The Bomfords of Worcestershire

Concise Family Tree

The earliest identified Bomford from whom we can trace the living family is:

I0001 Thomas Bomford, b c1580

He had two sons that we know of.

1a I0002 Thomas Bomford, of Arrow, b 1612

1b I0003 Laurence Bomford, b ?1617, d 1720 at County Meath, Ireland, m ?1650 I0006 Eleanor Chevenix, b ?1633, d 1722. Laurence went to Ireland and started the Irish branch of the family.

1a I0002 Thomas Bomford, of Arrow, b 1612, married and had two sons

2a I0004 John Bomford of Arrow, b 1655, d Arrow m 1675 I0007 Mary Hiron (or Maria Hyerne), b ?1645

3a I1267 Jana Bomford b c1685

3b I0008 John Bomford, b c1686 m I0009 Alice

4a I0010 John Bomford b ?1714, m I1273 Hannah Wright in ?1725 and had a son

5a I1274 John b c1728

4b I1268 Hannah Bomford b c1704

4c I1269 William Bomford b c1706

4d I1270 Elizabeth Bomford b c1710

4e I1271 Ralph Bomford b c1714, m I1275 Mary --- Rose ---.

5a I1276 John Bomford b c1738, m I1283 Sarah ---, and had a daughter.

6a I1284 Nancy Bomford b c1764

5b I1277 William Bomford b c1741, m I1285 Hannah ---.

6a I1286 William Bomford b c1764

6b John Bomford b c 1766 dy

6c I1287 John Bomford b c1770 m I1300 Mary ---.

7a I1301 Nancy Bomford b c1792

7b I1302 Hannah Bomford b c1794

7c Elizabeth Bomford b c1798

7d I1303 Elizabeth Bomford b c1805

7e I1304 John Bomford b c1805

7 f I1305 Sarah Bomford b c1807

7g I1306 Maria Bomford b c1809

7 hI1307 Marianne Bomford b c1811

7 i I1308 Zachariah Bomford b c1813, m I1329 Mary ---.

8a I1330 Mary Bomford b c1832, d 1899

8b I1331 John Bomford b c1834

8c I1332 Lucy Bomford b c1846

8d I1333 Emma Bomford b c1854

6d I1288 James Bomford b c1777

6e I1289 Mary Bomford b c1779, m I1299 Thomas Page

6f I1290 Sarah Bomford b c1782

5c I1278 Thomas Bomford b c1743, m I1291 Margaret Bayley.

6a I1292 Thomas Bomford b c1777, m I1309 Mary Lowe

6b I1293 George Bomford b c1780, m I1310 Ann ---.

7a Maria Bomford b c1807, d 1809

7b John Bomford b c1809, dy

7c I1311 Maria Bomford b c1811

7d I1312 John Bomford b c1813

7e I1313 Edward Shore Bomford b c1816

7f I1314 Marianne Bomford b 1820

6c I1294 Mary Bomford

5d Benjamin Bomford b c1754, dy

5e I1279 Benjamin Bomford b c1757 m I1295 Katherine.

6a I1296 William Bomford b c1782 m I1315 Elizabeth ---.

7a I1316 James Bomford b c1809

7b I1317 Maria Bomford b c1811

7c I1318 Samuel Bomford b c1813 m I1324 Theresa ---, and had a daughter.

8a I1325 Theresa Bomford b c1849

7d I1319 William Bomford b c1815 m I1326 Mary ---, and had two sons.

8a I1327 Samuel Bomford b c1832

8b I1328 William Bomford b c1833

7e I1320 Thomas Bomford b c1818

7f I1321 Joseph Bomford b c1821

7g I1322 John Bomford b c1823

7h I1323 Benjamin Bomford b c1826

6b I1297 James Bomford b c1792

6c I1298 Mary Bomford b c1794

6d Maria Bomford b c1807, dy?

5f I1280 Mary Bomford b c1761

5g I1281 Martha Bomford b c1761

5h I1282 Edward Bomford b c1765

4f I1272 Joseph Bomford b c1716

4g Thomas Bomford b c1719, dy

4h I0011 Thomas Bomford, b 1721 d 1759; m Ann ---, and had two sons

5a William Bomford b c1744

5b Joseph Bomford b c1746

2b I0005 Thomas Bomford b 1659 d 1727 at Wyre m I0013 Catherine. In an alternative lineage for Thomas, he is from White Ladies Ashton

3a I0014 John Bomford, b 1691, d 1767 m 5 Feb 1714 at Fladbury I0016 Susanna Quarrall (?= Susanna Quarrell, daughter of George Quarrell, christened 8 Sep 1693 at Wick near Pershore?)

4a I0989 John Bomford, b 1717, d 2 Aug 1758 buried at Fladbury

4b I0990 Hannah Bomford, b 1718 (christened 21 Aug 1718 at Wyre Piddle)

4c I0991 Thomas Bomford, b 1719 or b 1721, m 20 Aug 1748 at Worcester Cathedral I0995 Sarah Surman (Kim Bomford email 27 Feb 2007)

5a I0996 Thomas Bomford, b 9 Oct 1748, m 25 Feb 1770 at St Andrews Pershore I0997 Ann Cotterill (she was a minor) (Kim Bomford email 27 Feb 2007)

6aI0998 Susanna Bomford, b 1771

6b I0999 John Bomford, b 1772

6c I1000 Thomas Bomford, b 1775

6d I1001 Bentley Bomford, b 1778, m 19 Jan 1803 at St Andrew Holy Cross Pershore I1004 Martha Andrews (Kim Bomford email 27 Feb 2007)

7a I1005 Thomas Bomford, b 1803

7b I1006 Ann Bomford, b 1806

6e I1002 William Bomford, b 1787

6f I1003 Joseph Bomford, b 1790

4d I0992 Susanna Bomford, b 1721

4e I0993 Emma Bomford, b 1725, d 24 Oct 1753 buried at Fladbury

4f I0994 Bentley Bomford, b 1726, d 1781

3b I0015 Thomas Bomford, b 1693 at Wyre, d Wyre, buried at Pershore, m (m040331) 24 May 1724 at Throckmorton I0017 Elizabeth Heming, b Atch Lench, d Wyre buried at Pershore

4a I0018 Elizabeth Bomford, b 12 Jun 1726 at Wyre. c074851

4b I1359 Susanna Bomford b c 1727 d c 1754, m 1747 I1360 Francis Wagstaff (son of Francis Wagstaff b 1693 m 1717 Sarah Ricketts) . I1360 Francis Wagstaff m(2) 11 Nov 1754 Mary Bushell and they had 8 children including I1354 James Wagstaff b 1769 who married I1353 Ann Bomford, and including also Charles, Susannah, Robert, William, Anne and Mary

5a I1361 James Wagstaff b 1750, d 1760

4c I0019 Mary Bomford, b 9 Oct 1727 at Wyre

4d I0020 Thomas Bomford, b 2 Feb 1732 at Wyre, d 23 Oct 1798 at Wyre, ?m I0024 Mary Wagstaff b 1748. Thomas' wife Mary Bomford d 4 Jun 1805 at Wyre. They had issue

5a I1348 Mary Bomford b c1764 (c074851), m I1349 William Cole

5b I1350 Susanna Bomford b c1766, m I1352 Richard Smith (or perhaps m I1351 William Smith) on 4 Apr 1793

5c I1353 Ann Bomford b c1768, m 11 Nov 1794 I1354 James Wagstaff b 1769 (son of Francis Wagstaff and Mary Bushell - see above)

5d I1357 Thomas Bomford b c1771, dy

5e I1355 Hannah Bomford , b c1773

5f I0025 William Bomford, b 14 Jun 1776 at Wyre, d 17 Nov 1835 buried at Fladbury, m 1 Sep 1801 at Elmley Castle (Fladbury?) I0983 Eleanor Summers, b 8 Jun 1776, d 4 Mar 1864 at Wyre buried at Fladbury, and had children

6a William Bomford b c1802

6b I0035 Thomas Bomford, b 16 Apr 1804 at Wyre, d 14 Sep 1862 at Wyre, m 15 Apr 1835 at Wyre I0949 Mary Howse, b 1806 at Wyre, d 10 May 1858

7a I0950 William Bomford, b 10 May 1836 at Wyre, d 9 Dec 1869 at Wyre

7b I0951 Emma Bomford, b 10 Jul 1838 at Wyre, d 1914, m (vol 6c, p505, 2nd quarter 1867 : Kim Bomford emails 15 & 16 Apr 2010) at Wyre I0953 Henry East of Bevington Hall, b 1829, d 17 Dec 1872 at Pebworth

8a William East, b 1868

8b Martha East, b 1870

8c Mary East, b 1870

8d Henry East, b 1872

8e Martin East, b 1873

7c I0952 Thomas Martin Bomford, b 13 Apr 1842 at Wyre, d 14 Nov 1861 at Wyre

6c I0036 Jane Bomford, b 3 May 1806 at Wyre, d 24 Feb 1870 at Little Alne buried at Alcester Baptist Church, m 26 Sep 1840 at Wyre I0948 John Davis

6d I0037 William Bomford, b 1808, d 1811

6e I0038 I0730 Mary Bomford, b 4 Oct 1808, d 29 Jan 1848 buried at Evesham Baptist Church, m 6 Jun 1833 at Wyre I0947 I0055 John Bomford, b 1811, d 1854 at Evesham

6f I0039 I0736 Anne Bomford, b 2 Nov 1810, d 30 Apr 1852 at Dodderhill nr Droitwich buried at Pershore Baptist Church, m 24 Oct 1838 I0946 I0060 Jacob Bomford

6g I0040 I0737 Susannah Bomford, b 25 Aug 1812, d 1893, m I0945 I0062 Benjamin Bomford, b 1820 at Little Alne

6h I0041 I0258 William Stone Bomford, b 14 Aug 1814 at Wyre (c074852) buried at Powick, m I0938 I0107 Catherine Ann Bomford, b 1828 at Atch Lench

7a I0939 William James Bomford, b 26 Oct 1851 at Wyre. Unmarried

7b I0940 Benjamin Bomford, b Pershore, dy

7c I0941 Frank Oliver Bomford, b 1854 at Pershore, d 8 Jun 1924 at Leigh Sinton, near Malvern, m 1900 I0944 Someone

7d I0942 Edward Bomford, b 1847 at Pershore, dunm

7e I0943 Catherine Mary Bomford, b 1861 at Pershore, dunm 1899

6i I0042 Eleanor Bomford, b 31 Aug 1816 at Wyre, d 24 Oct 1872 at Morpeth, Northumberland, m 4 Jun 1844 at Pershore Baptist Church I0043 (Rev?) Ayre William

6j I0044 Charles Bomford (twin), b 9 Nov 1818 at Wyre, d 10 Jun 1883 at Ruberry Asylum, Birmingham

6k I0045 James Bomford (twin), Dr, b 9 Nov 1818 at Wyre, d 1898 at Oxford m(1) 1851 I0905 Letitia Emily Crause, b 1818 at London, d Oxford, and had children

7a I0907 Katherine Letitia Bomford or Catherine Letitia Phillipa Bomford, dunm at Wood View, 9 Feb 1874

7b I0908 Woodburn James Bomford, Rev, b 17 Aug 1854, d 1897, m 19 Apr 1883 I0910 Katharine Johnson (of Lancashire), b 26 Dec 1858, d 12 Sep 1925, buried at Woodmansterne, Surrey

8a I0911 Maurice Crause Bomford, b 18 Feb 1884 at Kensington, d 25 Feb 1936 buried at Woodmansterne, Surrey, m 4 Feb 1911 at St Mary Abbots, Kensington I0920 Pleasance Enid Johnson, b 29 Jun 1887 at Kensington, d Jun 1968 at Abbots Langley, Herts buried at St Mary's Wimbledon

9a I0921 Katherine Jeanette Bomford, b 2 Sep 1912, d 10 Sep 1996 at Wimbledon, m 9 Apr 1937 at Foots Cray, Kent, I1207 Richard Knight Evans, b 14 Feb 1909 at Edinburgh, d 4 Aug 1992 buried at St Marys, Wimbledon

9b I0922 Mary Elizabeth Bomford, b 9 Feb 1915 at Worcester Rd, Sutton, Surrey, d 30 Jul 1990 at Pen Selwood, Somerset, m 13 Mar 1937 I1208 Kenneth Frank Leslie Farnfield ARIBA, b 21 Sep 1910, d 9 Jun 1986 at Kinlochewe, Scotland

9c I0923 Philippa Margaret Bomford, b 15 Jan 1919 at Holland Park, d 13 Dec 1996 at Popley, nr Basingstoke

8b I0912 Katherine Edith Monica Bomford, known as Connie, b 8 Jan 1886 at Holland Park, d 1978 at Hoylake, Cheshire m 24 Jun 1920 I0919 Arthur Sainsbury

8c I0913 Gertrude Margeurite (Margie) Bomford, b 8 Mar 1887, d Jan 1977 at Epping, m 1926 I0918 Robert Welford Leamon, b 15 Jul 1890 at Wormly, Herts, d Dec 1969 at Epping

8d I0914 Florence Dorothy (Dordy) Bomford, b 12 Oct 1888 at Holland Park, d 1966

8e I0915 Letitia Constance Joan Bomford, b 12 Jul 1881 [1891?] at Holland Park, d 1978, m 6 May 1916 at Sutton, Surrey I0917 David James Williamson, Dr, b 26 Aug 1881 at Calcutta, d 1963

8f I0916 Herbert James Powell Bomford, known as Jimmy, b 7 Jan 1896 at Homefield, Sutton, Surrey, d 26 Mar 1979 at Bloomfield Terrace, London m(1) 31 May 1923 I0924 Molly Iago, b 5 Mar 1899, d 1977 at St Thomas Hospital buried at Sutton, Surrey, and with her had issue. Divorced 1938; m(2) I0984 Brenda Jane Smith, d 1976; after Jane died, m(3) Jane's sister, I0985 Elizabeth Smith, known as Libber, d 1977

9a I0925 Richard James Bomford, b 16 Jun 1925 at Sutton, Surrey m(1) 1950 at Johannesburg, South Africa, I0929 Juliana van Wyck and had two daughters

10a I0932 Daniele Bomford, b 1951 at Johannesburg

10b I0931 Chevron Bomford, b 1952 at Johannesburg

9a I0925 Richard James m(2) Aug 1956 I0930 Joan Aberson, b 10 Apr 1930, and had a daughter

10a I0933 Joanne Bomford, b 1958

9b I0926 John Powell Bomford, Dr, b 31 Oct 1927 at Homefield, Sutton, Surrey m(1) 25 Feb 1950 at London I0934 Jean Elisabeth Metcalfe, b 11 Mar 1931, d 25 Jul 2000

10a I0935 Nicholas John Bomford, b 13 May 1952 at Warwick Square, London

10b I0937 Nancy Madeleine Bomford, b 5 Mar 1960 at Purley, m 9 Feb 1991 at Newlyn I0987 Timothy Graham Osborne, b 25 Aug 1961 , divorced

11a Lucy Elisabeth Osborne

11b Teresa Zara Osborne

11c Rinzey Nicholas Osborne

9b I0926 John Powell m(2) 17 Mar 1979 at Warragul, Victoria, Australia, I0936 Nancy Clare Anderson, b 4 Nov 1936

9c I0927 Gillian Bomford, b 22 Nov 1929 at Sutton, Surrey, m 3 Nov 1956 at Sutton, Surrey I0928 Alastair Gavin Hamilton, known as Peter, Lt Cdr RN, b 7 Sep 1922, d 2005 or 2006

10a Gail Hamilton m Patrick Dempsey . Gail died and Patrick has remarried and had further issue

11a Katy Dempsey

11b Harry Dempsey

10b Katharine Hamilton m Martin Pender

11a Pip Pender

11b Max Pender

11c Jessica Gail Pender

10c Jock Hamilton

7c I0909 Percy Bomford, d South Africa

6k I0045 James Bomford m(2) I0906 Katherine

5g I0026 Thomas Bomford, b 1779 at Wyre, d 13 Jun 1841 at Hinton m(1) 23 Jul 1801 at Wyre I0046 Jane Summers, b 1780, d 1805

6a I0047 Thomas Bomford, b 1802 at Wyre, d 1849, m 1827 I0066 E L Lamprett or Ann Lamprit, d 1855, and had children

7a I0067 Mary Bomford, b c1830 at St Michael, Bricklehampton, d 1834

7b I0068 Thomas Bomford, b 1832 at Bricklehampton, d 14 May 1910 at Drakes Broughton, m(1) on 23 Sept 1852 at Claines I0073 Elizabeth Bayliss, d 1854 (no children); m(2) I0072 Emma Kirby, b 1837 at Charlton Kings, probably d 13 Mar 1925

8a I0854 Gertrude Annie Bomford, b 1858 at Bricklehampton, m 1895 I0882 Thomas Westwood

8b I0853 Thomas Reginald (Adolphus?) Bomford, b 1860 at Bricklehampton, d 1949, m 1887 I0883 Leonora Best, b 1862, d 1963

9a I0884 Gertrude Annie Bomford, b 1889, d 1931

9b I0885 Thomas Reginald Bomford, b 1891, d 1973 at Allesborough Farm, Pershore, m 1922 I0897 Marjorie Williams

10a I0898 Thomas Edward Bomford, b 1924 at Allesborough Farm, Pershore, d 1951 in a riding accident

10b I0899 Patrick John Antony Bomford or Patrick John Anthony, known as John, JP, b 1927 at Allesborough Farm, Pershore, m(1) 1955 I0902 Patricia Brenton, b 1928. Has remarried

11a I0903 Marjorie Susan Bomford, b 1957, m 1979 I1206 Julian Michael Cooke

11b I0904 Elizabeth Sarah Bomford, b 1959

10c I0900 Ann Bomford or Anne Bomford, b Allesborough Farm, Pershore, m 1955 I0901 Ingham B Staight

9c I0886 Mary Leonora Bomford, b 1893, m 1927 I0896 A B Dunstan

9d I0887 Dorothy Bomford, b 1895, d 1897

9e I0895 James Oliver Bomford, b 1897, dy

9f I0888 Benjamin Hender Bomford, b 1898, d Bromsgrove, m 1926 I0892 M Irene Simpson, d 1926, and had a daughter

10a I0893 Margaret Bomford, b 1929 at Bromsgrove, m I0894 Trevor Burgess

9g I0889 Raymond Bradshaw Bomford, b 1901, d 1974 at Stoulton

9h I0890 Phyllis Joan Bomford, b 1904, m 1947 I0891 D J Browning, Dr, b 1885, d 1972

8c I0855 Frederick Henry Bomford, b 1862 at Bricklehampton, d 1910, m 1889 (1st quarter) I0878 Elizabeth Bridgwood, b 1868, d 1810 in USA, lived at Aston Warwick

9a I0879 Frederick Clarence Bomford, b 4th quarter 1888, d 2nd quarter 1906

9b I0880 Miriam Elsie Bomford, b 5 Dec 1891, d 1959 in Los Angeles, m 23 Feb 1914 Harold Taunton in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and had two sons

9c I0881 Olive Lillian Bomford, b 27 Jul 1895, d 1957 in Los Angeles, m 16 Jun 1919 James Yuille in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and had one daughter

8d I0856 Avery Robert Bomford, b 1863 or 1864 at Bricklehampton, d 10 May 1927, m 1889 in London I0871 Sarah Sim, b 1866 in Hereford

9a I0873 Lillian Bomford b 1890, m I1255 William Maskell and had one child

10a I1434 George Maskell, b 1919?

9b I0872 Avery Robert Bomford, b 11 Oct 1892 at Islington, London, d 6 June 1956 at Parkstone, Dorset, m(1) in 1916 at Barnet I1430 Maud M Hamilton b 1889

10a I1431 Peter Bomford, b 18 Aug 1919 at 15 Frewel Buildings, Holborn

10b I1432 Margaret Bomford, b 1922 at Holborn

9b I0872 Avery Robert Bomford m(2) in 1922 at Wareham I0875 Emma Wilson, nee Matilda Elizabeth Emma Wescott, b 1889, d 18 Jan 1947, widow of Richard Wilson

10c I1433 Avis Bomford, d aged 9 months

10d I0876 Avery Robert Bomford, known as Bob, b 1927, d 2 April 2000, m I0877 Pearl Rose Claudina Dean, b 1926, divorced 1970

11a I1204 Kim Bomford, b 1956, has grand children

13a I1342 Dale Jonathan Hurley, b 27 Nov 1990

13b I1343 Ryan David Allen Hurley, b 6 Aug 1993

11a I1204 Kim Bomford, m 1978 I1205 Jeffrey W Neal, b 1948. Kim and Jeff have 3 children from the marriage

12a I1344 Kelly Jane Neal b 1979 m Neil Thomas Kenny on 25 Jun 2008 in Las Vegas

13a Daisy May Kenny, b 7 Aug 2012 at Poole, Dorset

12b I1345 Jason Robert Neal b 1981 and Samantha Rose had issue

13a Cherry Rose Neal b 30 Nov 2010 at Poole, Dorset

13b Cody Dennis Neal b 16 Sep 2012 at Poole, Dorset

13c Casey Kim Neal b 16 Sep 2012 at Poole, Dorset

12c I1346 Jonathan Domenico Neal, b 1987, m 27 Jun 2015 Rachael Marie Healey and has issue

13a Sebastian Healy-Neal, b 2 Feb 2011

Jeffrey Neal has 3 other children: Stephanie Neal b 1966; Simon Neal b 1968; and Jeremy Neal b 1972

9c I0874 Thomas Bomford, b 1900 or 1901, d 1963, m(1) Esther McCarthy, née Esther Palmer, b 20 Sep 1897

10a I1418 Gladys Ettie Bomford b 13 April 1919, d 21 Apr 2005, m 23 Aug 1941 I1419 Bert Leslie Grange b 20 May 1920

11a I1420 Robin Anthony Grange b 20 Nov 1943, m 16 Apr 1977 Maise Mitchell

11b I1421 Sheila Anne Gillian Grange b 13 Mar 1949, m 9 Jul 1983 Richard Hughman b 20 Nov 1950

12a I1422 Gillian Claire Hughman b 5 Jul 1984

12b I1423 Robin Richard Hughman b 10 Sep 1986. Robin and his partner Emma-Marie Roworth had a child Isabella Louise Hughman b 20 Oct 2008 at Princess Alexander Hospital, Harlow, Essex

9c I0874 Thomas Bomford m(2) 1925 or 1926 in Dartford I1216 Emma Hancock, and had further issue

10b I1213 Miriam Bomford, b 1930, m I1212 Eric Ayres

10c I1214 Robert William Avery Bomford, known as Bob, b 1935, m I1232 Brenda Hall, and had further issue

11a I1233 Gary Bomford, b 1959 has issue

12a Emma Bomford, b 1984

11b I1234 Neil Bomford, b 1962, m I1263 Gwynneth Bennett

12a I1264 Victoria Bomford, b 1982, m Daniel Glaysher, became Victoria Bomford-Glaysher

13a Abigail Bomford-Glaysher, b 2005

13b Ellie Bomford-Glaysher, b 2007

12b I1265 Hannah Bomford, b 1984, m Christopher Silvester in Sep 2009 and has issue

13a Joshua Silvester, b Sep 2010

13b Oliver Silvester, b Jun 2014

13c Noah Silvester, b 3 Jul 2016

11c I1235 Stephanie Bomford, b 1963, m Anthony Collins

12a Daniel Collins, b 1987

10d I1215 George Raymond Richard Bomford, b 1927, d 1998, m 1949 I1236 Marjorie Walland

11a I1237 Raymond Richard Bomford, b 1953, m 1975 I1239 Lesley Chasey

12a I1240 Abigail Bomford, b 1980

12b I1241 Luke Bomford, b 1983

11b I1238 Martin John Bomford, b 1955, m 1977 I1242 Jean Mansfield

12a I1243 Jennifer Bomford, known as Clare, b 1978

13a Tomas Harry Bomford

12b I1244 Trevor Bomford, b 1980

12c I1245 Mark Raymond Richard George Bomford, b 1985

8e I0857 Frank Bomford, b 1866 at Bricklehampton, d 9 Dec 1935 at Broughton, m I0868 Catherine Mabel Maud Phillips, b 1874

9a I0869 Frank Bomford or Frank Phillips Bomford, b 1895 at Broughton, m I0870 Phyllis Hogg

8f I0858 Emma Bomford, b 1867 at Bricklehampton, m I0867 Frank Coomber

8g I0859 Kate Bomford, b 1869 at Bricklehampton, m I0866 W Wood

8h I0860 Lillian Mary Bomford, b 1870 at Bricklehampton, m I0865 Thomas Gordon

8i I0861 Miriam Bomford, b 1873 at Bricklehampton m(1) I0863 Staines; m(2) I0864 E Riley

8j I0862 Susan Bomford, b 1874 at Bricklehampton. Probably unmarried and executor of her mother's will in 1925

7c I0069 Elizabeth Bomford, b 1833, school mistress, m 1854 I0071 John Cowley (or possibly John Crosley), b 1827 Upton-on Severn

7d I0070 Benjamin Bomford, b 1838, d 1840

6b I0048 Mary Bomford, b 1803, d 1820

6c I0049 Susanna Bomford, b 1804, d 1805

5g I0026 Thomas Bomford m(2) 5 Feb 1806 at Worcester I0050 Susanna Summers, b 1783, d 25 Jul 1868 at Wyre

6a I0051 Jane Bomford, b 19 Oct 1806 at Bricklehampton, m I0052 John Gwinnet

6b I0053 Susanna Bomford, b 12 Jun 1808 at Bricklehampton, dunm

6c I0054 William Bomford, b 2 Jul 1809 at Bricklehampton, dunm

6d I0055 I0947 John Bomford, b 1811, d Oct 1854 at Evesham m(1) 6 Jun 1833 at Wyre I0730 I0038 Mary Bomford, b 4 Oct 1803, d 29 Jan 1848 buried at Evesham Baptist Church

7a I0731 Emily Bomford, b 1834, d 1909

7b I0732 Ann Bomford, b 1834, dy

7c I0809 John Alfred Bomford, b 1838, d 1875 at Warwick, m I0816 Augusta

8a I0817 Gertrude Bomford

8b I0818 Bertha Bomford

7d I0810 Fanny Bomford, b 1840, died young

7e I0811 Ann Mary Bomford, b 1842 , d 1928, m I0815 Henry Cross

7f I0812 Susan Bomford, b 1845, d 1894, m 1873 I0814 Edward Oliver

7g I0813 Willie Bomford, dy

6d I0055 I0947 John m(2) c1851 I0733 Emma Smith, and had further issue

7h I0734 Clara Louisa Bomford, b 1852 at Bishampton, m I0735 J W Billings

6e I0056 Elizabeth Bomford, b 1812, d 23 May 1843 at Wyre

6f I0057 Alice Bomford (twin), b 1814, d 1820

6g I0058 Ann Bomford (twin), b 1814

6h I0059 Esau Bomford (twin), b 1816 at Hinton, d 1870 at Witney, m I0826 Jane Snow, b 1820 at Shaftesbury, d 20 Dec 1881 at Oxford

7a I0827 William Henry Bomford, b 1847

7b I0828 Alfred Charles Bomford, b 12 Jan 1850 at Witney, d 13 Oct 1931 at Didsbury, Manchester, m I0835 Mary Elizabeth Clegg, d 5 Mar 1943 at Didsbury, Manchester

8a Eleanor Bomford, b 1880 at Stafford

8b I0836 Alfred Roy Bomford, b 1893 at Didsbury, Manchester, d 1967 at Goostrey, m 1 Jan 1927 I0841 Emily Doris Stenton of Goostrey, b 1900 at Ancoats, d 1990

9a I0842 Doris Margaret Bomford, b 1928 at Goostrey, m I1201 Gerald Brock, d Cape Town

9b I0843 Richard Bomford m I0849 Olga Toft

10a I0850 .. Bomford m I1260.. .., , two sons and a daughter

10b I0851 James Bomford, b 1964

9c I0844 John Bomford, b 1936 at Goostrey, m Jan 1964 I0846 Patricia Mary Hancock

10a I0847 Andrew John Bomford, b 1964, m 1990 I1202 Catherine Hall

11a I1203 Aimee Francesca Bomford, b 1997

10b I0848 Susan Mary Bomford, b 1966, m 1998 I1252 Tony Loynes

10c I0845 Michael Roy Bomford, b 1970, m I1253 Anna

8c I0837 Marjorie Bomford, b 1895, d 1977, m I0840 Norman Pointer, b 1893, d 1965

8d I0838 Kathleen Bomford, b 1899 at Didsbury, Manchester

8e I0839 Nora Bomford, b 1902 at Didsbury, Manchester, d ?1934

7c I0829 Arthur Bomford, b 1852 Witney, d 1903 Islington, m 1884 Letitia Maria Arnold, b 1854 London

8a William Bomford, b 1885 at Bow

8b Herbert Bomford, b 1887 Caledonian Rd, Islington, m Amy L Kipps in 1911

9a Rita D Bomford, b 1915, d 1918

9b Roy H Bomford, b 1917, m 1959 Eileen Carney

9c Peter Clifford Bomford, b 1920, d 26 May 2009, m 1954 Joan F Edwards

8c Jane Bomford, b 1888 Caledonian Rd, Islington

8d Arthur A Bomford, b 1896, d 1980, m Florence L Savill in 1930

7d I0830 Sidney Bomford, b 1855 at Witney, dunm 1903

7e I0831 Walter Bomford, b 1857 at Witney, m I0852 Someone

7f I0832 Herbert Bomford, b Witney, dunm

7g I0833 Alice Bomford, b Witney, dunm

7h I0834 Louise Bomford, b Witney, dunm

6i I0060 I0946 Jacob Bomford (twin), b 1816 at Hinton, d Hinton, m 1838 I0736 I0039 Anne Bomford, b 1811 at Wyre

6j I0061 Benjamin Bomford, b 1818, dy

6k I0062 I0945 Benjamin Bomford, b 1820, lived at Evesham Street, Alcester, d 1879 at Little Alne, m I0737 I0040 Susan Bomford, b 1812 at Wyre, d 1893. In 1881 Susan (Susannah) was living in Alcester with Caroline, Margaret and Rosa

7a I0819 Eleanor Bomford, dy

7b I0820 Mary Jane Bomford, dy

7c I0821 Caroline E Bomford, b 1854 at Little Alne, d 1886

7d I0822 Margaret Louisa Bomford, b 1856 at Little Alne, d 1935, m 13 Mar 1890 at Alcester I0824 Colin Crystal, Rev

7e I0823 Rosa E Bomford, b 1858 at Little Alne, m I0825 W Davis, Rev

6l I0063 Mary Bomford, b 1822, d 11 May 1846 at Wyre

6m I0064 Samuel Bomford, b 1824, d 25 Nov 1844 at Wyre

6n I0065 James Bomford, b 1825, d c1850 ( vol 18 p233 3rd quarter 1850) without issue, m I0738 Emma Smith

5h I0027 Elizabeth Bomford, b 1782, d 14 Sep 1809, buried at Pershore on 17 Sep 1809, m 13 Feb 1800 I1349 Benjamin Gibbs

4e I0021 Ebenezer Bomford, b 1736, d 1823, m 30 Dec 1760 at Birlingham I1231 Mary Trebell (or Mary Teshal)

4f I0022 Anna Bomford, b 1737

4g I0023 Heming Bomford, b 1739 at Wyre, d 1828 at Atch Lench, buried at Evesham Cowl Street BC m Mar 1769 I0028 Elizabeth Chellingworth, b 1743 at Sambourne, d 1827 at Atch Lench, buried at Evesham Cowl Street Baptist Chapel

5a I0029 John Bomford, b 1770 or b c1776, d October 1854 at Westmancote, m 9 Oct 1793 at Brendon I0074 Martha Dobbs, d 1840

6a I0075 John Bomford, b c 1797, d Worcester before 1851

6b I0076 Mary Bomford, d 1875 unmarried

6c I0077 I0669 Martha Bomford, m 1821 I0752 I0081 Thomas Bomford

6d I0078 Thomas Bomford, b c 1801 at Westmancote, d 7 April 1882 at Hereford, m 1 Jul 1828 at Kemerton I0753 Elizabeth Hatch b c1811at Stoke Orchard, Glocestershire

7a I0754 Ellen Bomford, b 7 Dec 1828 at Roberton, Gloucestershire, baptised 3 Sep 1836 at Upper Meeting House, Independent, Tewkesbury, m 8 Dec 1859 at Hereford I0764 James Lee

7b I0758 Charles Bomford, b 30 Mar 1830, d 1851

7c I0759 Henry Bomford, b 19 Sep 1831, dy? but alive in the 1841 census

7d I0755 Rosa Bomford, b 4 Jan 1834, m 22 Mar 1855 at Hereford I0763 Edwin Smith

8a Rosa A Smith, b 1856

8b Laura B Smith, b 1860

8c Frederick Smith, b 1867

8d Albert Smith, b 1868

7e I0756 Elizabeth Bomford, b 3rd quarter 1839 at Tewkesbury (BMD), d 1938 at Cardiff, m(1) in 1861 I0761 John Walter Read, b 1835 in Norfolk

8a Walter Read, b 1863 in Cardiff

7e Elizabeth Bomford m(2) in 1866 I0762 James Finch, b 1829 in Devon

8b Ellen Finch, b 1870

8c Albert Finch, b 1872

8d Rosa Finch, b 1875

7f I0757 Julia Bomford, b 14 Dec 1852 in Hereford, baptised 27 Jan 1853 St Nicholas, Wesleyan, Hereford, m I0760 Robert Lee, b 1853 in Cardiff

8a Florence Lee, b 1876

8b Edith Lee, b 1877

8c Harold Lee, b 1879

8d Wilfred Lee, b 1881

8e Elsie Lee, b 1884

8f Gilbert Lee, b 1893

6e I0079 James Bomford, b 1810 at Westmancote, d Longdon, m(1) I0739 Catherine Ann Beckett

7a I0740 Juliana Bomford, b 1841 at Westmancote, d 1856 at Westmancote

7b I0741 Catherine Bomford, b Westmancote m(1) I0750 Freeman; m(2) I0751 Caleb Griffiths

7c I0742 Hemming Bomford, b 1845 at Westmancote, m I0749 Alice Best, b 1845 at Queenhill, probably d 26 Apr 1908 at Milton Batch, Northbury, Shropshire

7d I0743 James Bomford, b 1846, d 1922 , m I0744 at Holy Cross Pershore Emily Jane Barnett, b 1853, d 1922

8a I0746 Catherine Anne Bomford (Annie), b 1876, d 1889

8b I0745 Francis James Bomford (Frank), b 1879, d 1889

8c I0747 William Heming Bomford, b 1880, d 1882

8d Charles Bomford, b 1883, d 1883

8e Edith Emily Bomford, b 1884, d 1886

6e I0079 James m(2) I0748 Elizabeth Ann, d 1872

5b I0030 Heming Bomford d c1850 (Kim Bomford email 4 Feb 2009) m(1) 1 May 1797 I0080 Elie Wells, b 17 Apr 1774, d 26 May 1808, buried Astwood Baptist Church

6a Ely b 26 Nov 1797

6b I0083 Sarah Bomford, b 1798, d 1804

6c Elizabeth b 29 Mar 1800

6d I0082 Heming Bomford, b 1801, d 1882 at Feckenham (Astwood Bank), m 8 Aug 1829 I0593 Maria Hollington, b 1802, d 1880

7a I0594 Ambrose Hollington Bomford, b 1843, d 1860 at Feckenham (Astwood Bank)

7b I0595 William Hollington Bomford, b c1828 at Feckenham, d 1893, m 1 May 1867 at St Martins, Birmingham, I0596 Elizabeth Mary Perkins, b 1845 at Feckenham, d 1888

8a I0660 Ambrose Bomford, b 1868, d 1925 London, m c1903 Anna b 1874 Edinburgh

9a Douglas William, b 1906, d 1953 Fulham, London

8b I0661 Bertha Bomford, b 1871, m 1905 Richard Baker b 1879

9a Winifred Emma Elizabeth Baker, b 1906

9b Benjamin Baker, b 1908

9c Evelyn Bomford Baker, b 1911

8c I0662 Harry James Bomford or James Henry Bomford, b 1873, d 1944, m I1159 Florence Charlotte Green, b 1880, d 1964

9a I1160 Gladys Ruth Bomford, b 1916, m I1162 Grenville Kiddle, b 1910

9b I1161 William Harry Bomford, who changed his name to Paul William Henry Bomford (known as Paul), b 19 Sep 1919 at Portsmouth, d in Portsmouth, m(1) I1163 Jean Lawes

10a I1336 Denise Bomford, b 1952

10b I1165 Clive Bomford, b 1957

9b I1161 William Harry Bomford m(2) I1164 Linda Beach, and had further issue

10a I1167 Stephen Bomford, b 30 May 1966 in Portsmouth

8d I0663 Herman Bomford, b 1876, dunm in Canada

8e I0664 William Hollington Bomford, b 1878, d 1937 in Gosport

8f I0665 Benjamin Bomford, b 1880

8g I0666 Kate Bomford, b 1882, d 1964 in Canada, m I0668 Figgures

8h I0667 Richard Hollington Bomford, b 1888, may have m Ada Hempsall in 1916 Lincolnshire

6e I0081 Thomas Bomford, b 20 Dec 1802, d Westmancote, m 1821 at St Martins in Birmingham I0669 I0077 Martha Bomford

7a I0670 Thomas Bomford, b 1826, m (m046181) 1846 I0709 Ellen Becket, d 1851

7b I0671 Mary Bomford, dy

7c I0672 John Bomford, b 1828, m 1849 I0720 Mary Anne Chandler

8a I0721 Alfred Heming Bomford, b 1850, d 1886

7d I0673 James Bomford, d 1913 in Gippsland, Australia m 1869 in Victoria I0711 Susan Inder Napper, b 1849 at East Lambrook, Somerset, d 1929

8a I0712 Mary Helena Bomford, b 1870 at Stratford, Victoria, d 1965, m I0954 Alfred Napper

8b I0713 Alma Evalind Bomford, b 1871 at Stratford, Victoria, d 1959 at Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, m 1897 in Victoria I0955 Charles Walden, b 1868, d 1927

8c I0714 Walter James Napper Bomford, b 1872 at Stratford, Victoria, dunm 1940 at Melbourne, Victoria

8d I0715 Thomas Heming Bomford, b 1869 at Stratford, Victoria, d 1958 in Western Australia, m 1900 I0956 Elizabeth Anne Don, b 1883 in Western Australia, d 1975

9a I1031 James Gordon Bomford, b 1908 in Western Australia, m I1038 Mavis Wooledge, b 1916 in Western Australia,. Mavis m(2) Charles H Clarke. After Charles died, she changed her name on 3 Nov 1964 to Maisie Doreen Bomford

10a I1039 Fae Lorraine Bomford, b 1936 in Western Australia, m I1042 Wilfred George Johnson, b 1935 in Western Australia. Fae had issue

11a I1041 Kim Bomford, b 1954 in Western Australia. Kim was adopted by his grandmother, then Mavis Clarke, and brought up from a baby by Mavis and her husband Charles Clarke. After Charles died, Kim changed his name on 3 Nov 1964 from Kim Edward Clarke to Kim Edward Bomford. Kim m I1047 Kerry Anne Cougan, b 1955 in Victoria

12a I1048 Aaron Bomford, b 1984 in Western Australia, has a daughter with Carly O'Brien, b 16 Sep 1988

13a Mackenzie Gail Bomford, b 15 Mar 2013

11b Wayne Johnson

11c Douglas Johnson

11d Tanya Johnson

10b I1040 James Lawrence Peter Bomford, known as Peter, b 1935, m I1043 Margaret Alice Ride, b 1942 in Western Australia

11a I1044 Wayne Peter Bomford, b 1961 in Western Australia

11b I1045 Trevor John Bomford, b 1963 in Western Australia

11c I1046 Kylie Margaret Bomford b 1965 in Western Australia

10c 2f I1032 Thomas Francis Bomford, b 1910 in Western Australia, d 1999 m(1) 1933 I1049 Nancy Griffin or Annie Griffin, b 1912 in Western Australia, d 1984

11a I1050 Graham John Bomford, b 1935 in Western Australia, m I1051 Anne Campbell, b 1939 in Western Australia

12a I1052 Russell Mitchell Bomford, b 1972 in Western Australia

9b I1032 Thomas Francis m(2) 1986 I1211 Iris Thornhill

9c I1033 Isabel Lillian Bomford, b 1909 in Western Australia, d 1952 in Western Australia, m I1073 Raymond Shields

9d I1034 Francis Gordon Bomford b 1913 in Victoria, d 1989 in Western Australia, m I1053 Doris Williams (or possibly Bennett), b 1912

10a I1054 Jeanette Frances Bomford, b 1941 in Western Australia, m I1058 J Horrocks

10b I1055 Frank Maxwell Bomford, b 1943 m(1) I1060 Maureen Powe

11a I1061 Leanne Bomford, b 1965 in Western Australia

11b I1062 Stephen Bomford, b 1963 in Western Australia

10c I1055 Frank Maxwell m(2) I1063 Kerry Margaret Kimber

11a I1064 Craig Bomford, b 1982 in Western Australia

11b I1065 Brendan Bomford, b 1984 in Western Australia

10d I1056 Kaye Maxine Bomford, b 1944, m I1059 D Gordon Turner, b 1944 in New Zealand

10e I1057 Ronald Gary Bomford, b 1936 in Western Australia, m I1066 Rhonda Elsie Harrop, b 1951 in Western Australia

11a I1067 Ryan Luke Bomford, b 1975 in Western Australia

11b I1068 Adam Ronald Bomford, b 1978 in Western Australia

11c I1069 Andrew Lee Bomford, b 1975 (?) in Western Australia

9e I1035 Netta Bomford, b 1916, m I1070 Arthur Gravell, d Melbourne, Victoria

9f I1036 Hazel Bomford, b 1922, m I1071 James Cattell

9g I1037 Shirley Bomford, b 1929, m I1072 Ian Wood, b 1929

8e I0716 Susan Netta Bomford, b 1875, d 1877

8f I0717 William Charles Bomford, b 1878 at Stratford, Victoria, Australia d 1959 at Box Hill, Victoria, m 1900 in Victoria I0957 Elizabeth Ann Brooks, b 1881, d 15 Aug 1957 at Box Hill, Victoria

9a I1074 William Henry Bomford, b 1901, d 1959 at Mitcham, Victoria, m 1924 in Victoria I1086 Florence Louise (May?) Cooke, b 1901, d 1970

10a I1087 Marjorie Bomford, m I1092 Marsh

10b I1088 Edna May Bomford, m I1093 William John Holland

10c I1089 Lesley Florence Bomford, b 1928, d 1984, m I1091 Bill Best

10d I1090 Lynette Bomford, m I1094 Someone

9b I1075 Alfred James Bomford, b 1902 at Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, dunm 1977 at Boxhill, Victoria

9c I1076 Helena May Bomford, b 1904 at Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, m 1929 I1121 William McDonald

9d I1077 Albert Charles Bomford, b 1906 at Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, d 1977 at Donvale, Melbourne, Victoria, m 1930 in Victoria I1095 Doris May Allen

10a I1097 Hazel Jean Bomford, b 16 Nov 1930, m(1) 15 Nov 1952 at Box Hill, Victoria, Donald Lewis Basillie, d 10 Aug 1983 at Kew, Victoria. Hazel m(2) 31 Dec 1988 at Doncaster, Victoria, Graeme Andersen, b 12 Jan 1931

11a Dianne Linda Basillie, b 18 Aug 1953

11b John Andrew Basillie, b 7 Feb 1957

10b I1098 Dorothy May Bomford, b 1933, m Kevin Cant

11a Peter Cant

9e I1078 Alma Nellie Bomford, b 1908 at Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria, m 1930 in Victoria I1122 John Duff (Jock) McDonald

9f I1079 John Leslie Bomford, b 1911 at Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, d 1975 at Box Hill, Victoria, m I1100 Elsie Tasker

10a I1101 Leslie Ernest Bomford, b 1937, m I1109 Moretta Wells

11a I1110 Victoria Bomford

11b I1111 Deborah Bomford

11c I1112 John Bomford, b 1964

11d I1113 Robert Bomford, b 1967

10b I1102 Maxwell John Bomford, b 1938, m I1114 Valerie Vickers

11a I1115 Julie Bomford

11b I1116 Susan Bomford

10c I1103 Robert James Bomford, b 1944 (or 1940?), m I1117 Joyce Little

11a I1118 Naomi Bomford

11b I1119 Sally Bomford

10d I1104 Janice Margaret Bomford, b 1945, m I1120 Don Carter

10e I1105 Geoffrey William Bomford, b 1951 in Ringwood, Melbourne, m 1976 in Ringwood I1107 Margaret Collins, b 1945 in Liverpool, UK

11a I1108 Liam James Bomford, b 1979 in Kew, Melbourne, m 21 Feb 2009 Sarah Ann Walker, b New Zealand

11b I1435 Esther May Bomford, b 1983 in Sydney, NSW

10f I1106 Gregory David Bomford, b 1957

9g I1080 Lillian Susanna Bomford, b 1914 at Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria, m I1123 James Gowland

9h I1081 Norman Thomas Bomford, b 1915 at Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, d 1998 at Ringwood, Melbourne, m I1124 Jean Griffiths

10a I1127 Neil William Bomford, b 1947, m 1971 I1129 Sheila

11a I1140 Gareth Evan Bomford, b 1973

1 1b I1141 Owen David Bomford, b 1978

10b I1126 Brian Charles Bomford, b 1944, m I1128 Jennifer Margaret Watson, b 1949

11a I1226 Jodie Lyn Bomford, b 1970, m I1409 Paul Alexander Rouget, b 1970

12a I1410 Alec Brian Rouget, b 1996

12b I1411 Erin Jodie Rouget, b 1998

12c I1412 MacKenzie David Rouget, b 2004

11b I1227 Trudi Leanne Bomford, b 1972

12a I1413 Oliver William Peterson, b 2005

12b I1417 Lacey Isabelle Peterson, b 2007

11c I1414 Amy Jennifer Bomford, b 1977, m I1415 Anthony John Saunders, b 1978

1 0c I1125 Lynda Bomford, b 1950, m I1397 Jeffrey Robinson, b 1944

11a I1398 Shane Barry Robinson

11b I1399 Kylie Michelle Robinson, b 1971, m I1402 Mark Edney

12a I1403 Jack Henry Edney, b 1998

1 2b I1404 Christopher Jeffrey Edney, b 2001

12c I1405 James Thomas Edney, b 2005

12d I1406 Charlie George Edney, b 2006

11c I1400 Fiona Claire Robinson

12a I1407 Joshua William Glanvil, b 2003

12b I1408 Charlotte Grace Glanvil, b 2006

11d I1401Marc Edward Robinson, m I1416 Amanda Savory

9i I1082 Stanley Roy Bomford, b 1917 at Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, dunm 1992

9j I1083 Ronald Arthur Bomford, known as Ronnie, b 1919 at Croydon, Victoria, d 1982 at Boro, Victoria, m I1130 Joyce Busby, b 1922, d 2005

10a I1217 Raymond Arthur Bomford, b 6 Sep 1943, d 20 Apr 2008

11a I1225 Colin Bomford, b 1969

11b I1228 Debra Bomford, b 1972

10b I1218 Norma Lorraine Bomford, b 1945, m 31 Aug 1945 Alan McFarlane

11a Alan McFarlane, b 1971 at Ferntree Gully

11b Nicole McFarlane, b 1974 in Melborne

11c Christopher McFarlane, b 1977 in Melbourne

10c I1219 Jeffrey Bomford, b 1947, m Rosalind Birkett, b 1950

11a I1223 Karen Lee Bomford, b 1973

11b I1224 Kevin Bomford, b 1978

10d I1220 Barbara Bomford, b 1956, m(1) Michael Herold

11a Lee Bomford, b 1981, d 1998

11b Shane Bomford, b 1983

10d I1220 Barbara Bomford, b 1956, m(2) Eugene Curtin

11c James Curtin b 1991

9k I1084 Beryl Mavis Bomford, b 1921, d 1975 at Box Hill, Victoria, m I1085 John Albert, known as Jack

8g I0718 Joseph Alfred Bomford, b 1880 at Stratford, Victoria, d Jul 1927 in NSW, m 1915 at Campsie, Sydney, New South Wales, I0958 Ethel Amy Johnston, b 1891, d 8 Oct 1972

9a I0960 Raymond Joseph Bomford, Rev, b 15 May 1924 m(1) 1950 I0961 Maureen Millicent Warren, b 1930, d 1978

10a I0962 Jennifer Marilyn Bomford, b 1952 m(1) 1971 I1131 John Quelch, divorced 1977; m(2) 1985 I1132 Michael Dunstan

10b I0963 Stephen Peter Bomford, b 1954, m(1) 1978 I0969 Joanne Marie Burke, b 1959

11a I0970 Christopher John Bomford, b 1982

11b I0971 Jennifer Ruth Bomford, b 1985

11c I1133 Justin Joseph Bomford, b 1987

10b I0963 Stephen Peter m(2) 1995 I1209 Michele Goyen

10c I0964 John Michael Bomford, b 1959, d Aug 2011, m(1) I1250 Maggie Lam

11a I0968 Christian Leah Bomford, known as Leah, b 1980 at New South Wales

10c I0964 John Michael m(2) 1984 I0967 Charlotte Utley, b 1957 in USA

11b I1134 Josiah Raymond Bomford, b 1985

11c I1135 Moriah Maureen Bomford, b 1987

11d I1136 John Judah Bomford, b 1988

10d I0965 Catherine Anne Bomford, b 1961, m 1990 I1137 Wayne D'Chong

10e I0966 Janet Lynn Bomford, b 1963 m 1986 I1138 Michael Edward Smith

9b I0960 Raymond Joseph m(2) 1983 I0591 Verna Gertrude Dwyer, b 1928

8h I0719 Lilian Jane Bomford, b 1881, d 1960, m 1915 I0959 Arthur J Harris

7e I0674 Joseph Bomford, d 1883 in Australia, m I0710 Elizabeth Anne Hoddinott, known as Bessie

8a Martha Jane Bomford, b c1870

8b Emily Mary Bomford, b c1870, d 1871

8c I1142 Joseph Bomford, b Australia m Violet Maude Donald, b 1874, d 1950

9a I1145 Violet Coroline Bomford, knowns as Cora, b 1895, d 1982

9b I1146 Norma Bomford, known as Nora, b 1897, d 1954

9c I1147 Kleen Bessie Bomford, known as Billie, b 1912

9d Leonard Joseph, b 1916, d 1980

8d Frederick William Bomford, b c1873, d 1876

8e Frank Bomford, b c1876

8f Ernest George Bomford, b c1876

8g I1144 Ada Mary Gertrude Bomford, b c1878

8h I1143 Leonard Bomford, b c1881, Reg No 6710

7f I0675 Heming Bomford, b 1831, d 1856 in Australia

7g I0676 William Bomford, dy

7h I0677 Henry Bomford, b 1833, dy

7i I0678 William James Bomford, b 1834 at Westmancote, d 1908 at Everton m I0684 Hannah Johns, b 1842 d 23 May 1922

8a I0685 Edith Bomford, b 1873, d 1897, m 1896 I0688 Wilfred Edwards

8b I0687 Frederick James Bomford, Rev, b 1874, d 1960 at London, m I0700 Elsie Day, d 1977

9a I0701 Donald James Bomford, b 1910, d 1993 (Kim Bomford email 22 Jul 2009), m I0704 Margaret Spalding d ?. Donald served in the RAF in WW2. He was a science teacher and headmaster

10a I1149 Michael James Bomford, b 1943, m I1151 Susan Walton

11a I1152 Joanne Bomford, b 1968 m 8 Dec 2007 in Whitchurch, Canonicorum, Dorset, Thomas Armstrong, b 6 Aug 1970

12a Alice, b 25 Sep 2008 at Dorchester

11b I1153 Jason James Bomford, b 1969

10b I1150 David Robert Bomford, b 1946, m(1) I1154 Helen Graham

11a I1155 Simon Bomford, b 1970

11b I1156 Jennifer Bomford, b 1975

11c I1157 Alison Bomford, b 1977, m I1158 Staines

10b I1150 David Robert Bomford m(2) in 1990 Zahira Véliz (Soni) and had further issue

11d James Inigo Bomford, b 1991

11e Angelica Maria Bomford, b 1993

9b I0702 Philip Henry Bomford, b 1915, d 2004, m 1940 I0705 Winifred Maureen Leach, d before 2004

10a I0707 Adrian Philip Bomford, b 1942, d 2 Jun 2002, m(1) I1168 Wendy

11a I1169 Matthew Bomford, b 1968

11b I1170 Abigail Bomford, b 1969

11c I1171 Lucy Bomford, b 1974

10a I0707 Adrian Philip m(2), after Wendy died, I1154 Helen Bomford (b Helen Graham)

10b I0706 Lynette Mulan Bomford, b 1944, m Clifford Peacock

9c I0703 Enid Mary Bomford, b 1917, d 2003, m 1945 I0708 Robert McLachlan Wilson, known as Robin Wilson, b 13 Feb 1916, Gourock, Scotland

10a Andrew Hugh McLachlan Wilson , b 1946 m 1995 Fiona Adamson (b Fiona Bradbury)

11a Ellen Wilson, b 1999

10b Peter James McLachlan Wilson, b 1949 m 1978 Ella Seymour

8c I0686 Alfred Heming Bomford, Rev, b 1879, d 1951 Stockport m I0689 Ada Elizabeth Bevan, b 1876

9a I0690 Leslie Bomford, b 1909, d 1986, m I0695 Ruby May Goldthorpe, b 1906, d 1981

10a I0696 Judith Anne Bomford, b 1936, m 1963 I0698 Alan John Webb, b 1933

10b I0697 Gillian Rosemary Bomford, b 1940, m 1962 I0699 David Cedric Tackley, b 1937

9b I0691 Norah Bomford, b 1910, d ?

9c I0692 Eileen Bomford, b 1914, d ?, m 1939 I1148 Gordon Fanshaw

9d I0693 Maisie Bomford, b 1917, m 1974 I0694 Cyril Mitchell, d 1984

7j I0679 Ebenezer Bomford, b 1836 at Westmancote, d 7 Oct 1925, m 1854 I0680 Emma Louise Jones b 1838, d 1915

8a I0683 Arthur Henry Bomford, b 1865, d 1917 m I1007 Elizabeth Cooper, d 1931

9a I1008 Arthur Ebenezer Bomford, b 1891, d 21 May 1924, m I1012 Henrietta

10a I1013 Dorothy Bomford, b 1923

9b I1009 Elizabeth Margaret Bomford, b 1893, m I1014 James Pemberton

10a I1015 Marjorie Pemberton

9c I1010 William Henry Bomford, b 1895, d 1973, m I1016 Janet Sim, b 1889, d 1970

10a I1017 Vera Louise Bomford, b 1923, d Jan 2003

10b I1018 William Douglas Bomford, known as Doug, b 1925 m(1) I1019 Sharon Lewis, b 1929

11a I1020 Michael Lynn Bomford, b 1952 at Wallasey, m I1022 Patricia Gay

12a I1023 Christopher Michael Bomford, b 1984 at London

12b I1024 Sebastian Bomford, b 1991 at Malaga, Spain

11b I1021 Suzanne Jean Bomford, b 1954 m 1981 I1025 Miles Dickson

12a Iain Dickson b 1983

12b Graham Dickson b 1985

12c Simon Dickson b 1988

10c I1018 William Douglas m(2) I1026 Angela Steggles, b 1933

11a I1027 Malcolm Douglas Bomford, b 1963 at Panama, m I1028 Deborah Ann Bourgeois b 1 Sep 1968

12a I1029 Sean Douglas Bomford, b 1995 at Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

12b I1030 Shelby Marie Bomford, b 1998 at Boca Raton, Florida, USA

9d I1011 Frederick Alfred Bomford, b 1897, d 1921

8b I0681 Emma Louise Bomford or Emma Louisa Bomford, b 1867, d 1950

5b I0030 Heming m(2) I0084 Letitia Summers, and had further issue

6f I0085 James Bomford, b 1824 at Ipsley, d 1871 at Evesham m I0597 Elizabeth Smith, b 1830 at Inkberrow

7a I0598 William Heming Bomford (William Hemming Bomford), b 1858, d 15 Oct 1925 at Chadbury, m I0645 Emily Oxendale d 31 Mar 1942

8a I0646 Jessie Bomford, b 1885, m 1920 at Evesham, I0659 Hugh Hunter

8b I0647 Gertrude Bomford, m I0658 Walter Joseph Towle, coal merchant

8c I0648 William Edward Bomford, b c1888, d 1892

8d I0649 Kathleen Bomford, b 1889, d Dunnington, m I0657 Arnold Henry Hiller, d 1970 at Dunnington

9a Robert Hiller

8e I0650 Frank Heming Bomford (Frank Hemming Bomford), b c1892, d 1893

8f I0651 Janet Mary Bomford, b 1894, d 1982 at Chadbury, m I0656 Ronald B Purves

8g I0652 Marjorie Bomford or Margery Bomford d 1968, buried at Norton Churchyard m 1918 at Evesham I0655 Horace A White

8h I0653 Helen Bomford or Helena Bomford, b 24 Aug 1897, d 1995 at Chelsford, m 1931 at Kensington I0654 Raymond L A Jorre

7b I0599 Anne Elizabeth Bomford, b 1860, d 1916, m 1883 at St George, Hanover Square, I0644 Alfred Espley, b 1839, d 1908

7c I0600 James Bomford, b 1861 at Alcester, dsp Birmingham 1935, m 1917 at Birmingham I0643 Dorothy E Giles

7d I0601 Benjamin Bomford, b 1862 at Alcester, d 4 March 1914 at Stratford on Avon m 1890 I0635 Mary Rimell-Smith, known as Mabel, d 28 Mar 1935 in Middlesex

8a I0636 James Bomford or James Guy Bomford, known as Jas, b 1891, d 1949 m I0640 Gladys Lewis, d 1973

9a I0641 Joan Mary Bomford, b 26 Jun 1919 at Cardiff, d 2006 at Winchester, m 1954 Charles T Burridge at Evesham

9b I0642 Sylvia A Bomford, b 1924 at Cardiff, m 1950 at Evesham Bruce Cloutte

10a Graeme R Cloutte, b 1953

10b Andrea M Cloutte, b 1956

8b I0637 Guy Bomford

8c I0638 Rita Bomford, b 1895, m I0639 Woulff

7e I0602 Rose M Bomford, b 1864 at Alcester, d 1910, m I0634 W Gill Smith

8a K Gill Smith

7f I0603 Sarah Letitia Bomford, known as Sallie, b 1866, dunm 1928

7g I0604 Edward Joseph Bomford, b 1869 at Alcester, d 1957 at Evesham, m 1906 I0605 Annie Gertrude Walford b 1885, d 1970

8a I0606 James George Bomford or George James Bomford, known as James, b 1907, d 1964, m 1935 I0623 Charlotte M H Line, b 1913, d 16 May 1997 at Evesham

9a I0624 Mary Bomford, b 1944, m(1) I1139 Bowley; m(2) 1965 I0633 John Peter Banner

10a Peter James Banner, b 1966, m 1991 Sarah J Jones

10b Barry Garth Banner, b 1969 (twin)

10c Jonathan Mark Banner, b 1969 (twin)

9b I0625 Roger Edward Bomford, b 1947 m 1970 I0631 Geraldine Kirk

10a I0632 James Edward Bomford, b 1972 in Australia

10b I1221 Nicholas Bomford, b 1975

10c I1222 Benjamin Bomford, b 1977

9c I0626 James Maxim Bomford, b 1948, m 1974 I0630 Susan Massingham

9d I0627 Letitia Elizabeth Ann Bomford, b 1952

9e I0628 Victoria Bomford (twin), b 1958

9f I0629 Jonathan Bomford (twin), b 1958, d 1959

8b I0607 Edward Raymond Bomford, b 1908, d Ontario, m I0618 Joan

9a I0619 Barry Bomford

9b I0620 Hugh Bomford

9c I0621 Charles Bomford

9d I0622 Sarah Bomford

8c I0608 Eric Bomford, b 1910, d British Columbia m I0609 Marjorie Gibson

9a I0610 Barbara Bomford, b 1935

9b I0611 Ann Bomford, b 1938, m 1958 I0617 R Worth

9c I0612 William Bomford, b 1940, m I0615 Diana Wallace

10a I0616 Patricia Joanne Bomford, known as Jodi Bomford, b 1966, m 1991 I 1364 Steven William Moskal

11a I1365 David William Moskal b 1992

11b I1366 Christopher Steven Moskal b 1994

10b I1362 Eric James William Bomford, b 1968, m Dec 2007 Kim Anderson

11a Nolan Bomford, b 29 Sep 2008

10c I1363 Lesley Graham Bomford, b 1970

11a I1367 Elisabeth Bomford

9d I0613 Lesley Bomford, b 1948

9e I0614 Christopher Bomford, b 1950

6g Letitia Bomford b c1827

6h I0086 Emma Bomford, b 1 Apr 1830, m I1254 George Smith

6i I0087 I0346 Benjamin Bomford, b 1834, d 1882 at Great Alne m 1861 at Ipsley I0338 I0487 Helen Bomford, b 1836, d 5 Jan 1917

7a I0488 Herbert Benjamin Bomford, b 1866, d 1875

7b I0489 Oliver Heming Bomford, b 1869, d 1953 at Evesham, m 1911 I0497 Faith Cane, b 1884, d 1972

8a I0498 Helen Mary Bomford, b 1912, d 21 Sep 1999

8b I0499 Dorothy Alice Bomford, b 1913 at Evesham, d 30 Dec 1976 in Middlesex, m 1948 I0501 Arthur John Edwards, b 26 Feb 1915 in Cornwall, d 19 Jul 2001 in Worcester, and had issue

9a Brian J Edwards, b 1949 (twin)

9b Elizabeth M Edwards, b 1949 (twin), m 1980 David J G Whitehouse, and has issue, two girls

8c I0500 Marjorie Faith Bomford, b 1925

7c I0490 Harry Bomford, b 1870, d 1873

7d I0491 Percy J Bomford, b 1872 at Weathley, dunm 1898

7e I0492 Edith Helen Letitia Bomford, b 1874, d 1897

7f I0493 Amy Charlotte Bomford, b 1875, d 1875

7g I0494 Alice Maud M Bomford, b 1879 at Great Alne, d 1961 m I0496 William Stokes (known as Will), b Campden

7h I0495 Helen Elizabeth Bomford, b 1882 at Stratford on Avon, d 1886

6j I0088 Godfrey Henry Bomford, b 1839 at Ipsley, d 1905 at Studley m(1) (m035303) 11 Aug 1869 I0473 Mary Ann Birch

7a I0474 George Heming Bomford, b 1871, dunm 1942

7b I0475 Godfrey Henry Bomford, b 1873, d 1957 m(1) in 1897 I0480 Matilda Hartles nee Matilda Birch, b 1856 or 1857, d 1940, probably 26 Dec 1940

8a I0481 Ernest Henry Bomford, b 1897, d 19 Jan 1992, m at Ipsley on 25 Sep 1928 I0483 Emily James, b 24 Feb 1905, d 11 Jan 1992

9a I0484 George Raymond Anthony Bomford, b 1930 at Beoley

9b I0485 John Godfrey Bomford, b 1931 at Beoley, d 1969

8b I0482 Louisa Ann Bomford, b c1899, m I0486 Coats

7c I0476 Ernest James Bomford, b 1877

7d I0477 Charles Herbert Bomford, b 1878, dunm 1911 in Canada

6j I0088 Godfrey Henry m(2) 16 Feb 1885 I0478 Bertha Foust, d 31 Mar 1941, and had a daughter

7a I0479 Bertha Bomford, b first quarter 1886 at Alcester, m I1177 Fred Walters (Frederick Melancton Walters)

8a Thomas F Walters, b fourth quarter 1912 at Alcester

8b Peter Marne Walters, b fourth quarter 1914 at Alcester, d 2000, married second quarter 1959 at Warminster, Wilts, Margaret A Wilson,

9a Patricia Sally Ann Walters, b 1959, m 1994 Jonathan Salmon

8c Winifred M Walters, b fourth quarter 1917 at Alcester

8d John G Walters b second quarter 1922 at Alcester

5c I0031 Joseph Bomford, b 1777 at Atch Lench, d 21 Sep 1858 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench, m 1810 I0089 Letitia Butler, b 1781 at Astwood, d 1848 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

6aI0090 Joseph Bomford, b 5 Nov 1811 at Atch Lench, d 1861 at Sheriffs Lench buried at Atch Lench, m 2 Aug 1834 I0111 Mary Hughes, b 1 Jun 1815, d 1880 buried at Atch Lench

7a I0112 Joseph Hughes Bomford, b 30 Nov 1835 at Sheriffs Lench, d 5 Jun 1893 at Cowsden buried at Atch Lench, m 1862 I0369 Mary Ann Comely, b 1841 at Notgrove, Glos, d 21 Dec 1935

8a I0370 Mary Bomford, b 1862 at Atch Lench, d 1894, m 1894 I0371 Rev J L Forfeitt

8b I0372 Joseph Comely Bomford, b 1864 at Cornsall, d 1883

8c I0373 Agnes Ann Bomford, b 1866 at Cowsden, dunm 20 July 1940 at Cowsden Croft

8d I0374 Robert Comely Bomford, b 1867, d 9 Feb 1938 , m I0381 Eva Jane Boyce, b 1878

9a I0382 Roberta Mary Bomford, m I0383 Rev James Desmond Smyth

10a Shaun Smyth

9b I0384 Joseph Frederick Methuen Bomford, b 1914, m I0385 Patricia Banister Jones

10a I0386 Jean Patricia Ruth Bomford, b 1946, m 1971 I0387 Henderson

10b I0388 Jane Anne Adele Bomford, b 1947, m 1968 I0389 Alan Michael Cheeseman

8e I0375 Philip Edward Bomford, b 1869 at Cowsden, d 1955 at Cowsden Hall, m I0390 Louisa Barber, d 1953

9a I0391 Joan Bomford, b 1900, m I0392 William Yardley, d 1970

9b I0393 Joseph Trevor Bomford, b 1902, d South Littleton, m 1925 I0394 Irene Stock, b 1904

10a I0395 Anthony Lawrence Bomford, b 30 Apr 1933 at South Littleton, d 28 Jun 2014, m 1953 I0396 Joan Collins

11a I0397 Joanne Marie Bomford, b 1955 m(1) 1980 I0398 Richard C K Goode

12a I0399 Andrew Morris

11b I0400 Trevor Antony Colin Bomford, b 1957

11c I0401 Joseph Tony Bomford, b 1961, m 1978 I0402 Susan Skrypezuk

12a I0403 Joanne Theresa Bomford, b 1978

12b I0404 Jason Tony Bomford, b 1980 m I1334 Becky Whaldon

13a I1335 Jai Tee Bomford, b 16 Aug 2005

12c I0405 Jeffrey Thomas Bomford, b 1985

11d I0406 Kim Tina Bomford, b 1966, m 1984 I0407 Tracy J W Brewer

9c I0408 Philip Bomford, b 1903, d 1955 m I0409 Louise Rowe

9d I0410 Edward Thurston Bomford, b 1907 at Cowsden, d Astwood Bank, m 1927 I0411 Doris Betterton

10a I0412 Geoffrey Laurence Bomford, b 1928, m 1954 I0413 Margaret Baylis, b 1923

9e I0414 Gillian Anne Bomford, b 1955, m 1983 I0415 Tom Dancer

9f I0416 Kaye Margaret Bomford, b 1960, m I0417 John Prosser

9g I0418 Philip Geoffrey William Bomford, b 1962, m 1991 I0419 Catharine Burman

10a I0420 Hannah Rose Bomford, b 1992

10b I0421 Robert Philip Bomford, b 1995

9h I0422 Laurence Bomford, dy

8f I0376 John Francis Bomford, b 1870 at Cowsden, d Peopleton, m I0423 Eliza Lilian Horne d 25 Dec 1938 at Peopleton, Pershore

9a I0424 John Bomford, b 1912, d 1985, m 1945 at Blackpook I1172 Mary Davison, b 1915, d 1999

10a I1173 David Bomford, b 1951

10b I1174 Jeremy Bomford, b 1953, m(1) 1980 I1176 Sanrda Reeve; m(2) Lindsay

10c I1175 Neil Bomford, b 1957, m Pamela Smith

11a I1429 Michelle Bomford, b 1986 in Norwich, m 1 July 2017 William Michael Winzor-Saile

9b I0425 Basil Horne Bomford, b 1915, d 1990 at Sale Green m 1938 I0426 Elizabeth James

10a I0427 Ann Bomford, b 1938, m 1963 I0428 Lou Zwick

10b I0429 Susan Bomford, b 1942, m 1968 I0430 Clyde Mordey

10c I0431 Heather Bomford, b 1944, m 1965 I0432 Paul Hodgkinson

10d I0433 Andrew Basil Bomford, b 1947 m 1979 I0988 Felicity Lane, b 1949

8g I0377 Laura Jane Bomford, b 1872, d 1936 (? in USA)

8h I0378 Benjamin Hughes Bomford, dy

8i I0379 Josephine Hughes Bomford, b 1883, d 1964, m 4 Apr 1907 at Pershore I0380 Lewis Oakes, b 1879, d 1946

7b I0113 George Frederick Bomford, known as Fred, b 19 Aug 1837 at Sheriffs Lench, d 12 Jan 1933 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench, m 5 Jul 1866 at Stowe I0434 Sarah Ann Comely, b 28 Dec 1843 at Oddington, d 9 Feb 1916 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

8a I0435 Margaret Bomford, b 15 Apr 1867 at Atch Lench, d 20 Oct 1967 at Evesham, buried at Atch Lench

8b I0436 Edith Helen Bomford, b 14 Mar 1869 at Atch Lench, d 3 Feb 1908 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

8c I0437 Katherine Mary Bomford, b 16 Oct 1871 at Atch Lench, d 23 Jan 1890 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

8d I0438 Frances Emily Bomford, b 6 Nov 1873 at Atch Lench, d 27 Mar 1959 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

8e I0439 Eleanor Marianne Bomford, b 27 Aug 1875 at Atch Lench, d 30 Jan 1967 at Thorn, Inkberrow buried at Atch Lench, m 1906 I0440 Arnold Frank Jackson, b 1882, d 1 Feb 1972 at Thorn, Inkberrow buried at Atch Lench

8f I0441 George Frederick Bomford, known as Fred, b 19 Dec 1876 at Atch Lench, d 1953 at Harvington, buried at Atch Lench, m 1904 I0445 Annette Louisa Lewis, b 1 Dec 1854, d 2 Sep 1936 at Harvington, buried at Atch Lench

8g I0442 John Comely Bomford, known as Jack, b 22 Dec 1879 at Atch Lench, d 14 May 1962 at Sheriffs Lench, buried at Atch Lench, m 1908 I0446 Mary Fowler, b 7 Apr 1887 at Evesham, d 13 Nov 1974 at Sheriffs Lench, buried at Atch Lench

9a I0447 Katharine Mary Bomford, b 23 Jan 1909, d 29 Aug 2008 at Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, aged 99, m 1931 at Atch Lench, I0455 Rev Canon Geoffrey T Coombs, b 1906, d 1981

9b I0448 John Alexander Bomford, known as Alex, b 12 Apr 1910 at Sheriffs Lench, d 25 Jul 1929 at Sheriffs Lench, buried at Atch Lench

9c I0449 Christopher Heming Bomford, known as Chris, b 25 Jul 1911 at Sheriffs Lench, d 18 Feb 2008 at Harrogate, ashes buried at Atch Lench, m(1) 22 May 1937 at Helsingborg I0456 Lilli Heimer, b 26 Nov 1914 at Helsingborg, Sweden, d 25 Mar 1976 at Worcester buried at Atch Lench

10a I0457 Peter Heming Bomford, b 7 Apr 1941 at Atch Lench, d 17 Feb 2014, m 4 Sep 1965 at Hothfield, Kent, I0459 Janice Mary Wilkinson, b 20 Oct 1937 at London

11a I0460 Jessica Mary Bomford, b 3 Oct 1969 at Chelmsford m at Totnes 19 Feb 2005 Jason Robert Groves, b 1969

12a Harry Jay Groves b17th August 2006 in London

11b I0461 Lucy Katharine Bomford, b 1 Aug 1971 at Chatham, Ontario

10b I0458 David Roland Bomford, known as Roland, b 4 May 1948 at Evesham m(1) 18 Oct 1969 at Blackwell nr Bromsgrove I0462 Rosemary Jill French, known as Jill, b 29 Jan 1944 in India

11a I0463 Timothy John Bomford, b 17 Jun 1972 at Oxford, with I0465 Diane Watson had issue

12a I0466 Jake Christopher Bomford, b 17 Feb 1995

11b I0463 Timothy John Bomford m in Prague on 27 Jul 2006 Olisha Bunce. They had issue

12a I1424 Dillon Jaques Monty Bomford b 12 Jul 2007

11c I0464 Jennifer Mary Bomford, b 17 Jan 1975 at Oxford, m 21 Apr 2005 Benjamin McAllister

10b I0458 David Roland m(2) 1991 at High Wycombe I0467 Jane Keeler b 29 May 1954 at Maidenhead

9c I0449 Christopher Heming m(2) Apr 1977 at Evesham I0468 Pamela Elizabeth Agate, b 1929, widow of Edward Agate

9d I0450 Jean Margaret Bomford, b 8 May 1913 at Sheriffs Lench m(1) I0469 Norman H Stephens, d Canada buried Canada; m(2) I0470 Henry Conway Lowe, b 1906, d 1978 at Cookham buried at Cookham

9e I0451 Nicholas Frederick Bomford, b 2 Jan 1921 m(1) 1948 I0452 Sheila Thompson, b 1910, d 1989

10a I0453 Deborah Carol Bomford, b 1949, m(1) 1973 I0454 Robert McCartney, b 1933; m(2) 31 May 2003 at Honiton I1258 Cecilie Hunter

8h I0443 Mary Hughes Bomford, b 13 Oct 1881 at Atch Lench, d 10 Dec 1925 at Long Ashton, buried at Atch Lench, m 22 Jan 1914 at Atch Lench, Baptist Chapel I0471 Alan Henry Lees of Long Ashton, Bristol

8i I0444 Isabel Lucy Bomford, b 22 May 1885 at Atch Lench, d 1952 at Evesham, buried at Evesham, m 1909 I0472 Charles Fowler, b Evesham, d Evesham, buried at Evesham

7c I0114 Emily Bomford, b 10 Mar 1839, d 10 Jan 1929 buried at Atch Lench

7d I0115 Lucy Mary Bomford, b 4 Feb 1841, d 17 Sep 1923, buried at Atch Lench

7e I0116 Albert Henry Bomford, b 26 Mar 1843 d 9 July 1937 m 1883 I0502 Julia Marion Lilwall d 11 Feb 1917

8a I0503 Leonard Albert Bomford, b 1884 at Ramsgate, dunm 11 Jan 1925

8b I0504 Georgina Lilwall Bomford, b 1886 at Ramsgate, m 1913 I0505 John Edward Lilwall

7f I0117 John Hemming Bomford, b 27 Jun 1845 at Sheriffs Lench, dunm 21 Mar 1931 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

7g I0118 Frank Butler Bomford, b 20 Mar 1847 at Sheriffs Lench or Church Lench, d 20 Oct 1901 at Evesham, buried at Atch Lench, m 1878 I0506 Annie Evans b 11 Feb 1854 at Stonehouse, Glostershire, d 7 Dec 1933

8a I0507 Francis Butler Bomford, b 5 Jun 1879 at Evesham, d 27 Jul 1943 at Bromsgrove, m 12 Feb 1921 I0519 Bertha Sarah Jane Wallis (or Hentha Wallace)

8b I0508 Evan Hughes Bomford, b 24 May 1881, d 1975 in Queensland, Australia, m(1) 16 Mar 1908 I0515 Frances Elizabeth Chadwick, known as Fanny and/or Florence

9a I0516 Evelyn Mary Bomford

9b I0517 Margaret Frances Bomford, m 1956 I1259 Trevor Burgess

8b I0508 Evan Hughes Bomford m(2) 1928 or 1929 I0518 Mary Cameron

8c I0509 Edward Chellingworth Bomford, b 15 May 1883, d 6 Aug 1942 at Vancouver, BC, m 1911 I0514 Rose Forster or Rosamond Forster, b July 1887 in Manitoba

8d I0510 Honor Stacey Bomford or Honor Stacy Bomford, b 1 Jan 1885 at Evesham, d 1953 in Australia, m 31 Dec 1918 I0513 Charles Vivian Coghill

9a Vivian Charles Coghill, b 6 Feb 1920, d 29 Aug 2011

9b Roger Charles Coghill, b 8 May 1922

9c Trevor Francis Coghill, b 10 Nov 1923

9d Annie Winifred Eleanor Coghill b 10 Jan 1926

8e I0511 Elinor Mary Bomford, b 9 May 1886, dunm Nov 1973 at Kings Heath, Birmingham, buried at Atch Lench

8f I0512 Roger Stacey Bomford, perhaps Roger Stacy Bomford, b 28 Mar 1887 (or more likely 1888) at Evesham, d 12 Aug 1911 at Leslie, Sask, Canada

7h I0119 William Bomford, b 8 Oct 1848 at Sheriffs Lench, d 17 Jun 1928 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

7i I0120 Charles Edward Bomford, b 16 Mar 1850 at Sheriffs Lench, dunm 23 Jul 1903 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

7j I0121 Edgar Bomford, b 7 Feb 1854, d 14 Aug 1919 at Alcester m I0520 Eliza Anne Tunstall (or Eliza Ann Tunstall), b 1853 at London, d 18 Aug 1918

8a I0521 Edgar Fritz Bomford, b 1880, dy

8b I0522 Edwin Wilfred Bomford, known as Wilfred, b 1881, d 1942 at Vancouver Island, BC, m I0552 Dorothy Robinson

9a I0553 Wilfred Tunstall Bomford, b 1916 on Vancouver Island, BC, d Nov 1991, m I0557 Kathleen Muriel, b 1921

10a I0558 David Richard Bomford, b 1942, d Jan 1996, m I0564 Marion Irene Haddad, b 1946

11a I0565 Richard William Bomford, b 1969 at Prince George, BC, m 25 Jul 1998 Jennifer Ann Macfarlane, b 12 May 1971

12a Ryan William Robert Bomford, b 4 Jul 2001

12b Lauren Ann Irene Bomford, b 27 Nov 2003

11b I1178 Michael David Bomford, b 21 Oct 1972 at Kelowna , BC, m 23 Sep 1994 Amy-Jo Parker, b 1973

12a Connor Vincent Bomford, b 18 Jan 1997 at Kelowna

12b Parker Joseph Bomford, b 10 Sep 1998 at Kelowna

10b I0559 Bryan Arnold Bomford, b 1946, m I0562 Cheryl Ann Millar, b 1948

11a I0563 Brenda Kathleen Bomford, b 1965

11b I1179 Rose Bomford, b 1967

10c I0560 Susan Trudy Bomford, b 1950, m I0561 Dennis Bell

9b I0554 Norman Hubert Bomford, b 1922, d 2001 m I0566 Phyllis Dorothy Mulford, b 1924 (or 1921?)

10a I0567 Norman Gerald Bomford, b 1943, m I0575 Lynne Helene Guterson, b 1947

11a I0576 Norman Irwin Bomford, b 1968, married and has two daughters

11b I0577 Daniel Gerald Bomford, b 1970

11c I0578 Jennifer Ruth Bomford, b 1974

10b I0568 Lawrence Edwin Bomford, b 1945, m 1969 I0579 Mary Virginia Hamel

11a I0580 Michael Kondwani Bomford, b 1971 in Zambia, m 2003 Kiersten Eileen Moore, b 1976

12a I1425 Liam Evan Bomford-Moore, b 2006 in Kentucky

11b I0581 Mark James Bomford, b 1975 at Reading, Berks

10c I0569 James Arthur Bomford, b 1948, m 1974 I0582 Anne Louise Foisey

11a I0583 Lionel Cedric Bomford, b 1975

11b I1180 Nathan Bomford, b 1977

10d I0570 Frederick Allen Bomford, b 1950, m Marie

10e I0571 Nancy May Bomford, b 1952, m Gary Bettridge

11a I1426 Justin Bettridge

11b I1427 Alaniece Bettridge

10f I0572 William Lance Bomford, b 1955, had issue

11a I1428 Chelsea Bomford

10g I0573 Marion Louise Bomford, b 1959, m Rick Chabot, 3 sons

10h I0574 Christine Brenda Bomford, b 1963, had issue

11a Maia

11b Ralph

9c I0555 Edwin Alan Bomford, b 1925, m I0584 Laura Priscilla Mayer, b 1927 or 1925

10a I0585 Shannon Frances Bomford, b 1947, m I0588 Terrill Drew Foote, b 1943

10b I0586 Peter Allan Bomford, b 1949

10c I0587 Leslie Ann Bomford, b 1951

9d I0556 Kenneth Bomford, b 1927, d 1943 at Vancouver Island, BC

8c I0523 George Hubert Bomford, known as Hubert, b 15 May 1883 at Alcester in Warwickshire, d Queensland Australia, m 27 Jun 1913 at Byrnestown, Burnett, Queensland I0536 Caroline Bessie Smythe b c1889 at Toowoomba, Queensland

9a I0537 Muriel Dorothea Bomford, b 1914, dy after Sep 1918

9b I0538 Florence Maia Bomford, b c1916

9c I0539 Alaric Edgar Hubert Bomford (also known in his attestation papers as Alex Boyne or Alexander Edward Boyne), b 19 Sep 1918 at Brisbane, Queensland, d 8 Feb 1991 at Perth, WA, m I0540 Doreen Betty Loxton, b c1928 at Loxton, South Australia d 9 Jul 2002

10a I0541 Thomas Joseph Bomford, b 29 April 1955, Ad elaide, South Australia m(1) I0589 Leesa Anderson

11a I1340 Emily Rae Bomford, b 27 Apr 1992

11b I0590 Clinton Mark Bomford, b 27 Oct 1993

10b I0541 Thomas Joseph m(2) I1181 Jane Franz, b 1955

10c I0542 Evan Michael Bomford, b 1956, m 1978 I0592 Nicole Levinge, b 1956, divorced 2003

10d I0543 D a v i d J e f f r e y Bo m f o r d, b 10 April 1959 at A delaide, m 28 Nov 1981 at Somerton Park, South Australia I0546 Amanda Jane Sandover, b 1959

11a I0547 Melissa Jacquelyn Amanda Bomford, b 4 Jul 1983

11b I0548 Karl John Dav id Bomford, b 9 Jul 1984, partner Joanne Bovingdon, had issue

12a Talon Cooper Karl Bomford, b 12 Nov 2007

11c I0549 Kevin Je ffrey Mikael Bomford, b 20 April 1989

11d I0550 Melinda Jasmine Crystal Bomford, b 1991 at Adela ide, d 1991 at Ade laide

11e I0551 Damian Jarrod Owen Bomford, b 1992

10e I0544 Carolyn Mary Bomford, b 1963 at Adelai de, m 1993 I0545 David Klarich

11a Storm Edward Klarich, b 19 Jan 1995

11b Erren David Klarich, b 22 May 1996

8d I0524 Charles Alaric Bomford, d 1912. He was drowned in Canada

8e I0525 Alfred Richard Gibbons Bomford, known as Dick, b 1886, d 1974 at Vancouver Island, BC, m I0529 Olive Mary Stack

9a I0530 Percy Edgar Bomford, b 1923, m I0532 Winifred Joan Hubble

10a I0533 Judith Ann Bomford, b 1950

10b I0534 Wendy Lynne Bomford, b 1953

10c I0535 Richard George Bomford, b 1957 (adopted)

9b I0531 Elsie Maia Bomford, b 1925

8f I0526 Dorothea Bomford, dy

8g I0527 Florence Maia Bomford, known as Maia, b 1892, d Brisbane, Australia. She lived to a great age and did a lot of travelling around her relatives when she was quite old. Visited Chris several times

8h I0528 Lawrence Bomford, dy

7k I0122 Letitia Caroline Bomford, b 18 Mar 1856, d 19 Jun 1856

6b I0091 Butler Bomford

6c I0092 Caroline Bomford, b 1813, d 1848, memorial in Atch Lench chapel, m 1842 I0123 George Baylis

7a Letitia Baylis, b 1843, d 1879

7b Caroline Baylis, b 1844, d 1879

7c Anne Baylis, b 1845

7d George Baylis of Bradfield and Wyfield Manor, b 7 Jan 1846, d 21 May 1936, m(1) 1870 Maria Ferguson, d 1903, ; m(2) 1905 Evelyn Richens (no issue); m(3) 1912 Hetty Woods (no issue)

8a Flora Evelyn Baylis, b 1872, d 1949

8b Annie Maria Baylis, b 1873, d 1953

8c George Ferguson Baylis of Eastbury Manor, b 1875, d 1942, m 1906 Ethel Smith

8d Winnie Caroline Baylis, b 1876, d 1960

8e Walter Wyfield Baylis of Chilbolton and Stratton, b 1877, d 1949, m 1901 Charlotte White

8f Henry Heming Baylis of Hatford Manor, b 5 Jul 1878, d 12 Oct 1958, m 1904 I0165 Lucy Caroline Bomford (see below)

8g Alice Muriel Baylis, b 1884, d 1957, m Frank Spackman

8h Alfred Rolan Baylis of Winterbourne, b 1886, d 1975, m 1910 Majorie Hobbs

8i Nellie Victoria Baylis, b 1887, d 1978, m James Berkeley Wilson

7e John Hurst Baylis, b 1847, d 24 Jul 1853

7f Alfred Baylis, b 1848, died young

6d I0093 Letitia Bomford, b 1819 at Atch Lench, d 1888 at Dunnington buried at Atch Lench, m 1837 at Atch Lench, I0099 I0139 Heming James Bomford, b 1813 at Atch Lench, d 1895 at Dunnington buried at Atch Lench

5d I0032 Elizabeth Bomford, d 1833, m I0094 James Pearce

5e I0033 Thomas Bomford, b 1781 at Atch Lench, d 7 Oct 1866 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench, m I0095 Sarah Pearce, b 1775, d 10 May 1855 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

6a I0096 Thomas Bomford, b 1805 or c1807, d 1882, m 29 Oct 1829 in Birmingham I0124 Ann Greenhill White, b 31 May 1806 at Cannon Street Meeting House, d 1862

7a I0125 Thomas Bomford, b 1830 at Westmancote, b c 10 Jul 1830 at Cannon Street meeting house, d 1877, m 22 Nov 1859 at Wootton Wawen I0134 Clara Hopkins, b Wootton Wawen, no issue

7b I0126 Sarah Ann Bomford, b c1832 at Birmingham, m I0135 William Freeman Hopkins

7c I0127 Edwin Bomford, b c 16 Aug 1835 at Birmingham, d 1862 at Westmancote

7d I0130 Elizabeth Bomford, b 2nd quarter 1839 at Alcester, may have m 1877 either C Davidson or R H Tothill

7e I0128 Alfred Bomford, b 2nd quarter 1840, m 1879 Eleanor Brown, b 1856

8a Eleanor M Bomford, b 1880

7f I0129 Owen Bomford, b 1st quarter 1842, dunm 27 Sep 1871 at Westmancote

7g I0131 Mary Bomford (twin), b first quarter 1844, m I0137 James E Pratt

7h I0132 Martha Bomford (twin), b 1st quarter 1844, d 3rd quarter 1844

7i I0133 Hannah Sophia Bomford, b 22 Feb 1849 at Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, d New Zealand, m 13 Nov 1877 at Kemerton, Glos, I0138 William Isaac James, b Kemerton, d New Zealand

8a Amy S James, b 1879

8b Lilias James, b 1880

8c Isabel James, b 1881

8d Thomas James, b 1884

8e Jack A James, b 1886

8f Nora James, b 1887

6b I0097 Ebenezer Bomford, b 1808, d 1825

6c I0098 Benjamin Bomford, b 1811, d 1858 m 21 Jul 1835 at Bengeworth I0337 Martha New, b 1813, d 5 Jul 1892 at Evesham

7a I0338 I0487 Helen Bomford, b 1836 at Potshill, d 1917, m 1861 I0087 I0346 Benjamin Bomford, b 1834, d 1882 at Great Alne

7b I0339 George Henry Bomford, b 1838 at Salford Priors, d 1863 in New Zealand

7c I0340 Herbert Bomford, b 1840 at Salford Priors, d 1904 at Oversley, m 1865 I0347 Harriet Hancox, b 1829 at Stratford on Avon, d 27 Jul 1933

8a I0348 Seymour Bomford, b 1867 at Washbourne, d 1954 at Medicine Hat, Alberta m 27 Dec 1892 at Medicine Hat I0353 Mary Jane Small, b 1876, d 1975

9a I0354 Vivien Ida Isabelle Bomford, b 1898, d 1997 at Medicine Hat, Alberta

9b I0355 Mason Elliott Bomford, d 1983 at Medicine Hat, Alberta

8b I0349 Harry George Bomford or George Henry Bomford, b 1871 at Washbourne, d 1945, m I0356 Maude Mary Richards, b 1873, d 1943

9a I0357 Mary Isabelle Bomford or Isabel Maude Mary Bomford, known as Mernie, b at Shipton on Stour 17 Apr 1899, d 27 Jun 1983 at Comox, BC, Canada, m at Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 5 Jun 1921 James Foster, b 15 Apr 1883 at Preston, Lancaster, England, d 24 Mar 1966 at Royston, BC. Had 6 children in Canada

9b I0358 Gladys Eyton Bomford, b 1905, m I1184 Lawrence Nelson Wishart, b 1902

8c I0350 Herbert James Bomford, b 1870 at Washbourne, m I0359 Allwood

9a I0360 May Bomford, b 1899, d 1975, m I0363 Dennis Johnson

9b I0361 Courtney H Nelson Bomford, b 1902, m I0364 Hilda M Jones

9c I0362 Norman Seymour Bomford, b 1904 at Alcester, m 1935 I1338 Peggy Inns

10a I1339 Nicholas James Bomford, b 1 Oct 1943

8d I0351 Nelson Arthur Bomford, b 1874, d South Africa, m I0365 Phyllis Smith

9a I0366 Ralph Seymour Hancox Bomford, m I1183 Alma Merryweather

9b I0367 Hilda Isobel Bomford, m 1928 I0368 Reg Flynn

7d I0341 Arthur Bomford, b 1841 at Salford Priors, d 1872 in New Zealand, m, three daughters

7e I0342 Oliver Bomford, b 1849 at Salford Priors, d 1916, m 1883 I0352 Jane Peart, b 1850, d 1828

8a Montague Peart Bomford, b 1885, died young

8b Christopher Peart Bomford, b 1888, died young

7f I0343 Sarah Agnes Bomford, known as Sallie, b 1853, dunm 18 Mar 1931

7g I0344 Martha Bomford, known as Pattie, b 1857, d 1913, buried at Atch Lench, m 1905 I0345 D Mutlow

6d I0139 I0099 Heming James Bomford, b 1813 at Atch Lench, (Firs), d 1895 at Dunnington, buried at Atch Lench, m 1837 at Atch Lench, I0140 I0093 Letitia Bomford, b 1819 at Atch Lench, d 1888 at Dunnington, buried at Atch Lench

7a I0141 Julia Louisa Bomford, b 1840, d 1845

7b I0142 Henry Butler Bomford, JP, b 1841 at Dunnington (Salford parish), d 22 May 1909 at Exhall, m I0151 Mary Evans, b 1838 d 28 Oct 1932

8a I0152 Theodora Mary Bomford, b 1868, d 1950 m 1896 I0219 John Mace

8b I0153 Philip Henry Quantock Bomford, b 1870 at Exhall, d 7 August 1935 at Weston-Super-Mare, m 1900 in Evesham I0220 Mary Byrd

9a I0221 Winifred Susan Bomford b 12 Nov 1901 m I0226 Reginald Walter Howell Pollard (Rex Pollard) and had four children including

10a Winifred Mary Pollard

9b I0222 Mary Byrd Bomford

9c I0223 Thomas Henry Philip Bomford m I0227 Phyllis Poole

10a I0228 Jill Bomford m I0229 Zoran Doderic

9d I0224 Walter Lionel Bomford m I0230 Hilda Sawyer

10a I0231 Christine Anne Bomford m I1210 Underhill

9e I0225 Arthur Heming Bomford, b 1908, d 22 Nov 1940 at Weston-Super-Mare, m(1) I0232 Muriel Moss

10a I0234 William John Bomford, b 1930, m 1952 I0235 Pamela Mary Gough

9e I0225 Arthur Heming m(2) I0233 Mona (Monica Alice Maud Bomford in Arthur's probate record), and had further issue

10a I0236 Shirley Bomford

10b I0237 Anne Bomford

8c I0154 Gertrude Elizabeth Bomford, b 1872 (birth registered in Alcester vol 6d page 636), d 1966, m I0238 Henry Davidson (or possibly Davidson Hunt)

8d I0155 Winifred Amy Bomford, b 1875 (birth registered in Alcester as Amy Winnifred Bomford), d 1975, m I0239 Frank Sisam

8e I0156 Walter Lionel Bomford, b 1876 or 1877, d 1897

8f I0157 Reginald Bomford, b 1880 at Exhall, d 1963 at Dunnington, m 1907 at Alcester I0240 E L Holder, b 1879, d 1973

9a I0241 Kathleen Bomford, b 1908, m I0250 Norman Staff

9b I0242 Muriel Bomford, b 1909, m I0249 Ashwin Cooke

10a John Cooke, b 1949

10b Antony Cooke, b 1951, m Julia Hodges, dau of Gerald Cliff Hodges and Frances Bullock

11a Andrew Cooke, b 17 Jan 1970

11b Stephen Cooke, b 22 Feb 1972

11c Philip Cooke, b 30 Nov 1976

10c Elizabeth Cooke b 1953

9c I0243 John H Bomford, known as Jack, b 1910, d Wroxall, near Warwick m I0246 Ann

10a I0247 Frederick Bomford, b 1946

10b I0248 Christine Bomford, b 1951

9d I0244 Mollie Bomford, b 1919, m I0245 R Stowe

8g I0158 Hugh Evans Bomford, b 1882, d 2 Nov 1960 at Exhall, m 1908 at Evesham I0722 Emily Adkins

9a I0723 Mary Bomford, b 1910, d 1974, m 1944 I0727 John Chown

9b I0724 Elizabeth Bomford, b Exhall, m I0728 Harry Smith, b 1912 at Clay Hall, Bidford on Avon, d 1982

10a Ewan Bomford Smith

10b Ben Smith

10c Nick Bomford

9c I0725 Marjorie Bomford b 1913

9d I0726 Ruth Bomford, b 1915

8h I0159 Hilda Grace Bomford, known as Grace, b 18 Feb 1885, d 1980 at Harvington, m 9 Apr 1908 at Alcester I1249 Raymond Hodgkinson

9a Peter Hodgkinson

9b Sheila Hodgkinson

9c David Hodgkinson

9d Raymond Henry Hodgkinson (known as Harry) b 25 Aug 1909 d 27 Jan 1993 Evesham, m(1) 19 Jun 1937 at St. Andrews Church, Hampton, Evesham, Linda Mary Warner, b 11 Aug 1912, d 30 Mar 1960

10a Barbara Ann Hodgkinson

10b Heather Linda Hodgkinson

Raymond Henry Hodgkinson m(2) Diana Fowler, as her second husband. Diana was a daughter of I0444 Isabel Bomford and I0472 Charles Fowler

9e Bernard Hodgkinson b. 1 Nov 1915

9f Patricia Hodgkinson b. 13 Sep 1927

7c I0143 Ebenezer Heming Bomford, b 1843 at Dunnington (Salford parish), d 14 Aug 1920 at London, m 14 Jul 1866 I0160 Marianne Bayzand, b 1845 at Arrow, d 8 June 1936 at Wembley, Middlesex

8a I0161 Ethel Marianne Bomford, b 1867 at Wixford, d 1963, m I0198 George Mathews, b 1867, d 1937

8b I0162 Heming Bomford, b 1869 at Wixford, d 1952 at S Dakota m(1) I0200 Olive Gustin, b 1874, d 1920

9a I0202 Marianne Bomford, b 21 Feb 1900, d 4 Aug 1917

9b I0199 a daughter, b 7 Jan 1902, d 7 Jan 1902

9c I0203 Heming Bomford, b 12 Dec 1910 at South Dakota, d 25 Jan 1995, m 16 Jun 1934 I0208 Lorriane Robertson, b 23 Jul 1917, d 11 Jul 1974

10a I0209 Barbara Bomford, b 24 Mar 1936, m I1230 Winter

10b I0210 Heming Bomford, b 30 May 1937, d 24 Jan 2005 at South Dakota m(1) Someone

11a I0212 Lorrianne Bomford, b 16 Jun 1957

11b I0213 Gary Bomford, b 22 Apr 1959

11c I0214 Susan Bomford, b 30 Jan 1961

11d I0215 Sheldon Bomford, b 4 Jun 1969

11e I0216 Tammy Bomford, b 15 Mar 1972

10b I0210 Heming m (2) Geraldine ---

10c I0211 Richard Bomford, b 3 May 1940, d 24 Aug 1972

11a I0217 Tawny Shan Bomford, b 4 Jun 1961

11b I0218 Robin Bomford, b 4 Mar 1966

9d I0201 Arthur G Bomford, b 15 Nov 1905, d 7 May 1980, m I0205 Mae Bledsol, b 7 May 1906, d 22 Jul 1974

10a I0206 Marilyn Bomford

10b I0207 Gloria Bomford

9e I0204 Alma Bomford, b 11 Jul 1912, d 14 Sep 1912

8b I0162 Heming m(2) I1229 Gloria Widdows

9a Gloria Laurel Bomford

8c I0163 Sidney Bomford, dy

8d I0164 Arthur Henry Bomford, b 1874 at Wixford, d 1975, m at Bloomsbury Chapel, St Giles, I0251 Mary Owen Davis of Herts, known as Mamie, b 1874

9a I0252 Owen Heming Bomford, b 1901 or 1902 at New Southgate, North London, m(1) 1929 I0253 Phyllis Mantle, b 1908; m(2) I0254 Alice

10a I0255 Patricia Ann Bomford, b 22 Nov 1930, born Patricia Ann Barnet

8e I0165 Lucy Caroline Bomford, b 1876 at Wixford, d 1965, m 1904 I1185 Henry Heming Baylis of Hadford

9a John Baylis, Henry John Baylis of Court Oak, known as Jack, b 1905, d 1986, m 1934 Mary Bolter, had children and grandchildren

9b Molly Baylis, Lucy Marion Baylis, b 1905, d 1984, m Herbert Frost of Draycott Moor, had children and grandchildren

9c William Heming Baylis, William George Heming Baylis of Hatford, b 1910, m Helen Hoddihott, had children and grandchildren

9d Peggy Baylis, died young, Margaret Baylis, b 1913, d 1925

8f I0166 Margaret Ellen Bomford, b 1881 at Wixford, m at Bloomsbury Central Church, London, on 22 Apr 1912, I1186 Arthur Stanley Davis, b 27 Jan 1884

9a Lucy Margaret Davis, b 14 May 1914

9b Denis Owen Davis, b 11 June 1917

7d I0144 Julia Louisa Bomford, b 1847, d 1863

7e I0145 Charles Francis Bomford, b 1845, d 1927 m I0167 Susan Burrows, b 1846, d 1925

8a I0180 Letitia Bomford, b 1869

8b I0181 Francis Anthony Bomford, b 1871 at Atch Lench, d Birmingham, m 1893 I0187 Bessie Wrighton

9a I0188 Francis Albert Bomford, b 1903, d 2000 at Birmingham, m 1929 I1187 Talana Lane, b 1904

9b I0189 Kenneth David Bomford, b 1912, m I1266 Betty Baldwin

10a I0190 Martin David Bomford, b 1944, m I0192 Alison Watts

11a I0193 Jeremy James Bomford, b 1976

11b I0194 David Kenneth Bomford, b 1979

10b I0191 Christopher Anthony Bomford, b 1949, m I0195 Heather

11a I0196 Jessica Bomford, b 1977

11b I0197 Sarah Bomford, b 1979

8c I0182 George Harold Bomford, b 1874, m I0185 Annie

9a I0186 Reginald Bomford

8d I0183 Mabel Rowena Bomford, b 1879, m I0184 Herbert Hyde

7f I0146 Theo Bomford (twin), b 1849, d 1850

7g I0147 Sarah Jane Bomford (twin), b 1849, dy

7h I0148 Theophilus Bomford, b 1850 at Dunnington (Salford parish), d 1910 at Haselor (Great Alne) m 1878 at Arrow I0168 Mary Ann Davidson, b 1844

8a I0169 Theophilus James Bomford, b 1880 at Great Alne, d Guernsey, m I0179 Lillian Bracher Manning

9a I1261 Yvonne Wilma Bomford, b 29 Mar 1915

9b I1262 Margaret Jean Bomford, b 1 Jul 1917

8b I0170 Charles Edward Bomford, b 1884 at Great Alne, d in Canada, m I0178 Emma Mathews, b Stratford on Avon

9a I0972 Mary Bomford, b 1904 m I0974 Edward Boucher, known as Harold Boucher

10a I1367 Paul Boucher

10b I1368 Robert Boucher, married I1372 Barbara Kesick

11a I1369 Michael Boucher

11b I1370 Patricia Boucher

11c I1371 Christina Boucher

9b I0973 Edward Charles Bomford, m I0975 Mary Theresa Sims

10a I0976 Lawrence Bomford, known as Larry Bomford, b 1947

10b I0977 Anne Marie Bomford, b 1949, m I1373 Pat Gallagher

11a I1374 Steven Gallagher

11b I1375 Kevin Gallagher

11c I1376 Sarah Gallagher

11d I1377 Julie Gallagher

10c I0978 Rita Bomford, b 1950, m I1378 John Fornier, divorced

11a I1379 Lisa Fornier

11b I1380 Bryan Fornier

10d I0979 Richard Charles Bomford, b 1952, m I1381 Elizabeth Nelson

11a I1382 Theresa Bomford

12a I1384 Mathew Bomford

11b I1383 Heather Bomford, m I1386 Justin Terpsta

12a I1385 Hunter Terpsta

10e I0980 Mark Bomford (triplet), b 1957, m I1387 Sandra Petri

11a I1388 Charles Bomford

11b I1389 Matthew Bomford

10f I0982 Margaret Bomford (triplet), b 1957, m I1390 Michael Fournier, divorced

11a I1391 David Fournier

11b I1392 Megan Fournier

10g I0981 Mary Emma Bomford (triplet), b 1957, m I1393 Michael Hallock

11a I1394 Michael Hallock

11b I1395 Sean Hallock

11c I1396 Kimberley Hallock

8c I0171 Guy Bomford, b 1886 at Great Alne, d 1968, m 1918 I0174 Jennie Salmon

9a I0175 Theo Guy Bomford, b 1921, m I0177 Lilian Anderson

9b I0176 Barbara Ann Bomford, b 1923

8d I0172 Alice Mary Bomford, b Great Alne, m I0173 Bert Saunders

9a I0149 Caroline Letitia Bomford, b 1853, d 22 Mar 1928 at Worthing

9b I0150 George Frazer Bomford, b 1858, d 1875

5f I0034 Benjamin Bomford, b 1784 at Atch Lench, d Sep 1854 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench, m(1) 1813 I0100 Mary James, b 1791, baptised 28 Dec 1791 at Toddington, d 1829 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench

6a I0101 Mary Bomford, b c1814, d 1824

6b I0102 Ann Bomford, b c1815, dy

6c I0103 Elizabeth Bomford, b 1820 or 1821, d 1885, m I0109 George Hollington b 1821

7a Benjamin George Hollington, b 1846, m Jane Edwards

7b I0110 Louisa Hollington, b 1849, d 1870

7c Mary Elizabeth Hollington , b 1851, m Alfred Peart, lived Northfeild

8a Sarah Peart, b 1882

8b Amelia Peart, b 1886

8c Elsie Peart, b 1888

8d Benjamin Peart, b 1888

8e Lillian Peart, b 1890

7d Catherine Emma Hollington , b 1852

7e Albert James Hollington b 1855 m(1) Lucy b 1856 ; m(2) before 1901 to Elizabeth b 1852

8a George Thomas Hollington, b 1882

7f William George Hollington, b 1856

7g Amelia Ann Hollington , b 1859, m Milward, d before 1901

8a Kathleen Milward , b 1894

7h Bertha Sarah Hollington, b 1861

6d I0104 Benjamin James Bomford, b c1823 at Atch Lench, d 1880 at Pitchill, m I0256 Mary Smith, b 1824 at Rushford, d 1891

7a I0259 Mary Smith Bomford, b 1847 at Dodford, d 29 Jun 1923 at Pitchill buried at Atch Lench. Lived in Pitchill all her life

7b I0260 Ernest George Cooke Bomford (or Ernest George Charles Bomford), b 1849 at Pitchill, d 8 Mar 1901 at Springhill, buried at Atch Lench, m 1890 at Fosseway I0289 Janet Elizabeth Ferguson, b 1865 at Fosseway, Perthshire, d 16 Sep 1953 at Bredon, buried at Atch Lench

8a I0290 Janet Helen Ferguson Bomford, b 1894 at Springhill, d 1973 at Evesham buried at Atch Lench

8b I0291 James Ferguson Bomford, b 17 Jan 1896, d 30 Sep 1986 at Springhill buried at Atch Lench, m(1) 19 Apr 1922 I0293 Dorothy Walker, b Knightwick

9a I0294 Gwendolen Dorothy Ferguson Bomford, b 11 Jan 1924, d 1984

9b I0295 Lawson Bomford, b 12 May 1926 at Springhill, d 1978 at Hartland

9c I0296 Ernest William Bomford, known as Bill, b 1927 at Springhill, d 1995, m 1954 I0299 Patricia Alice Smith, known as Patsy

10a I0300 Alison Bomford, b 1955, m 1977 I1247 John Delisle Wells

10b I0301 Emma Bomford, b 1957

10c I0302 James William Bomford, b 1959, m(1) 1986 I1188 Catriona Margaret Cameron Robertson, b 1960, divorced

11a I1189 Benjamin Robertson Bomford, b 1987

10c I0302 James William m(2) 1999 I1248 Alison Jane Kennedy

9d I0297 Anita Mary Bomford, b 1933, d 2002 at Audlem, Cheshire, m 2 Mar 1957 I0303 Peter Sale, d 1977

10a Philip A R Sale, b 4 Jan 1958, m(1), m(2) 26 Aug 1989 Margaret Bond

10b David Richard Sale, b 20 Aug 1961, m 4 Jul 19?? Leslie Churton

11a Daniel Sale

11b Catherine Sale

11c Matthew Sale

8b I0291 James Ferguson m(2) I0298 Phyllis Garms b 1910, d 1987

8c I0292 I0305 Elizabeth Mary Ferguson Bomford, b 27 Dec 1898 at Springhill, d 22 Mar 1979 buried at Atch Lench, m 1924 I0304 I0284 Douglas Raymond Bomford (Bevington), b 26 Feb 1894 at Bevington, d 23 Sep 1969, buried at Atch Lench

7c I0261 Fanny Bomford, b 1851 at Pitchill, d 10 Oct 1856, buried at Atch Lench

7d I0262 Eva Agnes Bomford, b 1853 at Pitchill, d 22 Aug 1870 buried at Atch Lench

7e I0263 Raymond Bomford, b 29 Nov 1855 at Pitchill, d 19 Jan 1920, buried at Atch Lench, m 1889 I0282 Eveline Mary Perkins, b 1866, d 27 Feb 1934, buried at Atch Lench

8a I0283 Benjamin Raymond Bomford, b 1891 at Bevington Hall, d 1917 at Bevington Hall

8b I0284 I0304 Douglas Raymond Bomford, b 26 Feb 1894 at Bevington Hall, d 23 Sep 1969, buried at Atch Lench, m 1924 I0305 I0292 Elizabeth Mary Ferguson Bomford, b 27 Dec 1898 at Springhill, d 22 Mar 1979, buried at Atch Lench

8c I0285 Leslie Raymond Bomford, b 14 Dec 1896 at Bevington Hall, d 12 Apr 1981 at Hampshire, m(1) I0306 Jill Madaline ---

9a I0308 Robert Harold Raymond Bomford, b 31 May 1940, m 1977 I1190 Teresa Nowacka, b 1938

9b I1166 Julia Bomford, b 1948

8c I0285 Leslie Raymond m(2) I0307 Stella Cowle

8d I0286 Griffith Raymond Bomford, b Jun 1901, d 6 Sep 1904, buried at Atch Lench

8e I0287 Ernest Raymond Bomford, b 5 Jan 1906 at Bevington Hall, d 31 Jan 1962 at Rushford buried at Atch Lench, m 1937 I0309 Patricia Brooke, b 1911

9a I0310 Nicholas Raymond Bomford, b 1939 at Pitchill m 1966 I0313 Gillian Reynolds, b Surrey. Kelly College

10a I0314 Kate Patricia Mary Bomford, b 1967

10b I0315 Rebecca Anne Bomford, b 1969

9b I0311 Jane Raymond Bomford, b 1940 at Pitchill m 1966 I1191 Peter Pinkster, b 1930

10a Sarah Jane Pinkster

10b Ann Victoria Pinkster

9c I0312 Anthony Raymond Bomford, b 21 or 27 Nov 1943 at Rushford, d 26 Mar 2001 at St Briavels, Glos, buried at Forest of Dean, m(1) 1968 I0316 Elizabeth Ann Veal, b Ely, Cambridge

10a I0317 Ciera Elizabeth Bomford, b 1972

10b I0318 Rose Tiffany Bomford, b 1974

9c I0312 Anthony Raymond m(2) 1989 I0319 Rachel Louise Haigh, b 1954

8f I0288 Richard Raymond Bomford, b 1907

7f I0264 Benjamin Bomford, b 12 Oct 1857 at White House, d 18 Mar 1929 at Harvington Lodge, buried at Atch Lench, m I0277 Gertrude Brewer Kendrick, b 24 Sep 1856 at Birmingham, d 21 Mar 1929 at Harvington Lodge, buried at Atch Lench

8a I0278 Beatrice Mary Bomford, b 1888, d 1 Jun 1945, buried at Atch Lench, m 1989 I0320 William Moreton, d 5 Aug 1939, buried at Atch Lench

8b I0279 Benjamin Norris Bomford, known as Norris, b 1893 at Harvington Lodge, d 20 Mar 1928 at Salford Priors, buried at Atch Lench, m Mar 1915 at Evesham I0321 Elsie Fisher, b 1890, d 1964, buried at Salford Priors

9a I0322 Michael Benjamin Norris Bomford, b 25 Jul 1916 at The Orchards, Salford Priors, d 17 Dec 2002 at Broom, buried 23 Dec 2002 at Atch Lench, m(1) 9 Mar 1938 I0324 Louise Frederique Keuchenius, b 1916 at Lolboek Pakam, Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies, d 25 Mar 1991 at Long Hall, Stockton, Wilts, buried at Salford Priors

10a I0325 Norris Gordon Benjamin Bomford, b 28 Feb 1939 at Harvington m 13 Jan 1973 at Malvern I0328 Rosalie Carol Hinds, known as Ro, b 12 Nov 1939 at Malvern

11a I0329 Isabel Lorna Bomford, b 17 Jun 1975 at Worcester, m 3 May 2008 Nicholas Richard Hyatt Burt

11b I1246 Lucy Louise Bomford, b 8 Nov 1976 at Worcester

10b I0326 Susannah Louise Bomford, b 30 Sep 1941, m 1962 I0330 Nicholas Yeatman-Biggs, b Chesterfield

11a Annabelle Yeatman-Biggs

11b Harry Yeatman-Biggs

11c Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs

10c I0327 George William Benjamin Bomford, b 5 Feb 1945 at The Orchards, Salford Priors

9a I0322 Michael Benjamin Norris Bomford m(2) 21 Mar 1995 at Stratford on Avon I1251 Barbara Futrill

9b I0323 William Bruce Norris Bomford, known as Bruce, Dr, b 7 Feb 1919 at The Orchards, Salford Priors, d 26 Dec 2004 at Carlisle, m(1) 17 May 1944 I0331 Jean Galton Upward, b 25 Aug 1920 at Widnes, Lancs, d 6 Jun 1993

10a I0332 Adrian Bruce Bomford, b 15 Mar 1945 at Liverpool m 25 Jan 1975 at Lewisham RO I0334 Patricia Elizabeth Walker, b 17 Oct 1945 at Edinburgh

11a I0335 Jamie Alexander Bomford, b 16 Jun 1977 at London

11b I1192 Dr Douglas Frazer Bomford, b 27 Oct 1978 at London, m 5 Jul 2008 Dr Lindsay Walker

11c I1193 Dagmar Elizabeth Bomford (twin), b 14 Dec 1981 at London

11d I1194 Hamish Adrian Bomford (twin), b 14 Dec 1981 at London

11e I1195 Frazer John Bomford, b 20 Mar 1983 at London

10b I0333 Jonathan Galton Bomford, b 5 Jun 1948, m 19 Jul 1975 at Greenwich I0336 Marion Marriott, b 11 Feb 1951 at Chatham, Kent

11a I1196 Benjamin Charles Bomford, b 25 Jul 1978 at Nairobi

11c I1197 Thomas William Bomford, b 1 Dec 1980 at Dubai

9b I0323 William Bruce Norris Bomford m(2) 1994 I1198 Sheila Mackenzie Heywood, b 1926

8c I0280 Gwendoline Gertrude Bomford, known as Daisy, b 21 Dec 1894, d 16 Mar 1984, buried at Atch Lench, m 1922 at Dunnington I1199 Percy Hughes, b 1894, d 10 Jun 1984 at Salford Lodge, buried at Atch Lench

8d I0281 Harold Kendrick Bomford, known as Ken, b 16 Apr 1899 at Harvington Lodge, d 18 Nov 1958, buried at Atch Lench, m I1200 Lilias Heath, b 28 Oct 1904, d 25 Feb 1978, buried at Atch Lench

7g I0265 Edith Anne Bomford, b 1858 at Alcester, d 1922, m 19 Aug 1886 at Salford Priors I0276 Richard Henry Jephcott

7h I0266 Lucy Gertrude Bomford, b 1860 at Pitchill, d 1935, m I0275 William Green

7i I0267 Helen Bomford, known as Nellie, b 1862 at Pitchill, d 1911, m 2 Nov 1891 at Salford Priors I0274 Harold Kendrick

7j I0268 Alfred William Bomford, b 1868 at Pitchill, d 18 Jul 1924 at The Laurels, Harvington, m I0269 Caroline Ruth Millar

8a I0270 Benjamin Carol Millar Bomford, b 1900 at Netherton, Elmley Castle, d 3 Dec 1983, buried at Atch Lench

8b I0271 John Ernest Leighton Bomford, known as Jack, b 23 Apr 1903 at Netherton, Elmley Castle, d 28 Jun 1977, buried at Atch Lench

8c I0272 Mary Kathleen Leighton Bomford, b 1906 at Worcester, d 1938 buried at Atch Lench, m 1930 I0273 Dr Ballenger

6e I0105 Mary Bomford, b c1825 at Atch Lench, , d 24 Aug 1850, m 4 Mar 1847 I0257 Thomas Scroxton, possibly b 1810 at Bromsgrove

7a Lucy Scroxton b c1848, m Arthur Harris

6f I0106 Ann Bomford, b c1826, d 1831

6g I0107 I0938 Catherine Bomford, b c1827, m I0258 I0041 William Stone Bomford, b 1816 at Fladbury

5f I0034 Benjamin m(2) on 25 Jun 1833 at St Andrews, Pershore, I0108 Mary Groves, b 1787 at Pershore, d 1863 at Atch Lench, buried at Atch Lench