and signed Elizabeth North (EN email 21 Jun 2008)

4d Sarah North (16.4.4)

4e Hannah North (16.4.4)

4f Mary North (16.4.4)

3l Anne North, named in her father's will and her brother 3b Philip's will, m White (Betham)

3m Charles North (SP8). Doubtful: not named in his father's will; not in Bainbridge; not in SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.04, p.05; no other records

2b Caleb North of Newcastle, m Jane Eckerly or Jane Berkeley, 'daughter of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland' [no Lord Lieutenant Eckerly: probably John Berkeley, Baron of Straton, b 1607, d 1678: SP email 29 Sep 2007; CN email 16 Mar 2008; EN email 4 May 2008; or dau of one of his sons?], moved to Philadelphia Pa (USA) on 29 Jul 1729 (SP1), and had issue. Caleb North and Mary North are mentioned as son and daughter of Roger North in deed 1726 50 54 32031: it is assumed that this is that Caleb. See Caleb North: Decendants of Caleb North who came from Ireland to Philadelphia in 1729 by Dexter North, Washington DC, 1930 (SP email 17 Apr 2009). According to Dexter North’s book Caleb's 8 sons, among whom George was an officer in the Continental Army, all fought for the revolution and were present at the famous battle of Monmouth. George North, after the war, became a member of the Society of the Cincinnati, a body founded by Baron von Steuben to honour heroes of the revolution (CN email 7 Nov 2009)

3a Roger North (SP1)

3b Caleb North (SP1)

3c Joseph North (SP1)

3d Ann North (SP1)

3e Elizabeth North (SP1)

3f Catherine North (SP1)

3g Joshua North (SP1)

3h Sarah North (SP1)

3i George North (CN email 7 Nov 2009, citing Dexter North's book, above)

2c Elizabeth North (CoN) m in Maine Francis Cooper d 1740. He was from Garryhest, Cork and St Georges, Maine, USA (SP1)

2d Roger North of Kilbride Castle, d 1766 (SP1), m 1704 Mary Wade (SP1), and had issue. (Kilbride Castle, possibly formerly a 'castle' of the Tyrrell family, may already have been in ruins at that time, and the Norths lived near it and used the name, rather than living in it - CN email 26 Apr 2009; Noel Gavin says (SP email 3 Nov 2013): 'the North's could not have lived in Kilbride Castle because it was never a place to live but a simple defense structure. It was more likely Kilbride House where they actually lived. The records probably referred to the Castle because it was familiar to the locals')

3a William North of Kilbride Castle, d c1783 (CoN suggests 'killed in Rising of 1803', but it is ambiguous: it must be that just Lord Kilwarden (Arthur Wolfe) died in the uprising), d 1783 (Vicars prerogative wills), m Wolfe ('aunt of Lord Kilwarden' (CoN)) (SP1) and had issue. Deed 549 369 364150 seems to refer to this William. It states that he made a will dated 16 Jun 1782. Betham records such a will: 344 North, William, Kilbride, dated 19 Jun 1782, proved 17 Oct 1783 sons Roger and Joseph (EN email 25 Apr 2008; SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.12). The deed states that William's heir was his eldest son Roger North of Kilbride. Another party to the deed is Joseph North of Northbrook, whose relationship to William is not stated: he could be William's younger son Joseph North who married Miss Briggs, below, and had connections with Northbrook; deed 356 125 238786 of 20 Oct 1783, Roger's marriage settlement, says that sons Roger and Joseph inherited from William. The substance of deed 549 369 364150 concerns a renewal of a lease of Rathnowland, 57 acres 2 roods 15 perches plantation measure, part of Kilbride, originally made to the Robert Rochfort, in favour of Anne Rochfort, his widow and administator of the wills of Hon Robert Rochfort, late of Bowden Park, Westmeath (EN email 19 Oct 2008). If these deeds have been interpreted correctly, then this William died in 1782 or 1783, and not in the uprising of 1803. There may be (past and present) confusion between this William and William of Clonfad, son of Joseph of Newcastle, above. Deed 289 309 190947 of 8 May 1772 was between William North of Kilbride 1st part; and Alexander Barrington of Barretstown, Co Kildare, 2nd part - reciting indentures of lease of 21-22 July 1757 (deed 1757 187 347 125349) re Thos Smith 1st part and Wm North other part purporting to be a demise of part of the lands of Kilbride and Tonlegee for 3 lives renewable at a pepper corn fine - the said Wm North in consideration £300 did grant bargain to said A Barrington all that part of the town and lands of Kilbride and Tonglegee in the occupation of said William North containing 223 acres & premises unto said A Barrington his heirs etc to the sole and only use of said A Barrington during the natural life of said William North, Roger North his eldest son, and Jn Gerrard of Parcelstown [Parsonstown], Westmeath, the three [lives] in said recited lease named and survivors of them and such others by virtue of covenants – subject to redemption upon payment of £300 (EN email 14 Oct 2008)

4a Roger North of Kilbride Castle (CoN), b c1740, d 27 Aug 1804 aged 64 (tomb inscription at Dunboden: CN email 25 Feb 2009; SP email 26 Feb 2009), m 1783 Mary Gerrard (Roger North & Gerrard marriage bond, 1783 (CPR 1922 WW24)), and had issue. Died before 1815 (deed 1815 659 477526). Deed 356 125 238786 of 20 Oct 1783 is his marriage settlement: Roger North of Kilbride, 1st part; William Abernathy of Humefield & Thomas Gerrard of Parsonstown [otherwise Birr: EN email 23 Jun 2009], Westmeath 2nd part; and Mary Gerrard of Parsonstown - recititing that Thomas Smith by indenture dated 22 Jul 1757 demised to Wm North deceased all land Kilbride [then in his possession (c.f. lands of Kilbride then in possession of William's brother John North i.e. Whitewell, 240 acres)], 223 acres, to hold for 3 lives renewable forever at the yearly rent therein mentioned; and that the said William North died having by his last will demised said lands to his two sons, said Roger North and Joseph North; and the said Joseph North by deed by him duly demised his part of the lands to the said Roger North for 3 lives renewable forever at yearly rent mentioned; and also reciting that a marriage was intended by the grace of God to be had and soleminized between said Roger North and Mary Gerrard; and said Roger North, in consideration of said marriage and the marriage portion therein, conveyed the said lands of Kilbride to the said Wm Abernathy and Thomas Gerrard their heirs and assigns forever under trust to the use of the said Roger North for his life and after his death if Mary Gerrard survives him and if no issue between then Mary Gerrard to get £40 per annum for life --- witnesses Lewis Rochfort, John Rochfort, Sidebrook, Westmeath, etc (EN email 14 Oct 2008; CN email 15 Jun 2010)

5a Mary Elizabeth North of Kilbride, b c1796, d 6 Feb 1867 at Kilbride, Castlelost, aged 71 (death certificate: SP email 17 Nov 2007) m 1815, aged 18, Abraham John Pilkington, Captain in the Londonderry Regiment (CoN) (SP1) (EN email 24 Oct 2007), b c1781, d 25 Mar 1874 at Kilbride, aged 93 (death certificate: SP email 17 Nov 2007), and had issue. Abraham John Pilkington had earlier married Mary Hugo or Maria McHugo in 1803 and by her had issue Homan Pilkington (the Thomas Homan Pilkington of deeds 1839 21 84and 1837 10 173) and Belinda Pilkington (who married Isaac North-Bomford) (Burke; Jim Blower email 25 Jun 2008). Deed 582 258 393193 of 25 Apr 1805 is between Joseph North of Northbrook, Galway, 1st part; & Mary Elizabeth North, a minor, by Mary North, her mother and guardian and which said Mary Eliz North is the only daughter and heiress at law of Roger North, late of Kilbride, Westmeath, deceased, of other part - witness that in consideration therein mentioned demised unto Mary Eliz North all that and those part of the lands of Kilbride called the East [Division] situate [in barony] of Fartullagh, Westmeath, as laid by survey by John Dane containing est 91 acres and to hold to said Mary Eliz North her heirs and assigns from 1 Nov last and during the lives of M North, George and John Rochfort in said --- Westmeath & rent ~£90 sterling payable half yearly; witnessed by Sam Gerrard, Tallyho, Westmeath (EN email 22 Jan 2009). 1815 659 477526 of 16 Sep 1815 is a deed re Kilbride and Tonlegee involving Abraham J Pilkington, Capt L’Derry Reg & Mary E Pilkington, his wife and only daughter and heir of Roger North, deceased, late of Kilbride, Westmeath; Mary North, Roger's widow and mother and guardian of Elizabeth Pilkington; and Joseph North of Northbrook, acknowledging that they were only dealing with Joseph's moiety in the land and that it was held in trust for his benefit (CN email 18 Feb 2009). Deed 1815 693 476083 of 23 Sep 1815 is long and somewhat involved settlement for the proposed marriage between Abraham John Pilkington and Mary E North, then aged 18, involving Mary North (her mother and guardian), and Joseph North of Northbrook (her uncle, 4c Joseph North: SP email 25 Oct 2007) and Richard Summers [= Somers?] of Tyrrellspass as trustees. It involves sums of money and lands of Kilbride East Division, Kilbride and Tonlegee, all of which are put into trust, with some complications because Mary Elizabeth is under 21 and to take account of all contingencies regarding the number of children of the marriage (EN email 24 Oct 2007). Abraham John Pilkington died c25 Mar 1874 and probate was granted on 27 Aug 1874. His will left all his estate, including entitlements under his marriage settlement, to his daughter, Maria Jane Pilkington, wife of William Knight, farmer, of Coola Lodge, Kilmague, Co Kildare (National Archives ref T12633: EN email 24 Apr 2009)

6a William Pilkington, b c1818, d at Kilbride 21 Jan 1892 aged 74, m Anne, d 1 Apr 1891 aged 64, and had issue

7a Annie M Pilkington, d 12 Jul 1888 aged 26

7b Emmanuel Pilkington, d at St Helens 14 Sep 1899 aged 40 and had issue (Jim Blower email 28 Feb 2009, with further generations to present day)

6b Maria Jane Pilkington, 'daughter of deceased and sole executrix' of her father's will in 1874, m 1844 (Public Records Marriage Bonds Meath Diocese, National Archives: EN email 24 Apr 2009) William Knight, farmer, of Coola Lodge, Kilmague, Co Kildare. If Maria was under 30 when she married in 1844, then she was born after 1815, which would make her a daughter of Mary Elizabeth North rather than of Maria McHugo. However, Maria Jane may well be a daughter of Maria McHugo rather than of Mary Elizabeth North: possibly Maria McHugo died of complications from the birth

4b John North, Rev (SP1, Bainbridge). John's existence is doubtful: deed 582 258 393193 says William had two sons, Roger and Joseph and no other reference to this John has been found

4c Joseph North of Northbrook (SP1), m c1764 (EN email 11 Mar 2008) Miss Briggs (SP email 15 Nov 2007). May have died in the late 1830s (when he may have been aged in or near his 90s) according to an interpretation of the 29 March 1840 Oswego letter. He seems to have been alive in 1835 (deed 1835 19 20 below), and the renewal of the lease of Northbrook in 1839 (see deed 1853 14 264) may have been a followup to his death. Alice Briggs also Hall (possibly the Halls of Knockbrack in Burke: EN email 20 Sep 2009), of Cappagh, Co Galway, widow (of Jonathan Briggs, Prerogative Grant April 1745, died intestate) left a will which tells us that Miss Briggs was Rachel Briggs: to my eldest son John [Briggs] the lands of Shannah & Tisseloncond?; reference to his brother William [Briggs], deceased; to my second son Joseph [Briggs] £140; to daughter Catherine Pilkington [otherwise Briggs] £100; to grandaughters Alice & Sarah Pilkington, other children [unnamed, number not given]; son in law Thomas Woods £70 to be divided between his children [number not given]; daughter Hannah Woods also Briggs, deceased; to daughter Rachel North also Briggs, £50; executors John Briggs, said son, Christopher Hall of Cloonbah?, Co Galway, Thomas Woods of Garbally?, King’s Co; witnessed by Thomas Kenny, Henry Persse, Nob? Sinclair; dated 22 Feb 1780, proved 10 Jul 1781 (Prerogative wills 1781, No 2876 Thrift Abstracts Microfilm – National Archives, Dublin: EN email 18 Apr 2009). Roger Briggs and Benjamin Briggs, sons of Thomas Briggs of Tyrrellstown House, Tyrrellspass are mentioned in deed 705 542/3 483478 of 1816-1818, as are Joseph North of Northbrook, Co Galway (most probably this Joseph, though possibly 5b Joseph below) and John North son of John North of Whitewell (SP2). Those Briggs may be related. Allice Briggs and Jonathan Briggs' eldest son John Briggs of Cappa married Jane Grome and got one half or moiety of the lands of Skeanan and Cappa as a marriage settlement from Allice, then a widow (Deed 1780 337 483 227854 of 10 Jun 1780: CN email 29 Sep 2009). Allice Briggs of Cappagh's second son Joseph Briggs was a witness to Allice's £700 mortage transaction over the lands of Great and Little Coolers in Co Meath on 1 May 1779 (Deed 1779 322 22 219712). Joseph moved to Galway (SP emails 25 Oct & 14 Nov 2007). He is reported to have had at least one son, 5a William, and may have had others - Joseph North and Roger North of Cappa. Inherited land from his Uncle Joseph, 3c Joseph of Garrynamishaun below (SP email 27 Feb 2008). Also inherited a half share in lands of Kilbride when his father William died in 1783, which half share he first leased to his brother Roger (recited in deed 356 125 238786 of 1783), and leased at least in part ('East Division') to brother Roger's daughter Mary Elizabeth North in 1805 (deed 582 258 393193); the reversionary intererst passed to his son Roger, below. Deed 1835 19 20 of 22 Jul 1835 records a transaction between Joseph North of Northbrook, Galway [probably this Joseph but possibly his son Joseph], and Roger North of Cappard in said Co, whereby Joseph North demised to Roger North all that … lands of Northbrook known of the name of Cow Park ... 26 half acres … for the said lives of Roger North the leasee and of Roger Robert North youngest son of David North of Fairview and of Gustavus Wade, youngest son of Thomas Wade of Fairfield, Co Galway or for 31 years whichever last longer at a yearly rent £1 per acre from 1 May 1836 (EN email 11 Mar 2008; CN email 5 Sep 2009). [Initial outline of the Galway Norths was in SP email 24 Nov 2007. Map of Northbrook ('otherwise Garrinahane') from Encumbered Estates records, 1853.]

5a William North of Northbrook (SP2), Co Galway (EN email 11 Mar 2008), b c1775, d on 9 Sep (Oswego letter Sep 1852) in or before 1839 (his wife was a widow in the 1839 grant of probate for their daughter 6f Rachel), m (settlement dated 15 May 1805) Margaret Whitestone, b 17 Sep1780, d 16 Sep 1852, one day short of her 72nd birthday (Oswego letter Sep 1852), (or d 18 Sep 1852 aged 73: SP email 12 Mar 2008, quoting transcript of Monkstown parish burial records - maybe she was buried on the 18th), buried at Donnybrook, Dublin (SP emails 27 Nov 2007, 12 Mar 2008)) and had issue - 13 or 14 children. It seems Margaret Whitestone had at least three siblings: a brother Luke who was surgeon at the laying in hospital in Dublin (Thoms 1841 directory lists Luke Whitestone, MD & surgeon of 32 Frederick St, north, Dublin; in 1851 he was at 42 Hardwick St, Dublin (EN email 1 Sep 2010)); a sister who married Mr Groome of Sycamore Hill (possibly Mr Grome - see note on 29 Mar 1840 Oswego letter); and a sister who married Mr McGrath of Castlereach (SP email 17 Dec 2008 from family sources; one sister may have been Miss Whitestone at 3 Northumberland Ave, Kingstown (1851 directory entry: EN email 1 Sep 2010)). Deed 1805 570 206 380859 of 7 Feb 1798 records the lease of a castle near the bridge at Ballynasloe, Co Rosscommon, from William Pilkington to Ann Whitestone, widow, of Dublin. It records Margaret and Ann as the first and second daughters of the said Ann Whitestone, and Luke Whitestone as the only son of Elizabeth Whitestone [which implies that Ann Whitestone and Elizabeth Whitestone were different people, not the singular Ann Elizabeth Whitestone, widow, of the following deed: the separation seems to be a clerical artefact; information from family sources is that Luke had three or four sisters (SP email 2 Jul 2009). Ann Elizabeth Whitestone may have had a daughter Elizabeth Whitestone: see, Elizabeth, dau of Henry and Elizabeth Whitestone, christened 7 Dec 1778]. The memorial is witnessed by William North of Northbrook. Deed 566 410 384183 of 5 Oct 1804 is the marriage settlement for William and Margaret: between Joseph North, Northbrook, Co Galway, William North eldest son of Joseph, Ann Elizabeth Whitestone of Fairfield in the said Co, widow, and Margaret Whitestone, spinster, daughter of said Ann, concerning a marriage then to be solemnized between said Wm North and Margt Whitestone - was agreed that sd Wm North should receive from Ann Eliz Whitestone as the marriage portion of the sd Margt Whitestone the sum of £700 stg which was then immediately paid over to said Joseph North in part consideration of said marriage and which sum, when paid by said Ann E Whitestone, was to be in full satisfaction and discharge of all claims and --- whatsoever which the said Margt or Wm, her intended husband, could or might have for any part or share of the aforesaid or effects of her father the late Henry Whitestone deceased or to her – and it was thereby agreed that the said Joseph North in consideration of said marriage and of his then receiving said sum of £700 so to be paid to him within seven months from the date by good and sufficient --- in law at the --- of the said Wm North grant convey and make over all his the said Joseph North['s] title and interest in the said Lands of Northbrook otherwise Garryahone [Garrinahane], Co Galway ---- and ample a manner as the said Joseph North then held and enjoyed the same under the last will and testament of his uncle late Joseph North of Garryahone --- charges etc, ---witnessed by James Whitestone, City of Dublin, one of his majesty’s Councillors at Law, and Thos Magrath, Jnr, of Castlerea (EN email 22 Jan 2009). Ann Elizabeth Whitestone may have been Ann Elizabeth Wade before her marriage, and her father [or brother] may have been Thomas Wade of Fairfield and her brother [or nephew] Gustavus Wade (SP email 11 Mar 2008, citing Wayne Palmer pers comm). Gustavus R Wade, solicitor, died in 1897 (EN email 3 Apr 2008 - probate records, National Archives, T 13914). A Henry Whitestone, eminent bookseller died on 18 Oct 1787 at Dame St, Dublin (Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 1725-1795: SP email 26 Jun 2009). He may have been chair of the Corps of the Independent Dublin Volunteers in Dec 1782 (letter to the Rt Hon Henry Grattan, 1 Dec 1782: SP email 26 Jun 2009). Northbrook was the residence of Mr William North in 1814. The lands at Northbrook or Garrinahane, parish of Aughrim, barony of Kilconnell, were offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in February 1853. This property was held on a lease from Samuel Handy to Joseph North. The original lease was for three lives from 1750 (deed 1752 152 235 101563 below). The lease was renewed for new lives on 21 Apr 1839 and the property was sold on 11 May 1853 to James McBride for £2,615 paid 'to the credit of the estate of Joseph North owner separate Anne Elizabeth Pilkington petitioner' by order of the Commissioners for Sale of Incumbered Estates (Deed 1853 14 264). The Joseph North's 'estate' the deed refers is that of 4a Joseph North above. 6b Joseph North, was described as 'of Northbrook' in 1839, and he seems likely to be the Joseph who got the 1750 lease renewed for lives in 1839 (deed 1853 14 264 refers). In Incumbered Estates Court, Ireland. List of Petitions Filed From the Commencement of Proceedings, October 25th, 1849, to July 28th, 1853. Also An Appendix Giving the Petitions Subsequently Lodged in the Court, From July 28th to December 31st 1853 Pursuant to Act 16th & 17th Vic. cap. 64, compiled by Henry Allnutt, C E and published in Dublin (1854), at page 16, Joseph North is listed as owner, Anne Elizabeth Pilkington as petitioner, and A Smith of 42 Hardwicke St as solicitor. Deed 1854 18 222 of 3 Jun 1854 records a later dealing in Northbrook, 156 acres 3 roods and 34 perches irish plantation measure, by Joseph Denham of Northbrook and Catherine Stephenson, his wife, dau of Rev Ephram Stephenson of Enniskillen deceased. The dealing mentions the sum of £500 and 'other considerations' paid by Catherine, as executor of her father's estate, to her husband to put the land in trust as soon as a lease of it might be obtained in accordance with an 'accepted proposal', and may be part of their marriage settlement (CN email 8 Sep 2010). Today, the Northbrook buildings, on the road between Kilconnell and Aughrim, are in ruins of which there are several, stone walls with trees growing through them and thickly clad with ivy etc and it is very difficult to ascertain which ruin could have been the original house. There is still a John North there, and a notice along the road Northbrook Cattle Co: The West is Best (EN email 4 Jun 2008). Fairfield is also on the road between Kilconnell and Aughrim, about a mile down the road from Northbrook and very close to Aughrim village (EN email 4 Jun 2008)

6a Joseph A North of Northbrook d 3 Dec 1886 (leaving Arabella as a widow: death certificate: SP email 2 Mar 2012). According to the Ireland Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958, Joseph North died in the Ballinasloe registration area in the Oct-Dec 1886 period aged 74 (so b c1812) (Mark Thomas email 27 Mar 2012). Joseph North, eldest son of William North, of Northbrook, was the life in an 1819 lease of East Pollboy, Co Galway; when that was auctioned in Nov 1879 he was said to be 'now aged about 74 years' (Ireland Encumbered Estates 1850-1885), so b c1805. He m(1) (marriage settlement dated 5 Dec 1835 referred to in deed 1839.21.84: CN email 19 Feb 2009; but first child baptised 11 Sep 1834, see below) Letitia Lambert (SP email 12 Mar 2008), who died (SP email 7 Mar 2008). Letitia Sophie North, Ballinasloe, was buried in Galway 13 Feb 1856, aged 48 (so b c1808) (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008). Joseph, described as a widower, gent and son of William, and of St Grillians, Ballinasrae, m(2) at St Mary's Church, North Dublin, on 7 Aug 1857 Arabella Selina Naghton, spinster, of 39 Upper Dorset St, daughter of Edward Naghton, gent (EN email 18 Apr 2009; marriage cert: EN email 26 Feb 2010; St Mary parish records, Dublin). Deed 1839 21 84 refers to Joseph and Letitia's marriage settlement, £1,000 in trust to Thomas Homan Pilkington of Abbeyville and Thos Lahiff of Russane, both Co Galway, for the benefit of Margaret Anne North, Joseph's mother; it also involves the settlement of the will dated Jan 1826 of Henry Lambert, Letitia's father. Thomas Homan Pilkington of Abbeyville, Co Galway, is possibly a relative of 6d Anne North's husband Henry Pilkington (CN email 19 Feb 2009; EN emails 10 Mar & 17 Oct 2008; SP email 16 Jan 2008). That Henry Lambert was Letitia's father is confirmed in deed 1837 13 197 of 1 June 1837: Thomas Burke executor of the late Henry Lambert late of Aggard, Co Galway, & Margaret Burke one of the daughters and legatees of Henry Lambert 1st part; Thomas Lahip of Russane, Co Galway & Anne Lahip of Russane otherwise Kirwan otherwise Lambert, deceased, of 2nd part; Thomas Homan Pilkington of Abbeyville, Co Galway, and Jane Pilkington [otherwise] Lambert his wife, one other of the daughters and legatees of Henry Lambert deceased 3rd part; Wm North [sic, as per the memorial in the Registry of Deeds (EN email 22 Oct 2008), but that should be Joseph, not William] of Northbrook, Co Galway and Letitia North, otherwise Lambert his wife, one other of the daughters and legatees of said Henry, 4th part; Walter Lambert of Castlelawbert?, Co Galway, 5th part; Richard O’Farrell of Treud?, Portarlington, Queens Co, late Lt Col in the 41st Reg Foot, 6th part - the said Thomas Burke and Margaret Burke, Thomas Lahiff and Anne, Thomas Homan Pilkington and Letitia, and Walter grant bargain ... £1,000 part of £3,500 charged on the lands of Streamstown and Ballydrinny Galway - eight title & interest - Thomas Lambert the elder deceased - for trust for his younger children (EN email 14 Oct 2008; CN email 7 Feb 2009). Thomas Patrick Burke, Thomas Lahiff, trustee, and Thomas Homan Pilkington, son of Abraham John Pilkington of Killbride, Co Westmeath [by his first wife; he subsequently married Mary Elizabeth North], and his wife Jane Lambert, are also involved in deed 1837 10 173 in which funds from Henry Lambert's marriage settlement and estate were put into trust for the benefit of Thomas and Jane and heirs; mentions lands of Great and Little Aggart [Aggard] and lands of Abbeyville (otherwise Russells Careton) (CN email 28 Apr 2009). In the 1851 Oswego letter, Joseph had been ejected from Northbrook and had taken a cottage near Ballinisloe with his wife [Letitia] and 'her two daughters': his sister Elizabeth observed, 'How Joseph will support his wife and children I know not. I fear unless her family come forward they have a broken reed to depend on'

7a Letitia Henrietta North, baptised 11 Sep 1834 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008). In 1853 Anne Pilkington (6d below) was staying 'with Roger', 'and so is poor Joseph's eldest daughter' (Oswego letters). The Roger may be Roger North of Cappa, Galway who in 1839 m 6g Deborah North of Tyrrellspass and probably moved to Westmeath (EN email 9 May 2008)

7b William Henry North, baptised 7 Jul 1838 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008), may have m Anne Russell on or about 10 Sep 1873 (deed 1882 22 225). Deed 1880 39 259 of 14 July 1880: William Henry North of Roseville, Dublin, sold 23 Lr Gardiner St, Dublin, to Rev J McCormack, Iniskeen Rectory Dundalk (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Deed 1882 22 223 re mortgage to William Henry North over land in Dublin: North, having been repaid the mortgage, made over all the lands (EN email 11 Feb 2009). Deed 1882 22 225 of 22 June 1882 concerns the discharge of a £500 charge over Rhaniskey, Little Rhaniskey, and part of Bedfourland, containing 144 acres 3 roods and 16 perches statute measure situate in the Barony of Newcastle and County of Dublin, which charge was created on 10 Sep 1873 by Bartholomew Campbell Russell for the sole use of his daughter, Anne Russell, in contemplation of her marriage to William Henry North, the land being held by William John Russell as trustee. The marriage took place, Bartholomew senior died on 24 Sep 1874, and left the land to his son, also Bartholomew Campbell Russell, who paid £500 plus accrued interest to the trustee, with the agreement of Anne North nee Russell. The deed acknowleges the payment and extinguishes all claims over the land, which is released by Anne and the trustee to Bartholomew Campbell Russell (junior) (CN email 30 Sep 2010). Those two deeds may refer to this William Henry North. Deed 1891 27 205: William Henry North of Delmain, Co Dublin, 1st part; Emily Preston Nagle of Hardwick St, Dublin, widow, 2nd part; and Louisa Nagle of same place, spinster, 3rd part - re lease or mortgage of houses in Dublin, Gardiner St (EN email 4 Mar 2009). Deed 1894 64 188 of 22 Oct 1894, records that William Henry North sold 22 Gardiner Place, Dublin to John Arthur Nicholson for £15 (CN email 30 Sep 2010)

7c Anne Maud North, baptised 1842 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008). 'Joseph had a young daughter ... a great disappointment that it was not a son' (Oswego letters, Mar 1842)

6b Henry W North of Spruce Hill, son of William North, gent, m in parish of Lickerrig, Co Galway 8 Dec 1845 Mary Boulger, spinster of full age of Loughrea, daughter of Persse O'Keefe Boulger, late Major in His Majesty's 93rd Regiment (marriage certificate: EN emails 18 Feb 2009, 26 Feb 2010) and had at least one son and two daughters. The marriage was witnessed by Persse Nicholl Boulger, brother of the bride (CN emails 11 & 12 Mar 2010).In the 1850 Oswego letter, Henry had a job on the railways for 12s a week.In c1853 he was 'still a porter on the railway in Ballinasloe' (Oswego letter). In c1854, following the sale of the family property Northbrook, he had a son born in the USA (EN email 11 Mar 2010) and presumably was living there

7a a daughter

7b 'another daughter' born '4 months since' in Oswego letter of Dec 1851: 'her entrance into this cold cruel world was not a very welcome one'

7c William Nile North, b c1854 (USA 1870 census, aged 16, in Wisconsin)

6c Samuel Wade North b 1812 (headstone in Onalaska Cemetery) [b 1810 (EN email 11 Mar 2008) or 1818 (EN email 11 Sep 2009)], d 3 Jul 1895 (headstone) m in Canada Mary Fahey, b 3 Sep 1837 in Quebec (EN email 11 Mar 2008), moved to the USA, d 3 Apr 1899 (headstone in Onalaska Cemetery) and had issue (EN email 11 Sep 2009). Photo (SP email 30 Jul 2015). Seems to have been in Ireland in 1842, and in America by 1850 (Oswego letters). The New York Times (New-York Daily Times) of 12 July 1853 reported the appointment of a successor to Samuel North of Oswego County as principal clerk of the Appointment Office of the Post Office Dept; Samuel moved to Special Mail Agent for New York (SP email 12 Dec 2008)

7a Joseph Edward North b 1854 Jonesville, WI (EN email 11 Sep 2009), m Addie J (maiden name not known), b 1857, d 1919, buried at Onalaska (headstone). In the 1910 US census they were living in Onalaska (Edward, Addie). See Census returns show Addie had two children and a grandson

8a Rachel North (1900 census)

8b unknown (1900 census)

9a Leslie North, b c1904 in Wisconson, aged 6 in the 1910 census

7b Henry Whitestone North, b 1858 at Onalaska, La Crosse Co, Wisconsin, m c1900 Ida Loraina Wilhelmina Ringling of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, b 1874, d 1950, only sister of seven Ringling Brothers, and had issue (EN email 11 Mar 2008). There is more about the Ringling Norths on a Rootsweb Dowling website

8a John Ringling North, b 1903, d 1985, m Germaine Aussey, was owner, with his brother, of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus from 1936 to 1967

8b Henry Whitestone Ringling North, known as Buddy, b 12 Nov 1909, 'a native of Chicago', d 1993, aged 83, at Begnins, near Geneva (obituary). In 1973 had an apartment in Rome (CN emails 25 & 26 May 2016). Was owner, with his brother (whom he acknowledged was 'the boss'), of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus (1936 - 1967); graduate from Yale (1933); served World War II, Navy and Office of Strategic Services, earned Silver Star; officer in two oil firms in Oklahoma; became an Irish citizen in 1960s in order to invest in gold. Married (1) Ada Mae Thornburg, divorced; m(2) in 1933 Harriet Maxine Weaver, divorced 1945; m(3) in 1946 Elisabeth Palmer Barnum (CN email 4 Nov 2009), had one child, John (according to the Internet Movie Database; but the Dowling website suggests John is the son of Ada Thornburg); divorced 1953; and m(4) in 1959 (report), Gloria de la Feld, whom he left a widow (EN emails 11 & 16 Sep 2009; Internet Movie Database). In Aughrim Church of Ireland Churchyard there is a small stone 'Commander Henry Ringling North, US Navy, Silver Star WWII, 1909 - 1993' (EN email 4 Jun 2008)

8c Salome Ringling North

7c Frances Margaret North b 1863, m Stephen Douglas Thayer (EN email 11 Sep 2009)

7d Mary North b 1864, m Robert Ora Dunna (EN email 11 Sep 2009)

7e Rachel North b 1868 (EN email 16 Nov 2009). See

7f Sam Percy North m Martha Annette Macauley (EN email 16 Nov 2009)

7g Florence Edna North b 1875 m James Russell Bond (EN email 11 Sep 2009)

6d Ann North or Anne Elizabeth North or Anna North, m Henry Pilkington and had issue. She signs herself Mrs H Pilkington in the Oswego letters. Anna E North & Henry Pilkington, marriage bond, 1838, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43). No death record found as yet (SP email 3 Jan 2009). Her husband d 8 Nov 1840 from tuberculosis in his 31st (possibly 51st) year (EN email 8 May 2008) and the following year she was keeping a boarding house in Kingstown (Oswego letters). There is a marriage bond from the Parish Registers for Meath in the National Archives, 1838, Anne Eliz North, Henry Pilkington (EN email 19 Apr 2008). There still extant copies of about seven letters to Oswego, New York, that she and her sisters wrote dating from 1840 though to the famine to 1853, in the manuscripts department of the National Library of Ireland (EN email 9 May 2008), which have given us some clues to her family. About half of the letters are crossed (written in two directions, one on top of the other) and very hard to decipher. There has been a suggestion, but so far no evidence, that she, or one of her brothers, went to Australia (EN emails 8 & 9 May 2008; SP email 31 Dec 2008). Thoms records an Elizabeth Pilkington at 1 Victoria Tce, Kingstown, from 1845 to 1852 inclusive. The Thomas Pilkington of deed 1839 21 84 in the Registry of Deeds (EN email 10 Mar 2008) may be her father in law: 1 Oct 1839 Between Thomas Thoman? Pilkington (Thomas Homan Pilkington?) of Abbeyville and Thos Lahiff? of Rufsane? both of Co Galway 1st part; Margaret Anne North, otherwise Whitestone of ----? in said County, widow [Ann's mother] of 2nd part; & Joseph North, Letitia North his wife both of Northbrook of 3rd part; refers to marriage settlement of Harvey or Henry Lambert ---- of Aggard; refers to Letitia Lambert otherwise North, & Henry Lambert’s last will and testament of Jan 1826 & a sum of £4000: involvement of Pilkington, Thos Lahiff? and Margaret Ann North £1000. Deed 1844 18 78 of 13 Nov 1844 is an indented deed of assignment by way of a mortgage between Margaret North of Spruce Hill, Co Galway, widow [Ann's mother]; & Ann Elizabeth Pilkington, 1 Victoria Tce, Kingstown, widow - in consideration of £200 and £10 in hand paid to Margaret North by Anne Elizabeth Pilkington, Margaret North did grant bargain sell and set over unto Anne Elizabeth Pilkington, her executors etc, all that and those the annuity or jointure of seventy pounds a year by the therein articles of agreement of 5 Oct 1804 [Margaret's marriage settlement] provided for and secured to the said Margaret North and her assigns [issue?] during the term of her natural life and thereby charged and chargeable upon the lands of Northbrook, otherwise Garrynahone, Co Galway, and all arrears and future payments thereof, until by receipt and perception [perfection?] thereof she or they should be fully paid and satisfied the said principal sum of £510 together with interest at three pounds per cent per annum from the day of the date of said deed and said Margaret North did thereby covenant that the sum of £300 was then due and owing on said jointure; witnesses William Gibson, solicitor, and James Reilly, servant to Anne Elizabeth Pilkington (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 29 May 2009). 1857 directories list Mrs Pilkington at 46 Leinster Walk, Rathmines; 15 Warrington Place, Dublin; & 67 Leeson St., Lower, Dublin (EN email 1 Sep 2010)

7a daughter Pilkington, b 1839: 'my eldest child but a year old when her poor father taken from her' (Oswego letters, Oct 1841). Anne's daughter five months old - 'a little prodigy' (Oswego letters, Mar 1840)

7b 'youngest daughter born 4 months after her father died' i.e. Feb 1841 (Oswego letters, Oct 1841). The 'little girls are very talented and promise to be good looking; she [Anne] is straining every point to give them a superior education' (Oswego letters, Dec 1851)

6e ?Jane North (on the 1854 Griffiths (also a Joseph North of Tobergrellan): Co Galway, Barony Clonmacowen, Parish Kilcloony, townland Brackernagh: EN email 16 Nov 2009). Not mentioned in the Oswego letters, so doubtful as a member of this family

6f John Longworth North, baptised 3 Jul 1814, son of Ann Margaret North (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008), d Feb 1842 (Oswego letters)

6g Alicia Margaretta North, baptised 28 Nov 1815 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008), d 11 Nov 1903 in Canada (SP emails 12 Mar & 8 May 2008), m 1853 Charles Preston, b 28 Apr 1803, d 2 Feb 1888, Captain, in a Catholic ceremony, and had issue. The family ended up in Canada. See Preston Genealogy by William Bowker Preston (EN email 10 May 2008) and

7a Jenico Edward Preston, b 30 Nov 1855, d 27 Jan 1940, unmarried, Lt Col, Afghanistan and Burma (EN email 10 May 2008)

7b Charles Arthur Preston, b 19 Jun 1857, d 7 Jun 1924 in Canada, m 11 Mar 1889 Miriam Alleyne, d 1936, daughter of Hon Charles Alleyne of Canada and had issue, Arthur Preston b 1902 and Hubert Philip Preston b 1905 (EN email 10 May 2008)

6h Richard North, son of William and Margaret North, baptised 24 Nov 1817 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008). Moved to Amercia before 1840 (Oswego letters). Richard North, occulist, aged 43, born in Ireland, appears in the Jeffersonville, Indiana, census of 1860 (SP email 10 Dec 2008). SP advises (email 30 Jul 2015), 'It appears Richard North died in Amsterdam, Montgomory County, NY, although I can't find a date. He is buried with his wife (maiden name Fox) and daughter (no name)'.

6i Charles North b c1820 (aged 60 in 1880 census), Charles B North baptised 7 Jan 1819 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008), moved to America before 1840 (Oswego letters), m Harriet Mitchell or Harrait Mitchell b c1822 Massachusetts, USA (1880 census). He was a tanner (1850 census) and farmer (1870 census) and leather manufacturer (1880 census). They lived in Oswego, New York (State) and had issue. Charles North was involved in local government in Oswego (SP emails 9 May & 10 Dec 2008)

7a William North b c1846 (aged 4 in 1850 census) (SP email 10 Dec 2008). Mentioned in 1851 Oswego letter

7b Elitia North b c1849 (aged 1 in 1850 census) (SP email 10 Dec 2008)

7c ? Margaret Ann North: 'Mama' (Charles' mother) 'was so gratified by your last letter mentioning that you named your last little girl after her' (Oswego letters, Dec 1852). No daughter of this name appears in the subsequent census documents, so she may have died young

7d Laura North, b c1855 (aged 15 in 1870 census) (SP email 15 May 2008)

7e Sarah North b c1860 (1870 and 1880 census)

7f Luisia North b c1866 (aged 4 in 1870 census) or c1861 (1880 census)

6j Rachel North, b c1823 or Rachel Harriet North baptised 27 May 1820 (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008), d 1839 aged 16 at Spruce Hill, Galway City. Prerogative Grants, book 1839, fol 33b records Rachel North, £184.00, died 17 Jan 1839, late of Spruce Hill, Galway, spinster, intestate, granted … to Margaret Ann North [presumably Rachel's mother, Margaret Whitestone] of the same place, widow, sworn 14th Feb 1839 (EN email 11 Apr 2008).

6k John North, son of Margaret and William North baptised in Galway 15 Nov 1824 (parish records: EN emails 6 Dec 2008 & 18 Feb 2009). Not mentioned in Oswego letters, so may have died young

6l George F A North, b 5 Sep 1825, married 3 July 1848 in Fultonsville, NY, Sarah, had children, and died in Queens, NY (SP email 9 Jul 2015). The 1900 census says he was born in 1825 and aged 74 (SP email 13 Dec 2008). Photo (SP email 16 Mar 2008). In 1842 he was still in Ireland, but seems to have been in America by 1847 (Oswego letters). In the 1870 Kings Co New York State census, George was a school teacher aged 44; wife Sarah A North aged 38, teacher, born in New York (SP email 13 Dec 2008). Sarah was Sarah A Gardener (spelling not certain), b 15 Jan 1832 Gloversville, Fulton County, NY. Sarah died  2 Dec 1909 in Kings County NY.  George died 4 Nov 1910 in Queens County NY (SP email 9 Jul 2015).

7a William F North, b c1849, aged 21 in 1870, b New York, printer (SP email 13 Dec 2008)

7b Charles E North, b 1853, aged 17 in 1870, b New York, printer (SP email 13 Dec 2008)

7c George A F North, b c1860, aged 10 in 1870, b New York, m Emma F ---, b 1860 (1900 US census: SP email 13 Dec 2008), and had issue

8a Marjorie North (? - not clear), b c 1895, aged in 1900 (SP email 13 Dec 2008)

8b George North, in 1910 census (SP email 13 Dec 2008)

7d Arthur N North, b c1863, aged 7 in 1870, b New York (SP email 13 Dec 2008)

7e Henry L North, b 1874 New York, aged 26 in 1900, clerk - ?bond (SP email 13 Dec 2008)

5b ? Joseph North. A Joseph North had a will proved in Cappa, Galway in 1839: Prerog Grant Bk 1839 Fol 91 B (EN email 11 Apr 2008), 'Joseph North, Cappa, Galway, £180.00. Last Will … Joseph North, late of Cappa, proved in common law unto Roger North of the same place, near Kilconnell, sole executor; sworn personally, 16 May 1839.' A Joseph North, Ahascragh, was buried in Galway on 11 Dec 1840, aged 55 years (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008) i.e. born c1785. These two Josephs could be the same person if 16 May 1839 is the date of the will and 11 Dec 1840 the date of burial. This would be about the correct age for a brother of William. Galway parish records record two children of a Joseph and Eleanor or Ellen North. The Oswego letter of 1840 records that a Joseph did something on 12 Mar 1840, left his wife and daughters (plural) destitute; they were looked after by his son. Possibly he died on 12 Mar. Query whether that might be a son from an earlier marriage, to make him old enough to look after them. It appears from the same letter that Joseph was cut off by his father with only a shilling, which thwarted his hopes of obtaining a ministry (and presumably an income to go with it) and took a house in Ahascragh instead

6a Elizabeth Ann North baptised 1831, daughter of Joseph North and Eleanor North (of ?Rathinoler) (Galway parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008)

6b William North, son of 'Joseph and Ellen North' was baptised in 1834 in Galway (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008)

6c ? Rachel North. The Oswego letter of 1840 records that a Joseph left his wife and daughters (plural) destitute in 1840. Possibly one of the daughters is Rachel North of Dorset St, spinster of full age, dau of Joseph North, officer in the army, m 22 Mar 1850 John Wraftor of 66 Aunger St, gentleman, son of Patrick Wraftor, gentleman, witness David North (St Peter parish records, Dublin). This may be the marriage referred to in the Oswego letter dated 17 May 1850: 'Joe North our cousin is dead and ... Rachel has been married since very comfortably'. There is no evidence, though, that Joseph of Cappa who died in 1839 or 1840 was 'an officer in the army'. A 'cousin' Joe is most likely a son of Joseph North, so a brother to this Rachael (assuming there was a relationship - Rachel, if she is the one who married, can't be cousin Joe's widow (Rachael was a spinster) and she can't be his daughter (Rachael was of full age, so born in or before 1829), so on that basis we can add a brother, Joe, here. David North, the witness to the 1850 marriage, might be David North of Farview, brother of Uncle Roger's wife Deborah North - though why he would be witness, rather than Uncle Roger himself, we might only guess

6d ?Joe North, the 'Joe North our cousin is dead' in the Oswego letter dated 17 May 1850. He may also be the son in this passage: '[Joe senior] left his wife and daughters completely destitute and they are now depending on his son who I dare say you recollect to have a situation in an establishment in Dublin and I believe his salary is more than a hundred per annum and he is one of the best sons and brothers' (Oswego letter dated 29 Mar 1840). Son William, above, b 1834, if alive, would be too young for that role, and this Joe would have to be rather older than his sisters. There is no other evidence of this cousin Joe North to date

5c ? Roger North, b c1792, d 10 May 1876. A Roger North d 10 May 1876 in Tyrrelspass, Co Westmeath, aged 84 (so b c1792), widower, 'lieutenant on half pay from marines'; the informant listed on the extract of the death certificate is J B North (sic: there is no known J B North of this era and geography; J B North is almost certainly a mistake for J P North, ie Joseph Pim North, Roger's executor) (death certificate: SP email 22 Mar 2008). Roger North of Tyrrellspass was a member of the Church of Ireland Parish of Clonfadforan, 'dead 31 Jan 1877'; R North donated £5 to the Parish in 1870 (Parish of Clonfad Foran records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009). Deborah North & Roger North, marriage bond, 1839, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43): Deborah North of the marriage bond is almost certainly 6e Deborah North of Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, and Roger of the marriage bond is this Roger. Their marriage is mentioned in the 1840 Oswego letter, which also says Roger 'has disposed of Cappa' and is likely to go to reside in Westmeath. Deed 1839 15 189 is their marriage settlement. Roger left a will (EN email 3 Apr 2008) for an estate under £1,000, executor Captain Joseph Pim North, Deborah's nephew. Note also the Roger North of Tyrrellspass who gave rents and land to 'her relatives' the brothers Joseph Pim North and David Bomford North 'out of natural love and affection' (1870 Book 37 No. 155): he is most likely this Roger North. From the association with the brothers Joseph Pim North and David North, it is thought that the Roger who gave them rents and land must be some sort of relation; if Roger's wife was Deborah, and especially if they had no children of their own, that could be the connection. H G Hart's annual army lists for 1848 to 1853 (at least) list Roger North RM, Ensign 9 Mar 1813, half pay from 24 Nov 1824 (EN email 17 May 2008). Roger has been placed here with Joseph North because of the association between Joseph and the Roger North 'of Cappa' whom he named as executor of his will - they may well be brothers. What is not clear is why they seem to have been closer to the Norths of Whitewell than the family of their supposed brother, William of Northbrook, at least where land and money were concerned. Cappard was in Loughrea Barony, Kilthomas parish, Galway (SP email 11 Mar 2008); Cappa is a small village just north of Portumna on Lough Derg (SP email 16 Jan 2008). The Centre for Irish Study in Galway has a collection of Wade papers (SP email 15 Mar 2008). Roger, perhaps with his brother Joseph, appears to have inherited their father Joseph of Northbrook's moiety in Kilbride, which the father Joseph leased for lives to his brother Roger of Kilbride (deed 356 125 238786 refers); the East Division was leased by Joseph (senior) to Mary Elizabeth North in 1805 (deed 582 258 393193). Roger appears to have had the whole of their father's half interest by the time of his marriage settlement in 1839, so it is not clear that brother Joseph ever had an interest: perhaps Joseph was the third son. Roger's interest was left to Joseph Pim North in terms of the marriage settlement and deed 1870 37 155. The legal position with respect to the East Division (91 acres 3 roods & 3 perches) of Kilbride was clarified by deed 1875 54 299

4d daughters (SP1). These 'daughters' may well be daughters of 'Aunt Wolfe' by an earlier marriage: Lydia Cahill and Rose Cahill

3b John North of Tyrrellspass and Kilbride (Whitewell), b 1707 (SP1), probably alive 1786 (16.3.1), m 1730 Margaret Abernethy b 1710 (SP1), possibly a daughter or sister of Henry Abernethy (above) (SP2) and had issue. Possibly Margaret died early, and John subsequently married his cousin, Mary North. Deed 152 471 104582 possibly relates to this John North as his father Roger and brother William were 'of Kilbride'. It is a lease dated 2nd June 1749: John North of Kilbride, Westmeath, farmer, did demise let and to farm to Bartholomew Egan of Kilbride all that part of Kilbride joining Gibbonstown, 110 acres, to hold for 24 years – witness John Egan son of Bart Egan and William [North?] City of Dublin (EN email 6 Dec 2008; CN email 17 Feb 2009). That interpretation is confirmed by Deed 154 472 104583 of 1752: John North of Whitewell set Bart Egan 129 acres of Whitewell from 1 May for 22 years at £90, sworn 26 Aug 1752 (EN email 6 Dec 2008). By deeds of lease and release dated 21 & 22 Jul 1757 (deed 1757 434 125350(CN email 25 Jan 2010), recited in deed 290 362 192544), Thos Smith of Drumcree, Westmeath, did demise, grant, sett and to farm let unto John North of Fairfield, Kings Co, all that part of the town and lands of Kilbride by the name of Whitewell, 240 acres more or less, Fartullagh, Westmeath, to hold to said John North heirs etc for the lives of his son, Roger North of Dublin, Chas North, 3rd son of Roger then of Newcastle, Westmeath, and Jas McCabe of Bracklin – yearly rent £97 19s 6d lease containing covenants for renewing the same forever on payment of a pepercorn fine for renewal on the fall of every life. The 1749 lease of 110 ac plus the 1752 lease of 129 ac totals to the 240 ac of the 1757 lease, so presumably this is the same land. Deed 1816-18 705 542/3 483478 recites an earlier deed (1785 357 244676: CN email 21 Jul 2009), a lease dated 2 Aug1784 made between Archibold Armstrong of City of Dublin merchant of the one part & John North of Tyrrellspass in the coy of Westmeath gent of the other part whereby the sd Archibold Armstrong did devise unto the said John North all that & those these parts of the lands of Tinnakelly & Upper & Lower Tinnikelly contg 235 ac & 3 roods & 2p plantation measure (CN email 11 Mar 2008). The lease was for the lives of George Rochfort Hume, Roger Briggs and Benjamin Briggs, sons of Thomas Briggs of Tyrrellstown or 31 years at an annual rent of £105. By deed 425 55 275840 of 20 Apr 1786, John and his wife Mary subsequently demised their interest in Tinnekelly to Roger North of Birr in return for an annuity

4a Roger North of Whitewell (CoN), ironmonger, m 1760 ('1769': ML) Deborah Leland, daughter of Robert Leland, a glass grinder with a handsome fortune (SP1, from The Irish Genealogist), and had issue. Deborah's mother and Robert Leland's wife was Margaret Leland who left a will dated 7 Feb 1759, proved 12 Jun 1759: Margaret Leland widow, 7th February 1759; her son in law Thomas Bond; her son in law Edward Mockler; her daughter Mary Mockler; her children Jane Bond, Robert Leland, Deborah Leland; her daughter in law Margaret Leland; her grandchildren [i.e. children of Robert Leland jnr and Margaret his wife] Samuel Leland & Ann Leland; her servant Catherine Hendrich; her house at Ormond Quay, Dublin (Abstract of Wills, Reg of Deeds, vol II 1746 – 1785, copy in National Library, Dublin: EN email 15 Mar 2009). For more on the Lelands see Irish Furniture by Knight of Glin, James Peill, Fames Fennell Dara McGrath, Yale Uni Press, 2007, page 294 (CN emails 18 Mar 2009: that document indicates that Robert Leland senior was a looking glass manufacturer and had another son, John Leland, who took over his father's business in 1757, and then appears to have died before his mother; Robert senior also seems to have had a brother, Ralph Leland, also a looking glass manufacturer).Deed 206 401 136607 of 6 Aug 1760 is their marriage settlement: John North of Fairfield, Kings Co, gent, 1st part & Roger North of the City of Dublin, ironmonger, 2nd part; Deborah Leland, spinster, 3rd daughter of Robert Leland, late of the said City, merchant, deceased, 3rd part; Thomas [Edward?] Mockler of the City of Dublin, jeweller & Thomas Bond, tobacconist, 4th part - reciting marriage intended between Roger North & Deborah Leland by which article John North did grant unto Edw Mockler & Thomas Bond [in trust] all ye part of town and lands of Kilbride known as Whitewell then in possession of John North 240 acres, with provisions for annuities as charges on the land, witnessed James Smith, Richard Thwaites (EN email 6 Dec 2008). Deed 290 362 192544 of 4 Aug 1772: John North of Kilbride, Roger North Whitewell eldest son of J North, and Edward Mockler of Dublin, jeweller and Thomas Bond of Dublin, tobacconist - reciting lease of 22 Jul 1757 under which Thomas Smith of Drumcree, Westmeath, did demise and set unto John North all that part of the town and lands of Kilbride by the name of Whitewell and then in the possession of said John North, 240 acres more or less, Fartullagh, Westmeath, to hold to said John North heirs etc for the lives of Roger North of Dublin, Chas North, 3rd son of Roger then of Newcastle, Westmeath, and James McCabe of Bracklin, yearly rent £97 19s 6d, lease containing covenants for renewing the same forever on payment of a pepercorn fine for renewal on the fall of every life - and by the said first mentioned deed it is witnessed that the said John North and Roger North for and in consideration of £200 stg to them paid by the said Edward Mockler and Thos Bond did give grant an annuity for yearly rent charge of £20 chargeable on the lands – for & during the natural life of Robert Leland of the City of Dublin, cabinet maker, to be paid half yearly during the said Term every 13 Feb and Aug, signed John North, Roger North, Ed Mockler, Thos Bond, witnessed Wm Cormick, sadler, & Wm Aberneth [Abernethy?], farmer, both of Mullingar (EN email 14 Oct 2008). For another version of the 1757 deed, see 16.3.1.For more Mocklers see 15.6. James McCabe of Bracklin is almost certainly the brother of Bridget McCabe, wife of Joseph North of Bracklyn. Robert Leland, cabinet maker, was a son of the late Robert Leland, glass grinder and merchant, Deborah's father. A related deed appears to be 359 361 243805 also of 13 Aug 1772: it is lengthy and very faint but concerns the same people as deed 290 362 192544 plus Philip North (EN email 7 Sep 2008)

5a John North of Whitewell (16.3), b c1760 [or b c1750], d 21 May (SP1) 1836 or 1838 (23.7 - partly legible gravestone) aged 88 (SP1) [a 1750 date of birth does not sit well with his parents' marriage date: b c1760 seems more likely on that basis], m Sep 1786 Anne Bomford (16.3, SP1, ML) b c1764, alive in 1835 (23.7) d 19 Dec c1856 (from her birth date, not entirely legible gravestone and age at death) aged 92 (SP1) and had issue. Deed 1786 377 288 252340 is their marriage settlement. A codicil to the will of Anne's father, David Bomford, records that in 1807 John was suing for a fortune (19.6). Deed 1829 846 146 566646 of 3 Feb 1829 involved John North of Whitewell, John Roger North of Dublin, formerly of Whitewell, John's first son and heir of Whitewell, and as trustees, Isaac North of Ferrans, Co Meath [another of John's sons], Samuel Gerrard of Tallyho, Westmeath, & John Joshua Pim of Lower Gardiner St, Dublin, wine merchant. John North had in 1810 already demised to John Roger North lands of Whitewell known as Hopesfarm [for Hopesfarm see SP email 22 Feb 2009]. John wished to make provision for his three unmarried daughters, Deborah, Sophie and Jane North. By the terms of the deed, John Roger North agreed to pay the sum of £700 on the death of John North to be shared among the three daughters as set out in John's will, or otherwise equally among the surviving daughters, or their issue if none were alive, and if no issue then according to judgement; in return for which agreement, John agreed to pay John Roger an annuity of £25 out of the rents etc of Whitewell from the previous November until John's death, and gave John Roger right to enter and re-enter the land with powers of distress if the annuity was not paid. To secure the deal, John Roger signed a confession to judgement by which the trustees could obtain the £700, plus interest at 6% from the date of John's death and in default the penal sum of £1,400, less any amounts of unpaid annuity due to John Roger, and both John and John Roger granted the whole of Whitewell, 240 acres plantation, to the trustees for 1,000 years at a peppercorn rent [until and unless all obligations had been discharged] (EN email 27 Sep 2008, CN email 12 Feb 2009). Two years later, John was insolvent: deed 874 451 580951 is an Indenture of Lease dated 20 Aug 1831 concerning this John North. It was made between Godfrey Wills Berry of Tyrrellspass [this John's son in law], assignee of estate & effects of John North an Insolvent 1st part; and John North of Tyrrellspass 2nd part; & Arthur Grose of Whitewell 3rd part - that part of Whitewell in John's possession, 104 acres 2 roods 30 perches, and the house and offices thereon, was transferred to Arthur Grose for yearly rent of £208 per annum from 1st May during the natural life and lives of Eleanor North wife of John Roger North, Arthur Grose the lessee, and Arthur Gallagher Grose his only son, or 31 years etc (EN email 14 Sep 2008; CN emails 17 Feb & 15 Jun 2009)

6a John Roger North b c1787 (23.7), d before 1858 (23.7), attorney, m 1829 (ML) Eleanor Barbour or Eleanor Barber or Elleanor Barbour d 16 Dec 1858 (23.7) at Whitewell, and had issue (SP7; EN email 15 Mar 2008, citing 'copy of entries from family Bible presented to Mr John Roger North on 1 March 1830', more than one version of a family tree, some with annotations by Mr Goodwillie and others, and a memorium (copy of gravestone inscription?) from National Archives collection M5608; the Bible entries record several undated deaths and the dates of baptisms in St Georges Church; the date of the Bible entries is not known, but is after Charlotte married in 1865; the date of the family trees is not known, but they were prepared for the executors of the estate of Edith North Johnson, d 14 Nov 1938). Eleanor might be related to Robert Christopher Barbor whose estate was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in May 1857 (SP email 17 Jul 2008). The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982: EN email 21 Sep 2009) record North, John, 1st son of John [North], [of] Whitewell, bond attorney T[rinity term] 1810. Deed 609 374 4219659 of 24 July 1809 between John North of Whitewell, Westmeath, gent and John Roger North of Whitewell, gent, 1st part & Edward Synge of Burden Park, Westmeath, other part - reciting that John North and John Roger North for consideration therein mentioned did demise grant set to farm to Ed Synge Cooper actual prop then being by virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof by John North and John Roger North for one whole year bearing date the day before the date of this deed, made and provided to his heirs and assigns all that and those part of the town and lands of Whitewell then the prop of said Edward Synge Cooper situ lying between and being the the Barony of Fartullagh Westmeath, the whole 60 ac 2 r 35 p of land plant measure from 1 Nov for the lives therein mentioned at a yearly rent (EN email 4 Mar 2009). Dublin directories from 1834 to 1847 record John Roger North at 2 Hutton's Lane; from 1841 to 1844 at Drumcondra Road in suburban Dublin; in 1846 at 5 Drumcondra Hill; as an attorney at 1 Portland St in 1847 and 1848; and from 1848 to 1850 at Osborne Tce, Dalkey (EN email 8 Feb 2010). In 1843 by deed 1843 15 215 (CN emails 10 Aug & 4 Sep 2009) Arthur Grose conveyed to David North of Mecklenburgh St in the city of Dublin esq, with the permission of John Roger North of Drumcondra, Dublin, the remainder of the term of a lease for 31 years or for lives of 104 ac 2 rd 30 pch plantation measure of Whitewell, formerly in the possession of John North deceased, in return for Arthur's payment of £180/16/3 and Arthur's release from all debts on or in relation to the land 'from the begining of the world to the date of said indenture'. This sounds like Arthur was in debt to John Roger North, and gave the lease back with a payment in return for release from and discharge of the debt. It is not clear why the land was conveyed to David North rather than to John Roger North; the David that got the land was probably John Roger's brother David, as John Roger's son David was only 6 and unlikely to have been 'of Mecklenburgh St'. The deed refers to other agreements dated 20 Aug 1821, 29 Dec 1837 and 15 Sep 1843, which remain on foot except in so far as they relate to the disability of Arthur Grose. In 1847, by deed 1847 14 55, John Roger leased for lives or 31 years the dwelling house, offices and demesne lands of Whitewell containing 100 acres Irish plantation measure, late in the possession of Edward Danial Duffy, to John George Battersby, MD, of Milltown, Co Westmeath, 'all mines minerals and royalties of what nature or kind soever' excepted, for £201 a year (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 28 Aug 2009). The deed outlines other parts of Whitewell at that time, including W Cooper’s holding of Whitewell on the north, Nancy Egan’s holding of Whitewell to the east, and the said Roger North’s tenants holding of the lower part of Whitewell to the south

7a John North, b 21 Aug 1829 (family Bible) or c1840 (23.7), baptised 8 Sep 1829 from Mid MtJoy St (St George parish records, Dublin), d 25 Nov 1902 (extract of will in the National Archives, estate £3,004: EN email 3 Apr 2008), m in Dublin 27 Aug 1869 Susanna Clarke, b 1843, d 4 May 1899, daughter of Frederick Clarke Esq from Rathgar (Thoms 1874 directory records Frederick Clarke Esq at 1 Garda Tce, Rathgar Ave, Dublin), and had issue. John may have lived at Whitewell, as least up until 1859. Deed 1859 37 180 records a lease for lives or 31 years, at a rent of £201 pa, of the 'dwelling house, office and demensne' of Whitewell, 100 acres plantation [162 statute], from John North of Whitewell (presumably this John, following the death of his father) to Laurence and Michael Gavan (this house and land had previously been leased by John's father to George Battersby in 1847: deed 1847 14 55). The 1859 deed outlines the other parts of Whitewell at that time, including Mrs Cooper’s holding of Whitewell to the north, Nancy Egan’s building of Whitewell to the east, and John and his tenants' land in the 'town part' of Whitewell to the south. Deed 1875 2 50 of 5 Jan 1875 looks like a renewal of the Cooper lease: between John North of Bushfield Ave, Donnybrook, Dublin; and Colonel Joshua Harry Cooper of Duboden, Westmeath - reciting lease/deed of 24 Feb 1809 in which John North and John Roger North demised unto Edward Synge Cooper and his heirs --- he the said John North did thereby grant unto said J H Cooper, his heirs etc all that part of towns and lands of Whitewell --- North hunting rights --- Cooper to pay rent £127 (EN email 11 Feb 2009). From the 1860s at least, John lived in Donnybrook, Dublin: Thoms records a John North at 16 Upper Rutland St from 1862 to 1872; he may have been 'a bit of a property developer' (EN emails 8 Mar 2008). Deed 1870 14 85 of 10 May 1870 concerns John North, Susannah North otherwise Clarke of Bushfield Ave, Annie Clarke, Garden Tce, Rathgar, spinster; the said John North & Thomas Goodwillie of 28 Bellgrave Sq South, Rathmines ... lease of 25 Aug 1868 part of land at Brighton Sq belonging to Susannah and Annie (EN email 27 Sep 2008). Deed 1870 27 282 of Sept 1870: John North of Bushfield Ave, and Frederick Baker of Blessington St, re piece of ground at Bushfield Ave, Dublin (EN email 17 Feb 2009). Deed 1874 46 48 concerns a plot of land Frankfort Ave, Dublin, ref Frederick Clarke, his daughter Annie Clarke, and John North: sale/lease to Mark Cumberland Bentley (EN email 27 Sep 2008). Landowners of Ireland 1876 lists John North of Bushfield Ave as owning 305 acres in Westmeath. Deed 1878 54 6 of 4 Sept 1878: Annie Clarke assigned to Peter Charles Carnarlon and Margaret his wife and John North and Susanne his wife a plot of ground in Rathfarnham, Dublin; Thomas Goodwillie was trustee (EN email 11 Feb 2009). A John North was at 85 Marlborough Rd in 1896 (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010): in 1903, after John died, that address was used by his nephew, Henry Herbert North. John's executor was his daughter, Augusta Sterne (EN email 3 Apr 2008). Whitewell seems to have passed to his brother Alfred Roger North and/or Alfred's sons (below)

8a Augusta Susanna Elizabeth North, b 1870 in Dublin, baptised 1870 from 56 Bushfield Ave (Sandford parish records, Dublin), d 2nd quarter 1906 in Kingston, Middlesex Surrey England (SP email 11 Dec 2007), m in Dublin 2 Feb1900 William Macbeth Sterne, b in Clare, son of Augustus Sterne (SP7), no issue (family tree). Sandford Parish CoI records record Augusta Susanna Elizabeth North as a daughter of John and Susanna North in 1870 (EN email 12 Feb 2010).

8b Emily Constance North, baptised 10 Oct 1872 (Dublin City Library, Parish Baptisms,  COI, Sandford, EN email 8 May 2008), or b 1872, baptised 1873 from 85 Bushfield Ave (Sandford parish records); d aged 2 years and buried on 29 Aug 1874 in the Parish of St George (CN email 22 Nov 2010)

8c Claire North, died without issue (family tree); Clare Frederica Marguerite North, b 21 Jul 1875, baptised 24 Nov 1875 (Leeson Park parish records, Dublin), d 29 May 1891 aged 15 at Donnybrook, dau of a gentleman, aunt Margaret Caernarton present at death (death certificate: SP email 5 May 2008)

8d Hermione North, b 27 Jan 1880, baptised 15 Aug 1880, dau of John North and Susannah North of 85 Bushfield Ave (Leeson Park parish records)

7b Marianne North or Mariane North b 23 Apr 1831, of 18 Grenville St when baptised 4 May 1831 (St George parish records, Dublin) 'dead' (family Bible) without issue (family tree). A Maria North late of 14 Upr Rutland St, Dublin, spinster, d 8 Aug 1902 and probate was granted on 23 Aug 1902 to John North, gent, effects £226.5s. No Maria North in the tree meets that description. From the address, possibly she was this Marianne and John was her brother, who himself died only months later

7c Isaac North, b 23 Apr 1832, of 2 Lower Mt Joy Place when baptised on 24 Jun 1832 (St George parish records, Dublin), 'dead' (family Bible) without issue (family tree)

7d Sarah North, b 31 Jan 1834, of Lower Mountjoy place when baptised 23 Feb 1834 (St George parish records, Dublin), d 25 Jan 1907 (family tree) m 1 Jul 1862 Alfred George Johnson Esq, son of George Johnson Esq, witnessed by John North and Alfred North (marriage certificate: SP email 5 May 2008; parish records) d 31 Oct 1913 or 31 Oct 1931 (family tree) 'was 97 when he died according to his tombstone in ... Jerome' (family tree), brother of Blucher Johnson, and had issue (family tree, and a list of family members in M5608). In 1911 he was living at Park View, Castleknock (Thoms: EN email 3 Apr 2008)

8a Edith North Johnson, b 17 Mar 1865, d 14 Nov 1938 (family tree)

8b Helen North Johnson, b 23 Dec 1867, d 24 Feb 1938 unmarried (family tree; memorium)

8c Dudley Johnson, b 20 Sep 1870, d 20 Feb 1911 (memorium), without issue (family tree)

8d infant son Johnson, b 14 May 1872, d 18 May 1872 (list of family)

8e Roger North Johnson, b 12 Dec 1874, d 16 Jan 1875 (list of family)

7e Alfred Roger North, b 22 Sep 1835 from 5 Whitworth Pl (family Bible, St George parish record), died 'without issue' (family tree), m 13 July 1869 at Keppel, Ontario, Canada, Elizabeth Winter b c1846 at Dundas, daughter of James and Ellen Winter (marriage record: SP email 19 Mar 2008). Alfred is listed in the 1871 Ontario census, and the1901 Ontario census records four possible children (SP email 19 Mar 2008)

8a Emily L North, b 19 Apr 1870 and not heard of after 1901 (SP email 11 Jul 2008)

8b Henry H North, Henry Herbert North, b 25 Nov 1872. Deed 1903 52 299 is a 'memorial of an indenture of disentailing assurance' dated 31 Jul 1903 between Henry Herbert North of 85 Marlborough Rd, Dublin, and Thomas Tight Mecredy junior of 91 Merrion Sq, Dublin, solicitor - after reciting that under the limitations of the will of Roger North the said Henry Herbert North was tenant and land [?] possessed of the hereditaments thereby granted, and reciting that the said Henry Herbert North was desirous of barring the entail of the said hereditament, Henry Herbert North granted unto Thomas Tight Mercredy Jr all and singular the freehold hereditaments … consisting of part of the town and lands of Kilbride known by the name of Whitewell containing 240 acres in the Barony of Fartullagh and county of Westmeath of or to which Henry Herbert North was seised or entitled at law or in equity for any estate or tail male under or by virtue of the said will or otherwise howsoever, save and excepting such parts of the hereditaments as had been disposed of or parted with or became extinguished, to hold subject to the use of the said Henry Herbert North his heirs and assigns for ever (EN email 8 Jul 2008; CN email 6 Apr 2009). Deed 1904 9 196 of 5 Dec 1903 records a grant sell and convey by Henry Herbert North, resident in Canada, as beneficial owner, to the Rural District Council of Mullingar of one acre 32 perches, part of Whitewell, referred to in an award dated 23 Mar 1896 of Edmund Murphy esq the arbitrator appointed by the Board of Works as therein aforesaid and as O m 33D1 on the deposited maps and plans relating to the electoral division of Carrick in Mullingar Union; witnessed by by George Curtin, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, carpenter, and David Miller, Wiarton, farmer (EN email 8 Jul 2008; CN email 6 Apr 2009). These two deeds seem to follow the death of the senior brother, 7a John North d 1902, and Whitewell has passed to Henry H North, as the senior male in the male line of descent. The 1904 deed looks as if it was in settlement of a dispute with the Council, but it looks as if some, at least, of Whitewell continued to be held by Henry Herbert North's solicitor for Henry's use. A record of a final disposal of Whitewell has not yet been found

8c Alfred W North, Alfred Winter North, b 17 May 1874 (SP email 11 Jul 2008), d 29 Dec 1933, m Hannah Dance and had issue (SP email 10 Jul 2008)

9a Alfred Clement North, b 22 Sep 1905 (Ancestry Canadian records: SP email 10 Jul 2008)

8d Ellen North, b 15 Jul 1876 and not heard of after 1901 (SP email 11 Jul 2008)

7f David North, b 5 Oct 1837, baptised 3 Nov 1837 from 5 Whitworth Pl (St George parish records, Dublin), 'dead' (family Bible), d 26 Nov 1852, aged 15, at Castle Avenue, Clontarf(Longford Journal), no issue (family tree). Dublin directories record a Mr North at 1 Castle Ave from 1850 to 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010)

7g William Henry North or Henry William North, b 29 Dec 1839 (family Bible), b 29 Sep 1839, baptised 17 Jan 1840 from 4 Drumcondra Hill (St George parish records, Dublin) d 19 May 1862 without issue (family tree)

7h Charlotte Eleanor North or Charlotte Elinor North, b 28 Nov 1841 (family Bible; St George parish records), 'died' (family tree) living at 16 Upper Rutland St m 23 May 1865 (family Bible and marriage certificate; St George parish records) Thomas Goodeville or Thomas Goodwillie Esq of 15 Grenville St, son of Arthur Goodwillie, merchant (Thomas is recorded as 'dead' in the family tree, though he appears to have been a contributor to the tree according to the annotations) and had issue (family tree). John North (presumably her brother John North of Donneybrook as her father was dead) was a witness. In 1911 Thoms directory Mrs C E Goodwillie was living at Grosvenor Square, Rathmines (EN email 3 Apr 2008). There is no C E Goodwillie in the 1911 Dublin census so possibly she died that year

8a Henry Goodwillie, b c1867, m Ada (maiden name not known) b c1870 and had issue (the 1911 Dublin census records Henry (44), Ada (41) and Harold (11) living at Temple Gardens, Rathmines)

9a Harold, b c1900 (1911 Dublin census)

8b Kathleen Goodwillie, m unknown and had issue (family tree)

9a Robert

8c Florence Goodwillie, m unknown and had issue (family tree)

9a Reginald

9b Charles

9c Rowley

9d Arthur

8d Olive Goodwillie, died without issue (family tree)

8e Percy Goodwillie, died without issue (family tree)

7i Emily Marianne North, or Marrianne Emily North or Mariana Emily North, b 24 May 1845 (family Bible; St George parish records), 'dead' (family Bible & family tree), m 18 Nov 1868 Richard Gibbs MD son of John Gibbs Esq (SP7) of Kinnitty (near Birr) Offaly, a widower

6b David North b c1787 (23.7) or c1794 (SP6) d 22 Mar 1863 (his will: 23.7.1) at Farview, also known as Fairview (23.7.1), aged 69 (from gravestone at Dunboden: SP6), Captain in the Navy (23.7) (confirmed in David Bomford North's Trinity record below, though not found in Navy lists in Belfast Library: EN email 7 Dec 2009), m 1816 (ML) Catherine Pim, b c1787 (23.7), d 10 Aug 1869 at Farview aged 82 (SP6), daughter of Robert Pim and Elizabeth Palmer (SP6) of Banaughra (or Bannarighara or Banaughara or Banaughera), Queens Co (deed 1844 11 235; also his will, which names children Robert Pim, Joseph Pim, John Pim, Catherine Pim, Sarah Pim, Mary Pim and Alice Goodbody: EN email 15 Mar 2009), and had issue (23.7.3). 23.7 says David was a retired Navy Captain, probably by the time he married: that and the date of birth of his wife (c1787) point to him being born c1787 rather than c1794, so he was c29 rather than c22 when he married. Deed 705 542/3 483478 of 1816-1818 (in deed 857 281 572281 referred to as 'Articles of 22 Aug 1816'), is a marriage settlement for David North and Catherine Pim (extract below), and deed 857 281 572281 of 30 Mar 1830 is a variation of it. David left a will (23.7.1) dated 16 Nov 1860 in which he all but disinherited, to the extent that he was able given existing entails on some his lands, his first born son, Isaac, leaving him one shilling. On 17 May 1821 David bought from Richard Molesworth Reynell some 61 acres plantation measure of 'lands of the west' (not named) next to Oldtown and Castlelost. That arrangement was renewed on 8 Oct 1842, and on 6 Aug 1845 the land was settled on his second son, John Roger North (all in deed 1845 13 39). Deed 769 240 521575 of 9 Feb 1822 refers to David North, Catherine Pim his wife, and John Pim and Anthony Cooper the trustees of their marriage settlement, regarding cash advances made to David North from Catherine Pim's entitlements under the marriage settlement of 2 Aug 1816 to enable David North to build a house on Oldtown, and to transfer the security held there fore from the lands of Banaughera (which was owned by John Pim) to the lands of Tinekelly and Clonfree (leased by David North), and, as David North had been unable to secure renewal of the leases to those properties, further transfer the security to Oldtown, 61 acres, part of the lands of the West for which David North had a lease renewable in perpetuity; and the release of the trustees from any liability there fore. Deed 1842 3 94 between David North of Fairview, and John Wilkinson of Monasterevan, Co Kildare, is a deed of lease of 61 acres at Fairview (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Not clear whether this might be the same 61 acres as the 61 acres known as Oldtown in the preceeding lease. Catherine inherited £400 from her parents (deed 1844 11 235 of 11 July 1844: EN email 1 Feb 2009). Deed 1848 13 144 of 24 Mar 1848 records that David North of Russell Place, Dublin, sold to John Burke of Upr Bridge St, Dublin, grocer and spirit merchant, lands of Clonfree, Parish of Loughkeen or Lougheen, Barony of Lr Ormonde, Co Tipperary, then in the possession and occupation of Catherine Burke or her undertenants containing 83 ac 1 rd 5pch, on the same terms as the land was held under a lease of 23 Feb 1791 from Henry Hempson of the city of Dublin esquire to Roger North of Birr in the King’s county, gentleman (CN email 1 Mar 2009; EN email 1 Feb 2009). David inherited Clonfree, along with Upper and Lower Tinnikelly,from his Uncle Roger.  He inherited Tyrrellstown from his uncle Isaac Bomford. In 1851 Tyrrellstown was transferred by David North and his son Isaac, 'according to their respective estates and interests', to John Roger North in trust (deed 1851 24 17; 23.7.2): the deed was witnessed by two solicitors and may be a transaction brought on by Isaac's financial problems. Tyrrellstown was entailed, so neither David nor Isaac could deal with it in their own right. David North is listed in Dublin directories at 11 Mecklenburg St from 1844 to 1846; deed 1845 13 39 describes him as of Russell Place; from 1846 to 1851 Dublin directories also list David North at 4 Russell Place (EN email 8 Feb 2010); his son, John Roger Pim North also was of 11 Mecklenburg St in 1845. Information below on David's descendents is from 23.7.3 unless noted otherwise

7a Isaac Bomford North, b c1818 (or possibly 1828), d 17 May 1886 at Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, m 3 Apr 1861 in Rutherglen (23.7.3) [or m 1857 (SP6)] Sarah Sexton and had issue. Isaac got into financial difficulties in 1851 (23.7.1), from which he was rescued, at considerable expense, by his father. An Isaac North was at 36 Amiens St from 1848 to 1851 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010). His father's will (23.7.1) of 16 Nov 1860 disinherited Isaac to the extent that he could be disinherited, but it appers that Isaac still inherited a number of properties that were entailed to the male line, including Tyrrellstown. Isaac moved to Rutherglen, perhaps in 1852 though he appears to have been in Ireland in 1854 when he resigned as co-trustee (with Robert Mulock) from three North and Emerson trusts and was replaced by John Emerson (deed 1854 15 260). By deed 1878 38 32 dated 24 Jun 1878, Isaac Bomford North of Rutherglen took out a £350 mortgage at 5% pa with the Royal Bank of Ireland over his life interests in Tyrrellstown, 214 ac 2 rd 16 pch (CN email 18 Jul 2009)

8a Isaac Bomford North, b 22 Jun 1861 at Hibernian Lead, Rutherglen, Victoria and later moved to Sydney, m 1882 Mary Masterfield. In 1887, Isaac [must be the son, as his father died in 1886], still of Victoria, granted 214 acres at Tyrrellstown, Moyleskey, Fartullagh and anything else, to Sweeney, solicitor, Dublin (deed 1887 33 62: SP email 9 Dec 2007), presumably so Sweeny could deal in the land as Isaac's trustee. On 20 Dec 1893 (deed 1893 30 106: EN email 8 Dec 2007; CN email 18 Jul 2009) Isaac, then of Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, gentleman, conveyed Tyrrellstown, 208 ac 2 rd 26 pch (detailed in a schedule), 'to which he was entitled to under the will of his late grandfather David North', to Henry and Frances Cherry Willis as security for a loan of £70. By deed 1897 56 211 of 2 Apr 1896, Isaac Bomford North, contractor of Sydney, NSW, sold to Alfred Henry Collier also of Sydney, a £700 mortgage over Tyrrellstown 208 acres held by Henry Willis under an indenture dated 15 Oct 1894, for £538 (CN email 20 Jul 2009). The deed includes a schedule which lists the various holding within Tyrrellstown - farmlands, house and office all leased to Rob McCall and house on 3 acres leased to William Henry Cole. The schedule differs in detail from that included with an earlier deed, 1893 30 106. That appears to be the end the family's ownership of Tyrrellstown, which had been in Bomford/North hands since 1724 (4.1)

8b David North, b 1862

8c William Whyte North, b Rutherglen 1863, and d Rutherglen 1908

8d Joseph Patrick North, b 1866

8e John North, b 1868, m Jane Irwin, remained in Rutherglen, and had two children

9a Isaac Bomford North

9b Sir Thomas Lindsay North, b 11 Dec 1919, m 1943 Kathleen Jefferis and had issue, two daughters, each of whom had children

8f Susan Alice North, b 1871

8g Rebecca Agnes North, b 1873 (SP6) at Rutherglen, m 3 Apr 1899 Sydney Charles Williams, 23, carpenter, b Ballarat

8h Elizabeth North, b 1875

7b John Roger North or John Roger Pim North, b c1818, d 10 Dec 1871 in Dublin aged 53, of 38 Lower Leeson St, m 7 Aug 1845, when of 4 Russell Place, in St Kevins Church, Parish of St Peter, City Dublin (St Peter parish records), or 13 May 1846 in Parish Church, Parish St George, Co Dublin (St George parish records) (marriage certificates (plural), SP email 30 Aug 2007), Elizabeth Emerson of 8 Charlemont Mall, under age, born c1825 (SP6), outlived her husband, and had issue. He was Secretary to the Royal Bank of Ireland (in his daughter Constance's 1857 baptism record, he was a cashier at the Royal Bank). Elizabeth Emerson was a daughter of Horatio Emerson (23.2.1) and Emily Mulock (15.1.2); Emily's mother was Emily Frances Wetherall (15.1.2) (possibly Wetherelt or Wetherell). She is referred to in relation to his will, in the National Archives, Dublin, as Elizabeth Wetherall North (also spelt Wetherelt (EN email 3 Apr 2008)), widow and one of the executors (EN email 15 Mar 2008). There is a record of Elizabeth Wetherelt North dying in Devon, England, b c1825, d 1885 (SP email 19 Apr 2008). Deed 1845 13 39 of 6 Aug 1845 is their marriage settlement. John Roger is of Great Charles St, Dublin. Elizabeth is described as Elizabeth Emerson of Charlemont Mall, spinster, daughter of Emily Emerson and Horatio Emerson late of Dublin esq deceased. Trustees are Robert Mulock of Charlemont St Dublin and Isaac Bomford North of Russell Place Dublin. Others mentioned include Emily Emerson of Charlemont Mall (Elizabeth's mother), John Emerson of Charlemont Mall, only son of Horatio and Emily Emerson and the brother of Elizabeth Emerson, David North of Russell Place, Dublin (John Roger's father), and Catherine North wife of said David North. Dublin directories list John North at 6 Great Charles St in 1846 and 1847 (EN email 8 Feb 2010). Deed 1846 10 121 of 8 May 1845 is a conveyance between John Roger Pim North of 11 Mecklenburg St, Dublin, and Wm Slattery of 44 Lr Ormonde Quay, Dublin. By her will of 11 Oct 1840, Elizabeth Pim, widow [i.e. Elizabeth Palmer, John Roger's grandmother], bequeathed to her grandson 11 Mecklenburg St, otherwise St Martins Lane; now for an undisclosed consideration John Roger Pim North conveys the premises to William Slattery with a covenent for renewal forever (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 2 Apr 2010). Deed 1848 5 17 of 28 Feb 1848 is a deed poll (i.e. a declaration by a single party) by John Roger Pim North of Great Charles St, Dublin. It recites that by an indenture dated 11 Jul 1845 Thomas Spunner Palmer, MD, of Lr Gardner St, Dublin, in consideration of £730 paid to him by John Roger Pim North made over to John Roger Pim North an annuity of £349/3/9 and a principal sum of £2,750 until the £730 was repaid with interest. The £730 having been repaid, John Roger Pim North releases Thomas Spunner Palmer from all claims (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 9 Apr 2010). The deed was witnessed by John Emerson, solicitor, of 17 Merchants Quay. Deed 1853 26 28 of 16 Aug 1853 concerns John Roger North of Clarinde Ave, Dublin and Wm Moyess of Fortfield, Co Dublin, re a plot of land at Carrig Ave, Parish Monkstown, yearly rent £4 (EN Email 16 Oct 2008). Deed 1854 8 123 of 7 Oct 1853: John Roger North of Corrig Ave, Kingstown, Dublin, 1st part; Emily Emerson of the same place, other part - Roger North demised to Emily Emerson a plot of land east side Corrig Ave; witnesses John Emerson, Elizabeth North (EN Email 16 Oct 2008). Corrig Ave and Carrig Ave are the same place, at Kingstown, Parish of Monkstown (EN email 12 Apr 2009). This looks like John Roger demising a house, or at least some land for a house, to his mother in law, Emily Emerson. John Roger North and Elizabeth Emerson are mentioned in deed 1854 15 260 along with other members of their families

8a Colonel David North, of Fairview House or Farview House, Rochfortbridge (deed 1905 12 87), and of the Royal Artillery, b c1846 (aged 64 in the 1911 UK census: SP email 1 Jun 2012), d 1915 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (SP email 28 Nov 2007), m 2 Dec 1886 at Halifax, Nova Scotia (Family Search), Margaret Richey (1871 Canadian census) or Mrs Margaret Richey Jack, or Margaret S L Jack, b 18 Apr 1855 in Halifax, d 19 Mar 1944, daughter of Matt Henry Richey and Sarah L Richey, previously married to Lenox Albert Jack, d 9 Feb 1883, with whom she had had issue (Burke's Colonial Gentry, p 119, 'Richey of Halifax': CN email 6 Jun 2012), and had issue. The 1901 Irish census records the family aged 54, 45 and 10 living at Castlelost, Tyrrellspass. The Calendar of Wills in the National Archives records in 1916 David North, Fairview, Hatherley Rd, Cheltenham, Lt Col RA rtd, d 17 Dec 1915, [probate granted] to Margaret North, widow, effects in Ireland £371 (EN email 15 Jul 2009). By deed 1896 35 83 of 13 May 1896, David was granted a loan of £75 under the Landed Property Improvement (Ireland) Act 1847 for execution of approved improvements to land at Castlelost West, Fairview (CN emails 20 Jul & 8 Sep 2009). In 1905 (deed 1905 12 87: SP email 9 Dec 2007; EN email 15 Jul 2009) he, with David North Trotter of Summerhill, Enfield, executed an indenture of disentail over several parcels of land including 61 acres plantation in Fartullagh, Co Westmeath, reciting the 6 Aug 1845 marriage settlement of his parents John Roger North and Elizabeth Emerson (deed 1845 13 39) and reciting the deaths of David North the elder [this David's grandfather], Catherine North [grandmother], John Roger North [father], Elizabeth Emerson [mother] and Emily Emerson [maternal grandmother] [people entitled to the land under the marriage settlement before the entail took over],and conveyed the disentailed land to [his cousin, below] David North Trotter, but 'to the use of the sd David North the younger [i.e. Col David North] his heirs and assigns forever'. It is not clear that David North Trotter got the land under this agreement (most likely he was only a trustee, for legal purposes): in 1906 (deed 1906 49 288: EN email 8 Dec 2007) Col David North sold 61 ac 1 rd 5 pch plantation in Fartullagh, Co Westmeath, to Patrick Gavin for £815 under the 1903 Land Act: the un-named parcel of land from the 1845 marriage settlement. Patrick's son, Michael Gavin, owned Whitewell House in 2006 (SP email 11 Jul 2008 - see also deed 1859 37 180. Michael's brother Noel says Whitewell came to his family because of the financial problems of 6a John Roger North the lawyer and his father leased and bought it as it became available - SP email 3 Nov 2013). In the 1911 UK census the Norths were living at Farview, Hathersley Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in a 10 roomed house with two servants (SP emails 22 Jan 2009, 1 Jun 2012). The will of Margaret Sarah Louisa North, of Rainors(?) St Georges Rd, Cheltenham, Gloucester, widow, formerly of Marryott, Holmeadsale Road, South Nutfield, Redhill, Surrey, records 'my grandchildren' Constance Jack, Cyril Jack, Moya Jack and Margaret Matheson. The will states 'property in Canada which I own if my brother shall predecease me ... I give to my son Ernest Lenox Richey Jack'. The will was dated 19 Feb 1940 and indicates Margaret Sarah Louisa North died on 19 Mar 1944. Probate was dated 10 Jun 1944 (EN email 27 Nov 2007). On the basis of the census and that will, her children (Ernest Lenox Richey Jack was a son from her first marriage) were:

9a Ernest Lenox Richey Jack, who had issue. There is an E L Jack b Jun 1877 recorded in the 1911 Canadian census in New Brunswick, with wife E T Jack b Feb 1876, son L Jack b Dec 1904 and daughter M M Jack b Sep 1906: ages look good (Ernest should have been born between about 1875 when his mother was aged 20 and 1886 when she remarried), but not a convincing match. E L Jack of the 1911 census may be the Earnest Jack, boarder, b 25 Jun 1877 in Nova Scotia, recorded in the 1901 census: same birth date, same birth place (perhaps), same religion

10a Constance Jack

10b Cyril Jack

10c Moya Jack

10d? Margaret Jack who became Margaret Matheson before her grandmother's will was drawn up in 1940. Alternatively, Margaret was a daughter of 9b Margaret Moya North, below, but it does not look like Margaret Moya North married

9b Margaret Moya North, b 24 Jun 1890 at Farview or at Clonfadforan (1911 UK census), Co Westmeath, baptised 20 Jul 1890 at Tyrrellspass Church (Parish of Clonfad Foran records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009), in 1911 census at Farview (sic - in David's handwriting), Hatherley Road, Cheltenham, aged 20 and single (SP email 1 Jun 2012), d 4th quarter 1926 aged 36 at Cheltenham, recorded as Margaret M North (index to register of deaths, refering to vol 6a p 527: SP email 1 Jun 2012) which suggests she did not marry

8b Emily North or Emily Emerson North, d 1889 (SP6) (possibly in South Africa? There is no death record for her in England: SP emails 30 Apr & 20 Jul 2010), m in Bellary, India, on 28 Jun 1882 Courtney Heathcote Stisted, Capt RE Scotts, 13th (Somersetshire) Light Infantry, became Lt Col Stisted, b 9 May 1860 at Ankala, India, d 26 Sep 1922 in Hampshire, son of Lt Col Thomas H Stisted 7th Hussars & Camilla Stacey both of Maidstone, Kent (SP email 30 Apr 2010; Raymond Krepp email 19 Jul 2010). Courtney Stisted married again on 6 Oct 1891 (after Emily died) in London to Edith Harvey Cockburn (SP email 30 Apr 2010)

9a Charles Heathcote Stisted, b 1 Aug 1883 Bengal, India, probably died India(Raymond Krepp email 19 Jul 2010)

9b Caroline F H Stisted b 1885 in England m 1908 in St Georges, Hanover Square, London, Captain Edmund Walster Alderson, b 1878. Caroline & Capt Edmund Alderson arrived in Albany, Western Australia, with their 6 children on the Suevic in 1926. [ may point to the relevant paper record (Incoming passenger list to Albany "Suevic" arrived 24 March 1926); content not yet available online.] Carloline's descendents live in Perth, Western Australia (Raymond Krepp email 19 Jul 2010)

9c Martha H Stisted or Mary Stisted, b 1887 in London (SP6), alive 1917, nurse WW1 1918 (Raymond Krepp email 19 Jul 2010)

8c Kathleen North or Katherine North or Katherine Emerson North, b 1853 (SP6), m in England 18 Jan 1876 (SP6) William Alexander Gardiner, b Sep 1836 (obituary: SP email 14 Mar 2008), A M Staff, son of Alexander Stoker Gardiner and Augusta Maud Barber, and brother of Frederick Augustus Gardiner (below)

8d Elizabeth Constance North b 16 Jun 1857, baptised 27 Sep 1857 from 7 Garville Ave (Rathmines parish records, Dublin), m in Devon, England in 1885 Frank Anderson or Francis Anderson, b 1850 (SP6), Indian Civil Servant

Moyally House circa 1950 (CN email 6 Feb 2010).  Click on image to see enlargement7c David Bomford North MD, surgeon, b c1820, d 8 Apr 1873 aged 52 or 53, at Moyally, Offaly (Moyally is a farm about 4.5 miles west of the village of Horseleap on the Westmeath boundary; at least half of the farm is now motorway, roundabouts, exits etc which have eaten up the meadows and pastures, old trees and hedgerows and a historic 'roadway'; the Norths sold Moyally in 1981: EN email 4 Jun 2008; CN emails 8 Feb 2010. See Moyally House in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. 1951 photo at right). He left a will (EN email 3 Apr 2008) with an estate under £3,000, executor Joseph Pim North. He went to Trinity College: North, David Bomford, Pen. (P.T.), Nov 5, 1838, aged 18; s. of David, navarchus, b Co Westmeath, B.A. Vern 1851, M.B. EAst 1853 (EN email 7 Dec 2009). Thoms 1868 lists him as LRCSI (Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) of Milltown. Thoms 1869 directory lists David B North, Med Practioner, Milltown, Westmeath. On 17 May 1870, Rev. R. Dowse, Rector, in the Chair, the following resolution was proposed by John R Somers and seconded by Doctor North and unanimously carried: "That we the parishioners of Clonfadforan Parish in Vestry assembled, desire not only to censure a certain pamphlet entitled Short Prayers but also to express our unqualified disapproval of the use of [sauce/source??] and our condemnation of the conduct of his Grace the Archbishop of Dublin with reference thereto. We also deem it absolutely necessary for the future welfare of our Church of Ireland that all who hold unscriptural doctrines as the Archbishop of Dublin should hencefort cease to have a voice in the convention of our Church." D B North donated £25 to the Parish in 1870 (Parish of Clonfad Foran records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009)

7d Joseph Pim North, b c1824, d 2 Oct 1890 at Moyally, Co Offaly aged 66, from syncope (CN email 5 Apr 2008), buried 4 Oct 1890, aged 66 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown, EN email 29 Mar 2009) at Newtownlow (CN email 17 Apr 2009), m (Taney parish records) 20 Mar 1867, when a Captain, 3rd Hussars, at Taney Road Church (known locally as Taney Church, in the town of Dundrum, which is now on the edge of the city of Dublin), Jeanette Gertrude Somers, b 5 Sep 1844, d 7 Apr 1882 at Tullamore, Moyally, Co Offaly aged 38 (death certificate: CN email 3 Apr 2008), daughter of John Richard Somers (d autumn 1894 (CN email 3 Mar 2009); buried 8 Oct 1894 aged 82 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009)) and Maria Jane Handy (SP6) and sister of Alice Somers who married Horatio North-Bomford (27.9), and had issue. In Aughrim  COI churchyard there is a headstone which reads 'Sacred to the memory of Maria Jane wife of Horatio N Wallace Esq JP of Sandy Cove, Kingstown, Co Dublin, and third daughter of the late Samuel Wesley Handy Esq of Bracca Castle [Brackagh Castle], Co Westmeath, who departed this life on the 21 Day of November 1864, aged 76 years. Erected by her husband' (EN email 4 Jun 2008). That Maria Jane Handy (m Wallace) was the aunt of the Maria Jane Handy m John Richard Somers (CN email 3 Mar 2009). H G Hart's Army List for 1862 says Joseph Pim North was of the 3rd Kings own Regiment of Hussars, had 10 years service on full pay, Cornet Oct 1852, Lieutenant Feb 1855, Adjutant Nov 1855 and Hon Captain Feb 1861 (EN email 17 May 2008; 14 Mar 2010). They lived at Ashmount House, before they purchased Moyally (EN email 23 Jun 2009). Deed 1867 10 12 is their marriage settlement. It conveys land of Ballinderry Big, Barony of Moycashel, Westmeath, from John Richard Somers to Samuel Handy Somers and David Bomford North in trust. It recites two deeds of 10 Dec 1853 by which John Richard Somers bought two parcels of Ballinderry Big (one of ~407 acres, the other of ~56 acres) from the Commissioners for the sale of Incumbered Estates. The land was subsequently mortgaged: deed 1905 79 24 recites a 'mortgage dated 22nd June 1866 and made between John Richard Somers of the one part and Thomas Arthur and William John Slade Foster on the other part for receiving the sum of £3,000 and interest and subject to the proviso for the redemption'; and the deed itself concerns a mortgage of 7 ninths of the properties for £700 by 6 of the 7 then living children in 1905. Deed 1870 11 270 of 25 Mar 1870 concerns a reconveyance of a mortgage dated 12 Jul 1867 in the sum of £5,000 by John Malone of Baronstown, Westmeath (for whom it looks as if William Gibson was a trustee in whom the lands were vested), naming a long list of lands in Westmeath [none familiar - 'the Baronstown Estate'], from Joseph Pim North (£4,000) and Flora Harriett Sadlier (£1000), wife of Rev Francis Ralph Sadlier, 11 Radnor[?] Place, Hyde Park, London to Thomas Tighe Mecredy, solicitor of Dublin. This feels like it was a purely financial investment where Joseph Pim parked £4,000 for three years (EN email 21 Nov 2007; CN emails 14 & 16 Oct 2009). Deed 1869 24 218 records an assignment of lease on 7 Jul 1869 by Joseph Pim North to Richard Thomas Welch, Monkstown Park, Monkstown, Dublin, of a lease for 900 years of lands of Kilmore called Larch Hill in the Barony of Coolock, Co Dublin, 17 acres statute measure plus dwelling and coachhouse, that Joseph Pim North had leased from James Her on 11 Jun 1867 for £100 (EN email 21 Nov 2007; CN email 8 Apr 2009). In deed 1870 Book 37 No 155 Roger North of Tyrrellspass transfers his rent (£95 pa under a lease of 25 Apr 1865 [? should 25 Apr 1865 be 25 Apr 1805, i.e. deed 582 258 393193?]) from part of the lands of Kilbride known as East Division, and all his estate and interest whatsoever in Kilbride and Tonlegee, Barony of Fartullagh, Westmeath, to Joseph Pim North and David Bomford North, MD, 'out of natural love and affection' and in return for an annuity of £87.13.10 payable for the remainder of his life (EN email 21 Nov 2007). Deed 1875 54 299 brings together two interests in the East Division of Kilbride (91 acres, 3 roods, 3 perches) - those of Joseph North and Joseph Pim North (lessors), and those of Mary Elizabeth North and William Pilkington (lessees) - placing the land into William Pilkington's hands subject to payment of fee farm rent to Joseph Pim North (EN email 21 Nov 2007; CN email 17 Feb 2009). Landowners of Ireland 1876 records that Joseph Pim North of Moyally owned 463 acres in Westmeath and 235 acres in Kings Co. Deed 1886 30 146 records a sale of 334 acres of lands (named) in Moycashel, Co Westmeath, from John Richard Somers of Dublin to Samuel Handy Somers of Tyrrellspass House for £3,840. The Irish Land Commission was involved, as was Joseph Pim North as a trustee (SP email 9 Dec 2007). Deed 1902 33 127 is a memorial of a deed poll by David Trotter MD of Summerhill Co Meath and David North of Fairview, Lt Col in Her Majesty's Army, surviving executors of the will of Joseph Pim North, making legal arrangements for the future management of Moyally and Tober on the one hand, the the 'rest, residue and remainder' of the estate on the other. Unfortunately, the memorial does not tell us what the arrangements were, but Moyally ended up with the son Joseph Roger North, so presumably Tober did too. The remainder seems to have been split equally between the children (as evidenced by the shares in Ballinderry Big)

8a David John North, b 1 Feb 1868 at Larchill, Coolock, Co Dublin, d aged 9 on 7 Jul 1877 at Moyally, Co Offaly

8b Maria Catherine North or Maria Katherine North or Mary Catherine North, known as May (CN email 3 Mar 2009), b 27 Jun 1869 at Larchill, Coolock, Co Dublin (birth cert: SP email 6 Sep 2007), d 12 Oct 1926 at Moyally (SP6), buried 14 Oct 1926 aged 57 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009). Named in deed 1905 79 24. Maria received a letter dated 16 Mar (no year, perhaps 1896) from her grandmother, Maria Jane Somers, which she was asked to burn after reading (CN email 6 Feb 2010)

8c Joseph Roger North, b 16 Jun 1870 (SP6), d 2 Jun1945 (CN email 15 Mar 2008) at Moyally, buried 4 Jun 1945 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009), m 5 Oct 1900 Rose Byrne b 1876, d 1944, and had issue (SP email 2 May 2008). Named in deed 1905 79 24. Made it clear he did not want to farm Moyally (CN email 21 Apr 2009), but inherited it anyway. At one stage around 1896 he thought of emigrating to Canada, but the family thought he wasn't strong enough for the work, they didn't have the cash for the voyage, and that it would be better that he stay in Ireland to look after his sisters at Moyally (CN email 7 Feb 2010)

9a Richard North, known as Dick North, of Hamilton, Ontario, m Emma Naylor and had issue, a son (SP email 4 Mar 2020, attaching CN email 2 Mar 2020)

9b Joseph North

9c David North

9d Elizabeth North

9e Mary North

9f John North, inherited Tober, also known as Tubber, also known as the Geraghty estate (CN email 24 Apr 2009)

8d Jeanette Gertrude North, b 20 Nov 1871 (SP email?), d 1898 in an asylum for the mentally insane (CN email 5 Apr 2008), buried 13 Sep 1898 aged 26 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009)

8e Eleanor Louise North, known as Nellie, b 10 Sep 1873, d 5 Aug 1951 at Montreal, Canada (SP6), m c1899 in Dublin Charles Ernest de Belle, a recognised artist and graduate of the Ecole des beaux arts in Paris, b 17 May 1873, d 3 Sep 1939 at Montreal (SP6), and had issue. After the marriage they moved to London, where Emily joined them as nanny to their children. The family was supposed to emigrate to Canada on the Titanic but delayed their departure because their eldest son caught scarlet fever. They sailed to Quebec in May 1912, and appear to have been estranged from Nellie's family from that time. De Belle descendents in Montreal have a record of Nellie and Charles hiring lawyers in relation to her inheritance(CN emails 21 & 23 Mar 2009)

8f Emily Caroline North, b 1874, d 1 Nov 1943 in Dublin, buried 3 Nov 1943(Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009). Named in deed 1905 79 24

8g Richard Somers North, b 1875, d 1908 at Moyally. The Calendar of Wills in the National Archive records for 1911 Richard Somers North, Moyally, farmer d 19 Feb 1908, [probate] to Joseph R North [his brother, above] farmer, [estate valued at] £85 (EN email 15 Jul 2009). A Richard North aged 33 was buried on 21 Feb 1907 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009): this is almost certainly the same Richard, so one of the dates is a year out. Named in deed 1905 79 24

8h Elizabeth North, b 1877, also known as Lily North (CN email 17 Apr 2009). Lily North of Moyally was buried on 1 Dec 1896, aged 19 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009). She is not named in deed 1905 79 24

8i Florence Isabel North, b 1878, d 18 Oct 1958 at Swords, Co Dublin (death cert: SP email 6 Sep 2007). Florence was living at Moyally in the 1901 census, but by the 1911 census was no longer there and was probably in an institution for the metally ill in Dublin (CN email 19 Mar 2009). Named in deed 1905 79 24. On the internet, in the 1911 census for Dublin, district of Arran Quay, Richmond Women's Asylum, there is a list of all the patients, initials only: "N, FI", aged 30, is Florence, though in April 1911 she would have been 32. The original return page shows she was born in Co Westmeath, was admitted from Malahide, Co Dublin, suffered from hereditary melancholia and had been resident for 2 years (CN email 12 Oct 2009)

8j Alice Bomford North, b 1879, d 1903 at Moyally, buried 27 Nov 1903 (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009)

8k Edith Mabel North, b 1881. Named in deed 1905 79 24. Died 1927 (family Bible: EN email 11 Sep 2009)

8l Samuel Handy North, b 1882, d 14 Aug 1882 (CN email 15 Mar 2008) at Moyally, four months after his mother

7e Elizabeth Catherine North, b c1821, d 15 May 1913 at Summerhill, Co Meath, buried at Agher, m c1854 (ML) David Trotter MD, b c1826, d 2 Oct 1914 at Tipper House, Naas, Co Kildare and had issue (23.7.3)

8a premature son born & died on 30 Jun 1855, at Forkhill

8b David North Trotter, b 24 May 1856 at Forkhill, d 16 Mar 1912 [or 17 Mar 1912 (SP6)]. Never married, buried at Agher. Cricketer. Described in deed 1905 12 87 as 'of Summerhill, Enfield, Co Meath'. That deed unentailed and conveyed to David a number of properties, totalling 61 acres plantation, which had been subject to the marriage settlement of David's uncle and aunt, John Roger North and Elizabeth Emerson, plus Clonkeen otherwise Castletown otherwise Swangs of Kellypatrick, 78 acres, formerly held by Elizabeth Mulock, all of which had been in the possession of Col David North of Fairview, David's cousin, 'to the use of the sd David North the younger his heirs and assigns forever'. While it might look as if David North Trotter is getting the lands, it seems that in fact he was just a conduit and David North was getting the lands for himself and his heirs, free of the entail. As David North had no natural male children, but had stepson and a daughter, the motive for disentailing the land is fairly clear

8c Kate Maria Trotter [or Kate Marie Trotter (SP6)], b 11 Jan 1858, d 9 Apr 1871, buried at Agher.

8d William John Trotter, RAMC, b 24 Dec 1859, d 7 Nov 1921, buried at Agher. William is noted as the son present on both his parents' death certificates. He m Flora Jeanette Boyd and had 4 children, two of whom died young. The other two were:

9a Daisy Maria Trotter, b 23 Feb 1896, Sitapur, India

9b David William Trotter, b 30 Jan 1900, Bareilly, India

8e Rev John Theobald Trotter, b c1861, d 16 Apr 1935. Never married. Church of Ireland clergyman, Precentor of Leighlin Cathedral and 40 years Rector of Cloydah & Bilbo, near Carlow. Buried Cloydah

8f Constance Elizabeth Trotter, b 1864, m at Dublin 5 May 1891 Graves Chamney Swan and had issue, including

9a Olive Ina Constance Swan who married Dr Wilfred Alexander Steen in 1914 (Pat Steen email 3 Sep 2008)

7f Roger Robert North. Deed 1835 Book 19 No 20 records Roger Robert North as the youngest son of David North of Fairview. A Roger Robert North, b c1828, d 26 May 1888 in Winchester, Hampshire, UK, aged 60, army pensioner and prison warder and had a daughter Mary North (death certificate: SP email 5 May 2008), is probably this Roger Robert North. A Robert North is listed in Thoms 1875 under officers of government as a Clerk of Petty Sessions, Kilashandra, Co Cavan - may well be no relation (EN email 12 Sep 2010)

8a ? David North. The Roger Robert North who died in 1888 in Hampshire 'said he was from Ireland and ... had a son David' (SP email 22 Mar 2008)

8b Mary North, of 2 Primrose Cottages, Winchester (present at her father's death)

7g (possibly) William North or William Northe (SP email 17 Jul 2010), b c1821, d 27 Nov 1902 , m 29 Nov 1860 Elizabeth Keogh of Rahanine, Castlelost (SP email 5 Feb 2008), b Apr 1839, d 22 Oct 1918, and had issue (23.7.3; SP email 27 Oct 2015). William was a shoe and boot maker (SP email 23 Aug 2011). Possibly this William fits here and is a natural son of David North. Noel Gavin has suggested to Sheila Perino (SP email 3 Nov 2013) that William was a son of 6a John Roger North, the lawyer, rather than of 6b David, but says he was definitely from the Bomford/North line. An alternative hypothesis is that William came from Newport, near Limerick, Co Tipperary, was the son of Joseph Hickman North and his wife Jane of Newport, and moved to live with North 'cousins' in Westmeath (not necessarily David North) when his parents died in 1840 and 1849 respectively (SP email 9 Jan 2009, attaching suggestion from Lorcan Mulligan based on Newport parish records). The hypothesis is supported by the naming of William's children, which reflects the naming of Joseph and Jane's other children as recorded in parish records: James, Mary, Joseph & Elizabeth, and would provide an alternative explanation as to why William is not mentioned in David's will (see also 23.7.3). DNA evidence from living descendents appears to link this William biologically to this family (i.e. that William and 7d Joseph Pim North are brothers) (SP email 22 Mar 2020). There is another deed, 1839 23 86, which records the children (presumably, children then living, so Joseph jnr may have died) of Hickman North of Ballinas, Co Tipperary, and Jane his wife as James, Mary, Elizth, Ellen, William, Jane, and Martha. Joseph Hickman North's children may have all emigrated to London, Ontario, in 1855 (SP email 14 Jan 2009). Noel Gavin says that after the Norths left Whitewell, they lived in an area of Gibbonstown known as the 'the Park' and they were knowns as 'the Norths of the Park' (SP email 3 Nov 2013). Deed 1909 28 61 of 10 Mar 1909 Land Registration - memorial of registration pursuant to the 19th Section of the Local Registration of Title (Ireland) Act 1891 of part of the land of Gibbonstown containing 0ac 3r 5p or thereabouts, statute measure, situated in the Barony of Fartullagh, Co Wmeath, and held in fee simple - entered on folio No 2142 of the Register of Ownership - Elizabeth North of Gibbonstown, Rockfort Bridge, farmer, is the owner of the foregoing property subject as in said folio set forth (EN email 2 Mar 2009). The Calendar of Wills in the National Archives records 1919 Elizabeth North, Gibbonstown, Rochfortbridge, widow, 3rd January (no other details: EN email 15 Jul 2009) - that may have been registration of her will after she died. Gibbonstown adjoins Whitewell, a North property until the early 1900s

8a Anne North, b Oct 1861, d 17 Apr 1943, m 27 Apr 1892 in Brisbane, Australia, William O'Neill and had issue

9a Mary Catherine O'Neill (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9b Elizabeth O'Neill (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9c Wilemina Charlotte O'Neill (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9d Ellen O'Neill (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

8b William North, b Dec 1862, m in Brisbane 2 Dec 1896 Kate Kelvin and had no children

8c Mary North, b 19 May 1864, became Sister Veronica at Yass, NSW, Australia

8d Isaac North, b 1 Mar 1866, d 10 Jun 1945, m in Brisbane 27 Sep 1899 Catherine Leahy and had no children

8f Margaret North, b 28 Mar 1868, d 1 May 1959, m in Brisbane 10 Feb 1904 Patrick McGrath and had issue

9a Margaret Mary McGrath (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

8g Elizabeth North, b 20 Jun 1870, d 9 Dec 1957, m at Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath, Patrick Caffrey and had no children

8h Joseph North, b 26 Feb 1872, d 7 Sep 1935, m in New York City 4 Oct 1908 Julia Collins, and had issue

9a William North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9b Christopher North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9c Joseph North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9d George North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9e Charles North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9f Elizabeth North (SP email 27 Oct 2015), who m and had issue

10a Sheila Perino-Sapienza

9g John North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9h Michael North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

8i Patrick North, b 10 Oct 1874, d 11 Dec 1954, m 27 Jan 1915 at Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath, Mary Ellen Carty, aged 24, daughter of Laurence Carty and Julia New of Rochfortbridge, Co Westmeath (marriage cert SP email 6 Sep 2007), and had issue (Catherine Holman email 22 Sep 2006). Deed 1909 45 286 is a registration of Will and Title, ref Gibbonstown (1891 Act): as owner, Patrick North, farmer, lands at Gormunley (?)19a 1r 4p, Barony of Fartullagh (EN email 8 Dec 2007). The Irish National Archives has a will with land transfer from Elizabeth Keough North to her son Patrick in 1919. It describes land in Gibbonstown, about 20 acres, formerly part of Gaybrook (SP email 16 Nov 2013)

9a William North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9b Julia North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9c Patrick North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9d Isaac North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9e Veronica North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9f John North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9g Laurence North (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9h Joseph North, d as an infant (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

8j Catherine North, b 13 Aug 1876, d May 1961, m 8 Sep 1904 at Rochfortbridge, James Mulligan, moved to Rhode, Co Offally, and had issue

9a Elizabeth Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9b William Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9c James Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9d Patrick, d as a child Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9e Patrick Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9f Mary Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9g Benigna Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9h John Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

9h Ann Jane Mulligan (SP email 27 Oct 2015)

8k Jane North, b 25 Jun 1878, d Nov 1962, became Sister Mary Benigna, Sisters of Notre Dame, Tyngsboro, Massachusettes, USA

8l James North, b Jul 1881, d 19 May 1883 at Rochfortbridge, Ireland

6c Isaac North of Ferrans b c1795 (23.7), 'gent aged twenty years and upwards' in 1823 (deed 783 102 529837), d 10 Oct 1866 aged 71 (27.5.2), m 8 Oct 1830 [1829 (ML)] Belinda Emily Pilkington (23.2), d 1852 (27.2) and had issue (27.2.1). In 1837 he changed his name to Isaac North-Bomford (27.1). Belinda was the daughter by an earlier marriage of Abraham John Pilkington who subsequently married Mary Elizabeth North of Kilbride

7a (possibly) Cath North, baptised 8 Dec 1823 (Parish Registers, Dublin, National Library of Ireland, cited by SP email 9 Jun 2012), daughter of Cath Nally and Isaac North. The Catholic baptism was witnessed by Philip Shelly and Anne Molloy in the Parish of Rochfortbridge in Meath. There are no other details and no other records of Cath North or Cath Nally have been found. (RootsIreland records the baptism slightly differently: Catherine North, dau of Catherine Nally, father 'not recorded North', sole sponsor Mary Fattrell. Possibly that reflects an attempt to alter or hide the record.) It seems likely that this Isaac was in that area at that time, and no other Isaac Norths are known from the area at the time, so there seems a reasonable chance that Cath North is this Isaac's daughter

7b Mary Jane North-Bomford, b c1830 (27.4.1), d c1882 (27.4.3), m 1850 John Emerson (27.4.1), d c1870, and had issue (27.4.4)

8a Horatio Emerson, b 9 May 1851, alive in 1873, may have d before 1885 (27.4.4)

8b Isaac Bomford Emerson, m Minnie Wyley, daughter of the late John Wyley of Leacroft, Isle of Wight, died without issue

8c John Joseph North Emerson, b 1858, d 1918 (27.4.4), MD. May have had issue

9a Frances Anne Emerson (alternatively, she may be another daughter of Mary Jane North-Bomford and John Emerson - 27.4.4)

8e Henry Robert Mulock Emerson, b c1854, m Georgina Andrews, daughter of George Andrews of Kilkee, and had issue

9a Horace Andrews Emerson, perhaps Henry Horace Andrews Emerson

9b Vivien Emerson

9c Eileen Emerson

9d Vera Emerson

8f Charles St Leger Shervington Emerson, b c1855, d Cham, Victoria, Australia, 1934, unmarried

8g David North-Bomford Emerson, m Emily Constance Martyn, daughter of the late Samuel Martyn of Thurloe Square, London, and had issue

9a Mary Nellie Emerson, b c Sep 1896

8h Frank Emerson, died young

8i Belinda Bomford Emerson, b Dublin 25 Dec1862, m at Portarlington, Queen’s County, 15 Jun 1887 James Cooper-Cooper who was formerly James Cooper Tuthill, as his second wife. He was born 16th Mar 1825, took the name Cooper and inherited Cooper Hill, Co Limerick, from Mrs Honora Cooper. He had 15 children by his first wife, most of whom were older than Belinda. Belinda at the time of her marriage was aged 25, her husband was 62. They had no children

8j Elizabeth Emerson, died young

8k Emily Annabelle Emerson, m Athol Johnstone Dudgeon, son of the late Captain Ralph Dudgeon of the 50th Regiment, and had issue

9a John Henry Dudgeon

9b Ralph Emerson Dudgeon, known as Athol

9c Mary Dudgeon

8l Frances de Wetherall Emerson, or Frances Anne Emerson or Frances Wetheral Mulock (?) (27.4.4)

7c Isaac North-Bomford, b 6 Jun 1834 (27.5), d 6 Apr 1862 (27.5.1), Captain, probably served in China

7d Annabella North-Bomford, b c1836 (27.6), d 16 Jan 1899 (27.6.2), m 12 Apr 1860 Sir Benjamin Whitney, b c1833, d 21 Dec 1916, and had issue (27.6.2)

8a Belinda Whitney, b c1862

8b Mabel Rosamond Whitney, b c1865

7e John North-Bomford of Ferrans, b 17 Jul 1838 (27.7; Chapter 28), d 16 Oct 1905 (28.8), m(1) 24 Jul 1869 Charlotte Maria Devenish-Meares (28.2.1), b c1834 (28.8), d Oct 1881 without issue (28.4); m(2) in Dublin on 5 Sep 1882 Mary Wilhelmina Constance Kaye, dau of William S B Kaye, QC (28.4.1; parish records) and had issue. In 1882, John was of Ferrans, Co Meath and Mary of 16 Gardiners Place, Dublin. Mary remarried 16 Dec 1908 Lieutenant-Colonel Phineas Barrett Villiers-Tuthill (28.8). Deed 68 34 74 of Nov 1868: John North of Leeson St, Dublin, David North, MD, 1st part; Benjamin Whitney of Upr Fitzwilliam St, Dublin, Solicitor, exec of last will and testament of Isaac North Bomford, late of Ferrans, Co Meath, deceased, 2nd part; and John North Bomford of Ferrans, 3rd part - in consideration of the sum of two? hundred pounds heretofore paid to B Whitney as exec of Isaac North Bomford - receipt acknowledged - said John North and David North by the --- of Benjamin Whitney testified as therein did grant and make over to said John North Bomford his heirs - all towns and lands of Ferns and Ferrans containing one? hundred and sixty five acres + plantation measure, Barony of Deeds?, Co Meath, and also Gallow containing sixty? acres + ref indenture of Feb 1866 - and interest of John and David North be extinguished - witnessed by Henry Falls, 7 Dominic St, Dublin, Thomas Falls, David North, William Hill, Rochfort Bridge (EN email 17 Feb 2009) (see 28.3.1)

8a John George North-Bomford, b 13 Oct 1883, baptised 21 Nov 1883 (family then at 16 Gardiners Place and Ferus Kilcock [sic - that is what it looks like in the handwriting - maybe it was Ferns or Ferrans?]: St George parish records, Dublin), d 11 Oct 1965 (28.6.1), m(1) 5 Oct 1909 Hilda Frances Munn, d 31 Jan 1960, and had issue; m(2) 4 Feb 1961 Elizabeth (Betty) Susan Armstrong (28.6.1), d 1980 (28.8)

9a David John North-Bomford, b 1912, d 28 Apr 1949 without issue, m 6 Jan 1946 Molly Moore, widow of Capt Clondesley Shovell Malcolm Brereton (28.6.1, 28.8)

7f David George North-Bomford, b 5 Feb 1840 (27.8), d 13 Oct 1869 (27.8.5), m 1867 Mary Gubbins (27.8.1, 27.8.6) and had issue

8a Annabella North-Bomford, b 1868, d c1957 (27.8.9), m 12 Apr 1899 Thomas Griffin (27.8.9) and had issue

9a Dorothy Griffin, d early 1990s, m Hal Tweedy (27.8.9) and had a daughter

10a Molly Porter (?) (27.8.9)

7g Stephen Robert North-Bomford, b c 1843, ‘died young’ in 1856 (27.2.1)

7h Louisa Emily North-Bomford, b c 1845, ‘died young’ (27.2.1)

7i Horatio North-Bomford, b 16 Feb 1847 (27.9), d c1935 (27.9.4), m 26 Apr 1877 at St Stephens Church, Parish of St Peter, Dublin Alice Louisa Emily Somers or Alice Louisa Emily Summers, dau of John Richard Somers (original marriage record: CN email 22 Nov 2010 - Horatio is recorded as and signs himself Horatio Bomford; 27.9.3) b c1858 in Westmeath (aged 53 in 1911 Census, Westmeath) and had issue. In 1900 Alice dealt with property in Grafton St, Dublin (1900 29 113: EN email 11 Jul 2008). The 1911 census (CN email 25 Nov 2010) describes Horatio as 'ex Captain, Cornwell Rangers'. They lived at Tyrrellspass House, now (2008) the Village Inn (EN email 15 Jul 2008). Alice North-Bomford was buried 12 Apr 1924 at Tyrrellspass (Parish of Newtownfartullagh records, COI library, Churchtown: EN email 29 Mar 2009 - though possibly that is her daughter)

8a Ethel Alice Joy North-Bomford, b 1878 (COI records: 'Try' in that record seems to be a mistranscription of 'Joy', also transcribed as 'Ivy' in the 1901 census: CN emails 23 Nov 2010) (27.9.4), baptised 1878, of 98 Bushfield Ave, Sandford, Dublin

8b Isaac John North-Bomford (27.9.5), b 14 Apr 1882, d 2 Sep 1968 unmarried, clergyman in Galway, retired 1960 (27.9.5)

8c Norah North-Bomford, b c1885 in Dublin (scholar aged 26 in 1911 Census)

7j Belinda Emily North-Bomford, b c1849 (27.10), m 1878 Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Napoleon L’Estrange, d 26 Jun 1890, as his second wife and had a son. He already had six children

8a Edward Bomford L'Estrange, b Mar 1883, d 26 Jun 1951, m Hilaire Frances Elizabeth de Courcy-Wheeler, b 5 Dec 1886, d 7 Oct 1958 without issue (27.10.2

6d Marianne North, b c1789, d 19 May 1867 at 11 Mount St, South Dublin aged 78, widow of a clergyman (death certificate: SP email 12 May 2009; the Irish Death Notice Index lists 'GREGORY, Marianne ( ); ; Kilmore MEA IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1867-5-24 [24 May 1867 - date published]; dja'(SP email 18 Nov 2009)), m 19 Feb 1819 (SP5) Rev Dr C Tighe Gregory (or Tigue Gregory) AM of North Priory, Co Donegal, b c1792, d 14 Nov 1858 aged 66, buried in Kilmore church yard (Longford Journal) and had issue. Marianne North & Rev E T Gregory, marriage bond, 1819, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43). The record of a Meath marriage bond in the National Archive (EN email 19 Apr 2008) records the husband as Edw T Gregory, so perhaps he was Rev Edward Tighe Gregory. The name Edward Tighe Gregory appears in Griffiths (SP email 9 Jul 2008). Trinity records include: Edward Tighe Gregory PEN. Mr White November 6, 1809 aged 16; s. of Francis, Progmaticus (N.F.P.) BA Vern 1816, MA Vern 1819, LLB & LLD Vern 1825 (SP email 24 Jul 2008). "The Rev Dr Tithe Gregory, Rector of Kilmore, County Meath, endeavoured to make the labouring poor of his parish spend a happy Christmas, in having an OX killed at his own expense! and cut up in five pound pieces, which were distributed on Christmas Eve (Saturday) to 55 families, consisting of 176 people. The previous (Friday!!) he entertained all the respectable farmers of his parish, of all religious denominations (Roman Catholics inclusive) at dinner, and gave them a haunch of venison (neither fish nor soup maigre for the fasters) and they drank the health of the Marquess of Anglesey--and a long vice-royalty in a bumper" (The Ballyshannon Herald, and Donegal Advertiser, printed 6 January 1832, transcribed by & © Alison Kilpatrick). See also Lewis' Topographical Dictionary 1837: "Here is a school for all denominations, superintended and entirely supported by the rector, Dr Tighe Gregory, and containing about 30 children. A dispensary, Dorcas institution, repository, and poor shop, have been founded by Dr Gregory, who intends to erect dwellings for destitute widows and orphans."In 1839 he was appointed one of the two personal chaplins to the Lord Lieut of Ireland (1839 Gentleman's Magazine) and he had a brother Col. Gregory of the 44th regiment (SP email 9 Jul 2008). A report on his burial in the Longford Journal of 27 Nov 1858 states, "The Rev Dr Gregory died on the 14th inst at Paget Priory in his sixty seventh year, having been twenty six years rector of Kilmore, and chaplain to the Marquis of Anglesea and other successive Lords Lieutenant of Ireland."

7a Richard Allott Tighe Gregory, b c1820. Trinity records record, "PEN. Mr Carrigan October 16, 1835 aged 15; s of Edward Tighe Clericus b. Antrim BA Vern 1840 LLB Vern 1843" (SP email 24 Jul 2008). He is included in the 1881, 1888 and 1901 English census reports; on the last listed with him is a Marian Gregory (SP email 24 Jul 2008)

6e Deborah North of Tyrrellspass, m Roger North of Cappa, Galway (SP5). This is based on a marriage settlement (deed 1839 15 189: EN email 10 Mar 2008) dated 7 Aug 1839 between Roger North, Cappa, Co Galway & Deborah North of Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath, second daughter of John North, deceased. Her father John North died in 1836 or 1838, and it appears from the Oswego letters that he may have opposed her marriage to Roger: 'I will begin with Roger’s marriage - you may recollect when you were going that it had been broken off a short time previous, after his father’s death he went to Co Westmeath and all obstacles being removed by the death of her father she listened to his proposal and they were married last August they have been residing at Cappa since then.' John's mother (Deborah's grandmother) was Deborah Leland, and this Deborah is presumed to have been named after her. Deborah is named as one of John's unmarried daughters in deed 846 146 566646 of 1829. Deborah North m Roger North in 1839 (Meath marriage bond in National Archive, EN email 19 Apr 2008). Roger North of Cappa is in the tree as 5c ? Roger North, b c1792, d 10 May 1876, a widower. Under the marriage settlement (1839 15 189), Roger puts in trust for Deborah and Roger a half part or moiety of 'the lower lands of' Kilbride and Tonlegee. The other half part or moiety of Kilbride and Tonlegee was held by Roger's uncle, Roger North of Kilbride and his heirs, as demised in the will of William of Kilbride. It is not known if there were any 'upper' lands of Kilbride - possibly Whitewell?

6f Sarah Frances North, 'third daughter of John North of Whitewell, Co Westmeath, Esq' m Jun 1823 Godfrey Wills Berry, b 21 Jan 1799, d 14 Aug 1868 in Gillingham, Kent, England, son of William Knight Berry and Anna Wills (SP5), and had issue. Sarah F North & G W Berry, marriage bond, 1823, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43). Deed 783 102 529837 of 7 June 1823 is their marriage settlement; it includes John North of Whitewell, David North of Fairview & James Bagnall of Firbane, Kings Co. G W Berry inherited from his grandfather, Thomas Berry, Egles Castle, Kings Co, perpetual rent (£50 pa) on lands Loughnagore, Sephanna? and Colehill, Westmeath, and John North agreed to the sum of £400 as marriage portion: those are put into trust for Godfrey, Sarah and their issue; witnessed by John Roger North & Isaac North of Whitewell, 'gent aged twenty years and upwards' (EN email 27 Sep 2008; CN email 5 May 2009)

7a William Knight Berry, b 1826, d 1848, of Ballyburky, MD (might be Ballyburley?)

7b Sarah Berry, b 1828

7c Godfrey Wills Berry, b 1831

7d Deborah Margaret Berry, d 1862, 'died young'

7e Anne Berry, d 1871, 'died young'

7f Charlotte Elizabeth Berry, b 1835

7g Marianne Frances Berry (photo), b 1840, d 1890, married Frederick Augustus Gardiner (photo), b c1834 (ordination papers, SP email 14 Mar 2008 - also has more about his family), d 1900, and had issue: Sarah Frances Gardiner b 1864; Freda Marian Gardiner b 1867; and Frederick William Gardiner, b ?1869 ['1896' (SP5)]. All three children married and had issue. Frederick Augustus Gardiner's parents were Alexander Stoker Gardiner and Augusta Maud Barber. Augusta Barber may be related to Eleanor Barber (6a above) (SP email 16 Nov 2007). In 1872 Frederick was living at St Mary's, Chatham, Kent (will of Jane Hannah North). Frederick Augustus Gardiner's brother William Gardiner or William Alexandere Gardiner, b 1837, m in the UK on 18 Jan 1876 Katherine Emerson North, b 1853 (above) (Raymond Krepp email 14 Jan 2009)

6g Sophie North. Sophie North is one of John's three unmarried daughters named in deed 846 146 566646 of 1829

6h Jane Hannah North, b c1802, d 16 Aug 1872 in Tyrrellspass aged 70, spinster, gentlewoman, alive 1835 (23.7). Her niece, Marianne Frances Gardiner (nee Berry, above) was present at her death (death certificate: EN email 30 Apr 2009). She left a will (EN email 3 Apr 2008): Frederick Augustus Gardiner of St Mary's, Chatham, Kent, (above) was the sole surviving executor

5b ? Roger North of Birr, d before 1816, perhaps before 1797 (deed 1797 510 529 333150 - see possible daughter Margaret below). Birr is otherwise known as Parsonstown (EN email 23 Jun 2009). There is a deed dated 1816 – 1818, number 705 542/3 483478, the marriage settlement for David North and Catherine Pim. It states, in part, as best can be transcribed (CN email 11 Mar 2008; EN emails 23 May 2008):

.. a marriage was there intended by God’s permission to be had and solemnized between the said David North & the sd Cathr Pimrecitg that the sd David was seized and possessed of thetown & lands of Upper and Lower Tinnikelly contg 235a 2r 2p plantation measure situate in the Barony of Lower Ormond & Coy ofTipperary, under & by virtue of a lease bearing date the 2 day of Augs 1784 & … the residues of the tenant interest have been vested in said same David North under & by virtue of the will of Roger North his uncle and the same David North was also seized under & by virtue of said will of the lands of Clonfree contg 83 acres 1 rood & 5 perches situate in the Parish of ….

From this it appears that David North had an uncle Roger North, and that is the basis for this entry. Note that David wasn't born until about 1794, and this deed suggests Uncle Roger mentioned David in his will, so Roger may have lived well into the 1800s. Roger aquired Clonfree in 1791 (deed 1791 343 211 235759, CN email 24 Jul 2009: Roger aquired Clonfree 83 ac 1 rd 5 pch then in the possession of the widow Burke's undertenants, from Henry E Thompson of Dublin on 23 Feb 1791 for the life or lives of Joseph North son of Joseph North of Northbrook Co Galway [as far as we know, Joseph jr was the nephew of Joseph of Northbrook], John North son of Jn North of Whitewell Co Westmeath & John Wetherall Thompson or for thirty one years at a rent of £32/2/6 pa) and David subsequently sold it (deed 1848 13 144 of Jul 1848). Henry Thompson of Dublin also seems to have bought Tinnekelly (Tinnikilly, Tinnakilly), among other properties, from Richard Armstrong and Thomas Mitchell, merchants of Dublin, on 10 Mar 1788: deed 1788 391 293 26142, CN email 24 Jul 2009). There is another Roger in the deeds, and it may be this Roger's son, though it is not clear why Uncle Roger would have willed rents, residues and lands to his nephew David North if he had a son Roger North; nor is there any evidence that Roger married (except for a possible daughter, below). So for now the younger Roger has been placed as a brother of Joseph North of Cappa, who named a Roger North as the executor of his will. Uncle Roger may be the Roger in another deed: in deed 425 55 275840 of 20 Apr 1786, an indented deed of rent charge, between Roger North of Loughkeen, Co Tipperaray, and John North of Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath, Roger gave granted bargained and made over one annuity of yearly rent charge of thirty pounds a year to the said John and Mary North his wife to be issuing and payable out of the lands of Whitewell in Westmeath and also out of the lands of Tinnekelly, in consideration of an assignment of the said John North’s interest in the lands of Tinnekelly in Co Tipperary to the said Roger North. The memorial was witnessed by John Wade of Tyrrellspass(EN email 12 Mar 2008; CN email 9 Jun 2009). The Roger of that deed, Roger North of Loughkeen, Co Tipperary, may be this Roger.Tinnakilly or Tinnakelly, and Clonfree are in the townland of Loughkeen, Cloneen, Clonmel, Co Tipperary (EN email 28 Apr 2008). Cornhill, Tinnakelly & Clonfree are townslands on the road from Riverstown village to Cloghjordan (& onwards to Borrisokane) about 2 to 4 miles outside Birr, very close to each other but not attached (EN email 23 Jun 2009). As to John of Tyrrellspass and Mary his wife, they may be John of Cornhill, this Roger's grandfather, and his wife and cousin Mary North, who leased Tinnekelly in 1784 (deed 1816-18 705 542/3 483478, CN email 11 Mar 2008). John seems to have been alive in 1786 when his other grandson John, this Roger's brother, married Anne Bomford (16.3.1)

6a ?Margaret North, m James Bagnell in 1797. Deed 1797 510 529 333150 of 1797 is the marriage settlement of James Bagnell, gent, of Rahoe in Co Westmeath and Margaret North of Co Dublin, spinster. The Margaret that was marrying was entitled, under the will of her father, the late Roger North, to £600 out of Tinnikelly and Clonfree - the lands that David North inherited from his 'Uncle Roger' of Birr. Was Margaret the daughter of 'Uncle Roger'? - for whom we don't have a wife, much less issue. Uncle Roger left a will, as it is mentioned in David's 1816 marriage settlement, so that is OK. Uncle Roger may well have left a £600 legacy to a daughter and given the lands to his nephew, subject to the legacy. We think Uncle Roger must have known David and that David was born in the 1790s, so we had supposed that Uncle Roger lived into the 1800s. But in the 1797 settlement Margaret's father Roger is dead. So the timing is all a bit tight - on our best estimate David was aged 3 in 1797. Uncle Roger, as best we know, acquired Clonfree in 1791, and Tinnekelly in 1786 (deed 425 55 275840 of 20 Apr 1786 - assignment from John North of Whitewell/Tyrrellspass/Cornhill), so they only came together in the early 1790s

4b ?John North, son of John North of Whitewell. Deed 1791 343 211 235759 (CN email 24 Jul 2009) refers to 'John North son of Jn North of Whitewell Co Westmeath', and 'Joseph North son of Joseph North of Northbrook Co Galway'. The 1791 deed is recited in deed 1816-18 705 542/3 483478 with the same information. Joseph of Northbrook is the next entry below, but his 'son' may be his nephew Joseph as it appears Joseph of Northbrook did not have a son Joseph when he died a year later. Joseph of Northbrook had a brother John of Whitewell, who married Margaret Abernethy, and this entry is for the son John of that John as refered to in the deed, assuming him to be the son of John of Whitewell and Margaret Abernethy. The 1791 deed may be wrong, and there is a low degree of confidence that this John existed. There is a John in the next generation of the Whitewell Norths, but he is the son of 4a Roger North, above, not the son of a John

3c Joseph North of Garrynahane, will proved 1792 (SP1, Vicars prerogative wills). Betham's extract of his will appears to state, '27 North Joseph of Garrynahane [or Garrynuhane or Garrynichane: = Northbrook] Co Galway Gent dated 10 Jul 1789 pd [proved in the Prerogative Court] 1 Mar 1792 - wife Hannah - Sister [or Sisters or perhaps Lister - possibly his wife's maiden name?; or possibly Sister's?] daur Sarah Abernethy - nephew Joseph North' (EN email 25 Apr 2008 #1). If it is 'Sister's daughter Sarah Abernethy', then Joseph had a sister who married an Abernethy who had a daughter Sarah Abernethy; or Hannah was an Abernethy and her brother had a daughter Sarah Abernethy. Henry Abernethy is a witness in deed 1726 50 54 32031. Joseph's brother 3b John North married Margaret Abernethy. Joseph is included in a tree (Bainbridge) in a James North book (SP email 27 Feb 2008). Joseph went to Galway, along with his nephew, his brother 3a William's son 4c Joseph (SP email 7 Mar 2008), so 3c Joseph is 4c Joseph's 'Uncle Joseph' (SP email 27 Feb 2008). Deed 1752 152 235 101563 of 19 Mar 1750 records a lease for lives renewable for ever of Garrynahane (Garrinahane), 200 acres, from Samuel Handy of Coolelough, Co Westmeath, to Joseph North of Garrinahane, Co Galway, for rent of £35 pa. Ann Fouace and John Handy are named as sister and brother to Samuel Handy (CN email 15 Oct 2009). The lease was renewed on 21 Apr 1839 (referred to in deed 1853 14 264: CN email 6 Sep 2010). Garrynahane was also known as Northbrook and on Joseph's death in 1792 it went to his brother 3a William of Kilbride Castle's third son, Joseph. Deed 1752 101564 of 21 Jan 1752 records a lease of 82 acres in two parcels part of Killtobber, 135 acres, Co Galway, from William Bagnall, eldest son and heir of John Bagnall (deceased), to Joseph North of Garrenhane [Garrynahane] for £63/10. Killtober has been leased to John Bagnall on 25 Mar 1724 by Barechias Low [Barakiah Low] of Newtown, Co Westmeath. John Bagnall had a brother Timothy Bagnall (CN email 15 Oct 2009)

3d Unnamed daughter North. See the entry for 3c Joseph North above: an unnamed daughter North has been included here because she may have married Henry Abernethy or another Abernethy and had the 'daughter Sarah Abernethy' mentioned in Betham's extract of Joseph's will. Bainbridge includes 'daughters' in her tree

2e Susanna North. Deed 200 51 1319424 of 1759: William Smith & Susanna his wife (nee North) of Courtfoyle?, Co Wicklow; refers back to their marriage 28 Nov 1733, Susanna being daughter of Roger North, Newcastle; deed concerns land & property to Roger North & William Midgely? of Kilbeggan, houses and tenements; jointure paid out of land at Courtfoyle and Carrignamuck, Co Wicklow (EN email 12 Mar 2008)

2f Mary North, d before 1748, m Caleb Emerson d 1748. Mary North and Caleb North are mentioned as a daughter and son of Roger North in deed 1726 50 54 32031. It is assumed that Caleb of the deed is 2b Caleb North above; this Mary North is his sister. It appears they both went to Pennsylvania. John Marshall has an Emerson tree which shows "Caleb Emerson (Thomas2, Edward1); m Mary North; [he] d 1748/49 at Philadelphia, PA. He resided at Dublin, Ireland. He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He left a will on 16 Jul 1748 at Philadelphia Co, PA; proved 16 Jan 1748." From other sources, Mary North m c1710 Caleb Emerson, 'an eminent and rich looking-glass maker' of Dublin, son of Thomas Emerson and Dorothy Middleton; Thomas Emerson was the son of Sir Edward Emerson of Derham (?Durham) and Debaro Bogwell; Debaro Bogwell was the daughter of Sir John Bogwell. Caleb Emerson d 1748 'at an advanced age' and there is no mention of his wife in his will (full transcript: Richard Emerson email 6 Dec 2008), which implies that Mary died before 1748 (Richard Emerson email 13 June 2008). Mary North and Caleb Emerson had three children

3a Elizabeth Emerson m 1730 Alexander Graydon and moved to Pennsylvania in 1731 with her husband, her father Caleb Emerson, and probably her sister Anne, and had a son. Her husband and her father took up business in Pensylvania, trading as Emerson and Graydon, importers of all manner of goods from Europe, including mirrors and slaves

4a Alexander Graydon, author of Memoirs of a life, Chiefly passed in Pennsylvania within the last 60 years (Edinburgh; printed for William Blackwood and T Cadell, Strand, London, 1822);

4b Elizabeth Graydon, m c 1748 David McIlvaine, brother of William McIlvaine who married Elizabeth's aunt Anne Emerson (Raymond Krepp email 21 Nov 2008)

3b Anne Emerson, m in Pennsylvania in May 1742 William McIlvaine as his first wife and had three children. William McIlvaine was born on 31 Mar 1722 at Ayrshire, Scotland. He immigrated in 1745 to Bristol, Bucks Co., PA. He was a shipping merchant. He was a member of the Independant Company of Foot under Capt John Kidd. He married Margaret Cross on 3 Dec 1766 as his 2nd wife. He left a will on 26 Jan 1770 at 'Fairview', Bucks Co, PA; proved 4 Oct 1770. He died in 1770 at 'Fair View', Bristol, Bucks Co, PA. He was buried at Presbyterian Cemetery, Newtown, Bucks Co, PA. (John Marshall)

4c Mary McIlvaine

3c Joshua Emerson, who married before 1748 Martha Low or Martha Lowe and had a son (Raymond Krepp email 21 Nov 2008). He is described as of Ballysolough, Kings Co, gent, in 1775 (deed 176 423 119418) [Ballysolagh or Ballysollagh is mentioned elsewhere in this narrative], of Geashill, Kings Co in 1757 and of City of Dublin, gent, in 1765 (Richard Emerson email 6 Dec 2008) and of Edenderry, Kings Co, when he died intestate in 1769 (Bethams extract)

4a Joshua Emerson who married in 1765 (see the Low family history)

1b John North of Clooneen, Kings Co (CoN) or of Clonin, Offaly (SP1), m 24 Apr 1679 (St Bride, Dublin, parish records, page 122: SP email 21 Mar 2008; EN email 4 Nov 2008) Mary Watson of Castle Jordan, Co Westmeath (Bainbridge records her as Hannah Watson of Castle Jordan), and had issue

2a Elias North of Ballyburley (or of Clonfad, Westmeath: Bainbridge) m 1705 Elizabeth Thorogood from Geashill (SP1), daughter of Thorogood of Dysart and had issue (Bainbridge). See deed 69 438 49089 below

3a James North, Rev, b c1711, d 1771, m Hannah and had issue. RootsIreland holds a gravestone inscription record for a Rev James North, died 1 Feb 1771 aged 60 (so b c1711) buried in the Modreeny graveyard, Co Tipperary (Shonagh Love email 5 Jun 2012), who may (from the Tipperary connections, his imputed date of birth and the parents' marriage date) be this James (SP email 26 Sep 2008). [Buried with Rev James North are: James Lewis d Jun 1770 aged 5; James North Hardy of Lawrencetown Co Galway d 8 Nov 1846 aged 56; his son James North Hardy d 26 Nov 1898 aged 78; and Elizabeth his wife of Woodview, Eyrecourt, Co Galway, d 5 Mar 1898 aged 66]. Rev James North, Summerhill [Co Tipperary], left a will (1774, CPR 1922, WW16). James North & Hannah Mills (widow), marriage bond, 1738, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW34). There are other records probably relating to the same Rev James North. Deed 133 270 90912 of 1748: James North of Tipperary 1st part; Huldah Nason, widow, sole executor of William Nason 2nd part; & Henry Nason of Castlelyons, Co Cork, 3rd part - James North (with three addresses: City of Corke; Drumnamahane, Co Tipperary; & Shraduff, Co Tipperary) for consideration (the principal and some interest on the mortgage) and with the approval of Huldah Nason, makes over a mortgage over the late William Nason's land, part of Disert in the parish of Gortroe, Barrony of Barrymore, Co Corke, to Henry Nason (EN email 6 Dec 2008). Deed 210 104 138125 of 12 Jun 1760 records the lease from the Rev James North of Drumnamahane, Co Tipperary and Hanna North, his wife, to Daniel Callaghan of Bandon Road in the south suburbs of the city of Corke, skinner, of slate dwelling houses then in Daniel's occupation (CN email 10 Mar 2009). Rev James North of Borrisokane or Borrisakane or Borroskeane Co Tipp and John Cornwall and Alexander Cornwall of same did demise to Thomas Reed farmer a half interest in 17 acres and a full interest in 29 acres at Borroskeane, dated 24 Feb 1767 (Deed 1767 250 363 164364: EN email 17 Aug 2008). In deed 1777 322 889 212030 of 28 Aug 1775, Hannah North, widow of Rev James North, of Summerhill, Co Tipperary, Hannah gets £100, relief of her debts and a jointure for life of £40 pa, and her grandaughter Mrs Elizabeth Wilkinson gets a jointure of £10 pa while Hannah and another grandparent live, in exchange for all Hannah's interest in Summerhill and land called Crottymore in the City and Co of Cork, and everything in her possession in or on it

4a unknown issue

5a Mrs Elizabeth Wilkinson, grandaughter of Hannah North named in deed 1777 322 889 212030 of 28 Aug 1775

3b Thoroughgood North or Thurgood North (SP1) or Thorogood North (Bainbridge) d 1773 in Tipperary (will), m at Ballymakee, Tipperary, 12 Aug 1746 Charity Freeman (ML, SP1, SP2) and had issue. Betham's extract of Thurgood's will reads, '259 North Thurgood of Tinoe Co Tippy - Dated 12th Sep- 1772 - pd 21st[?] Oct 1773 - daur Elizabeth Jones - Sons Christopher and James - Brother James North - wife Charitie[?] -'. Also listed in Vicars prerogative wills

4a Elias North (SP1)

4b Christopher North, d 1818 at Mercer, Pa, USA, m 15 Apr 1765 Elizabeth Chapman and had issue (SP2: The Irish Genealogist)

4c James North (SP1)

4d Elizabeth North (SP1) m Jones (Betham)

2b John North b 1683 d 1740 m Lydia Kincaide d c1762 (EN email 27 Jul 2009) and had issue (The History of Augusta p 912). They went to Maine, USA, in 1730 from Clooneen, Kings Co. Settled at Harrington, Pemaquid, Me. See deed 69 438 49089 below. Information on their children comes principally from The History of Augusta pp 912-919. ( has a different version of events: Lydia Kincaid was b 1706 and m John North in 1728, then she and her two infant children, James and John, died on the voyage from Ireland in 1830)

3a John North, b 1708, d 1763 m(1) Elizabeth Lewis and had issue. She died and he married again in 1746 (see below). He was a Captain at Fort Frederic and Fort St George (appointed 1757) during the French and Indian war; a surveyor of lands (see, for example, Point Preserve - lo.pdf(2MB): caption at page 14); and Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Lincoln County from its establishment in 1760. His will, probate granted 6 Jul 1763

4a Hon Joseph North, b 8 Aug 1739, d 1826, settled at Pemaquid, m 1764 Hannah Flag, daughter of Gershom Flag, a Plymouth proprieter (EN email 27 Jul 2009) and had issue. 1790 census may record this Joseph and his family at Hallowell. JP?

5a John North, b 1 Nov 1767, m(1) on 25 Dec 1791 Mehitable Troth of Bath or Mehetable Trott of Hallowell (Maine Genealogy) and had 4 children."A plan for a second Lincoln County Jail was submitted by John North to the 1793 Court of Sessions" - maybe that was this John North

6a George Flagg North, b 1792, d 1817 in Baltimore Md aged 25, master mariner, unmarried

6b Joseph North, b 1794, d 1819 at Savanna aged 19, ship master, unmarried

6c Caroline North, b c1797, m 9 Sep 1823 Benjamin Davis of Augusta

6d Hannah Flagg North, b 15 Nov 1899, d 1 Oct 1826, m(1) 23 Feb 1820 (Maine Genealogy) Joshua Bowman d 2 Sep 1823 and had issue

7a George Augustus Bowman, b 3 Dec 1820, ordained 9 Aug 1848, m 31 May 1855 Ernistine Lord of Portland and had 5 children

7b Caroline North Bowman, b 19 Mar 1822, d 28 Nov 1826

6d Hannah Flagg North m(2) Andrew Gardiner Winslow, son of General John Winslow of Boston

5a John North m(2) Elizabeth B Linnell of Mercer and had 1 further child

6e George Flagg North, b 1826, m 1852 Martha B Hill of Exeter, Me, and had issue

7a Hattie Bell North, b 12 Nov 1853

7b Gershom Flag North, b 6 Oct 1856

7c Hannah G North, b 1 Nov 1858

7d Charles L North, b 6 Mar 1861

7e Clara E North, b 1 Jun 1863

7f Martha H North, b 10 Apr 1866

7g Jennie North, b 12 Dec 1869

5b Gershom North, b 12 Dec 1769, d 4 Mar 1849, m(1) Ann Rasom d 24 Jan 1832 without issue; m(2) 20 Jun 1834 Mrs Mary Currier and had issue

6a Hannah Bridge North, b 7 Mar 1837, m 3 Sep 1853 Richard Turner and had issue

7a Isabella F Turner, b 14 Jan 1855

7b Evelyn Turner, b 26 Mar 1863

7c Albert G Turner, b 12 Oct 1869

5c Joseph North, b 9 Dec 1771, d Sep 1832, m 3 Feb 1806 his cousin Lydia McKecknie d Dec 1841, and had issue. He was in trade in Clinton (now Benton) with his brother James until James died in 1812

6a Mary Jane North, b 7 Nov 1809, d Nov 1842, m Aug 1832 Charles Lancaster, merchant of Augusta, and had issue. He married again

7a Marie Louise Lancaster, b 1833, m Frank D Morrill of San Francisco, California

7b Charles Edward Lancaster, b 1835, dentist of San Francisco, California

6b Joseph Henry North, b 25 Aug 1812 m 6 Apr 1840 Eliza H Underwood, daughter of Joseph H Underwood of Fayette, and had issue. Joseph graduated from Maine Medical School in 1835 and lived at West Waterville and at Hammonton NJ

7a Edward North, b 29 Jul 1841, graduated 1868 from Jefferson Medical College, Penn and practiced at Hammonton NJ

7b Joseph Henry North, b 9 Oct 1843, graduated 1869 from Jefferson Medical College, Penn and was in a regiment of the NJ Cavalry 'during the war'

7c Mary Jane North, b 17 Nov 1845, m R S Morse and lived at Atlantic City NJ

7d Hannah Flag North, b 17 Jul 1848

7e Eliza Underwood North, b 6 Jun 1850

7f James North, b 2 Sep 1855

7g William McKecknie North, b 18 Feb 1858

6c James North, b 25 Jul 1813

6d William North, b 8 Jan 1815, died unmarried

6e Margaret Bridge North, b 18 Jun 1818, m 2 May 1842 Dr George Gourlay of Scotland, then Philadelphia and subsequently of Hobeken, New York, and had issue

7a Walter Gourlay, b 19 Feb 1843, graduate of Union College, 1864

7b Mary Gourlay, b 11 Jan 1845

7c George Everett Gourlay, b 3 Aug 1847, d 30 Sep 1848

7d Frederic Gourlay, b 7 Mar 1849

7e Emily Haywood Gourlay, b 18 Oct 1851, d 29 Jul 1852

7f Charles Burrill Gourlay, b 13 Feb 1857

5d Hannah North, b 29 Jun 1774, m 4 Jul 1797 the Hon James Bidge of Augusta

5e James North, b 13 Sep 1777, d 10 Feb 1812, m 2 Aug 1807 Martha Jewett, d 25 Feb 1812, and had issue. Was in partnership in trade with his brother Joseph

6a James William North, b 12 Feb 1810, m 23 Sep 1834 Phebe Upton, and had issue. Lawyer, lived in Clinton (now Benton), returned to Augusta and was mayor 1857-60

7a James William North, b 24 Mar 1838, m 17 July 1865 Virginie H Freer and had issue. Graduated from Bowdoin Medical School in 1868, practiced at Gardiner from 1864, assistant surgeon 107th Regiment of Colored Infantry, discharged at the end of the war, practiced in Augusta from 1866, moved to Jefferson 1868

8a Martha Jewett North, b15 Sep 1866

8b Carolina North, b 9 Nov 1868

7b George Flint North, b 18 Mar 1840, m 24 Apr 1865 Ellen Robinson, daughter of Ivory J Robinson of Augusta, and had issue. Lived in Augusta

8a William North, b 20 Jul 1866

7c Jewett North, b 28 Apr 1842, d 3 Sep 1863

7d Horace North, b 3 Jul 1847

4b Mary North, b 1742, d 21 Jul 1816, m(1) 1 Jan 1760 (IGI record) Dr John McKecknie, Scottish physician, teacher in Pemaquid, and later a land surveyor, d 14 Apr 1782. The marriage was not to the 'good liking' of her father: his will. They had 13 children. Following McKecknie's death, Mary m(2) on 4 Dec 1790 David Pattee (IGI record)

5a Elizabeth McKecknie, b 29 Oct 1760, m 26 Sep 1783 in Maine (IGI record) Samuel McFarland of Waterville and had 6 children

5b Thomas McKecknie, b 1 Sep 1762, m Olive Parker and had 5 sons and 4 daughters

5c Rebecca McKecknie, b 27 May 1764, m Simeon Tozer and had 11 children

5d Hannah McKecknie, b 28 Apr 1766, m 31 Dec 1788 Elias Craig of Augusta

5e Sarah McKecknie, b 1 Feb 1768, m Abraham Steward and had issue

5f John McKecknie, b 13 Jan 1770 m Anne Hume and had 2 daughters

5g Mary McKecknie, b 3 Nov 1771, d 5 Sep 1814, m James Stackpole of Waterville d 18 Sep 1852, and had 4 children

5h Agnes McKecknie, b 1 May 1773, d Oct 1773

5i Jean McKecknie, b 23 Aug 1774, m Captain William Haywood and had 7 children

5j Joseph McKecknie, b 8 Sep 1775, m Electa Bement and had issue

5k Lydia McKecknie, b 12 Jan 1777, d Dec 1841, who m her cousin 5c Joseph North, b 9 Dec 1771, above

5l Alexander McKecknie, b 22 Aug 1778, m Betsy Roberts and had 5 sons

5m William McKecknie, b 20 Apr 1781, d unmarried

3a John North b 1708 m(2) Elizabeth Pitson, daughter of James Pitson and Hannah Pitson of Boston (SP2), d 1789 (EN email 27 Jul 2009), and had further issue

4c Willliam North, General, Senator, b 1755 at Fort Frederick, Pemaquid, Maine, d 3 Jan 1836 New York City, m 1787 Mary Duane, d 11 May 1813, granddaughter of Robert Livingstone, and had issue (The History of Augusta p 915). Served as aide-de-camp to Baron von Steuben in the Revolutionary army and became a New York state politician. Von Steuben left half his estate to William. Wikipedia entry. Biography

5a Frederick William Steuben North, b 14 Jul 1788 d 1789

5b Marie North, b 12 Aug 1789, d 8 Jun 1812

5c James Duane North, b 28 Jan 1791, d 1792

5d Elizabeth North, b 1792, d 8 Jun 1845, unmarried

5eWilliam Augustus Steuben North, b 1 Feb 1793, m Margaret Bridge, daughter of Judge Bride of Augusta and had issue. Graduated from Union College in 1812. Practiced law, but changed to agriculture at Duanesburg

6a Mary Catherine North, m Rev D C Weston

6b Hannah Elizabeth North

6c Adelia North, died young

5f Adelia North b 14 May 1797, m Major Henry Saunders of Leesburg, Virginia and had issue

6a Eliza Saunders, b 31 Mar 1831, d 1842

6b Henry Saunders, died young

6c Adelia Saunders, died young

3b James North died on the passage from Ireland

3c Elizabeth North m John Wirling of Pemaquid, Maine

3d Mary North m Kennedy

3e Rebecca North m William Toler of Stoneham Mass

3f Lydia North m Boise Cooper of Pemaquid, Maine

3g Sarah North m Hewson

3h Ann North m Hardy and stayed in Ireland (The History of Augusta, p 913)

2c William North of Lawrencetown and Coole, d 1722, m Anna and had issue (SP1). Betham's extract of his will states, '386 North William of Lawrencetown Kings Co - Dated 5th Feb 1721/2 - pd 16th Jan 1722 - wife Anna - Grandson Joseph Bagnell - Sons Elie and John John and Elie -' (EN email 25 Apr 2008 #13. Also recorded in Vicars prerogative wills & SP email 15 Oct 2015)

3a John North of Lawrencetown (SP1). Harriet Bainbridge says this John had sons William who married Rachel Antisell, and James. However, the marriage settlement of William and Rachel makes it clear that William was the son of John's brother Elie, and so both William and James have been moved to be sons of Elie. At this stage there is no other evidence that John had sons, or even that he married

3b Elie North of Ballintubber (SP1) (will of his father, above). Deed 69 438 49089 of 14 Apr 1729: John North, Tinny Cross, King’s Co, farmer, did grant and confirm unto Elie North of Cool, Kings Co, farmer, all his moiety and part of the town and lands of Tonglagee, Co Kildare and also his moiety and part of the town and lands of Coole and part of the lands of Togher, Croghan, Kings Co, that is to say his whole interest in the leases of the said towns and lands to hold to the said Elie, his Execs and Adms and assigns during the continuance of the respective --- together with the part of sheep, lambs, cows, bullocks, heifers of several ages and corn of the towns and lands of above to the said Elie, his Execs --- own proper life and uses forever, witness Joseph Sikes of Tinecross, farmer, Deborah Miller, Coole, widow, & Wm North eldest son of the said Elie North (EN email 17 May 2008). While it is not entirely certain who each of the parties is in this deed, it seems most likely that it was 2b John North b 1683 transferring land to his nephew, this Elie, before John took his family to the USA in 1830. If the deed refers to this Elie, his son William was the witness to the deed, and it explains how Elie had the land to promise to son William in William's marriage settlement (deed 206 293 136070 of 14 Feb 1737)

4a William North of Cool, Kings Co, d c1775 (Vicars prerogative wills), m 9 Feb 1737 Rachel Antisele or Rachel Antisell of Grange, Co Tipperary (ML), d c1801 (Vicars prerogative wills) (possible family) and had issue (SP1). Betham's extract of William's will reads, '281 North William of Cool Kings Co farmer - Dated 19th Decr 1771 pd 16th May 1775 - children Rachel - Mary - James - William and Thorogood - daur Jane wife of Philip Sherlock - Son Eli - wife Rachel - Brothers James North and Christopher Antisell -' (EN email 25 Apr 2008 #5). There is a record of an 1801 will for a Rachel Antisele (SP1). Brother Christopher Antisell named in William's will would be Rachel's brother, so William's brother in law. Deed 206 293 136070 of 14 Feb 1737 is their marriage settlement: Thomas Antisell of Straduffing, Co Tipperary, 1st part; Wm North of Coole in Kings Co, 2nd part; Ely North, father of Wm North, 3rd part; Godfrey Hemsworth of Lackine, Co Tipperary, 4th part; and Rachel Antisell, 2nd daughter of Thos Antisell 5th part - agreed that Wm North shall take to wife Rachel Antisell and Rachel shall take to husband Wm on or before 1 May then next; in consideration of marriage to be had then Thos Antisell covenanted to pay said Wm North £100 on 1 May then next, £50 on birth of 1st child by said Rachel; in consideration of said intended marriage Ely North covented to pay Wm North £200 in sheep, black cattle and horses on 1 May then next, ye farm of Tandrowgee, Co Kildare, on 1 May next, clear from any debt or rent, and also the farm aforementioned and five acres at Cragh, Kings Co, on 1 May, clear from debt or rent, and also farm said Ely North then lived on of 200 acres at Cool, Kings Co upon the death of said Ely North reserving the 4th part [i.e. a quarter?] of said farm of Cool for Ely and [his] then present wife during her lifetime and then to come said son William clear of debt; Ye sd Wm North in considn of sd marr portion covted [covenented] if in case sd wm shall [leave] the sd Rachel with one or more child or childn & marry a secd wife Yt in which case Ye sd Wm shall immediately after such secd marr secure unto the sd Thos Antisel & Godfrey Hemsworth one hund & fifty pds for Ye use of such child or childn when such child or childn shall attain to twenty one years or day of marr wch first happens provided sd child or childn marrys with the consent of Ye father or any of sd trustees to be paid to such child or childn in such share & proportion as sd Wm North by deed or will shall direct & for want of such directn to be paid to such childn share & share alike & if but one child the sd one hund & fifty pds to be pd to such child as aforesd .. agreed between sd parties Yt in case sd Rachel shall survive sd Wm leaving issue by him at his death Yt she shall have out of the assets & effects of sd Wm one hund & fifty pds in full all dower … & if sd Rachel survives him without issue then she shall have two hund & fifty pds in full of dower --- witnesses Thos North of Pallisboy in Westmeath and Thorgood North of Thennoes, Co Tipperary – sworn 18 Jun 1760 (CN email 1 Mar 2009; EN email 6 Dec 2008). William North is named as a son of Elie North of Cool in deed 69 438 49089 of 1729. (As an aside, there was still a Thomas Antisell born in Straduff, Co Tipperary, in the 1911 Dublin census - aged 38, married five years, living at 7 St Annes Terrace, Clontarf East, no children (EN email 21 Apr 2010)). Rachel Antisell's mother may have been Dorothea Fraser (Susan McCall email 20 Apr 2012)

5a Elias North or Eli North or Elic North or Elie North or Ely North, d before 1806 (deed 583 32 393592) m c1771 Margaret Homan and had issue. Deed 299 671 200128 of 9 Dec 1771 (EN emails 12 Mar & 3 Sep 2008) records the marriage articles of Margaret Homan, youngest daughter of Daniel Homan, Drumcooley, King’s Co (her mother might be Margaret Grierson who married a Daniel Homan in 1728: Shonagh Love email 12 Jun 2009, EN email 14 Mar 2012), and Elie North, 1st son of William & Rachel North, of Coole, Kings Co; mentions land at Ballyowen situated in the Half Barony of Philipstown, and at Coole and Togher. If this is the Ely of deed 526 280 344432 of 1800 then he is 'Ely North of Edenderry, Kings Co'. In deed 1776 311 114 207482 of 5 Feb 1774 Elie North, gent of Ballyowen (Ballyown, Balliowin), Kings Co, transfers the remainder of a lease over Ballyowen, on which he lived and which he had on lease from John Ledbeater deceased, to Phillip Sherlock, witnessed by Daniel Homan of Drimcooly (Drumcooly)

6a William North, eldest son (so presumably born soon after his parents' marriage in Dec 1771), alive in 1833 (surviving trustee of his sister Rachel's marriage settlement named in deed 1833 6 182).Deed 583 32 393592 of 16 Jan 1806: William North of the Bank of Ireland, Dublin, eldest son and heir of Elie North, late of Edenderry, Kings Co; and David North of the Bank of Ireland, 2nd son of Elie North, deceased; and Elie North of the City of Dublin, printer, 3rd son of Elie North; Rachael North and Sarah North daughters of Elie North; & Geo Fausett of Garavacum, Queens Co - the said William for consideration lands of Croghan, Ballysollagh near Philipstown in Kings Co, by Chas Bury to Wm North, to hold to said George Fausett upon trust (EN email 22 Jan 2009) (George Fausett is trustee in 6e Sarah's 1808 marriage settlement, below; the lands at Ballysollagh were held by William's uncle William, who transferred them to William's father Eli by deed 526 280 344432 on 24 Mar 1800)

6b David North of the Bank of Ireland, second son (deed 583 32 393592 of 1806)

6c Elie North, printer of Dublin, third son (deed 583 32 393592 of 1806). An Elias North is recorded at 6 Westmoreland Row, Ranelagh, from 1850 to 1852, and a Mrs J North is at the same address from 1848 to 1850 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010). Possibly this is the same Elie, or perhaps a son of the same name

7a ?William North, carpenter, of 5 Westmoreland Terrace, Ranelagh, son of Elias North compositor, married on 3 Nov 1859 Letitia Anne Wilson daughter of John Wilson, gentleman (Irish marriage certificate: SP email 25 Jul 2008; St Peter parish records, Dublin) and had issue. This William might be a son of this Elie the printer, though there is rather a gap between the 1806 deed in which Elie above was already a printer and the 1859 marriage of this William (so this William might be a grandson, with another Elias in between)

8a William Elie North, b 28 Feb 1861, baptised 20 Mar 1861, son of William North, builder, and Letitia Anne North, of 15 Redmonds Hill (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

8b Letitia Margaret North, b 13 Nov 1862, baptised 28 Jan 1863, dau of William North, carpenter and builder, and Letitia Anne North, of 10 Lower Mercer St (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

7b ?Charlotte North. A Charlotte North, b 8 Mar 1839, was baptised on 17 Apr 1839, dau of Elias North and Isabella North (St Werburgh parish records, Dublin)

7c Margaret North, b 28 Aug 1841, baptised 6 Oct 1841, dau of Elias North and Isabella North of 22 Mount Pleasant Ave (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

6d Rachel North, m 1810 George Crawley (Rachel North & George Crawley, marriage bond, 1810, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)). 1833 6 182: 11 Apr 1833 (RB email 13 Mar 2008), George Crawley, Birr, Kings Co Merchant, and Rachel Crawley, otherwise North, his wife, 1st part; Wm North, surviving trustee named in a Deed of Marriage dated 20 Oct 1810, on the marriage of George Crawley and Rachel North, of the 2nd part; and Wm Barres of Edenderry, Kings Co, farmer, 3rd part. Whereby after ---- Elic North the father of said William and Rachel North, lease agreement - and the said Elic North, other part - to become entitled to certain premises known as tan yard holding in Edenderry, Baron of Coolestown, Edenderry town. This deed suggests Elic [Elias] North had a son William and a daughter Rachel; Rachel married George Crawley in 1810; and her brother was trustee to her marriage settlement

6e Sarah North. Deed 605 68 411413 of 26 Apr 1808 is the marriage settlement of Thomas Fossett of Portarlington and Sarah North of Dublin. George Fossett/George Fausett (also George Fawsett perhaps) of Garryvecum Queens Co is trustee. Thomas makes over to George various plots of land in Dublin, with a charge of £40 pa payable to Sarah if she survives Thomas, otherwise to the children (EN email 22 Jan 2009; CN email 25 Jul 2009). This was a second marriage for Thomas Fossett of Portarlington, Kings Co: deed 580 39 389662 of 17 Jan 1806 is a settlement for his marriage to Mary Ann Fannin, dau of Robert Fannin (sen), upholsterer, deceased, and sister of Robert Fannin, cabinet maker of Dublin (Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010). Both marriage settlements concern land in Great Georges St. It appears that Mary Ann Fannin died without issue soon after the marriage (deed 1872 24 288). Deed 1837 18 253 of 25 Oct 1837 records Thomas Fossitt of Edenderry, Kings Co, and Sarah Fossitt otherwise North, his wife - said Sarah on the death of her brother William - claiming sum of £900 Government stock and dividends (EN email 14 Oct 2008). The only connections placing Sarah here were Edenderry and the brother William, but deed 583 32 393592 confirms that Sarah was a daughter of Elias and Margaret. Deed 1842 25 11 of 31 Oct 1842 between Thomas Fossitt of Ballymurren, Co Wicklow, late of Edenderry, and Sarah otherwise North; & Harrington Tinkler of Portgarlington, Queen’s Co; and said Sarah Fossitt, Rachael, Mary Anne, Sarah Charlotte and Rebecca Fossitt, five of the daughters of Thomas Fossitt and Sarah of Ballymurren House; --- Mathew Jackson and Margaret Fossitt his wife of Millmount Kings Co, now of Prosperous, Co Kildare; and Thomas Fossitt son of Thomas Fossitt - re 1837 [deed:] paid by H Tinkler £750 to be divided between five unmarried daughters (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Shonagh Love (email 6 Jun 2009) has more information on Thomas Fossitt. His father was John Fossitt, and George Fossitt of Garryvecum, Queens Co, (mentioned in Lewis' survey) was John's brother, Thomas' uncle. George married Sarah Homan (deed 303 132 200356 of 28 Apr 1774 is their marriage settlement: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010), daughter of Daniel Homan of Drumcooly and sister of Margaret Homan who married Elie North, and they may be buried at Geashill with other members of the family. Thomas also had, among 7 other siblings, a youngest brother John Fossitt, who had issue including Sarah Fossitt who married William Holland of Co Galway: they have living descendents (details in Shonagh Love email 12 Jun 2009). Thomas Fossitt seems to have died in the 1840s. Sarah was still alive in 1857 but dead by 1872 (as related in deed 1872 24 288: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010).

7a Margaret Fossitt or Margarett Fawcett, m 1939 Mathew Jackson of Edenderry, Kings Co, gentleman (deed 1841 21 241 of 14 Mar 1839: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010)

7b Sarah Fossitt, d 21 Sep 1909 aged 85, m Robert Richard Byrne (Shonagh Love email 9 Jul 2010)

7c Rachel Fossitt m Frederick Dillon (deed 1843 4 127: Shonagh Love email 9 Jul 2010)

7d Mary Anne Fossitt

7e Sarah Charlotte Fossitt or Charlotte Adelaide Fossitt m 29 Jun 1848 Robert Christie (Shonagh Love email 9 Jul 2010)

7f Rebecca Caroline Fossitt or Rebekah Fossitt, m 6 Jun 1849 Hugh Scott Pillans (Shonagh Love emails 9 & 12 Jul 2010)

7g Thomas Fossit, m 17 Jul 1845 Anna Maria Homan, daughter of Pilkington Homan of Shane [or Big Shean: 1797 estate lease list of Arthur Hill, Marquis of Downshire, at Edenderry as recorded by Ciaran Reilly], Edenderry, Kings Co (Shonagh Love email 12 Jun 2009), and had issue. Tax collector (on childrens' baptism records: Shonagh Love email 9 Jul 2010). On 2 Sep 1798 Pilkington Homan wrote to the marquis of Downshire thanking him for the use of his house at Edenderry during the rebellion, and stating that he wished to remain there until the winter had passed. The invasion of the French had 'influenced the minds of the rebellious people' and his family's saftey would be secured in the garrisoned town (PRONI D/607/A/561, as summaried by Ciaran Reilly: SP email 16 Jun 2009). Thomas was dead by 1872 (deed 1872 24 288: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010)

8a William Thomas Fossitt (deed 1872 24 288: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010: the order of the children here is taken from that deed; the deed also mentions an Anna Maria Fossitt, but at this stage her relationship to the others named here is not known; apart from Elizabeth, they were all living at 23 Mt Pleasant Avenue, Ranelagh, Co Dublin)

8b Elizabeth Fossitt, possibly Elizabeth North Fossitt, known as Lilly (tombstone in Mount Jerome Cemetery), b c1851, Co Dublin, d 10 Sep 1929 aged 79 (tombstone), had m Walter Fleming, d 27 Oct 1912 (tombstone), by 1872 (deed 1872 24 288: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010), when they lived at 47 Dawson St, Dublin. They had a son Herbert V Fleming, a nephew mentioned in connection with the 1913 funeral of Homan Fossitt (Irish Times: Shonagh Love emails 12 & 13 Jun 2009). A Herbert Victor Fleming aged 23 was living at 20 Harcourt Terrace, Dublin, in 1911, so b c1888. He had living with him in 1911 his parents Walter Fleming aged 71, manager of a furnishing company, and Elizabeth North Fleming [Fossitt] aged 60, brother Walter Perris Fleming aged 39, electric engineer, and sister Maud Fleming, aged 19, d 25 Feb 1966 aged 74 and known as Maddie (tombstone), so b c1892. There were two other children still alive, and one dead, from the marriage of 41 years (Dublin census 1911). The dead child was Thomas St George Fleming, second son, d 28 May 1893, buried in the Mount Jerome Cemetery. Joe Connell (email 7 Oct 2016) has found Herbert Victor Fleming's diary (now with the Dublin City Archives Pearse Street) and has a transcription, and would welcome advice of any descendents. Herbert Victor Fleming and his wife are buried an unmarked grave at the at the far end of the Mount Jerome cemetery, not in the Fleming family plot with his parents or in the adjacent Foskitt family plot

8c Homan Fossitt or Homan North Fossitt, baptised Homan North Fossit of 4 Peter Place on 14 Oct 1847 at St Peter parish, Dublin, parents Thomas, gent and Anna (COI records, CN email 20 Nov 2010), d 1913. In the 1911 census Homan N Fossitt (transcribed as Herman) was head of household, unmarried, aged 55 (so b c1856), b Co Dublin, Protestant, Church of Ireland, secretary public institution [Institution for the Blind - from the Irish Times], can read & write, does not speak Irish, has no disability (Thank God), living 34 Palmerston Road (Rathmines & Rathgar East, Dublin) (Shonagh Love emails 12 &13 Jun 2009)

8d Sarah M Fossitt. Baptism of Sarah Matilda North Fossitt of 4 Peter Place on 2 November 1849 at St Peter parish, Dublin. Parents Thomas, esquire and Maria (COI records, CN email 20 Nov 2010). In the 1911 census: Sarah M Fawcett, sister, unmarried, aged 50 (so b c1861), b Co Dublin, Protestant, Church of Ireland, can read & write, does not speak Irish, has no disability (Thank God), living 34 Palmerston Road (Shonagh Love email 12 Jun 2009)

8e Mary N Fossitt, b c 1864. In the 1911 census: Mary N Fawcett, sister, unmarried, 47, b Co Dublin, Protestant, Church of Ireland, can read & write, does not speak Irish, has no disability (Thank God), living 34 Palmerston Road (Shonagh Love email 12 Jun 2009)

8f George Fossitt or George Frederick Fossit (deed 1872 24 288: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010), b between1845 & 1855, Co Dublin (Shonagh Love email 12 Jun 2009), under 21 in August 1872 (deed 1872 24 288)

8g Alfred E Fossitt or Edward Fossitt (aged under 21 in 1872: deed 1872 24 288: Shonagh Love email 5 Feb 2010), mentioned in conjunction with the funeral of his brother Homan Fossitt (Irish Times: Shonagh Love email 13 Jun 2009)

5b Rachel North (unmarried in her father's 1775 will)

5c Mary North (unmarried in her father's 1775 will)

5d James North d ?1835, m Mary Antisele or Mary Antisell (SP1). James North & Antisell marriage bond 1785 (CPR 1922 WW24). James North, New Row, merchant, prerogative inventory, 1835 (CPR 1922 WW50). Thoms 1786 directory lists James North of 21 New Row as a hardware merchant. Watsons Almanac Directory lists James North, thread and tape manufacturer (to 1783), hardware merchant (from 1783), at 21 W New Row from 1778 to 1842 (in 1827 also at 22 W New Row). Deed 683 29 469766 of 13 Dec 1814 concerns Jas North [James North, perhaps this one] of New Row, Dublin, merchant, sole assignee of estate of William Roe of Grafton St, dealer and chapman, of the first part; and William A Walker of Dublin, attorney at law, of the 2nd part; and James Francis O’Rorke of Beresford St, Dublin, of the 3rd part; George Cowan leased the land on 1 May 1806? to William Roe who mortgaged it to William A Walker for £100; William Roe died and the land and mortgage were assigned to James; now James is selling the land and mortgage to O'Rorke for £113.15 (EN email 8 Sep 2008; CN email 4 Mar 2010)

6a ?William North. The marriage settlement of Mary Anne North (below) refers to Thomas North as the fourth son of James North, and names James as another son. Antisele North, a witness to the settlement but without a stated relationship, seems to be another, leaving one son unaccounted for. William North is the first witness, and we don't have any other likely related William Norths other than an uncle, so he may well be a brother; and as he was first witness, an elder brother. There are several documents that refer to a William North, who was of New Row when he married in 1811, and as we are unable to place that William elsewhere he has been tentatively put in here with the other Norths of New Row. Deed 715 440 489375 of 18 Dec 1811 records the marriage settlement of Wm North [William North] of New Row Dublin and Elinor Ridley of Tullamore, spinster, neice of Margaret Ridley of Tullamore, spinster. It conveys one of 2 houses in Pound St, Tullamore, Barony of Ballycommon, Kings Co, being the house in which Margaret resided, to George Goff of Greek St, Dublin, for [the remainder of?] the lease for lives by which Margaret held the land from Viscount Charleville and Lord Tullamore (EN email 14 Oct 2008; CN email 3 Mar 2009). One of the 2 houses in Pound St (presumably the same one) was sold in 1870 by William's daughters and their husbands (deed 1870 16 173). That deed indicates that the 2 houses were acquired by Margaret Ridley in 1801, and one subsequently vested in William's daughters. Deed 1841 15 113 of July 1841 concerns William North of Pill Lane, Dublin & Allan Ellison of - Quay, merchants, re pieces of property in central Dublin (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Thoms 1835 lists William North of 38 Pill Lane, Dublin, as wholesale ironmongery & hardware & looking glass warehouse. Dublin directories (EN emails 26 Jan & 8 Feb 2010) list William North, hardware and trimming merchant, at 38 Pill Lane from 1820 to 1846; from 1836 at 9 Blackhall St; and from 1847 to 1853 at 35 Pill Lane & 11 Blackhall St. Shaw's 1850 Dublin Directory lists William North, hardware merchant, at 35 Pill Lane and 11 Blackhall St. There is no certainty that these are all the one William North, but it seems likely from the New Row, Pill Lane and Ridley family connections across the records. The Calendar of Public Records lists Ellen North, Blackhall St, Dublin, prerogative inventory, 1857 (CPR 1922 WW50) - Ellen could be Eleanor Ridley. One problem with placing William here is that he married in 1811, much earlier than his putative sister Mary Anne in 1831 or putative brother Antisell in 1834. On the other hand, if their parents married in 1785, then it seems Mary Anne and Antisell married late in their lives. It is notable that if William started his family soon after he married in 1811, then some of his children also seem to have married late in their lives

7a ?James Charles North. Deed 1860 6 139 includes James North, merchant, of Capel St, Dublin, as a party in relation to disposal of 35 Pill Lane to the Commissioners of Public Works, following the deaths of William and Elinor. The relationship of James to William is not stated. While Anne (7b below) is the administrator of William's estate, James gets the consideration, £780, from the commissioners, and all the children listed here as children of William are included as parties to the conveyance.The remaining children, below, are described in the deed as children of William North, but James isn't. Because of his involvement in the deed, it is assumed that James is a son of William. But he is not William's administrator, so there is some sort of problem, and nowhere is it explicitly stated that James is William's son. The conveyance recorded in the deed followed a court case, in which it looks as if Anne and James were petitioners, and the other children respondents. Deed 1866 12 234 of 27 Apr 1866: Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Irish Bankruptcy and Insolvency in Ireland Act 1857, in the matter of James Charles North of Capel St, City Dublin, ironmonger: this is to certify that all the estates and effects of James Charles North the bankrupt have vested in Michel Murphy & Charles James, assignees of the court, and in William Graham of Smithfield, merchant creditors (EN email 17 Feb 2009; CN emails 4 May 2009, 5 Mar 2010).Deed 66 19 136 of 29 June 1866 re James Charles North, ironmonger, a bankrupt, of Capel St, conveying 4 and 5 Capel St to John Corbert (EN email 17 Feb 2009; CN email 5 Mar 2010; see George North, Rachael North and Arabella North below: they lived at various times at these Capel St addresses). Thoms 1860 lists James Charles North at 9 Charleston Terrace, Dublin (EN email 21 Sep 2009). A James C North is listed at 11 Blackhall St, address of William North (his putative father), in 1850; and at 36 Heytesbury Street in 1852 and 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010)

8a Mary Anne Elizabeth North, b 29 Mar 1851, dau of James Charles North, Esq, and Mary Ann North, of Charleston Terrace, Rathmines (St Peter parish records, Dublin). The original entry in the records is dated 12th March 1858, with the words 'Received by me' before the signature. It precedes similar entries for Sarah, Georgina & James. There is a marginal note which says 'These children were baptized by the Rev [?]Anders [?]Dawson Vicar of Miltown Mulbay, Co Clare'

8b Sarah Rentoul North, b 25 Sep 1852 (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

8c Georgina Ellen North, b 26 Jan 1856 (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

8d James Charles North, b 5 Jan 1858 (St Peter parish records, Dublin). It would seem that James died young, as he had a brother with the same given names born in 1865

8e William Francis North, b 1 Nov 1860, baptised 29 May 1861, son of James Charles North, ironmonger, and Mary Ann North, of 9 Charleston Tce (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

8f Victoria Alexandra North, b 24 May 1863, baptised 1 Apr 1864 (ditto: St Peter parish records)

8g James Charles North, b 1 May 1865, baptised 30 Jul 1865 (ditto: St Peter parish records). James seems to be the last child, coinciding pretty much with the bankruptcy of his father

7b Anne North of 11 Blackhall St, parish of St Paul, Dublin, spinster of full age, daughter of William North, merchant, married 17 Jul 1854 in the parish church (United Church of England and Ireland), parish of St George, Dublin, John Ledwich, gent, son of William Ledwich, gent, of 8 Margaret Place (Thoms 1854 lists William Ledwich at 8 Margaret Place, Dublin and Westtown Lodge, Co Kildare: EN email 21 Sep 2009); witnesses John Purcele and Jane Lamb (marriage cert: SP email 1 Jul 2008; EN email 26 Feb 2010; St George parish records). Deed 1860 6 139 concerns Anne Ledwich otherwise North of Rathmines, Dublin, re the administration of the estate of William North, late of Pill Lane, Dublin, iron merchant; Francis Ridley [as to whether Frances or Francis, see CN email 9 Sep 2009] of Tullamore, Kings Co, exec of will of Ellen North - sum of £750 [presumably Ellen Ridley, William's wife and Anne's mother, d c1857; a Francis Ridley was listed as a hardware dealer in Pound St, Tullamore in 1824], John and Anne Ledwich and Ridley respondents, ref property 35 Pill Lane, George, Ellen, Rachael, William & Arabella, children of sd William (EN email 17 Feb 2009).

7c George North (deed 1860 6 139 above), b before 1840 (marriage cert: EN email 25 Sep 2009). George North, bachelor, of full age, of 4 Capel St (owned by James Charles North, above) [and] 6 Ryders Row, St Marys, ironmonger, son of William North, ironmonger [deceased - deed 1860 6 139], married 'according to the provisions of the Act of 48 Victoria Chap 81 by licence' at the Registry Office in the City of Dublin on 26 Dec 1860 Caroline Keely, spinster of full age, also ironmonger [seems doubtful - the certificate is a bit of a mess in the occupation column, but it has ditto marks under ironmonger for Caroline's occupation] of 14 Eden Quay [and] 6 Ryders Row, Dublin, daughter of James Keely, hotel keeper (listed at the Anchor Hotel and Tavern, 14 Eden Quay in 1860: EN email 12 Sep 2010). The witnesses were Joseph Young and Eliza Devitt Young (marriage certificate: EN email 25 Sep 2009). Thoms 1860 lists George North, Esq, at 11 Blackhall St, Dublin (EN email 21 Sep 2009). He was also listed there in 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010). In deed 1863 38 32 George sells to his father in law, James Keely, his interest in two parcels of land in Dublin for £1,000 (CN email 17 Mar 2010)

7d Ellen North (deed 1860 6 139), m 17 May 1862 William Robert Lyon, druggist and chemist, son of Richard Lyon, medical practitioner (deed 1870 16 173; St Mary parish records, Dublin)

7e Rachael North (deed 1860 6 139), b before 1840 (marriage cert). Rachel North, spinster of full age, daughter of William North, merchant [deceased - deed 1860 6 139], and then of 5 Capel St (owned by James Charles North, above), married on 3 Dec 1860 at St Marys Church, Parish of St Mary, City of Dublin, Francis Sillery Wilson, farmer of Proudstown House, Tara, Co Meath, son of Whitton William Wilson, farmer. Ezekiel Wilson and Ellen North were witnesses (marriage certificate (EN email 25 Sep 2009; CN email 13 Jul 2010); deed 1870 16 173; parish records). Deed 1860 37 44 of 30 Nov 1860 is her marriage settlement: the principal item was an undivided moiety of the lands of Proudstown, which was encumbered with rent, a jointure and other benefits for his mother, Jane Wilson, widow, and a £1,000 mortgage, which was put in trust for the benefit of Rachael to cover a multitude of possible failures by her husband to be; the trustees were Ezekeil Wilson and John Wilson (CN email 19 Mar 2010). Rachael seems to have been a widow in 1870 (deed 1870 16 173 does not mention a husband)

7f William North (deed 1860 6 139)

7g Arabella North (deed 1860 6 139) m 17 May 1862 Henry Lyon, druggist (deed 1870 16 173), son of a medical practitioner, in Parish of St Michael. She was living at 4 Capel St (a property belonging to James Charles North (6a above) conveyed by his assigns in bankruptcy in 1866: deed 66 19 136). Witnesses were Richard Lyon and Francis Sillery Wilson (marriage certificate v 5, pg 64 Dublin North: SP emails 15 Sep 2009 & 9 Mar 2010; St Mary parish records, Dublin). Presumably Richard Lyon the witness, Henry Lyon the groom, and William Lyon, who married Araballa's sister Ellen the same year, were all from one family. Francis Sillery Wilson is Arabella's sister Rachael's husband. Ellen and Arabella were married on the same day (original record ~1.2MB)

6b Mary Anne North m Richard Newcomb (SP1). Mary Anne North m 1831 Richard Newcombe (ML). Deed of Marriage 871 492 579492 of 28 May 1831: James North of Dublin, merchant, and Mary Anne North spinster, only daughter of said James North 1st part, Richard Newcombe of Ballycristal, Kings Co, 2nd part, James North junr son of said James North 3rd part, and James Newcombe brother of Richard Newcombe and Thomas North fourth son of said James North 4th part; ref marriage to be solemnized between Richard Newcombe and Mary Anne North; Richard Newcombe did grant bargain & sell to James Newcombe and James North one third part of lands of Ballycristal, Barony of Geashill and Kings Co, together with the Mansion House on said lands and bog belonging to same (granted by lease by Jonathan Ardill Dec 1826) signed in presence of William North [?her brother], Antisele North [her brother], James North, merchant [her father], Mary Anne North, Richard Newcombe, James North jnr [her brother] and Thomas North [her brother] (EN email 14 Sep 2008)

6c Antisele North or Antisell North who 'came to America' (Bainbridge). IGI records indicate Antisell North, son of James North and Mary Antisell, was born in Dublin c1776 (SP email 14 Feb 2008; c.f. parents' marriage bond dated 1785 above). Deed 1835 10 227 is a marriage settlement dated 12 Jul 1834: Antisele North of New Row, Dublin, merchant, and Hanna Walpole of Wexford, re marriage intended: marriage portion £1,000, £2,000 bond provision for Hanna and issue in the event of Antisell's death or bankruptcy (EN emails 14 Oct 2008 & 13 Aug 2009, CN email 24 Feb 2009). Thoms 1835 [?: EN email 13 Aug 2009] records Antisele North of 21, 22 New Row Dublin, ‘James North & Sons, Wholesale Hardware House & Merchants’. Deed 1842 7 159 of 15 Mar 1845, records the assignment by Antisele North of New Row, Dublin, merchant, for consideration of 10 shillings, of a lease of a house in New Row formerly in the possession of Lawrence Coppinger, to Austin Ferrall Esq of Mount Joy Place, Dublin (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 2 Apr 2010). If Antisell went to America, he must have done so after 1842, and was probably in his fifties at the time. Antisele and Hanna had issue.

7a James North, b c1834, baptised 5 Jun 1835, son of Antisele North (Antisell North) and Anna North (sic) of 21 New Row, Dublin (St Catherine's COI records: EN email 12 Feb 2010; parish records)

7b Hannah North, b c1838, dau of Antisele North and Hannah North (sic) of 21 New Row, Dublin (St Catherine's COI records, EN email 12 Feb 2010)

7c William Lilly North, b 9 Dec 1838, baptised 17 Feb 1839, son of Antissell North and Hanah North of 21 New Row (St Catherine parish records, Dublin)

6d James H North who 'came to America' (Bainbridge). James is mentioned in the 1831 marriage settlement of his sister Mary Anne North. A James North, pewterer, and Sarah North lived at 85 Pill Lane and had issue (listed here; St Audoen's Church of Ireland records, Dublin City Library: EN email 10 Feb 2010). He might be this James. (There was a John North, pewterer and brazier, in Pill Lane from 1824; a John North m Mary Preston at St Audoen on 15 May 1817, witness James North, no addresses given (parish records; parish records); and a John and Mary North who had a daughter Rosanna in 1818 who may be the Rosanna who took over the Pill Lane pewtering business in 1844 - their relationship to the other Pill Lane Norths is not known: see unplaced Norths)

7a Jane North, b 8 Nov 1826, baptised 12 Nov 1826 (St Audoen parish records)

7b Richard North, b 7 Mar 1828, baptised 16 Mar 1828 (St Audoen parish records)

7c Maria North, b 20 Feb 1829; or b 9 Dec 1829, baptised 20 Dec 1829 (St Audoen parish records)

7d Sarah North, b 5 Mar 1832, baptised 11 Mar 1832 (St Audoen parish records)

7e Lucy North, b 1833, of Pill Lane, St Michans parish, baptised 22 Dec 1833 (St Audoen parish records)

7f John North, b 26 Jan 1836, baptised 31 Jan 1836 (St Audoen parish records)

7h William North, b 29 Jul 1838, baptised 5 Aug 1838 (St Audoen parish records)

7i Rosanna North, b 26 Apr1841, dau of James North, pewterer, and Sarah North, of 85 Pill Lane, baptised 9 May 1841 (St Audoen parish records). This Rosanna would have been 3 in 1844, so too young to take over the Pill Lane pewtering business

6e Thomas North, mentioned in his sister Mary Anne North's marriage settlement as the fourth son of James North, m 1834 Charlotte Marion Pounden. Deed 1838 11 132 is a memorial of articles of agreement dated 31 May 1834 between Thomas North of Lower Bridge street in the city of Dublin, merchant, of the 1st part; Charlotte Marion Pounden a subject under the age of 21, aged 19 or thereabouts of the 2nd part; Peter McMahon of Enniscorthy in Co Wexford, gentleman, the uncle and best friend of the said Charlotte Marion Pounden of the 3rd part; and James Henry North of Church street in the city of Dublin merchant and the said Peter McMahon of the 4th part (the trustees) - a marriage was shortly intended to be had between Thomas North and Charlotte Marion Pounden; Charlotte was entitled to £1,000 by virtue of the will of her 'pateral' grandfather, Patrick Boyd late of Brunswick St, Dublin, held in trust by Helen Boyd, and that entitlement was transferred to Thomas, but on condition that Thomas enter into a bond to pay £1,000 (with a penal sum of £2,000 should he fail to pay) to the trustees should he die, fail in business, become bankrupt or become in danger of becoming so. The memorial was sworn in Enniscothy, Co Wexford, some 4 years after the deed was executed: something may have happened to prompt its registration (CN email 11 Apr 2009). Eva North (email 30 May 2010) has suggested that this Thomas may be Thomas North of 16 Lwr Bridge St, Dublin, partner in James and Thomas North, woolen and manchester warehouse, Bridge St, Dublin. Dublin directories list James North and Thomas North of 16 Lower Bridge St, Dublin, as 'woolen and manchester warehouse' from 1829 to 1837; James Henry North is listed as a hardware merchant at 7 Church St from 1830 to 1844 (EN email 8 Feb 2010) - so there may be two James Norths involved here, one in business with Thomas at Lower Bridge St, and one his trustee and in business at Church St. St Audoen’s Church of Ireland records in the Dublin City Library record that Thomas North and Charlotte North of Lower Bridge St had children, James North, and Ross McMahon North

7a James Haddington North, b 15 Feb 1835, baptised 3 Jul 1835 (James North, son of Thomas North and Charlotte North of Lower Bridge St: St Audoen parish records), d 18 Nov 1913, auctioneer, m 1874 Catherine Wilson. James Haddington North, Esq, of Kingstown, son of Thomas North Esq, married by licence at the parish church, COI Parish of Monkstown, Co Dublin, on 6 Oct 1874 Catherine Wilson of Kingstown, dau of Richard Wilson, merchant (marriage certificate: EN email 30 May 2010). Deed 1875 11 123 refers to James H North, auctioneers (EN email 27 Sep 2008). In 1908, James was head of the firm James H North and Co, estate agents and auctioneers, 110 Grafton St, Dublin (EN email 30 May 2010). James Haddington North, leasing of tenement west side of Grafton St, by North to Seals (deed 1877 4 283 of 1877, EN email 27 Sep 2008). The Calendar of Wills in the National Archives records in 1914 James Haddington North, 110 Grafton St, Dublin, J.P., d 18 Nov 1913, 7 Ailesbury Rd, Dublin, [probate granted] to Margaret C North, spinster, William J Callow and William S Hayes, solicitors, [estate valued at] £15,488 and re-sworn at £12,176 (EN email 15 Jul 2009)

8a Margaret North b 1876

8b Mary Eva North b 1886

8c Hilda North b 1888

8d Frank Wilson North, 2nd lieutenant, b 1893, d 9 Sep 1916 in France (EN email 30 May 2010). The Calendar of Wills records in 1917 Frank Wilson North, Herberton, Ballsbridge, 2nd Lieut. d 9 Sept 1916 in France, [probate granted] to Margaret C North, spinster, £152 (National Archives, EN email 15 Jul 2009)

7b Ross McMahon North, b 1836 (EN emails 10 Feb & 30 May 2010), b 6 Sep 1836, baptised 14 Sep 1836 (St Audoen parish records, Dublin; and again, but with the dates improbably reversed)

7c Thomas North, b 1839, d c1910, land agent of 133 Rathgar Road, Dublin (EN email 30 May 2010)

7d Mary North, b 1840, m Newcombe (EN email 30 May 2010)

5e William North (named in his father's will). May have been alive in 1815 if he is the William North of deed 686 557 472071. Deed 1785 364 320 245496 is a deed poll (i.e. a declaration by a single party, c.f. a contract between two parties) dated 1 Mar 1785, in which William North of Philipstown, Kings Co, merchant, gives all his right and interest at Philipstown and the lease thereof (for the lives of William North the lessee, James North and Thorough North (presumably his brothers)) until its full end and determination, to his son James North, and to his daughter Isabella North £24 [out] of his land of Ball [possibly Ballysolagh?] for 5 years and then £2/2/2 for a term of lives: one of the lives is 'John North, pinmaker'. Further, William appoints Barakiagh North as guardian of his children Francis and Isobella, which suggests that they were under 21 and perhaps their mother was dead, leaving William the sole parent. Barakiagh might be Barakea North of Ballysolagh, son of Thomas North and Mary Low. That Barakiah's relationship to William is uncertain: it may be that he was closer geographically than by blood; if that is the right Barakiah, then the John North pinmaker might be Barakiah's brother; and he may have worked with William's brother James in his thread and tape business (EN email 10 Mar 2010). The deed was witnessed by Margaret North (perhaps William's sister in law, Eli's wife, Margaret Homan). In deed 476 227 311450 of 23 Jan 1792 between Wm North, Philipstown, Kings Co, merchant, 1st part, and Michael McCabe of Croghan Kings Co, other part, farmer, Wm North agreed to lease lands of Ballysollagh, part of the lands of Croghan, at yearly rent to McCabe, held by a lease from Charles William Berry to said Wm North, unless the Berry lease was 'perfected', in which case the agreement was void (EN email 21 Jun 2008, CN emails 1 Aug & 12 Oct 2009). In deed 1796 496 346 319479 of 20 Sep 1795, William North of Philipstown, merchant, leased a parcel of land, part of Croughan, called B..... [Ballysolagh?], then in the possession of Michael McCabe, to Michael McCabe for the remainder of a 97 year lease from Charles William Bury to William North (CN email 17 Sep 2009). Deed 526 280 344432 of 24 Mar 1800 is a memorial of indented deed of conveyance between William North of Philipstown, Kings Co of the 1st part; and Ely North of Edenderry, Kings Co of the 2nd part - reciting that Charles William Bury now Lord Nullamore [Charleville] did by lease of 14 Apr 1793 demise unto the said Wm North all that part of lands of Croghan being part of the lands of Ballysolagh amt 62 acres 32 rd 25 perches bounded by as per map hereto annexed to hold to William North for three certain lives therein named at a yearly rent of £71/11/01 with one shilling in the pound receivers fees - William North in consideration of £170 paid by Ely North did grant bargain sell release and confirm to Ely North all that part of the lands of Croghan being part of Ballysolagh thereinbefore particly mentd, for the original three lives and subject to the original and additional covenants and conditions. Eli North of Dublin, gent, was a witness (EN email 19 Oct 2008; CN email 28 Dec 2009). We don't know who Eli the witness was, but Ely who bought the land was William's brother Ely, because Ely's eldest son William dealt with it in 1806 after Ely died (deed 583 32 393592)

6a James North (deed 1785 364 320 245496)

6b Francis North, probably under 21 in 1785 so b after 1764 (deed 1785 364 320 245496)

6c Isabella North, probably under 21 in 1785 so b after 1764 (deed 1785 364 320 245496)

5f Thorogood North, of Coolemount, Kings Co, or Coole, part of the lands of Croghan, m Dorothea and had issue (deed 1837.17.175). There is a Dorothea North, deceased, listed in Offaly as having ‘representatives’ for the 1854 Griffiths (SP email 16 Jan 2008). Thurgood North & Dorothea Antisell, marriage bond, 1788, Killaloe (CPR 1922 WW41)

6a Thomas North, m 1821 Barbara Bayly. Thomas North & Barbara Bayly, marriage bond, 1821, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39, EN email 10 Dec 2009). Deed 1837 17 175 (EN email 10 Mar 2008) is a memorial of the marriage settlement of Thomas North and Barbara Bayly. It refers to Thorogood North and Dorothea North his wife, and Thomas North their eldest son and recites the intended marriage between the said Thomas North and Barbara Bayly,daughter of Rev Henry Bayly, Rathangan, Co Kildare; also mentions Antisell North of Philipstown, Thomas Bayly (trustees), and Matilda Bayly (witness)

6b Antisell North m 1819 Grace North (Antisell North & Grace North, marriage bond, 1819, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)). Deed 788 405 533140 of 10 July 1819 is their marriage settlement. It names Thorogood North as Antisell's father. It recites a deed of parturition made the same day, whereby Grace North is entitled to one third of the lands of Croghan called Barrysbrook, formerly in the possession of her late father (who is not named, unfortunately: presumably the other two thirds went to her sisters Margaret North and Anne North of Philipstown, spinsters). Thorogood conveyed the lands of Tougher, leased to him by the Earl of Charlevile on 25 Sep 1802, and Grace conveyed her share of Barrysbrook to Thomas North of Coole, gent, and Roger North of Kilduff in said county, in trust for the issue of the marriage and other uses set out in the deeds but not recorded in the memorandum. There is an unusual provision, that if Antisell and Grace should come to live apart, then Antisell will get the benefit of Tougher, and Grace will get the benefit of Barrysbrook, and that Barrysbrook will revert to her sisters if Grace should outlive Antisell and there be no issue of the marriage. We are not yet able to place Margaret, Anne and Grace in the North family tree. Possibly they are descendents of Edward North of Croghan (Kings/Offaly) who died on 20 Mar 1764 aged 89, so b c1675 (Freeman's Journal, SP email 30 Apr 2008)

6c Rachel North, m 1811 James Damer. Deed 625 279 434889 of 27 Feb 1811 is their marriage settlement: between Jas Damer of Dublin, hatter of the 1st part and Thorogood North of Coole Kings Co and Rachel North spinster his daughter of the 2nd part and William North of Dublin, merchant, 3rd part (perhaps Rachel's uncle William, 5e above, if he was still alive); a marriage was intended to be solemnized between Jas Damer and Rachel; Thorogood North had agreed to give £500 as a marriage portion to his daughter; James Damer was not in a position to make a suitable settlement on Rachael; so James got £250 in cash, but had to make out a bond for £500, which bond and the remaining £250 was vested in William North as trustee pending making of a suitable settlement; witnesses included John Cahill, and Thos North, son of Thorogood (EN email 7 Sep 2008; CN email 13 Sep 2009). James Dames [sic], hatter, is listed at 32 Temple Bar in Thoms 1811 (EN email 21 Sep 2009)

5g Jane North m Philip Sherlock (before her father's 1775 will). See deed 686 557 472071

4b James North (named in his brother 4a William North's will)

3c daughter North, m Bagnell (will of her father, above) and had issue

4a Joseph Bagnell (named as a grandson in the will of 2c William North of Lawrencetown)

3d (possibly) Thomas North, d c1758. Betham has an extract of a will, '160 North Thomas of Ballysolough, Kings Co - Dated 16 Oct 1752 - pd 18 Apr 1758 - wife Mary - Sons Barakea and John - daur Anne - Brother John North - Brother in law Baracah Low -' (EN email 25 Apr 2008 #9). See also Vicars prerogative wills. So Thomas North, d 1758, brother of John North, married Mary Low, sister of Baracah Low, and had issue: Barakea North, John North and Anne North. Deed 124 254 84554 of 11 Aug 1745 records that Tho North and Barakiah North of Ballysollagh, Kings Co, set farm to Ralph Brisco of Old Croghan, lands of Killnakill, part of Croughan joining Old Croughan running into old mearing ditch formerly between John North’s land and Tho North’s land and so on to Rothrums gate – 100 acres or thereabouts to demise to Ralph Brisco from March for 20 years, provided Tho and Barakiah North continue to pay rent, witness John North, Dublin, William Briscoe [sic] son of Ralph Brico (EN emails 22 May & 17 Aug 2008; CN email 10 Jun 2009). This may help place Thomas. Barakiah of the 1745 deed may be Thomas' son. Ballysollagh is mentioned in a later deed, 476 227 311450 of 23 Jan 1792, in which it is described as part of Croghan; in that deed William North leases Ballysollagh to Michael McCabe. The Ballysollagh connection suggests that Thomas is part of this branch of the family. John North of the 1745 deed, and John North the brother mentioned in Thomas' will, could be John of Lawrencetown. Thomas would have been alive in 1722 when John's father William made his will, and Thomas is not mentioned in it as one of William's sons; he certainly was not dead then, so he should have been mentioned. It is possible that his connection with the Low family led to his being disinherited. Thomas may also be the Thomas of Pallisboy who witnessed the marriage settlement of William North and Rachel Antisell (deed 206 293 136070 of 14 Feb 1737, above). For now, Thomas is placed here

4a Barakea North or Barakiah North or several other spellings. Deed 1757 184 539 124203 is a memorial of articles of agreement dated 10 Jan 1749/9 whereby Mr Berachiah North of Ballysallaugh in the King’s Co, gent, did set and to farm let unto Michael Flanagin & Edward Flanagan both of Ballykillin in the same county, farmers, and James Mullone of said Ballysallaugh, farmer, that part of the lands of Ballysallaugh then in the possession of Thomas Dames esqr containing 66 acres arable and pasture plantation measure in as ample and beneficial manner as it was in the possession of said Thomas Dames with the turf bank and appurtenances thereto belonging, to hold from 25 Mar then next ensuing for the term of 31 years provided the lives in said North’s lease shall so long continue at the yearly rent of 13/- per acre by half yearly payments above all taxes, quit and crown rent excepted, that said Barachiah North shall allow the said Michael Flanagan, Edward Flanagan and James Malone their exrs and assigns a sufficient passage to and from the said premises; witnessed by Thomas Davis of Rathmill schoolmaster and Andrew McGan of Ballysallaugh farmer both in the King’s county (CN email 28 Dec 2009). A Barry North of ?Killyavalley was appointed church warden in 1762 and signed himself Barachah North until 1767 (Vestry Books from Parishes Newtown & Castletown Church, Barony Fartullagh, National Archive MFC1 55, EN email 24 May 2009).

4b John North. Possibly he is the 'John North pinmaker' who was named as a life in deed 1785 364 320 245496, if the Barakiagh North named in that deed as guardian of two children of William North of Philipstown is this John's brother Barakiah

4c Anne North

2d (possibly) Edward North of Crogan (Kings/Offaly) died 20 Mar 1764 aged 89, so b c1675 (Freeman's Journal, SP email 30 Apr 2008). See notes re deed 788 405 533140

Not Placed (more or less in date order)

1650  1700  1750  1800  1850  1900

May it be known to all presents that I Thomas Burel citizen of Dublin gave granted and by this present writing confirm unto Roberto de North citizen of said city one messuage [ie piece of property, usually land with a building] with the appurtenances inside the walls of Dublin in le Bothestrete and lying in the parish of Saint Werburgh in front between the property formerly belonging to John Golding to the east and the property of the aforesaid Robert to the west, and extends in depth from the aforementioned street in the north as far as the street of the shoemakers to the south, to have and to hold aforesaid property with its appurtenances to the aforesaid Robert his heirs and assigns freely quietly well and in peace forever of the chief lord of that fee by the services therefore due and of right accustomed. And I indeed the aforesaid Thomas and my heirs will warrant and defend the aforesaid property against all people for ever. In witness whereof I have approved this present charter with my seal.   With these witnesses: John le Decer then senior of Dublin, Stephan de Mora and Egidius de Baldeswelle then bailiff, William Douce, Elya of Assebum, John Stakepol, Robert le Rowe, Nicholas de Moenes, Roger of Kyldar, Hugo de Molinger cleric, and many others.  Given in Dublin the eleventh day of April in the 19th year of the reign of King Edward son of King Edward [1326] (National Archives ref D 19709 (latin transcript), EN emails 15 & 19 Jan 2011, CN email 20 Jan 2011).


George North Cott m Hellenor Short 22 May 1654 (St John’s COI records, EN email 12 Feb 2010)

Stephen North, baptised 11 Sep 1655, son of Stephen North (St John parish records, Dublin)

1659 John North, bookseller, Castle Street, Dublin (EN email 30 May 2010)

William North, soldier, is recorded in Vicars prerogative wills as dying in c1660

Joseph North of Dublin, Gent, belonging to the army, is recorded in Vicars prerogative wills as dying in c1663

Prendergast in his Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland mentions (at p 221) a Martin North, adventurer, who received 2,311 Irish acres in the Barony of Eliogarte in Co Tipperary, for having invested £1,040 in the campaign for the re-settlement of Ireland. There is so far no evidence as to whether he settled in Ireland, or was an absentee landlord, or, like many of the adventurers, fairly quickly sold the land he'd been granted (CN email 6 Nov 2009)

Samuel North, Ensign, Catherlagh Co & Borough (1659 census of Ireland, EN email 5 Oct 2008)

John North, gent, Dublin, Castle St, St Warborough Parish (1659 census of Ireland, EN email 5 Oct 2008)

William North, gent, Dublin, Castle St, St Warborough Parish (1659 census of Ireland, EN email 5 Oct 2008)

Dudley North, Kilkenny Co (1659 census of Ireland, EN email 5 Oct 2008). Prendergast in his Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland says at p 245 that Dudley North, English merchant, was not a settler in Ireland, but one who was authorized by governors of several southern counties to receive rounded-up displaced persons as well as men, women and children in hospitals, workhouses and prisons, for transportation to the West Indies.  Prendergast describes what amounted to a slave trade operating at that time, which brought considerable profit to enterprising English “merchants”. Burke’s Gentry of England lists Dudley North, 4th Lord North (1602-77, m 1632) as having a 3rd son, Dudley (d 1691), a turkey merchant (CN email 6 Nov 2009)

"Bishop North to show he is not any longer a Presbyterian made a handsome[?] and learned sermon upon the conspiracy of Bigtha[n] and his fellow discovered by Mordica[i] [Esther II., 21.]. He did conger [conjure] down rebellion." [Colonel] Vernon to [Joseph Williamson], 6 June 1663. Calendar of State Papers of Ireland 1663, British Archives, Kew, page 121. RB email to SP 16 Oct 2008.

John North, stationer, a founding warden of the Guild of St Luke the Evangelist, Dublin for cutlers, paint-stainers and stationers. The King to the Lord Leiutenant for Sir Edward Sutton, 15 Aug 1670, Whitehall, Calendar of State Papers of Ireland 1669-70, British Archives, Kew, pp 215-217. John was to hold office from 18 October 1670 to 18 October 1671. Samuel Coten was the master and Richard Carney the other warden. 18 October is St Lukes day. (RB email to SP 16 Oct 2008)

Edward Northof Crogan (Kings/Offaly) died 20 Mar 1764 aged 89, so b c1675 (Freeman's Journal, SP email 30 Apr 2008). See notes re deed 788 405 533140

Edward North of Donard, Co Wicklow, d c1678 (Vicars prerogative wills)

Richard North & Susanna Rayne, marriage bond, 1679, Cloyne (CPR 1922 WW30)

1681 John North, bookseller, Skinners Row, Dublin (EN email 30 May 2010)

Mary North, daughter of Christopher North and Sarah, baptised 18 Jul 1681 (Parish Register, St Catherine, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010). Sarah North, buried 31 Mar 1685 (Parish Register, St Catherine, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010)

H North, perhaps H--o North, witnessed a deed of lease to Laurence Bomford of lands of Iniscoffey and Oldtowne, Co Westmeath, in 1692 (1.9.2)

William North of Dublin. Dublin Plaques in the Dublin City Library records that the honour board of Saint Werburgh’s Church, Werburgh St, Dublin 8, lists William North '100' (? = £100) among 'Benefactors of this Parish 1694' (EN email 11 Apr 2008)

John North, son of Joseph North, pedlar, and Jane North his wife, buried 30 Dec 1697 (Parish Register, St Michan, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010)

North Ludlow, or North Ludlaw, buried 6 Feb 1691, son of Stephen Ludlow (St Nicholas Within COI parish records; source document)

Hester North, baptised Apr 1699, dau of George North and Magdalin North, Ffordhams Alley (St Nicholas Without COI parish records, EN email 12 Feb 2010). Thomas North, baptised 10 Aug 1701, son of George North and Magdalin North, Ffordhams Alley (St Nicholas Without COI parish records, Dublin)


Henry North, baptised 31 Aug 1700, son of Francis North (St Nicholas Within parish records, Dublin). Elizabeth North, baptised 6 Apr 1704, dau of Francis North (St Nicholas Within parish records, Dublin)

Magdalin North of Forhams Alley m Isaac Cooley of Fordhams Alley on 20 Sep 1700 (St Nicholas Without COI parish records, Dublin) (Greg Flood has access to a Charles Cooley family history from around Taralga NSW: email 29 Jan 2012)

William North, wever, m Mary Smith 8 Oct 1700 (Parish Register, Sts Marie, Luke, Catherine & Werburgh, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010)

Christopher North, baptised 23 Oct 1702, son of Christopher North and Elinor North, of ye Coome (St Nicholas COI parish records, EN email 12 Feb 2010)

Mary North (baptised 6 Jul 1703), Elinor North (baptised 5 May 1706) and Grace North (baptised 21 Jul 1707) are recorded as daughters of Noagh North and Elinor North, of New Market (St Nicholas COI Parish records: EN email 12 Feb 2010). Noah North, son of Noah North, broadweaver, and Elinor North, of New Market, was baptised on 17 Sep 1717 (St Luke parish records). Elenor North, dau of Noah North and Mary North, was baptised 20 Mar 1739 (St Luke parish records). Noah North m Anne Terril on 7 Mar 1779, witnesses Michael Tomy and Elinor Tomy (SS Michael and John RC parish records, Dublin)

George North, baptised 7 Apr 1706, son of Benjamin North and Mary North of Fordhams Alley (Ffordhams Alley) (St Nicholas Without parish records, Dublin; EN email 12 Feb 2010). William North, baptised 31 Aug 1713, son of Benjamin North and Margarett North (Margaret North) (St Nicholas Without parish records, Dublin). George North (1706) and William North (1713) are recorded as sons of Banjamin North [Benjamin North] and Mary North of Fordham’s Alley (St Nicholas Parish COI records, EN email 12 Feb 2010: need to check the William North record - the online transcription say he was a son of Margarett rather than Mary; image of the original record not yet on line)

Philip North & Mary Smith, marriage bond, 1707, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW34)

William North & Sarah Peterstar (widow) , marriage bond, 1711, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW34)

Mary North, baptised on 24 Mar 1715, dau of Christopher North and an unnamed mother of New Roe (New Row?) (St Luke's parish records, Dublin). George North, baptised on 28 ??? 1717, son of Christopher North and Mary North of Upper Comb (St Luke parish records). William North, baptised 6 Sep 1719, also son of Christopher and Mary of Upper Comb (St Luke parish records). Elizth North (Elizabeth North) baptised 23 Mar 1727, dau of Christe North (Christopher North?) and Mary North (no address) (St Catherine parish records)

John North baptised 14 Jun 1719, son of Nathan North, weaver, and Elizabeth Shilling North, of Mill St (St Luke parish records, Dublin)

The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982; EN email 21 Sep 2009) record a Roger North, Kings Bench, c 1734: just possibly that is Roger North of Kilbride Castle, but he married in 1704 so would not have been a recent law graduate being admitted to the Bench in 1734

The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982: EN email 21 Sep 2009) record Francis North, Kings Bench, c 1734. If that is the date of his admission as a law graduate, then this Francis was likely born c1710-1715. If it is the date of his admission as a judge, then he could be the Francis North, attorney of Dublin, below, though it seems more likely that Francis retired from the law about that time

Francis North, attorney of Dublin in 1706 (2.2), 1709 (2.4.1), 1725 (4.4), 1726 (4.4.1) and 1731 (5.4.1), perhaps the same Francis North as the one who d c1738. He had a son, Edward North, aged about 17 in 1721 (3.2). The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982: EN email 21 Sep 2009) record Edward North, son and heir of Francis, Dublin TCD 1724. The National Archives has a record of a lease (999/800 #1) dated 22 Apr 1731: Lease for 29 years by Francis and Catherine Morres, Castlemorres, Co Kilkenny to Francis North, Dublin City of Burnt Furze and Old Park, parish of St Canice's within the Liberties of Kilkenny City, rent £9 stg pa

Elizabeth North, dau of Francis North, baptised 1704 (St Nicholas Parish COI records, EN email 12 Feb 2010)

Henry North, son of Francis North, baptised 1705 (St Nicholas Parish COI records, EN email 12 Feb 2010)

Deed 1736 58727 memorialises indentured deeds of lease and release dated 23 and 24 May 1735, and concerns Rev Charles Meredyth, Dean of Ardfert and Francis North, Esq, of the City of Dublin, tranferring land in Upper Ormond, Co Tipperary, to Robert Jocelyn, the Attorney General, and then to Samuel Waller in trust for Robert Jocelyn, pending the freehold and inheritance of the properties by Robert Jocelyn (the intent is not clear to me, nor whether Robert Jocelyn is included in his personal or in his official capacity) (CN email 19 Nov 2009). Deed 1729 63 110 42875 of 10 & 11 Mar 1729, also involved Francis North, as executor of the will of William Thwaits of Dublin (CN email 26 Dec 2009). Deed 1734 77 216 53414 of 31 Dec & 1 Jan 1733 (old date system) involves Francis North along with Richard Tisdall of Atherdee, Co Louth; John Foster of Dunleer, Co Louth; William Foster of Dunleer, Co Louth; and Richard Foster and William Connell (witnesses) (CN email 27 Dec 2009)

Burke's records at PRONI (SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.06) record:

1a Edward North

2a Francis North of Dublin Esq, will dated 17 Jun 1737, pr 1 Jul 1738, m Mary Burke dau of Edmond Bourke (or Edmond Buerke - see the original) of Kilkenny sister of Mrs Elizabeth Mukins and had issue

3a Henry North

2b Edward North who had issue

3a William Henry North of Jamaica who had issue

4a Edward North of Brownfield in Co Dublin Esq

Francis North d c1738 (Vicars prerogative wills). Betham's extract of his will reads, '47 North Francis of Dublin Esq - Dated 17th June 1737 - pd 1st July 1738 - son Henry - nephew Willliam Henry North Esq - now in Jamaica - Son Edward son of same - niece Dorothy Connell - sister in law Mrs Elizabeth Mukins - wife of Isaac Mukins - Isaac Mukins grandson of Elizabeth Mukins - niece Isabella Connell -' (EN email 25 April 2008 #11). Deed 89 363 6360: Henry North of Kilkenny City, & Elizabeth Mukins widow of Isaac Mukins. Henry North doth demise --- farm --- unto Eliz Mukins her Execs, Adms and Afs --- that part of the lands of Kellystown, Raheen, Adamstown, Newtown x 2, Coonagh, Church, Knockinreagh and Two Miles (all large parcels of land, about 200 acres each) all lands in Co Wexford, for 31 years from 25 Mar, aforesaid Eliz Mukins paying rent yearly to Henry North, his heirs etc dated 11 April 1738 & signed May 1738 (EN email 17 May 2008). Deed 92 3 63659 of 1 Apr 1738: Henry North of Kilkenny did demise to Elizabeth Mukins of same city all lands of Talbots Inch, Co Kilkenny, lately possessed by Francis North deceased, est 175 acres (EN email 22 Feb 2009). Vicars prerogative wills records the will of Henry North of Kilkenny, dated 1745. From all this (see also 16.4.1) we might draw links as follows:

1a Dudley North of Kilkenny, 1659 census of Ireland (possibly father of, given the Kilkenny connection, but see notes from Pendergast about him above)

2a Edward North

3a Francis North, d c1738, of Dublin, probably attorney, m Mary Bourke, dau of Edmond Bourke and sister of Elizabeth Bourke, wife of Isaac Mukins who d c1738 (Elizabeth was Isaac's wife in the 1737 will, his widow in the 1738 deed) and had issue. Elizabeth and Isaac Mukins also had issue, a son, who in turn had issue, Isaac Mukins

4a Edward North, b c1704 (3.2), son and heir of Francis, Dublin TCD 1724. Deed 226 270 147280 of 1763 refers to Edward North of Kilkenny of the 2nd part in connection with land at Ballymurray (302 ac), Tullobeg (300 ac), Cloghruskew, Rathoinane, Tomard, Catherlough and Coolnekisky (EN email 11 Jul 2008).

4b possibly Elizabeth North, baptised 1704

4c Henry North of Kilkenny, possibly baptised 1705, d c1745

3b Edward North, who had issue

4a William Henry North, of Jamaica in 1737. There was a William Henry North of the City of Kilkenny in 1752 (Deed 167 497 113362: EN email 22 May 2008). In deed 131 571 106139 of 16 Oct 1747, William Henry North of the City of Dublin let to Peter Roch and Darby Gormagan of Ballykelly, Co Wexford, part of Ballykelly about 176 acres plantation for 31 years (EN & CN emails 30 May 2008). Deed 131 571 106140 also of 16 Oct 1747 records that William Henry North demised to Mark Gormagan and John Welan both of Ballykelly in Co Wexford some 297 acres plantation of Ballykelly (EN & CN emails 30 May 2008; also recorded as deed 1752 106140: EN email 11 Jul 2008).

5a Edward North of Brownfield in Co Dublin Esq

3c a sister, ?Dorothy North, m Connell and had issue. Mr Connell is possibly Richard Connell, clerk to 1a Francis North (5.5); in 1739 his wife is Dorothy (5.4.6), so possibly Dorothy North a sister of Francis North

4a Dorothy Connell, the neice of Francis North

4b Isabella Connell

Ann North m Charles Lewis on 24 Aug 1722 (St John COI parish records, Dublin)

Mary North, baptised 29 Oct 1725, dau of Edward North and Sarah North (St Mary parish records)

John North, late of Earl St, weaver, deceased; Abel North, weaver; Tho Russell, weaver; Sarah Russell othwse North [Sarah North] his wife; Richard North, weaver, all of Dublin; and Joseph Russell, cork merchant, Martha Russell othwse North [Martha North] his wife; of which Abel, Sarah, Martha and Richard are children [of the deceased] (Deed 87 257 61532 of May 1737: EN email 22 May 2008). SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.03 has a Burke tree from PRONI:

1a ?? North had issue

2a John North, ribband weaver of Earl St, Dublin, will dated 2 Sept 1724, proved 4 Jan 1726, m Margaret and had issue

3a Abell North [written incorrectly as Abell Worth]

3b Richard North of Dublin, will dated 6 Mar 1789 proved 7 Apr 1789, had issue

4a William North, had issue

5a John North

4b Abell North, m Susanne

3c Sarah North [m Thomas Russell, weaver]

3d Martha North [m Joseph Russell, weaver]

2b Anne North m John Standrill

Elizabeth North was confirmed on 6 May 1726 (Parish Register, St Peter and St Kevin, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010)

Joseph North, son of John North, John North, son of John North, and John North of Tonlegee, Co Kildare, father of Joseph & John, are mentioned in deed 67 38 45242 of 16 & 17 November 1727, the sons being lives. The deed was a transfer of land at Lissneglogh Barrone Borris alias Barris from Joseph Fearns of Castlericard Co Meath gent and Ebenezer Fearnes of Dunnany Co Kildare to John Low of Fairfield Co Westmeath (Shonagh Love via EN email 22 Oct 2011). There are other references to North land at Tonlegee in the main North tree above, but the connection to the people in this deed is not known

The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 – 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982; EN email 21 Sep 2009) record Roger North, Kings Bench, c 1734. Just possibly that is Roger North of Kilbride Castle or Roger North of Newcastle, both of whom died in 1766

James North & Susanna Gibson, marriage bond, 1739, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW34)

Patrick North d 1739, dealer of Dublin (Betham's wills, EN email 25 April 2008 #12; Vicars prerogative wills); wife Anne, daugther Mary North, brothers Francis James North and Cormuk North. Deed 28 517 18577 concerns the marriage of Elizabeth North daughter of William North to Wm Johnson of Gortaclogher, Co Cavan; mentions Wm North’s wife Margaret, Cormuck Moylan, John North a tanner, Dan North a weaver, all of Co Cavan, June 1721 (EN email 17 May 2008). Is there a Cormuk North/Cormuck Moylan connection here?

Ester North m 1727 William Plowman (ML), and Susannah North m 1734 Joseph Plowman (ML) (SP email 30 Aug 2007). Deed 51 296 53757 of Feb 1729: John Cheney, Gilbinstown, Co Kildare, & Wm Plowman, Co Kildare, farmer, 1st part & Wm North of Castlemartin Co Kildare, reciting that Francis Harrison late of Kilcullen did by his deed of lease – 1721 – grant demise unto the said Wm North parcels of land in Kilcullen town (held in the names of a long list of people) to William North, Ester his wife and Susanne his daughter for their natural lives; deed 50 448 33758 of 1725 also refers to these properties (EN email 17 May 2008). [If this is all correct there are two Esters: one Ester Unknown m William North; and the other Ester North m William Plowman; possibly Ester North (m 1727) and Susanne or Susannah North (m 1734) are daughters of William North and his wife Ester]. Deed 76 125 53192 of 23 Apr 1734 (EN email 22 May 2008, CN email 31 Jul 2009) concerns a marriage settlement between Joseph Plowman and Susanna North, spinster, 'daughter of William Plowman of Newtown, Co Kildare, farmer' (sic); it states that Joseph Plowman, butcher, is a son of Thomas Plowman, butcher, both of Dunlavin, Co Wicklow. It seems highly unlikely that Susanna North, spinster, would be a daughter of William Plowman: either she should be Susanna Plowman, or he should be Willliam North. The latter seems more likely, given that there is was a William North with a daughter Susanne (deed 51 296 53757 of Feb 1729 above) and Plowman could be a clerical error given there are other Plowmans in the transaction

Burke has a record in Proni (SP email 15 Oct 2015 p.07):

1a ?? North had issue

2a Rabuck North, will dated 30 Oct 1739, pr 11 Jan 1739 (sic), m Anne

2b Francis North

2c James North

2d Cormick North

Alexander North, baptised 5 Oct 1740, son of Alexander North and Elizabeth North (St Catherine parish records)

Deed 108 394 76751 of 19 Feb 1742: D Miller Parish of Marylebone, Co Middlesex, Great Britain, gent, and Mary Miller, otherwise North, his wife, 1st part; and Robert Ore of Dromore, Co Down - setting forth that Mary North of Dromore, Co Down, by her will leave to her two daughters, Mary Miller and Easter Ore, her share in the lands of Baleymacormick in the possession of Rev James Brush, all of Co Down (EN email 22 Feb 2009)

Deed 118 344 81036 of 17th Apr 1744: John North of Kilcorberry, Kings Co, farmer, demise and set unto Digby Hargreaves of Killeigh in said Co, merchant, all parcel of ground being part of Ballybegg and Ballyfore then lately in the possession of John Rotheram and then in possession of John North from 25 March the last past for seven years at the yearly rent of twelve shillings for every acre plantation measure; witnessed by Jos Dixon of Clonerrill, farmer, and Anthony Dempsey of Ballybegg, yeoman, Kings Co (EN email 22 Feb 2009)

Daniel O’Byrne, in his History of the Queen’s County (1856) claims descent from a -- Lawless who married a member of the North family of Croghan Hill, Co Offaly.  He had a son, -- Lawless, who lived in Big Ballyfore, Edenderry, Co Offaly, who in turn married and had at least two children including (a) an unnamed woman who married Daniel Byrne and (b) a son called Rody Lawless (d 1817). O’Byrne says that the Rev Dr Rody Lawless was ‘a dignitary in Rome’ in 1814. He is called Cardinal Rody Lawless on the Byrne memorial in Fossey graveyard. The inscription reads, 'This memorial rests over the remains of Walter Byrne of Aghoony, a lineal and true kinsman of Sir Daniel Byrne of Timogue and nephew of Cardinal Rody Lawless who died at Rome in 1817'. O’Byrne mentions that Lawless died ‘possessed of great property which returned to the service of the Church’ (Daniel Rothwell email 13 Nov 2022)


Deed 171 429 115262 of 1753 & 1754 concerns George North of the Merchant Taylors Hall, London, Gent and Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors, the Fraternity of St John the Baptist in City of London of 2nd part; William Richardson Somerset in Co Londonderry, Kingdom of Ireland, and Mary his wife, Mary Syles of Londonderry, 3rd part; --- Williamson of 4th part; and Roger Duke of London 5th part: - --- [can’t read] (EN email 6 Dec 2008)

Mary North married Samuel Jones 6 Jul 1755 (Parish Register, St Peter and St Kevin, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010)

Deborah North? m William Handy, son of Stray Handy, circa 26 May 1755 at Ireland. William Handy of Rahoon, Co Tipperary, gentleman & Deborah North? of Ballycurly? parish, King's county, spinster, licence dated 26 May 1755 (

Deed 284 118 183444 is a memorial of indenture of lease 16 April 1756 made between Jane Pierce Dub widow, Robert O’Callaghan Shanbally Co Tipperary, Alicia O’Callaghan otherwise Alicia North his wife etc (EN email 21 Jun 2008)

Francis North, Drogheda, nailer 1st part and Francis North his son of New Co Down, nailer. Francis the father did demise to Francis the son piece of garden demised to the father by Cuthbert Wallis late of Drogheda re boundries west gate Dundalk date 1726 and everything belonging to him includes parties James Nisbitt of Drogheda draper and Robert Sempell of Newry Co Down shoemaker witnessed etc. Deed 232 147 150646 dated 15 May 1760 (EN email 17 Aug 2008). Deed 296 669 200484 of 6 May 1762 records that John North of Drogheda, innholder, 1st part; and John Agle of Drogheda, 2nd part - John North for £40 consideration did mortgage a dwelling house on the south side of West St, Drogheda, during lives of said John North, Francis North son of Thomas North of said town of Drogheda, nailer, and John Emerson son of John Emerson of Tinure Co Louth, farmer (EN email 17 Aug 2008; CN email 14 Mar 2009)

Richard North & Jane Budds, marriage bond, 1761, Ossory (CPR 1922 WW45)

Sussanna North, b 14 Jun 1761, daughter of ? North, her father (St Pauls COI parish records, Dublin: EN email 12 Feb 2010)

North to McManus Deed poll 7 Jan 1763 between Motherly North late of Granard Longford 1st part and John McManus of Doogerybeg Co Leitrim and Andrew Bell of Ballsgrove Co Cavan 2nd part said Motherly North did demise – yearly rent £16 + -- unto McManus and Bell parcel ground called Doogerybeg Co Leitrim commencing -- (Deed 267 253 170764, EN email 17 Aug 2008)

Edward North of Crogan (Kings/Offaly) died 20 Mar 1764 aged 89, so b c1675 (Freeman's Journal, SP email 30 Apr 2008). Crogan is mentioned in deed 788 405 533140. Put in the tree as a possible 2d Edward North

Richard North of Rainsford St, the Liberties, Thomas Court, Donore, Co Dublin, shagg weaver, executor of the last will of Mary Nutley, widow late of Dublin of the 1st part, and Philip Groves of Marrowbone Lane, Dublin, parchment maker, son of Thomas Groves, other part - discharge of £50 mortgage over land and improvements in Marrowbone Lane on payment of £52/1/5½ to Richard North (Deed 250 183 161910 of 9 & 10 Sep 1766: CN email 16 Mar 2009). Deed 242 100 155895 of 30 Apr 1765 between Richard North of Ransford [Rainsford] St Dublin, tapeweaver, and Phebe North otherwise Phebe Nuttale his wife, executors of the will of Mary Nuttale, otherwise Nutley, late of Dublin, widow, of the 1st part; and Richard Barker, son of Michael Barker, tapeweaver of Dublin - reciting lease of 19 Feb 1734 to James Collivan and £50 mortgage to Mary Nuttale of 26 Feb 1764 of a suburban plot in Dublin - mortgage discharged and the land released to Richard Barker, witnesses Thomas Mullock and Henry Stephens Reily (CN email 16 Mar 2009). Deed 1772 286 652 191398 of 1772: Richard North, weaver of Rainsford St, Dublin, conveys a mortgage by George Robinson over two or three Dublin properties to John Fagan of Dublin for the £100 principal of the mortgage. The mortgage was formerly held by Richard's 'cousin' Mary Nuttell, deceased. Richard and his wife Phebe were Mary's executors. Witnessed by Ann Fagan of Dublin, spinster (CN email 5 Mar 2010)

Mary North & Thomas Harrison, marriage bond, 1766, Ossory (CPR 1922 WW45)

Ann North & Robert Jessop, marriage bond, 1768, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW34)

Ann North & Robert Jessop, marriage bond, 1768, Ossory (CPR 1922 WW45)

John North is listed in the Indian Army List 1760-1834 in 1769, captain 1782, d 1789 (EN email 14 Mar 2010)

James North & Margaret Burke, marriage bond, 1772, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW35)

Deed 288 382 191680 of 18 June 1772 records that John Craig of Dublin leased to Michael North of Dublin, bookseller, a dwelling house on the east side Big Ship St near Castle Gate City Dublin (EN email 17 Aug 2008).

16 July 1772 Abraham North of Iniles? ends? Middlesex Capt in his Maj’s Navy Richard Mayrick Upr Holland Co Palintine of Lanester Esq, Bridgeway Owen Meyrick late of Queen Square within liberty Westminster in Co Mid’sex late Capt His Maj’s 1st Reg of Foot guards but now of Duffrinalied? Co Donbigh? Of 1st part and Robert Butler Ballyraggett other part in consideration of sum of ? Abraham North had bargained and sold unto Robert Butler and George Butler lands etc - a very long list of land averaging 200 acres each – 6 pages Ballintober, Lackin, Mountgarret, Rath Kelly, Carranroe, Knockanbragh, Culbertragh Summertown, and so on (Deed 302 58 199166: EN email 17 Aug 2008). Same crew: £2,100 paid to North and Meyricks – seems to be about dividing the money equally (Deed 302 63 199167 of 2 Nov 1772: EN email 17 Aug 2008)

James North & Sarah Furney, marriage bond, 1773, Ossory (CPR 1922 WW45)

5 May 1773 Emor North Dublin 1st part and John Locke Dub 2nd part: Emor demises to Locke dwelling house wherein William Allen tobacconist lately dwelled, situated in Kings St Dublin, includes John Dowdall (Deed 299 42 197122: EN email 17 Aug 2008)

Pat North, baptised 1773, child of Pat North and Maria (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

Deed 308 124 203949 of 25 Mar 1774 refers to Edward North of Bloomfield Dublin of the 1st part & James Downes of Adamstown Co Wexford 2nd part: North demises all lands of Knockenra part of the Manor of Adamstown 197 acres for 31 years (EN email 17 Aug 2008).. There are several other memorials in the Registry of Deeds regarding Miles North and Edward North of Bloomfield, Dublin, around the early 1800s (EN email 8 Sep 2008). Vicars prerogative wills records that Edward North of Broomfield's will was proved in 1805.Deed 352 393 238884 of 31 July 1883: Edward North of Broomfield, Dublin, re lands at Adamstown Co Wexford (EN email 7 Sep 2008). There is a photocopy in the National Archives (999/173) of a report of John Patrick Prendergast, barrister-at-law, on the claim of Richard Laurence North, Asheville, North Carolina, and Asheville, South Carolina, under the will dated 29 Aug 1804, of Edward North, Broomfield, Co Dublin, proved in the Prerogative Court, 19 Jan 1805. The report recites the will and outlines the subsequent litigation, 1807–1824, Elizabeth and Patrick Webb and Lydia Falkiner v George Vesey, in King's Bench and Chancery

Mary Ann North, baptised 3 Jul 1774, dau of John North and Martha (St John parish records, Dublin)

Sarah North & Joseph Hardy, marriage bond, 1775, Killaloe (CPR 1922 WW41)

Edward Dixy North Wood, baptised 8 Oct 1775, son of John Dixy North Wood and Granger Jane (St Catherine RC parish records, Dublin)

James North & Mary Dawson, marriage bond, 1776, Co Cashel & Emily (CPR 1922 WW28)

John North & Mary Morris, marriage bond, 1777, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW35)

Benjamin North m Mary McCann, 1778 (EN email 7 May 2008). Jane Allen North, baptised 26 Dec 1784, dau of Benjamin North and Mary North (St Paul parish records, Dublin)

Mary North, baptised 6 Jul 1779, dau of Richard North and Mary North (St Pauls COI parish records: EN email 12 Feb 2010)

Mary North, baptised 7 Feb 1780, dau of Jno North (?Johnathon North) and Mary Ferguson, sponsors Judith and Daniel Gannon (St Catherine RC parish records, Dublin)

Francis North, baptised 26 Dec 1781, son of William North and Jane North (St Paul parish records, Dublin)

Richard North & Croghan, marriage bond, 1784 (CPR 1922 WW24)

Jas North (James North), baptised 15 Jun 1785, son of Peter North and Margery North (St Paul parish records, Dublin)

John North m 23 Jul 1786 Jane Bomford, daughter of a Bomford (St Peter parish records, Dublin). The online transcript has no other information

Richard North of Dublin, will dated 6 Mar 1789, proved 7 Apr 1789, sons Abel North and William North, John North son of said William North, Susanna wife of said Abel (Betham's extracts of wills, EN email 25 April 2008 #3)

Francis North was born in about 1789 in Ireland. In about 1820 he married Catherine Stevens or Catherine Steven. Her parents were George and Catherine Stevens or Steven. She was born in 1795. In 1828 a son Francis North was born in Ireland. In July 1835 at Galway, Francis North (senior) was convicted of theft of a silver chalice. He was described as being a manservant or household servant from Westmeath. He was transported to Australia in 1836. The same year a son Samuel North was born. In 1840 his wife and 2 children from Athlone were given assisted passage to Sydney Australia, and Francis was given a ticket of leave. They lived in the Taralga area, NSW, but there is no record of his death: newpapers report that he went missing in bushland in May 1867. Two of his grandsons were ministers of the Church of Enland (one an Archdeacon) and another was an Inspector of Police (M Holmes emails 15 & 22 Nov 2011)

Miles North of Jacksons Hall, Westmoreland, Great Britain and now city of Dublin (Deed 347 352 233220 dated 1782: EN email 8 Jul 2008; CN email 17 Nov 2009). Deed 366 330 245346 of 5 May 1785 refers to Miles North and wife Susanna of Jacksons Hall, Co Westmoreland, Great Britain, selling property in Dublin to Croasdaile Malony, widow of Hon Godfrey (EN email 7 Sep 2008; CN email 17 Nov 2009). Deed 552 392 367479 [probably of c1803] concerns Miles North, late of Jackson Hall, Co Westmoreland, UK grandson of Richie North which said Richard North who was only son and heir at law of Oliver North formerly of the Co Lancaster, Great Britain, who was married to Jennett North otherwise Jackson, mother of said Richard, who was one of the Lesters of the other - Jackson formerly Minister of Skipurth in Yorkshire … (EN email 22 Jan 2009). Deed 1759 310 658 208530 also refers to Miles North (CN email 17 Nov 2009). Deed 556 490 371746 of Nov 1803: Richard Taulman North of Jackson’s Hall, Kirby Lonsdale, Co Westmoreland, & Rev John O’Connor of Castleknock, Co Dublin, D D, £5,000 selling lands of Ardlonan Castle est 206 acres Barony Kells, Co Meath, house etc (EN email 22 Jan 2009). Deed 1836 3 13 of 2 Feb 1836 refers to Richard Taulman North's conveyance of Castletownmare and Raibk, Lower Kells, Co Meath, to John Gerrard of Gilestown (CN email 17 Nov 2009). Deed 1844 2 8 concerns Richard Taulman North of Thurland Castle, Co Palatine, Lancaster (EN email 1 Feb 2009). One of Richard Taulman North's great nephews, North Burton, who changed his name to North North when he inherited the estates of his great uncle, married Gertrude Versturme and had issue (

William North & Jane Webb, marriage bond, 1790, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)

At Ballycommon (townland), about 3 to 4 miles from Daingean towards Tullamore, there is a house reputed to have been that of a Henry North in about 1790 still standing – Oaklands House in Wood of Oaklands. Now (2009) owned by the Bracken family and previously by the Houlihan family. The house is very old, rather ugly and very dilapidated, and would have been demolished except that Granny is still living in it, aged 92. The Bracken family have built a new bungalow in the field in front of the house (EN emails 23 Jun & 12 Sep 2009)

Deed 410 249 269638: Edward North, Broomfield, sold land in Co Wexford (no date - EN email 22 Feb 2009). Deed 490 317 314604: Edward North of Broomfield Dublin and Bart Lawlor Newtown Co Wexford, 8 March 1791 let land 16 acres at Newtown for 99 years at £5 Michael Vicary and Benj Vicary signed 5 June 1793 (EN email 21 Jun 2008). Headstone: Here lies the body of Edward North Esq Late of Bloomfield in the County of Dublin who departed this life the 11th of September 1804 aged 78 years. 1792: Dorothy, daughter of Edward North of Rathfarnham Castle married 3rd son of William Newenham of Coolmore (Irish Genealogist: SP email 26 Jun 2008). Deed 549 2 361534 concerns Edward North of Bloomfield re land in Kilkenny, 10 July 1802 (EN email 19 Oct 2008)

Elizth North (Elizabeth North) baptised 30 Jan 1791, dau of Richd North (Richard North) and Sarah (St James COI parish records, Dublin)

Morgan North, baptised 1792, son of Bartholemew North and Judith Doyle (SS Michael and John RC parish records, Dublin)

North, father also North, of New Row, baptised 9 Jun 1793 (St Catherine parish records, Dublin: no other details in the online record)

Christopher North m Ann Bones in 1794 (ML: SP email 30 Aug 2007). Christopher North, perfumer, Cope St, m Ann Bones 8 May 1797 (Parish Register, Sts Marie, Luke, Catherine & Werburgh, Dublin, book form, National Archives, EN email 10 Feb 2010): he was a perfumer of Capel St, Dublin (EN email 23 Apr 2009). Deed 1833 5 104 of 3 Mar 1833 refers to the transfer of a half share in a property in Dublin from Mary Ann North, widow of Dublin, to Christopher Wall, pawnbroker of Dublin. Mary Ann inherited the half share from Christopher North, late perfumer of Dublin (presumably the Christopher who married Ann Bones), and Sarah North, late spinster of Dublin (CN email 12 Aug 2009). There is not enough information to determine the relationships between these three Norths, or to place them in the North tree. There was a Mary Ann North baptised on 3 Jul 1774, but the widow Mary Ann may have had North as her married name

Sophia North (orwse Hale) widow, Beresford St, Dublin left a will (1796, CPR 1922, WW13)

John North of Summerhill, Co Dublin, and of Heathfield, Co Westmeath. Deed 1796 505 101 323047 recites an ealier deed of 1 Mar 1794 in which Shaw Cartland of Limville in Kings Co leased to John North the lands of West called Heathfield adjoining the lands of Castlelost, Co Westmeath, 89 ac 3 rd 4 pch, with options for renewal forever. In deed 1796 505 101 323047, John, by then 'of Heathfield', leased part of Heathfield known as Knocknakill, 8 ac 2 rd 34 pch, to Belfield Robert Cane of Richmond, Co Westmeath, for £34/2/6 plus annual rent etc with a covenant for perpetual renewal. The 1796 deed was witnessed by Ann North of Heathfield. Henry Morley, perhaps the Henry Morley of deed 631 314 434002 of 8 Feb 1811, appears in a deed with John North: 534 129 349561, a deed of mortgage dated 7 Sep 1799 between John North of Summerhill, Co Dublin, 1st part, and Henry Morley of Dublin of the other part - for the sum of £152 to John North paid by Henry Morley, John North did grant bargain and demise to Henry Morley the lands of West with house offices called Heathville built thereon – by est 8 acres 3 roods 14 perches, with all bog – situate in the parish of Castlelost, Co Westmeath, leased to John North by Shawe Cartland, Kings Co by indenture dated 20 Sep 1790; and a piece of ground situate on the north side of Summerhill, Co Dublin, 70 feet wide at front, 20 feet wide at rear and 70 feet deep, and messuages [dwellings] or tenaments therein, leased to John North by Mary Snow, City of Dublin, widow, by indenture dated 28 Sep 1798, subject to redemption on repayment of the £152 and interest at 6% by 1 Mar next, witnessed by John North writing clerk of the City of Dublin (EN email 19 Oct 2008; CN email 20 Jun 2009). Henry Morley & Ann Bonynge, marriage bond, 1787, Meath (CPR 1922 WW43) - could be related. H Morley KC was an attorney at 3 Blackall St, Dublin, in 1803 (EN email 3 Sep 2010). Deed 557 157 369549 is a memorial of deeds of lease and release dated 1 and 2 July 1803 concerning the same land: John North of Heathfield, Westmeath, 1st part, & John Black of Longford, Co Longford, other part - John North for £675 did grant lease make over to John Black all that part of lands of West [sic: not 'the West'] with house etc, called Heathville otherwise Heathfield, 89 acres, 3 roods, 14 perches, off the road leading from Tyrrellspass to Mullingar, witness George Gibbs, Dublin, attorney, and George Hines or Hynes (EN email 22 Jan 2009; CN emails 19 Jun & 8 Sep 2009). The 'lands of West' appear again 100 years later in deed 1905 12 87, a deed of disentail made by Lieut Col David North. Deed 546 390 360324 of 24 Feb 1802: John North of Summer Hill and Henry Morley, both City Dublin, one part; and Julia Mullay of Gloucester St in said city, widow, other part - sale of dwelling house at Summerhill for £150, discharging a mortgage by John North to Henry Morley for £150, witnessed by Edward Lyons and John Rouke (EN email 22 Feb 2009; CN email 19 Dec 2009). It is not known which John North this John of Summerhill might be, but the Castlelost land connection suggests he probably belongs somewhere in the main North tree. John North the writing clerk witness might perhaps be his son. St Werburg  COI records in the Dublin City Library record that John and Ann North of Summerhill had a daughter:

2a Sophia Catherine North, baptised 18 Nov 1799, dau of John North and Ann, of Summer Hill (St Werburgh parish records, Dublin)

Bartholomew North was a grocer at 91 Kevin's Port, Dublin, from 1796 to 1804 (Watsons Almanac Directory: EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Dionifuis North, baptised 14 Jan 1798, son of Rogerii North and Maria Branan, sponsor Elizabeth McCabe (St Michan RC parish records, Dublin)


John North, baptised 17 Aug 1801, son of Philip North and Mary Hellis (SS Michael and John RC parish records, Dublin)

Eleanor North & Richard Calbeck, marriage bond, 1803, Killaloe (CPR 1922 WW41)

Isabella Moore North, baptised 20 Aug 1806, dau of Daniel North and Mary North (St Mary parish records, Dublin). John North, baptised 16 Jun 1810, son of Daniel North and Mary North (St Mary parish records). Daniel North was at The Crescent, Clontarf, suburban Dublin, from 1834 to 1838 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Deed 667 224 459981 of 13 May 1808: between John North of Kilcoyry, Co Cavan, gent, and Richard Young Reynolds - ref sale by John North of towns and lands of Gallet, Barony Granard, Co Longford (no acerage given) (EN email 22 Feb 2009)

Mary North m Andrew Gitchrcest (Andrew Gitchcrest?) on 7 May 1809 (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin)

Henry North, baptised 9 Mar 1810, son of Nathaniel North and Frances North (St Peters COI parish records: EN email 12 Feb 2010)

The India Office has a record for William North, Sergeant, Eng-Dept, widower, marrying, on 27 Dec 1810 at Fort William, Alice Hall, widow (ref N/1/8 f. 343; SP email 2 Dec 2008)

Isabellam North [?Isabella North] m Michaedem Carroll [?Michael Carroll] on 1 Dec 1811 (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

Deed 650 409 448956 of 7 Oct 1812: William North of the City of Dublin, merchant, 1st part; and Pat Kelly, Glassgany, Co Carlow, miller, other part - parties agree to enter into partnership under the name North and Coy – terms and conditions – main reference Mills of Glassganny, William to have marketing role, Pat the milling and business roles (EN email 22 Feb 2009; CN email 21 Nov 2009)

William North was a tea merchant at 3 Mullinahack (adjoining Cooke St) from 1813 to 1816 (Watsons Almanac Directory: EN email 26 Jan 2010). From 1817 to 1827, a William North was a painter and glazier at 8 Stephen St and, in or from 1819, at 3 Chancery Lane (Watsons Almanac Directory: EN email 26 Jan 2010)

Dan North of Dublin, Mary M North otherwise Mary M Benchall his wife, Eliz Benchall of Waterford City, spinster, and J North of Reynett, Waterford City, & P Vero Snugborough? of Waterford City, re dwelling house formerly prop of Mary Fitzgerald, yearly rent £20 (Deed 670 413 461745 of 1 May 1813: EN email 8 Sep 2008)

Deed 663 411 456837 of 10 July 1813: John North of Dublin, tin plate worker, and Coggin, re plot of land in Bow Lane, Dublin (EN email 22 Feb 2009)

Wm North [William North] Esq of Dublin City was a trustee in the marriage of Wm Sherlock, eldest son of Philip Sherlock of Clonuff, Co Kildare, and Frances McNally. By deed 686 557 472071 of 10 March 1815, the trustees released the town and lands of Clonuff, Barony of Carberry, 235 acres productive land, back to Philip and William Sherlock as Frances McNally had died without issue (EN email 14 Oct 2008, CN email 21 Jun 2010). Jane North married Philip Sherlock before 1775 (see main tree above) - likely this one - so William of the deed might be her brother: though he was of Philipstown in all other references. The date of the Sherlock - McNally marriage settlement is not stated in the deed

William Thomas North, son of William North and Ellen North (St Catherine's COI records, EN email 12 Feb 2010). Francis Thomas North, b 1814, baptised 6 Mar 1814, son of Willian North and Ellen (St Catherine COI parish records, Dublin)

Christopher North, Dublin, prerogative inventory, 1815 (CPR 1922 WW50)

Isabella North m Laurence Sheridan on 4 Feb 1815, witnesses Mary Woods and James Walsh (Rathfarnham RC parish records, Dublin)

John North, salt manufacturer of Dunleary, Co Dublin, demised to Sylvester Kent of Thomas St the premises at 125 Thomas St, Dublin, at a yearly rent of £20, for 150 years and for lives including William North eldest son of said John North (deed 1816 706 16 483551 of 22 Aug 1816; CN email 23 Jun 2009). Watson's Almanac Directory lists William North, brass founder, brazier, tin worker, at 125 Thomas St (some years 123 Thomas St) from 1775 to 1814; and Francis North at 124 Thomas St from 1808 to 1814.

Bridget North & Laurence Fox, marriage bond, 1816, Waterford & Lismore (CPR 1922 WW48)

Marianne North, baptised 1816, dau of Edward North and Julia North (Rathfarnham RC parish records, Dublin). Edward North, baptised 1817, son of Edward North and Frances North (Rathfarnham RC parish records, Dublin). Francis North, baptised 21 Nov 1818, child of Edward North and Frances (St James RC parish records, Dublin). Cathe North (Catherine North), baptised 9 Sep 1821, dau of Edward North and Frences (St James RC parish records, Dublin)

John North m Mary Preston 15 May 1817 at St Audoens, Dublin; witness James North (EN email 7 May 2008; parish records)

Eugene North was a paper manufacturer at 126 Abbey St (and from 1822 at 84 Abbey St) from 1818 to 1830 (Watsons Almanac Directory: EN emails 26 Jan & 4 Feb 2010)

Anne North & John Rotherham, marriage bond, 1819, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)

John North m 1819 Charlotte Homan (ML). The Dublin City Library has Parish records for St Peters  COI, Dublin with John North m Charlotte Homan 14 May 1819, father P Homan, witnesses William North & E North, witness address 6 Peter Row, Dublin (EN email 7 May 2008; parish records).Dublin directories (EN emails 26 Jan & 4 Feb 2010) list John North, painter, at 6 Peters Row from 1822 to 1829. A John North, painter, of Peters Row married Anne Maud in 1927. John and Charlotte had two children

2a William Pilkington North, b 30 Apr1820, baptised 18 Jun 1830, son of John North and Charlotte (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin)

2b John Henry North, b 9 Jul 1821, baptised 5 Oct 1821, son of John North and Charlotte of Peters Row (St Werburg parish records, Dublin City Library: EN email 10 Feb 2010)

John North was a pewterer and brazier at 15 Nicholas St from 1819 to 1824, and from 1824 to 1842 at 40 & 42 Pill Lane. There is no directory for 1843. John North m Mary Preston at St Audoens on 15 May 1817, witness James North (parish records). In 1844 Rosanna North had taken over at Pill Lane, adding the occupation of zinc manufacturer in 1846, and adding additional premises at Shellfish Warehouse, 20 Cuffe Street, in 1849, after which listings of her stop (Dublin directories: EN emails 8 & 11 Feb 2010). Rosanna Elizabeth North, b 5 Mar 1818, baptised 22 Mar 1818, daughter of John North and Mary (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin)

Mariam North [?Maria North] m Petrum Sherry [?Peter Sherry] on 18 Nov 1820 (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

George Augustus Patrick North was baptised in Galway 25 Sep 1821 - parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008 - no parents listed

John North, Thomas St, Dublin, tin merchant (deed 778 210 526945 of 1823, EN email 27 Sep 2008)

John North & Ann Dobson, marriage bond, 1823, Ossory (CPR 1922 WW45)

Mary North m Thomas Kinsley on 5 Jul 1823 (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin)

Richard Taulmin North, Thurland Castle, Lancaster (deed 783 506 530241 of 1823, EN email 27 Sep 2008). Deed 1878 44 263 of 1878 concerns a North of Thurland Castle, Lancaster re land in Co Cavan and two Church of Ireland Bishops Co Cavan (EN email 27 Sep 2008)

Marriage between George Smith Crawford, apothecary of Drogheda, Co Louth, and Anna Sophia Yeates, daughter of Wm Yeates, Dublin; Thomas North of Drogheda was a trustee (deed 786 166 531701 of 1823, EN email 27 Sep 2008). Deed 791 416 534951 of 1 May 1824 is a complicated marriage arrangement between Thomas North of Drogheda, Patrick Fox of Lr Gardiner St, Dublin and Drogheda, William Hendly of London, son Joseph Hendly of Portland Pl, Dublin and Londonderry, Launcellott ? Kelly of Coleraine, Londonderry, Margaret Fox, spinster, of Drogheda, daughter of said Patrick Fox, Thomas Fannin of York St, Dublin, & John Allen of Drogheda (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Thomas North & Mary Fox, marriage bond, 1824 (CPR 1922 WW27). Deed 832 297 559432 of 1828: Thomas North of Drogheda, Co Louth, re houses and tenements (EN email 27 Sep 2008). Deed 1840 16 52 concerns a mortgage between Thomas North of Drogheda and Felix McCabe (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Deed 1845 14 18 concerns Thomas North of Drogheda, jeweller, and John North, merchant (EN email 1 Feb 2009). Deeds 1850 11 259 re acquisition of land for Dublin Belfast railway, 1852 24 283, address at Convent Ave, Dublin (Wynne /Smyth), and 1857 7 132 re Thomas North, Alderman, Drogheda, Co Louth, all refer to Thomas North (EN Email 16 Oct 2008). Deeds 1849 12 54, 1858 3 12 & 1855 31 237 refer to Thomas North of Drogheda, Co Louth - sale of properties to McCabe, Yeats and McCabe and Smyth, Drogheda (EN email 1 Feb 2009; CN email 28 Aug 2009). Thoms 1860 records Thomas North and son, watch makers & gold smiths to Lord Lieut of Ireland, 49 Grafton St Dublin (EN email 21 Sep 2009). Other Dublin directories place Thomas at that address in 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Will of Thomas Pilkington of Ballinslue, Co Galway, 11 Oct 1824, reciting that he possessed certain houses and lands at Clara, King’s Co, also land at Aughamore, Clara, and a farm called Ballinwere (Ballinwire), Moycashel, Co Westmeath, and lands at Gortatorne, Co Galway, under lease of lives from Lord Dunlo, and park near Ballinaslue – bequeathed all above to Lord Dunlo [in trust, presumably] and to be equally divided between his 3 daughters and 3 sons: Mary Pilkington, Jane Pilkington Catherine Pilkington, Thomas Pilkington, Joseph Pilkington and John Pilkington; executors, the said Lord Dunlo, the said Thomas Pilkington, since deceased, and Joseph Briggs, Cappa, since deceased; trustees Richard Pilkington, his brother and William Pilkington, his [presumably Richard's] son; memorandum witnessed by William Pilkington of Cottage, Co Galway, age 30 years and upwards, and James Madden of Ballinslue, Co Galway, gent; Mary Harrison, seal; Jane Pilkington, seal - two of the devisees (Abstract of Wills, Registry of Deeds, Vol. III - 1785 - 1832 (Ellis & Eustace, copy in National Library, Dublin) (EN email 15 Mar 2009). Joseph Briggs #21469 listed in 1796 in Galway on the Irish Flax Growers List (SP email 18 Mar 2009)

Peter North is recorded as Gentry and Clergy at Kilbeggan in 1824 (Piggotts Directory 1824: EN email 30 May 2010)

Abraham Henry North is in the Indian Army List 1760-1834 as cadet 1825, lieutenant 1828 (EN email 14 Mar 2010)

Edward North was a carpet manufacturer at 8 Dolphins Barn in suburban Dublin from 1825 to 1829 (Watsons Almanac Directory: EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Isabella North & Francis Drew, marriage bond, 1826, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)

Jane North & James Matthews, marriage bond, 1826, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39: EN email 10 Dec 2009). James Mathews and Jane had a daughter named Dorothea (Mathews), baptised April 1827 Church of Ireland, Tullamore, King's County (Dorothea was a North first name and not a Mathews name) and Dorothea herself had a daughter to whom she gave the name Rachel (another North name) (Carol Allan email 27 Oct 2013). Other North marriages recorded in the Calendar of Public Records (in the National Archives: EN email 10 Dec 2009) in Kildare around that time are:

William North m Jane Webb in 1790 (unplaced)

Rachel North m George Crawley in 1810 (in tree)

Anne North m John Rotherham in 1819 (unplaced)

Antisell North m Grace North in 1819 (in tree)

Thomas North m Barbara Bayly in 1821 (in tree)

Isabella North m Francis Drew in 1826 (unplaced)

Jane North m James Matthews in 1826 (this entry)

Dorothea North m Richard Newcombe in 1845 (unplaced; Mary Anne North m 1831 Richard Newcombe - in tree)

Joseph North m Mary Cronelly in 1855 (unplaced)

Carol Allan reports (email 16 Apr 2014) that James Mathews had estate lands neighbouring Moyally, a North-owned estate. They were Parkwood, Burrow and Faheeran, and further away, Lower Boggagh. Thomas and Richard Mathews owned land in Moate. That suggests that James Mathews would, at the very least, have known members of one branch of the North family, and through them had opportunity for introduction to other branches. In addition, Moyally was formerly owned by Maxwell Mathews.

John North and Anne Maud married in 1827 (ML). Deed 821 90 552625 1825 of 1827 refers to the [marriage?] settlement of John North, Peters Row, Dublin, house painter, and Anne Maud, Abbey St, Dublin, daughter of Wm Henry Maud, referring to her father’s will, cash and government stocks (EN email 27 Sep 2008). Anne Maud's death certificate records that she died on 1 April 1871 at 124 Rathmines, South Dublin and was the widow of a builder (23.7).Possibly this is the same John North as married Charlotte Homan in 1819. John North, painter and decorator, Abbey St, Dublin, business transfer to Passmores, 1832 (deed 880 85 583585, EN email 27 Sep 2008). John North, painter, is listed in Dublin directories at 148 Abbey St from 1832 to 1842. Mrs North is listed at 84 Abbey St for the same period (EN email 4 Feb 2010). From 1844 to1849 Mrs Anne North was at 2 Ormond Quay, Lower, in 1847 at 10 Mulgrave Place, Rumley Ave, Kingstown, where in 1849 she was succeeded by John North. From 1850 to 1853, Mrs Anne North is recorded at 124 Fortescue Tce, Rathmines (EN email 8 Feb 2010). In deed 1860 29 102 of 20 Sep 1858, Anne North of Rathmines widow and administrix of John North, late of Abbey St, and William North, son and only child of the said John and Anne North, lease a dwelling house and other buildings at 49 Henry St to Thomas Millard for 40 years for an unrecorded consideration and subject to payment of rent of £100 pa (CN email 20 Mar 2010). William Henry North, baptised 25 Sep 1833, was a son of John North and Anne North of 148 Abbey St (St Mary parish records, Dublin) would seem to be that son. However, he had a younger brother, so was not an only son and child: John Grendon North, b 3 Feb 1841, baptised 26 May 1841, son of John North, builder, and Anne North, of 148 Abbey St (St Mary parish records, Dublin). Possibly John Grendon North died young, leaving William as the only surviving child. William Henry North d 23 Apr 1897 aged 64 (Newcastle Lyons parish records, Dublin). A John North won a contract to rebuild the Gaol of Newgate in Dublin. The Government subsequently withdrew from the contact and the English Parliament passed an Act in 1840 to pay compensation to John North. As there was a shortfall in the funds available to pay the compensation, an amending Act was passed in 1842 to ensure that his administratrix Anne North could receive the compensation, John North being by then 'lately deceased'. It seems possible, but on current evidence is by no means certain, that Anne North of the 1842 Act was Anne Maud, in which case her husband John North died between the passing of the 1840 Act and the 1842 Act

Louisa North, b 30 Jun 1825, baptised 20 Jul 1825, dau of John North (or John North North?) and Maria Alcock North (St Peter parish records, second version, Dublin)

J H North and Anth North (?Anthony North) were members of a committee which erected a plaque in Saint Catherine's Church Dublin for Rev William Whitelaw d 13 Mar 1827

Roger M North, listed in Indian Army List 1760-1834 as Cavalry, cadet 1828, lieutenant 1834 (EN email 14 Mar 2010)

Christopher North, College Green, prerogative inventory, 1828 (CPR 1922 WW50). Christopher North was a perfumer, hair dresser and fancy wig maker at 4 Cope St, Dublin from 1800 to 1830, and at 25 College Green from 1812 to 1825; Ann North was a wigmaker at 25 College Green from 1815 to 1830; and Eliza North was there in 1830 (Watsons Almanac Directory: EN emails 26 Jan & 4 Feb 2010)

Mary Ann North or Marianne North of St Paul's parish m Thomas Craig at St Nicholas Within, Dublin, on 27 Jan 1828; witness W North (National Archives record, EN email 18 Apr 2009; parish records)

Peter North, baptised 9 Jun 1828, son of Bartholemew North and Catherine Broughal (St Michael and St John RC parish records: EN email 12 Feb 2010). Catherine North, baptised 1833, dau of Bartholomew North (sic) and Catherine Branghall (sic) (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin). Jane North, baptised 1835, dau of Bartholomew North and Catherine Branghall (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin). Bartholomew North, son of Bartholomew North and Catherine Branghall (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin). Peter Christoph North, baptised 1839, son of Bartholomew North and Catherine Broughall (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin)

Joseph North m Elizabeth Corrigan in 1829 (National Archives record: EN email 18 Apr 2009)

James Henry North m Ester Torbuck Doolittle on 13 Jan 1830 (EN email 7 May 2008; ML - SP email 30 Aug 2007; or m 13 Jan 1830: St Audoen parish records, Dublin). He may be the James Henry North of deed 1838 11 132 (below), perhaps a brother of the Thomas North of that deed. Thoms 1838 directory lists James Henry North of 7 Church St Dublin as a wholesale ironmonger

Elizabeth North & George Ashby, marriage bond, 1832 (CPR 1922 WW27)

Bartholomew North is listed as a vinter at 2 Tuckers Row in 1832 and 1833 Dublin directories. Bartholomew North is at 27 Upper Baggot St from 1834 to 1847 (EN email 8 Feb 2010). Mrs North, provision dealer, is listed at 27 Upper Baggot St from 1849 to 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010): she might be his widow. See Peter North (1828) above - the widow might be Catherine Broughal

George North is at 6 Eden Quay in 1833 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

William North was a painter of Ranelagh, suburban Dublin, in 1834 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Frederick North, b 6 Feb 1834, baptised 30 May 1834, son of Brownlow North and Grace North, of Harolds Cross, Dublin (St Peter CoI parish records: EN email 12 Feb 2010)

George North was a watchmaker at Ryder's Row in 1835 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

R North was a grocer at 157 James St in 1835 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Edward North is listed at Spirit Stores, North Wall, from 1833 to 1837 (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Harriett North m Edmond Thomas Allen on 11 Mar 1837, both of Stephens Green (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin)

Eliza Moore North of Rathgar m 4 Apr 1838 William Brumskill of Phipsboro, Grangegorman, witness John North (St Peter parish records, Dublin; and a second entry). There are a few Moores in the records, but none that obviously ties up with this Eliza Moore North

Mrs North is listed at 7 Digges St from 1839 to 1846 (EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Sarah North, b 13 Apr 1839, baptised 12 May 1839, dau of James North, gardener, and Margaret North, of Family Ballinteer (Taney parish records, Dublin). James North, b 30 Jul 1841, baptised 12 Sep 1841, son of James North, gardener, and Margaret North of Ballinteer, Dundrum (Taney parish records, Dublin). William Edward North, b 19 Jan 1844, baptised 7 Feb 1844, son of James North, labourer and gatekeeper, and Margaret, of Farmly Ballinteer (Taney COI parish records, Dublin). Margaret North, b 26 Jul 1846, baptised 23 Aug 1846, dau of James North, labourer, and Margaret North of Taney Gate House (Taney parish records, Dublin)

John B North, b 7 Dec 1840, baptised 27 Dec 1840, son of John North and Margaret North of 25 Thomas St, Dublin (St Catherine COI parish records, Dublin)

Elizabeth North (otherwise Elizabeth Clarendon) & Henry Moore, marriage bond, 1838 (CPR 1922 WW27)

North & McCutchin, marriage bond, 1841, Co Cashel & Emily (CPR 1922 WW28) (no first names)

Ellen North & Henry Winnit, marriage bond, 1842, Killaloe (CPR 1922 WW41

Deed 1842 18153 concerns John Crawford and George North of Drogheda, High Sheriffs of the County, re the selling of property (EN email 1 Feb 2009)

Eliza North (Elizabeth North) married Francis Kelly Egan 21 Nov 1843 (parish records: EN email 6 Dec 2008). 'An estate owned by Francis Kelly-Egan at Annaghkallagh, in the parish of Clonfert, barony of Longford, county Galway, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates court in October 1852 and again in January 1853. Lands at Lissavahane, in the barony of Clonmacnowen, were offered for sale in February 1854. In 1814 this property had been the address of Mr William Egan. Another estate belonging to Francis Kelly-Egan, at Grange, also in the barony of Clonmacnowen, was offered for sale in November 1858. On this occasion members of the Cruise family were the petitioners' (Landed Estates Database: SP emails 11 & 13 Dec 2008)

Bessy North & William Foster-Dolby, marriage bond, 1845, Cork and Ross (CPR 1922 WW35)

Dorothea North & Richard Newcombe, marriage bond, 1845, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)

Burial of Isack North of Drumcondra, aged 14 years, on 16 March 1846 at Parish of St George. No other details given (COI records, CN email 20 Nov 2010)

Marriage of William Burby of 19 Lr Rutland St and Jane North of 19 Lr Rutland St on 18 January 1846 Parish St Thomas. Bride’s father: James North, brazier. Husband’s father: boot maker (COI records, CN email 20 Nov 2010)

From 1846 to 1853 Daniel North was at 8 Spire View, Rathgar (EN email 8 Feb 2010). Could be Daniel North senior (above) or Daniel North junior (below)

Roger North was at 8 Lower Prince Edward Tce, Blackrock from 1846 to 1850. From 1851 to 1853, Mrs North resided at 12 Prince Edward Tce, Blackrock (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Burial of Anne North, aged 70 years of 35 Lower Mount St on 26 May 1847 at St Mark parish, Dublin (COI records, CN email 20 Nov 2010)

Deed 1847 2 201 concerns James [?James North] and Margaret North, widow, of Hillsborough, Co Down, 8 Dec 1846 (EN email 1 Feb 2009)

Deeds 1848 17 2 & 12848 21 174 refer to Edward North (EN email 1 Feb 2009)

Mrs J North is listed at 6 Westmoreland Row, Ranelagh, from 1848 to 1850 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010). A William North, who lived at 6 Westmoreland Row in 1859, is included in the main tree and may be related

Joseph North is listed at 155 Capel St (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Thomas North is listed at 2 Windsor Ave, Clontarf, in 1849 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

William North, gunner, of Portobello Barracks and Elizabeth North had a dau Eliza North, b 30 Apr 1849, baptised 30 Apr 1849 (St Catherine parish records)


Rachel North of Dorset St, spinster of full age, dau of Joseph North, officer in the army, m 22 Mar 1850 John Wraftor of 66 Aunger St, gentleman, son of Patrick Wraftor, gentleman, witness David North (St Peter parish records, Dublin). This may be a marriage refered to in one of the Oswego letters, dated 17 May 1850: "Joe North our cousin is dead and ... Rachel has been married since very comfortably". Neither cousin Joe nor Rachel has been placed, and the relationship between them is not known

John North was at Clarina Ave, Kingstown in 1851 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Thomas North, solicitor, was listed at Drumcondra in 1851 and 1852 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

David North is recorded at 7 Margaret Place, Russell Street, in 1852 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Mrs Norths are recorded at Auburn Cottages, Monkstown and Islington Tce, Monkstown, in both 1852 and 1853 (Dublin directories: EN email 8 Feb 2010)

Marriage, Parish of Ballyburley, Kings Co, 26 May 1852, William North, shoemaker of Fahy, son of Richard North, shoemaker, to Margaret Martha Payne of Geashill, Kings Co, daughter of John Payne, pensioner (parish records, COI Library, Churchtown, Dublin: EN email 15 Mar 2009)

Bridget Esther North, b 1853, baptised 1853, dau of William North and Mary, sponsors John Coney and Bridget Coney (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

Willliam North of Military Barracks, Monaghan, servant, son of Henry North, hotel keeper, m 30 Nov 1854 Catherine Cusack of 29 Lennox St, dau of James Cusack, mercantile clerk (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

Alfred John North, b 11 Jun 1855 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d 6 May 1917, Sydney, NSW, ornithologist (;

Eliza North m Alexander Anderson on 30 Sep 1855 (Rathfarnham RC parish records, Dublin)

Joseph North & Mary Cronelly, marriage bond, 1855, Kildare (CPR 1922 WW39)

Deed 1856 12 195 of 6 Feb 1856 includes John North, yeoman, among others re a dwelling house in Leinster St, Athy, Co Kildare (EN Email 16 Oct 2008)

John North, Wexford, seaman, US Navy, left a will in 1856 at Ferns, Wexford (CPR 1922 WW15)

Emily Sophia North, b 28 Jun 1856, baptised 20 Jul 1856, dau of Thomas North, photographist, and Miriam North, of 43 Ranelagh Road (St Peter parish record, Dublin); Miriam North, b 15 Sep1858, baptised 31 Oct 1858, dau of Thomas North, photographer, and Miriam North, of 43 Ranelagh Road (St Peter parish records, Dublin); William Samuel North, b 29 Oct 1859 (ditto, parish records); Christiana North, b 2 Jul 1862 (ditto, parish records); Anna Tryphonas North, b 14 May 1864 (ditto, parish records) (Anna Trigphena North of 6 Moyne Rd, Rathmines, m 28 Apr 1892 John Joseph Minchin Forster, printer: St Peter parish records, Dublin); Henry Francis North, b10 Dec 1866, baptised 1867 (ditto, parish records; more parish records; Sandford Parish CoI records: EN email 12 Feb 2010). It seems Thomas subsequently married Mary Jane Moody in 1881 - his son William Samuel North witnessed the marriage: Thomas North, widower, photographer, of 19 Charleston Rd, son of William North m 15 Jan 1881 Mary Jane Mooney, dau of Robert Mooney, Ordnance Survey office; witness William Samuel North (Grangegorman parish records, Dublin), and had further issue: Evaline Mabel North is recorded in 1882 (parish records), Theophilus Vere North in 1884 (parish record) and Thomas Ernest North in 1886 (parish record), as children of Thomas North, photographer, and Mary Jane North, of 6 Moyne Rd (Sandford Parish CoI records: EN email 12 Feb 2010). Deed 1882 10 of 20 Mar 1882: Thomas North of Charleston Rd, Dublin, photographer, sold plot of ground at Ranelagh & House to John Gregan, victualler (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Deed 1889 28 272: Thomas North of 71 Grafton St, photographer, & Elizabeth Margaret Gubbins, re lease (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Thomas North, photographer, 66 Grafton St (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010)

Thomas North, gentleman of 49 Grathm St, son of Thomas North, watchmaker, m 27 Apr 1858 Elizabeth Jones, spinster, dau of Arthur Jones, cabinet maker (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

Mary Jose North, baptised 1858, dau of William North and Mary Grey (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin)

Births: Shaw, March 21, Torquay, Devonshire, the wife of Eyre M Shaw, Esq, Capt North, Cork Rifles, of a daughter (The Irish Times, first edition, 29 Mar 1859: EN email 31 Mar 2009). A bit odd: perhaps Capt North was the person who placed the advertisement?

Marriage certificate No 37 of 7 November 1860 records the marriage at St Thomas Church Parish of St Thomas City of Dublin between Mary Elizabeth North, spinster, minor, of [illegible - possibly drum...don] daughter of Edward North, merchant, and Robert Benjamin Browne, bachelor, esq, of 28 Eden Quay, son of William C Browne, miller, witnessed by James Orson and James Sharpe (EN email 25 Sep 2009). Dublin directories list Edward at the London and Liverpool Hotel, a hotel and tavern, at 28 Eden Quay, from 1840 to 1853 (EN email 8 Feb 2010). Shaw's Dublin Directory records Edward North as proprieter of the London and Liverpool Hotel and tavern, 28 Eden Quay, in 1850. Thoms 1860 records London and Liverpool Hotel and tavern, proprietor Mary North (EN email 18 Oct 2009).

In deed 1860 22 224 Thomas North of 49 Grafton St sells to Solomon Barnard of 51 Grafton St, a one third share of premises at 106 & 107 Abbey St, the latter of which formerly was possessed by Nicholas Levy, and his one third share of an income of £60 pa payable therefrom, for £150(CN emails 28 Aug 2009 & 19 Mar 2010). Thomas seems to have aquired his one third share in the premises by a deed of settlement of 1 May 1820, which may have been his marriage settlement. Maria North & Solomon Barnard, marriage bond, 1836 (CPR 1922 WW27) - which suggests that Solomon may have been Thomas' brother in law. Deed 1861 21 84: brief document wherein the Court of Bankruptcy certifies that the affairs of Thomas North bankrupt jeweller of Grafton St, Dublin, have been handed over to official court assignees (CN email 2 Apr 2010).  John Nathan of 23 Lower Gardiner in the city of Dublin, jeweller , was the creditors assignee in the said matter. Deed 1861 23 49, registered 17 Jul 1861, records transactions by various people, including Thomas North, formerly of Grafton St, bankrupt jeweller. In deed 1862 8 256 of 7 Mar 1862, Patrick Joseph Grey apothecary of Drogheda and Harriett Matilda North his wife sell their one third share of the same 106 and 107 Abbey St to Robert Yeats Esq of Elm Hall, Co Kildare, for a consideration of £240 (CN email 10 Apr 2010). The deed recites a marriage settlement of 1 May 1824, which is probably deed 791 416 534951, the marriage settlement for Thomas North and ?Margaret Fox. From these dealings in Abbey St, it looks as if Harriett and Thomas shared a family interest in Abbey St, probably with a third North, not yet positively identified but who seems likely to have been Maria, wife of Solomon Barnard, or could have been a Martha North identified in deed 1865 14 296 of 28 Oct 1864. That deed records the sale by Maria Barnard otherwise Maria North, wife of Solomon Barnard, acting as administratrix of the estate of Martha North, deceased, to Patrick Courtney of West St, Drogheda, shop keeper, of a house in Drogheda for the remainder of a lease of 99 years granted on 23 Jan 1800 (CN email 10 Apr 2010). Martha North might be Maria's mother (or perhaps her sister). If Martha is the mother, then it seems likely that she married a North, had three children, Thomas, Maria and Harriett, that she came from Drogheda, and lived at 106 & 107 Abbey St in Dublin. Perhaps Thomas could not adminster her estate because he was a bankrupt (or perhaps dead), but he seems to have married earlier (1824) than Maria (1836) so was probably the eldest child

Deed 60 37 44, 1860 Rachael North, Index only (EN email 17 Feb 2009)

Deed 60 29 102 William North and Ann North, Index only (EN email 17 Feb 2009)

Deed 1861 36 39: documentation of Daniel North Junior, Lincoln Place, Dublin, ironmonger & executor of last will of William Stannus, concerning property at 41 Waterloo Rd, Dublin (CN email 28 Aug 2009). Deeds 62 33 93 & 63 3 252, Daniel North - Index only (EN email 17 Feb 2009). Daniel North, ironmonger, of Rathgar Road, son of Daniel North Esq, m 13 Sep 1862 Mary Crosby of 4 Lr Fitzwilliam St, dau of John Crosby, timber merchant (St Peter parish records, Dublin). Martha Mary North, b 29 Jan 1864, baptised 28 Feb 1864, dau of Daniel North, ironmonger, and Mary Jane Gertrude North, of 20 Lincoln Pl (St Mark parish records, Dublin). There is more on Mary Jane Gertrude North below

Deed 1861 34 107 of 15 Nov 1861 records William North of Eliass Quay, Dublin, vinter, selling the remainder of a 22 year lease of 33 Eliass Quay, complete with tables seats bar utensils porter machine clock and fixtures in tap rooms, to John Thomas Murphy of Great Britain St, grocer (CN email 2 Apr 2010). Witnessed by James H North of 84 Middle Abbey St, Dublin (there is a James H North in the tree, but it seems just as likely that this one was the auctioneer - we have no other references to Middle Abbey St)

Deed 62 31 153 Rev Joseph North, Index only (EN email 17 Feb 2009)

Deed 62 1 248 Rev Joseph North, Index only (EN email 17 Feb 2009)

Deed 62 12 82 of 2 April 1862: James Costello, National Bank, & John North, Foster Place, Dublin, and Royal Bank - Deed conveyance, sale of lands - Rathbrack, Carraghfan & Cloncullen, Barony of Farhill, Westmeath, ref Henry Law and Dwyer (EN email 17 Feb 2009) [John North may have been acting for the Bank in this deed]

Elizabeth North, baptised 1862, dau of William North and Mary Grange (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin)

Christo James North, b 1863, son of Richard North and Mary Keane of 56 Townshend St, sponsor William North (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin). Michael J North, b 1865, baptised 1865, son of Richard North and Mary Kane of 8 Georges St (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

1864 Births Dublin City Library microfilms (EN email 11 Apr 2010) Martha Mary North (Dub S); Mary North (Mullingar); Mary Catherine North (Dub S); Susan North (Roscommon); Female North (Dublin S)

1865 Births Dublin City Library microfilms (EN email 11 Apr 2010): Bartholmew North (Dub S); William North (Dub S, 2.794); William North (Cavan); Male North; (Cavan); Female North (Dub N, 2.661)

Patricius Gulielmus North, b 5 Mar 1865, baptised 10 Mar 1865, son of Gulielmus North and Maria Duffy of 6 Corn Market (St Audoen RC parish records, Dublin)

Thomas North, private, 11th Hussars, Portobello Barracks, Dublin, and Julia North had a dau Harriett North, b 22 Jan 1865, baptised 2 Apr 1865 (Portobello Barracks parish records)

William H North was witness to the marriage on 22 Aug 1865 of North Richardson Brunskill of Danesfort, Bainchurch, Co Kilkenny, and Isabella Mary Bradshaw (St Stephen parish records, Dublin)

Edward North, b 29 Dec 1865, baptised 16 Sep 1866, son of Michael North and Mary North of 5 Jane Place, Dublin (St Barnabas parish records). Mary Jane North, b 30 Dec 1867, baptised 16 Feb 1868, dau of Michael North, writing clerk, and Mary North, of 13 Lower Jane Place (St Barnabas parish records, Dublin)

1866 Births Dublin City Library microfilms (EN email 11 Apr 2010): Bridget North (Delvin); Henry Francis North (Dub S, 17.731); Isaac North (Mullingar 3.365); Joseph North (Killarney); Rebecca North (Athy); Male North (Dub S 2.616)

1867 Births Dublin City Library microfilms (EN email 11 Apr 2010): Edith Geraldine North (Dub S); John George North (Rathdrum 2.1096); Margaret North (Cootehill); Richard Edward North (Dub S, 2.755)

Thoms directory of 1867 lists Thomas North, land and general agent, of 29 Mecklenburg St, Upr, and of Oaklands, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. He was one of the brothers North who started a large auctioneering firm (James H North Auctioneers; EN email 14 Mar 2010)

Deed 67 17 73 of 1867 Samuel North /Young, Tyrone and Donegal, 1867, Index only (EN email 17 Feb 2009)

William North Lord, b 13 Jul 1867, baptised 28 Jul 1867, son of William North Lord, carpenter, and Mary Lord, of 76 Harolds Cross (Harolds Cross parish records, Dublin). William North Lord, builder, son of James Lord, bricklayer, m 9 Sep 1878 Harriette Whitehead, dau of Henry Whitehead, organ builder (Rathmines COI parish records, Dublin). The William b 1867 is too young to be the William m 1878, quite apart from having a different father, so there were at least three William North Lords

Bartholomew North, baptised 1865, son of Morgan North and Anne Reilly (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin), Jane North baptised 1866 (St Mary parish records), Peter Joseph North, baptised 1867, son of Morgan North and Anne Reilly (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin), Francis North, baptised 1870 (St Mary parish records), and Bernard Patrick North, baptised 1869, son of Morgan North and Ann Reilly (St Mary RC parish records, Dublin)

Percey John North, b 19 Aug 1868, baptised 26 Jul 1891 (sic), son of Henry North and Mary Cook, address Bristol (SS Michael and John RC parish records, Dublin). Percy John North of Ship Street Barracks, son of Henry North, m 2 Aug 1891 Margaret Gorman, of 8 S Cumberland St, dau of Patrick Gorman (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin). Mary Elizabeth North, b 2 Jun 1892, baptised 6 Jun 1892, dau of Percy North and Margaret Gorman of Ship St Barracks (SS Michael and John RC parish records, Dublin). Jerey John North, baptised 1894, son of Perey North and Margaret Soeinan [?Percy North and Margaret Gorman] of 20 Derrydale St (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin). Blanche Emily North, baptised 1899, dau of Jercy North [Percy North] and Margaret Gorman of 14 Cumberland St (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

Deed 68 27 84 of 1868: Jane North of Upper Bagot St, spinster; & Morgan North of same address - ref lease 13 Feb 1832 and William Moore Liverpool, re dwelling house Eastmoreland Park Dublin, ref Bartholomew North, deceased (EN email 17 Feb 2009). Thoms 1869 directory lists Morgan North at 54 Bagot St, Dublin, also Jane and Bart. There are several deeds linked by an address of Fitzwillliam St, Dublin. Deed 1871 26 244 of 3 Aug 1871: Morgan North [of?] Fitzwilliam St, Dublin 1st part; Henry Tobin of Bagot St, Dublin, wine merchant 2nd part - ref lease of Feb 1832 between Wm Moore and Bart North [Bartholomew North] 1st part, and Jane North 2nd part, lease for 50 years of premises at Bagot St, Dublin (EN email 14 Sep 2008). Deed 1879 10 3 of 1879 concerns a sale by Anne North of Fitzwilliam St, Dublin, widow, to T Berford regarding Hobarts passage 47 feet (EN email 27 Sep 2008). 1879 13 248 also concerns Anne North and T Berford (EN email 27 Sep 2008). Deed 1885 46 251 concerns Mary North of Fitzwilliam St, Dublin, & Anna Losses or Lones, re leases of 41, 42 and 43 Arbour Hill, Dublin (EN email 11 Feb 2009). Deed 1908 35 283 of Mar 1908 between Government Bank of Ireland 1st part; Elizabeth North of Newbridge Ave, Santry, Co Dublin & Mary M Mullingan of 54 Thomas St, Dublin, executors of the late Maria Wright, deceased, 2nd part; Mary M Mullingan and Peter North of Fitzwilliam St, Dublin, 3rd part - Governor of the Bank of Ireland confirms to M Mullingan and Peter North ground at Herbert Ave, Dublin. Deed 1907 14 110 involves some of the same parties (EN email 2 Mar 2009). Deed 1908 32 197 concerns Elizabeth North, married woman, Peter North of Fitzwilliam St and various properties in Dublin (EN email 2 Mar 2009). Deed 1908 14 213 also concerns Elizabeth North and Mullingan: states that Elizabeth North is the wife of Francis North (EN email 2 Mar 2009). Aaron Mac Fhionnlaoich (emails 12 & 13 Oct 2009) has put together a tree of the descendents of Morgan North and Anne Teresa Reilly, his wife, based largely on the IGI, Slater's directory, 1911 census records and family sources:

1a Morgan North m Anne Teresa Reilly and had issue

2a Mary Catherine North, b 15 Apr 1864 at Donnybrook, Dublin, d Ringsend, Dublin, m Joseph Peter Nelson b 1861, Dulin, d 4 Aug 1924, victualler, lived at 10 Bridge St over a butcher's shop, and had issue

3a Morgan Joseph Nelson, b 12 Nov 1892 at Ringsend, d Jul 1957, engineer, m Eileen Maud Kelly, b 23 Jan 1893 at Tuam, Co Galway, d 1976

3b Valentine Nelson, known as Val, b 1893 at Ringsend, d 1985, Baldoyle, Dublin, Christian Brother

3c Joseph Peter Nelson, b 1896, Dublin, d 24 Dec in the 1960s, grocer, m Rosy Mulvanny

3d Bartholomew Nelson, b 1898, Dublin, butcher

3e Mary Nelson, b 1900, m Denis Bresnan

3f Peter Joseph Nelson, b 1901, Dublin, butcher of Rathgar, m Peggy O'Malley, worked in the sweepstakes

3g Carmel Nelson, b 1904, Dublin, m Paddy Burtasal

2b Bartholomew North, b 15 Jul 1865 at Donnybrook, Dublin, engineer, ESB, m Mary, b 1881, and had issue

3a Mary J North, b 1902, Co Dublin

3b Anna North, b 1903, Co Dublin

3c William North, b 1904, Co Dublin

3d Kathleen North, b 1908, Co Dublin

3e Sheila North, b 1910, Co Dublin

2c Peter North, b 24 Jan 1868, publican. At his death he was the oldest publican in Dublin

2d Patrick North, b 14 Apr 1872, house carpenter

Mary, Bart, Peter, Patrick were all Roman catholic in the Census of 1911.

Deed 69 24 279 of 1869, John North listed acting for Royal Bank in Landed Estates Court, witness only (EN email 17 Feb 2009)

Thoms 1869 directory lists Thomas North Esq at 54 Blessington St, Dublin

Henry North, gasfitter, aged 25, of 33 Jervis St, son of Henry North, sexton, Castle Chapel, married at St Mary's UCEI Church, Dublin, by licence, on 29 Mar 1869, Elizabeth Roche, paperbag maker, aged 21, of 33 Jervis St, dau of James Roche, shopman (marriage certificate: EN email 30 May 2010). Alice Emily North, b 2 May 1869, baptised 30 Jun 1869, dau of Henry North, gasfitter, and Elizabeth North, of 41 Jervis St (St Mary parish records, Dublin; second copy). William Henry North, b 29 Oct 1871, baptised 21 Jan 1872, son of Henry North, brass finisher, and Elizabeth North, of 38 Castle St (St Werbergh parish records). Louisa North, b 25 Sep 1873, baptised 16 Nov 1873, dau of Henry North, gasfitter, and Eliza North, of 5 Castle St (St Werburgh parish records, Dublin). Elizabeth Frances Emma North, b 14 Aug 1875 (ditto, 30 Castle St, parish records)

1870 Births Dublin City Library microfilms (EN email 11 Apr 2010): Charles Roger North (Dub S, 2.962); James Richard North (Dub N, 2.803); Mary North (Dub N, 2.732); Male North; (Tullamore 8.824)

1871 Births Dublin City Library microfilms (EN email 11 Apr 2010): Arthur William North (Longford); Henry North (Dub S, 17.664); Henry Morley North (Dub N, 2.689)

Landowners of Ireland 1876 lists James L North of Limerick as owning 196 acres in Kings Co

Martha North of Francis St, Dublin, minor [i.e. under 21], dau of John North, labourer, m on 11 May 1876 Robert Parker, footman, of Killeshandra, Co Cavan, witness Rebecca North (St Catherine parish records, Dublin)

Deed 1877 52 178 is between: Catherine Wentworth Parsons of Salisbury UK, spinster, John Burchall North of Castlepollard, Co Westmeath, & Mary Gertrude North of 3 Leinster St, Dublin, widow, of the 1st part; & Thomas Purcell, Mayor, City Waterford, Wm Johnson, David Keogh, Joseph Fisher & Joseph Campbell, Councillors - Norths sell/release 3 premises in Barleys New St, Waterford to Waterford Commissioners, 7 Nov 1877 (EN email 11 Feb 2009). Deed 1882 33 36 of 13 Sept 1882: Mary Jane Gertrude North, widow, 3 Leinster St, Dublin, & A Magee Day and Louis King Bradford - assignment to Dublin Corporation re 3 to 14 Plunkett St, Dublin (part of marriage settlement) (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Deed 1883 51 20 of 29 Nov 1883 re Mary Jane Gertrude Crosby, now North, widow, ref deed 1851 10 227, surrendered land to Eleanor Eyre, Upr Fitzwilliam St (EN emails 8 Dec 2007, 27 Feb 2009). Mrs North, ironmonger, 3 Leinster St (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010). 1889 24 217 of 9 May 1889: Mary Jane Gertrude North, Leinster St, Dublin, widow, and Catherine Wentworth Parsons, Exeter St, Salisbury, Wiltshire, John Burchell North, Brisbane, Colony of Queensland, Australia, leesors, & Jane Frances Ardagh, Nottinghill, London, spinster - re leasing plots of land in Co Waterford (EN email 11 Feb 2009). Mary Jane Gertrude North, 99 Strand Rd, Sandymount, Dublin, [probate] to Isabella Bradford, widow, [value] £2495 (Calendar of Wills 1913, National Archive, EN email 15 Jul 2009)

Edward T North, optician, of 84 Manor St, son of George North, wood turner, m 12 Feb 1877 Christina McNamara, minor, of 176 North Strand, dau of William McNamara, shop assistant (St Thomas parish records, Dublin)

Deed 1879 48 231 concerns Ann North and Harwood, ref 12 Aughrim St, Dublin (EN email 27 Sep 2008).

Deed 1880 13 81, High Court of Justice: James Mahaffy of Belturbet, Co Cavan, against George North of Drumaloor, Co Cavan, farmer, for sum of £272, claim for judgement already made & outstanding (EN email 27 Feb 2009)

Sophia North & Jane North residing in Tyrrellspass (1881 Slaters, SP email 30 Apr 2008)

John North appears in the 1881 Slaters in Galway City

Deeds 1881 –20 –20: Rt Hon Dudley Francis Earl of Guilford, the Hon Morton William North, Walershare Park, Kent, witness Thylda North, Darsham Cottage, Saxmundham?, spinster, re land in Sligo; 1884 11 144 re land in Ratoath, Co Meath; & 1884 17 14 re lands at Crackenstown & part Blackwater, Barony Ratoath, Co Meath, signed at Tunbridge Wells (EN email 27 Feb 2009)

William Samuel North (b 29 Oct 1859, above) of 53 Ranelagh Rd married on 28 Jun 1881 Alice Elizabeth Machin of 6 Ranelagh Rd, minor, dau of Edward Machin, jeweller (St Peter parish records, Dublin)

Deed 1883 10 66 of 1 March 1883 concerning North & others – Wilson, ref mortgage Samuel North & Margaret Crawford of Carnone?, Co Donegal, ref land at Carnone?; also concerns Robert Allen Wilson (EN email 27 Feb 2009)

Deed 1884 51 75 of 30 Oct 1884 concerns Anne Lowes (nee Anne North) wife of William Lowes of 16 Fitzwilliam St, Ringsend, Dublin; Mary North daughter of Anne Lowes; Francis Delaney of 3 St Catherine Tce, Clonliffe Rd, Dublin, builder; & Working Mans Benefit Soc - lease by Lord Mt Temple to Anne Lowes plot of ground Arbour Hill, and houses known as 10 & 12 Aughrim St, Grangegorman, Dublin, until Mary North attains 21 years (EN email 27 Feb 2009)

Charles North, baptised 1884, son of Charles North and Mary Ahern, of 3 Wentworth Place (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin). Michael John North, baptised 1885, son of Charles North and Mary Hearn of 16 Cumberland St (St Andrew RC parish records, Dublin)

Deed 1889 7 196: Thomas North re mortage for house at 6 Moyne Rd, Rathmines (EN email 27 Feb 2009)

Frank Lonsdale North of 8 Haddington Tce, Kingstown, m 1890 Isabella Diana Chancellor, dau of Lily Chancellor, Craiglands, Co Dublin. The families had businesses at 55 Sackville St. They had children: Harry Lonsdale North, Lieut, b 1895, d 17 Sep 1918, buried Moeuvres Communal Cemetery; & Norman F North (EN email 30 May 2010)

Elizabeth Westbury North, b 10 Nov 1890, baptised 19 Apr 1891, dau of Tom North, private, 1st Grenadier Guards, and Elizabeth North, of Richmond Barracks (Richmond Barracks parish records, Dublin). Walter North, b 10 Nov 1890, baptised 19 Apr 1891, son of Tom North and Elizabeth North (ditto) (parish records)

Gulielmus North, of Black Lion House, Inchicore, son of Georgii North, m 7 Oct 1895 Elizabeth Fleming of 52 Bow Lane D B, dau of Michaelis Fleming (St James RC parish records, Dublin)

Rev J North, 1 Bolton Tce, Kingstown (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010)

W S North, Registrar, Mercer’s Hospital, 16 Leeson, ParkVillas (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010)

James H North, Auctioneers, 110 Grafton St, Dublin, connected to Co Wexford, his uncle Capt Lonsdale Poundes, D.L. of Brownswood, Enniscorthy; & Frank L North, partner in J H North, Auctioneers (Contemporary Biographies, Dublin and Co. Dublin, by W Pike, 1908, copy in Dublin City Library). Thoms lists Frank L North at 126 Pembroke Road in 1896. North’s furniture, books, fine art auction rooms, 102 & 110 Grafton St (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010). These auction houses have devolved to REA North's at Tralee, Co Kerry. These Norths probably originated in Co Kerry, and may have originated from Skibbereen. They were one of the biggest, if not the biggest auctioneering firms in Dublin up to the 1960s, but don’t seem very high profile in recent years (EN email 7 Dec 2009)

James North of Glasslough, Co Monaghan, b 3 Feb 1899, baptised 8 Feb 1899, son of Lizzie North (parish records, Rotunda Chappel, Dublin)


Isabella North, wife of Frank North Esq of 126 Pembroke Road, Dublin, transfered land to the Royal Vetinary College of Ireland on 30 Jun 1900 (1900 45 67: EN email 11 Jul 2008). 1890 39 225 includes reference to Francis L North, Colimore(?) Cottage, Dalkey House, Dublin and Isabella North, his wife (EN email 8 Dec 2007)

John North b c1833, d 16 Sep 1910 in Dublin aged 77, proprietor of 'The Hammam', husband of Mary D North (plaque in St Mary's church, Dublin), and had issue. Deed 1889 50 164: John North, Hamman Hotel, Upper Sackville St, hotel proprietor, borrowing from Victoria Mutual Building Society re plot of land at Howth Harbour at Harbour Rd (EN email 27 Feb 2009). Deed 1898 32 52 refers to John North of the Hamman Hotel, Dublin (EN email 2 Mar 2009). John North of the Hamman Hotel died on 16 Sep 1910 and probate was granted to Joseph Armstrong, hotel proprieter, value £5,137 (Calendar of Wills, National Archive, EN email 15 Jul 2009). That fairly clearly confirms Joseph as John's son in law. Mary Davidson North of Hamman House [John's wife], widow, d 5 Jun 1913, probate to Joseph Armstrong, value £484 (Calendar of Wills, National Archive, EN email 15 Jul 2009). John North, Hammam Hotel, 11/12 Sackville St (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010). The Hammam Hotel was destroyed in 1922 (Sarah Harmon email 25 Feb 2010)

2a Maria North (Molly)

2b Rosanna North (Rose) m (parish records) Joseph Armstrong (commercial traveller; buried in the family plot in Mount Jerome Cemetry Dublin: Sarah Harmon email 27 Feb 2010) and had issue

3a John Hubert Armstrong (Jack) (plaque in St Mary's church Dublin, erected by John North 1909) and

3b Beatrice Armstrong (d 2002: Sarah Harmon email 27 Feb 2010).

Deed 1908 84 198 of 27 Oct 1908 between Malcolm Naish Gray of the United Empire Club, 117 Piccadilly, London; and Anna North (also referred to as Anne North) of Delamaine Rockbrook Rathfarnham Dublin, widow, 2nd part; and Ludlow Richard Oswald Sealy of Bray, Co Wicklow - re land of Great Bray called Killarney dwelling house offices and gate lodge known as Belleville or Rathclanen, Bray, Barony of Rathdown – refers to indentures dated March 1835 (EN email 2 Mar 2009). William H North, Delamaine, Whitechurch, Rathfarnham (Thoms Directory, 1896: EN email 26 Jan 2010) may have been her husband?

Thomas North of Haddington Park, Glenageary, Dublin [d] 20 May 1910 at Rathfarnham [probate granted] to Willliam S Hayes, solicitors, £178 (Calendar of Wills in the National Archives: EN email 15 Jul 2009)

The Calendar of Wills 1919 (National Archives, EN email 15 Jul 2009) records Henry Lonsdale North Chalsford, 171 Strand Rd, Merrion, Dublin, Lieut, Royal Irish Regulars, 11 July (no further details)

The Calendar of Wills 1920 (National Archives, EN email 15 Jul 2009) records Margaret North, widow, Chester, UK, 27 March 1920

McLysaght's Surnames of Ireland lists the surname 'Ultagh, otherwise MacDonlevy, changed to North in Wesmeath' (no date: EN email 26 Jun 2009)


CoN is The Coffeys of Newcastle, a book extract, pp 34-35, from Sheila Perino 11 Jul 2007, which contains a useful though skeletal tree of the major branches of the Norths of Ireland. Sheila advises (emails 13 Jul 2007) that it is credited to Bishop John McCormack, and was a book about Parish families prepared from local sources for the rededication of the Sacred Heart Church in Meedin (Tyrrellspass) in the 1980s.

SP1, SP2, SP3, etc are trees prepared by Sheila Perino (email 1 Mar 2008) drawing on a range of sources. Other work by Sheila has been incorporated in Peter Bamford's chapters, particulary the text of Chapter 23.

A major source is The History of Augusta by James North published by Clapp & North, 1870, Augusta, Maine. He says,

The first part of the lineage is found recorded at Herald's College, Dublin, compiled by the College from lawsuits and wills. Sir Barnard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, says 'Further pedigrees of the Norths in Ireland are almost impossible from the great destruction of registers during the civil wars'. To this may be added the difficulty of overcoming the suspicion, at some private sources of information, that property which has been in litigation for many years in chancery, is the object of investigation.

James North's book included family trees (first, second) compiled by Hariet A Bainbridge from records in Herald's College, Dublin; wills, deeds and family records.

Sheila is gradually collecting birth, marriage and death certificates and other documents to confirm the record.

SP email (date) are emails from Sheila Perino.

EN email (date) are emails from Eva North

CN email (date) are emails from Cyril North

RB email (date) are emails from RB. Contact Us if you need further information on a specific email.

Book xx Ref xxx or Book xxx p xxx ref xxx are references to memorandums of deeds held in the Registry of Deeds, Dublin. These have been investigated by EN, but there is a vast number of them, they are often in obscure hand writing and commonly involve complex legal transactions which are difficult to follow, so only bare details have been extracted in most cases. They may contain substantial mistakes of transcription and interpretation. If it is important, the text should be rechecked in the Registry of Deeds. The memoranda commonly have three dates: the date of the original deed, the date that the memorandum was taken and sworn (sometimes years later), and the date it was inscribed onto the Register. As well, deeds commonly recite earlier deeds, which also contain dates. Dates given in summaries of the deeds may be any of these, though we have sought to find and use the date of the original deed rather than the date of the memorandum or inscription.

ML - marriage licence index (SP email 30 Aug 2007). Records of marriage bonds from Parish registers in the National Archive are in EN email 19 Apr 2008.

Church of Ireland parish records for Tyrrellspass and Rochfortbridge were destroyed in 1922 (EN email 5 Dec 2008).

Calendar of Public Records retrieved from the 1922 fire (CPR 1922), now in the National Archives. This is just an index to the records: none of the actual wills or marriage certificates survived (EN email 10 Dec 2009).

Burke - A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, 4th edition, 1863.

Ciaran Reilly: Edenderry, County Offaly, and the Downshire Estate, 1790-1800 (Maynooth Studies in Local History); and Edenderry, 1820-1920: Popular Politics and Downshire Rule.

Landowners of Ireland 1876 - Return of Owners of 1 acre & upwards, Genealogical Publishing Co Inc, Baltimore 1988 (EN email 16 Aug 2009).

Thoms Directory entries (EN email 13 Aug 2009). Precursors to Thoms were Watson’s Almanac Directory, The Post Office Directory & Calendar, The Treble Almanac, Dublin Alamanac Pettigrew and Oulton (EN email 4 Feb 2010)

Vicars Index of Wills (EN email 26 Jun 2008).

Other sources (eg 16.1.1) are Peter Bamford's history of the Irish Bomfords on

If you can add information to this tree (additions, corrections, confirmations, additional sources) please contact Sheila Perino or Contact Us. Thanks!